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Jax (Scenesys ID: 9766)
"Are you still eating that?"
Full Name: Jake Alexander Miller
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York
Education: In progress/Highschool
Status: Shelved
Groups: Xavier's School, Mutant-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Date of Birth 18 August 2012 Actor:
Height: 177 cm (5'10") Weight: 66 kg (145 lb)
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen


How do you go through life when you look like a humanoid cat? Anyway you like, of course, and look good doing it. Jake takes life as it comes, sees the good in everyone and just wants what every other teenager wants... to be a superstar in /something/ and be both rich and adored by millions. Y'know, just like his father Colin Miller, starting Quarterback for the Buffalo Bills... or his mother, the legal equivalent of Michael Jordan. Nothing special at all. Maybe if he ever takes life seriously enough, he might even get there, but that's a big ask for someone whose only real ambition is to just have a good time and not worry about anything too much.

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Standing five feet and eight inches from toes to ear tips, Jake is distinctive in that he resembles an anthropomorphic cat. More accurately, a Maine Coon. His fur is what is known as Red among breeders, but is better perceived by mere mortals as a light brown with a slight reddish tint. Black stripes punctuate his arms, although most of them are hidden under his clothes. A pattern of darker fur accents his blue eyes, which are slitted vertically in typical feline fashion, and divides into three lines which runs back across his skull and disappears in his blond hair. To call his hair 'slightly messy' would miss an opportunity to call it 'unruly' although it can be more generously described as 'stylishly ruffled'. It's relatively short, and usually tamed into a semi-sensible sweep back or gelled up in spikes. Atop his head sit a pair of expressive ears, swiveling frequently and crowned with a tuft of fur.

His clothes are loose and comfortable. A loose, short sleeved and round necked shirt is usually half hidden underneath a loose and comfortable hoodie, always left open at the front. His slacks are loose and festooned with a generous amount of pockets, remarkable only for its lack of zippers and oddly tailored hems to accommodate digitigrade feet. His shoes are very much a custom made pair, designed to fit his unique feet, embossed with his name and logo of the sponsor, quite frequently a major brand or the Buffalo Bills. They disappear into his widened slacks, and seem designed to offer support for an ankle that is much, much higher up than a conventional shoe would be able to reach.

A prehensile tail just about three feet long and thickly furred sways behind him, proving that his slacks too are custom tailored. Its 'Red' fur is punctuated with black stripes in a typical tiger pattern, with a completely black tip.


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When Jake was born in August of 2012, his parents Colin and Catharine had known that somewhat was strange for quite some time. After all, it's hard to disguise a tail on an ultrasound, or what was starting to look suspiciously like cat ears... but the baby was healthy, and the Millers were excited for their first child, and couldn't care less what he looked like. So when Jake saw the light and took his first breath, they happily embraced the fact that he was, for all intents and purposes, a kitten. Sure, there were a few jokes from Colin's team mates that his draft for the Panthers was pretty much guaranteed now, but that's as far as those jokes ever got. Because even the team was happy that Colin and Catharine, that happy couple, finally had the son they'd been trying for.

They weren't blind to the reality of life, however, and the first few years of Jake's life were mostly spent with his grandparents on their farm in Fresno. They adored their grandchild, and few toddlers have had such a happy childhood. When it was time for Jake to go back to New York, it was a painful parting. But not for long, because there were trees to climb in upstate New York, and sights to explore. Jake's childhood all the way to his early teens was punctuated by happy moments, adoration from his father's team, the Buffalo Bills, who treated him as an unofficial mascot, and a string of sport camps, youth clubs, private tutors, summers in the Hamptons and winters in Aspen. Jake just... fitted. As a mutant, he was too adorable to be threatening, and he made friends among kids his age very easily. They'd always known him as 'that kitty kid' and thought nothing of it, in that blessed innocent way of youth. Sleepovers, birthday parties, little league, children's football, youth basketball... Jake was a popular kid, until his parents moved just as he was starting Highschool.

In Highschool, things... didn't actually get worse. Sure, Jake looked distinctive, but his easy going attitude and his quick wit tended to make him well liked. His prowess on the sporting fields, on the other hand, made him popular again. His life was again a string of friends, clubs, vacations and occasional serious study, supplemented by the by now almost obligatory private tutor. So far, the community has always accepted him.

So far.

