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Jericho (Scenesys ID: 1020)
"We can't change where we come from, but we can try to be better than we are."
Full Name: Joseph Wilson
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Student/Vigilante
Citizenship: United States
Residence: New York
Education: Empire State (Freshman)
Status: Dropped
Other Information
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 15 September 2007 Actor:
Height: 178 cm (5'10") Weight: 69 kg (152 lb)
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:


Joseph Wilson is the youngest son of Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) and Adeline Kane. Burdened with a sense of duty to use his metahuman abilities to do the world some good and the vicarious guilt of having one of the most dangerous assassins in the world for a father, Jericho is trying to do some good in a world he sees as being materially worse because of his family.

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This young man has a lean but muscular build and he is of average height. His features are fine and classically handsome. Joe's most striking features are his eyes, green, bright and expressive, often telegraphing his attitudes when he isn't signing. A very faint scar shows at his throat and across his larynx, perhaps accounting for his lack of natural speech.


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Joseph William Wilson was born the second son of Slade Wilson and his wife Adeline Kane Wilson. While his older brother Grant went off to military school trying to follow in his father's footsteps, Joey was different. He loved art and music, and had a gentle, compassionate spirit. Still, Slade and Adeline loved both of them equally, and were dedicated to raising them well. For a number of years, life was fairly normal and peaceful for the Wilson family, with Slade keeping his true career as the infamous assassin "Deathstroke the Terminator" a secret from his wife and children.