Someone, at the very least, is not quite as accepting. Death threats have been sent to Colin and Catharine, to the Buffalo Bills, to the legal company in which Catharine is a partner, and more disconcertingly, to Jake's friends. Even his school received the poorly spelled but nevertheless quite alarming letter. Things are soon having to change, and the paddle boat that is Jake's life thus far is about to enter the white water rapids...

Time, then, for Jake to attend Xavier's


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Happy and easy going, Jax is the eternal ray of sunshine. He rarely frowns, always sees the lighter side of things, and is determined to make his friends smile no matter what. He's generous, mischievous and in general quite a lot of fun to be around. Just... don't expect him to take anything very seriously.


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Animal Kinship:
You'd expect Jake not to get along with dogs. You'd be wrong.

While he is human-shaped enough for humans, animals doesn't seem to care about the distinction. To them, he's just a very tall cat, and Jake has found that he tends to have instant rapport with other animals. Their body language is familiar to him, he can generally understand their current mood, and even has found himself able to relay information of some complexity. This is, however, very much 'timmy has fallen down the well' stuff, rather than explain the delicate social intricacies of the rose bush out front that is the boundary marker for the territories of three different tomcats... But he understands the rose bush is important.

As a practical upshot, wild animals tend not to be aggressive towards him unless guided by some other instinct, such as pain, anger or hunger, and he finds it easy to relate to them. Easier than humans, sometimes.

Feline Anatomy:
Jake doesn't simply look like a humanoid cat, he is in fact mostly cat. His fur protects him from the cold and keeps his skin dry in the rain, leaving him feeling dry and warm in all but the most extreme weather conditions... the clothes are really just for modesty, style, and much needed pockets. His ears are fully functional and rotate the full range of motion like any other cat, and his hearing is superb, beyond the range audible by a human. He can hear high frequencies that humans can't, and discern rapid sounds that would blend together with more traditional hearing.

Importantly, his tail is fully prehensile and assists him greatly with balance, his joints are loose and have a wider range of motion than a human's, his spine is extremely flexible, his collar bone is embedded in muscle rather than attached through cartilage and his claws are both sharp and fully retractable. Although not looking very muscular, his muscle density is quite high, and his frame relatively light. With his quick metabolism, he rarely puts on weight and even moderate exercise will result in excellent muscle tone. He can climb things a human can't, squeeze through gaps seemingly too small for him, detect air currents with his whiskers and has that uncanny feline ability to know just when food is ready.

Just like a cat, he needs very little light to see, effectively allowing him to see in near total darkness with ease. Through the nature of his gait, he walks very silently and would be effectively inaudible without shoes.

In short, Jake's body is that of an apex predator... good thing it's not inhabited by someone malicious.

Over a short distance, Jake will out-distance Olympic athletes without breaking a sweat (which he literally can't) with a sprinting distance equaling that of a Cheetah, but marathons? He's just not built for that.

Superhuman Agility:

Like his feline brethren (and sistren!), Jake is agile and flexible beyond peak human standard. His spine seems to be entirely optional, as if he never figured out what it's for, thinking nothing of sprawling out while facing three distinct directions with different parts of his body. This range of motion comes in handy when he's climbing, swinging, running on a ledge or leaping along the tree line. When you're naturally this good at parkour, it's hard not to like it, and Jake enjoys running around where seemingly nobody can go. Cats, after all, go where they please.

To keep up with that ability to move in ways the human brain has trouble handling, his reaction time has sharpened to the point where he could effectively grab thrown knives out of the air without hurting himself, or bat away an arrow. Not bullets though, that's a bit too fast for him. Juggling? Easy. Intercept that pass coming from way down-field during the hail mary play a few seconds before time with sixty yards to go? Jake's your cat.

Sprinting, leaping, swinging, balancing... Jake does it with style, and he does it /fast/.


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With his inhuman agility, Jax thinks nothing of swinging from a rope, dangling from a ledge upside down, leap from small platform to small platform or run full tilt along a narrow surface that's not even as wide as his foot. He has a head for heights, enjoys parkour, running, leaping, tumbling, diving, rolling and other such shenanigans. His instinctive balance helps him tremendously, as does the added balance provided by his tail. Like most cats, he does instinctively turn himself upright while falling, although what practical use this might serve is debatable.

Life Skills:
Rather than go into too great a detail, Jax is a fully rounded teenager, adept at all things kids his age take for granted. That means literacy, numeracy, an affinity with computers, social media savvy, a well rounded education supplemented by private tutors, the ability to swim and how to ask the way to the nearest library in Spanish. He also passed driver's ed and has a full driver's license. So far he hasn't crashed or had any accidents, and he intends to keep it that way.

As a bit of a blind spot, Jax is a bit of a monoglot (at least in human languages). While he does say that he can recognise foreign languages when he hears them, the only thing he can really tell is that they're foreign.

Oddly enough, Jax' best road to stardom may actually be his voice. With a larynx capable of purring and producing sounds beyond the human norm, he has an extremely broad vocal range, and hearing so keen that he picks up on a pitch without difficulty. He's never actually considered this as a career, but when he rocks out there is a surprising amount of Freddy Mercury apparent in his easygoing flamboyance and rich, steady voice.

Claws also help him play the guitar rather well, although his style could best and most accurately be described as 'shredding'. Not for him the steady, accurate and complex chord sequences of the rhythm guitar, or the thankless perfection of the bass. His lead guitar sings and screams, picking solos with inhuman dexterity. Again, it never occurred to him that this might actually become a career, considering it a mere hobby.

When you have retractable claws, it's easy to manipulate small objects without anyone else noticing, especially when you're as fast as Jax is. So far he uses this mainly to quickly pick up keys when he drops them, do an occasional light spot of juggling to entertain someone or a few simple magic tricks when he feels like showing off. He'd make an extremely good burglar if there was any kind of malice in him, but if a Jax burglar exists, it is most certainly in an alternate dark timeline. Stealing? Never. Cheating at cards? The thought never crossed his mind. He could, he just doesn't.

Jax can compete in most skill based team sports on a near-professional level. Of course, given his father plays in the NFL, he has a firm preference for football and attended numerous training camps, some more serious than others. Over the years he developed in a keen and above all skilled player, capable of switching between positions on the fly and both memorizing and understanding team plays when they are called. Careful use of his claws gives him an edge in catching and throwing, and his burst speed leaves most other players staring at his rapidly disappearing tail on the way to the end zone.

But as an active teenager, he's also keen on basketball and baseball, playing both equally well and with equal zest.

Coaches have been watching him for a while, and the expectation seems to be that he'll have his pick of scholarships later on in life.


Teamwork, it actuates the desired and projected outcome (in the vernacular 'makes the dream work'). Jax is very much a team player, for some years quite literally. He's used to playing team sports from camps and minor leagues when he was younger, to semi-serious school games later on and even playing for his highschool football team. He's equally at home batting and pitching, catching in midfield, running as a wide receiver, throwing as a quarterback, blocking near the three point mark and dribbling an opponent senseless on his way to the hoop. He has a firm grasp of where he is on the team, where everyone is on the team, and how it all fits together. More importantly, he does what he needs to do for the good of the team, over what would be best for himself, and understands that distinction without hesitation.


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Minor Fame:
Although Jake is by no means a superstar, he is nevertheless known in some circles. Among college football coaches he is known as a talent to be watched. Every player in the Buffalo Bills and their families know him, as does the owner. He's met and positively charmed a host of minor celebrities on holidays, and has played with the children of wealthy bankers and even a few politicians. None of these contacts are immediately useful, but wherever he goes there always seems to be someone who recognises him from somewhere. Then again, he has a face you don't forget easily.

Relative Wealth:
Although he doesn't own any of it, his father Colin and mother Catharine are both very successful in professions that are traditionally very well remunerated. He's used to living in large houses with secluded yards the size of a moderate football field, riding in expensive cars, flying first class and wearing comfortable, expensive clothes from designer labels. All that luxury is still there for him when he goes home, and a trust fund exists specifically to make sure he can live in serious comfort while away at 'boarding school'. The family owns a home in the Hamptons, a main residence near Buffalo, a nice place in Aspen, a modest yacht, and tends to holiday with the jetset.

Jake is also guaranteed a warm welcome at any of the Buffalo Bills games and has free run of the stadium. The team tends to treat him like an unofficial mascot, and make sure he is well looked after when watching his father play.

Trust Fund:
There are advantages to being the only son of a star NFL player and a high profile lawyer. They've made very sure that his future is financially secure in the long term, and he has limited access to a trust fund managed in his name that will allow him to buy all the latest gadgets easily and make sure he can live his life in style. He can't buy a house, and he'd need permission from the trustees to buy a new car, but he does have access to liquid assets that most teenagers can only dream of.


On his sixteenth birthday, Jake was given a Jeep Wrangler by his father and a customised cruising Yamaha motorbike by his mother, making the competition of which is the coolest parent officially a tie. They look after the insurance as long as he looks after the car and bike, and his allowance covers reasonable mileage and breakdown cover. His requests for a Quadski have so far fallen on deaf ears.


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Attention Span:
While Jake can focus enough to be a functional member of society, he gets distracted very easily and it takes effort to get back on task afterwards. Focusing on doing his part in a team game is easy enough, but getting him to sit still for more than fifteen minutes at a time? It would take a miracle.

Jake's family is loving and devoted. They're everything someone could wish for, but they're also very public. His father is a star NFL player, his mother is a high profile lawyer. Their lives are as public as can be, and Jake is relatively well known. It would take very little effort to find out who his parents are, where the rest of his family might be located, and where they like to go on holidays. Jake's family is a soft target for anyone who wants to hurt him indirectly.

Feline Morphology:
There are some very practical drawbacks to being shaped like an upright cat. While Jake can wear just about any top he likes, anything below the waist needs to be specially adapted to him. There is a tail to consider, which needs some way to poke through without leaving a hole that is visible, and getting shoes is entirely impossible. Shoes need to be custom made for him, and his choice in footwear is limited to what manufacturers are willing to make just for him, often enough demanding some kind of sponsorship deal to even consider the logistical effort.

Equally, drinking from glasses is a pain when you have a muzzle rather than a mouth, requiring a special technique that took a while to master and which looks slightly odd to onlookers. His fur sheds twice a year, drying off after a shower takes ages, he can't wear anything with zippers for fear of getting his fur stuck, automatic doors tend to close on his tail, most car seats are just downright uncomfortable (never enough tail room) and his inability to sweat means he gets hot very quickly.

When it comes to headgear, things are even worse. His ears are sensitive and don't fit under a regular crash helmet, so protective headwear has to be specially made for him, and adapted to fit mobile ears. Most earphones simply don't fit his head shape, and in-ear buds tend to get lost in his larger ear canal. His digestion also leans heavily towards the carnivorous side, and while he can have dairy like cheese and cream, he needs to limit his intake or pay the price for it later.

A specific weakness is his susceptibility to the intoxicating effects of Nepeta Cataria (otherwise known as catnip). While not leaving any lasting damage, its effects are nearly immediate and can last for well over an hour from even a moderate dose. Alcohol physically harms him.

Limited Endurance:
Jake has the strength of a Lion and the speed of a Cheetah. He also has their levels of endurance, which is more problematic. He is physically built for relatively short and intense efforts, tiring rapidly when sustaining that effort. Right now he has all the makings of a star athlete, with the exception that, at the moment, he'd struggle to make it to the end of a game without being substituted. There is not a chance he will finish a marathon. Only continued exercise of ever increasing duration will help him last longer, and that will take a lot of time and effort.

No, Jake is not a gullible innocent who will buy a bridge off you, or would be interested in investing in a few acres of prime swamp. But his tendency to view everything as an opportunity, to always look on the bright side and to always see the best in people leaves him open for some very harsh disappointments and cruel life lessons. It's relatively simple to manipulated him if you know where his levers are, and he's unlikely to spot it until it's far too late. His tendency never to take anything too seriously may very well come back to bite him.

Physical Mutation:
It's immediately obvious that Jake is not human. He has obvious fur, looks like a cat walking upright, has a tail, cat ears... someone would have to be blind not to notice it. Although he can hide the ears under a hoodie, he can't hide the structure of his face, his tail or the fact that he's clearly walking on digitigrade legs. On top of that, his eyes seem to literally glow in the dark when a light source catches them. Short of major technological efforts, Jake cannot hide who or what he is.

Skillset and Expectations:

Up until he came to Xavier's, Jake's life had been completely normal (aside from being a humanoid cat, of course). He has never had to fight for his life, tends to run away from danger rather than towards it, wouldn't know how to pick a lock to save his life, has never had to break into a building, or sneak past a vigilant guard, and in general doesn't have any of the skills normally associated with heroes or vigilantes. Being a hero, or being a warrior for mutant kind has never even crossed his mind. Not seriously anyway. And he'd prefer to keep it that way, he likes his life uncomplicated.


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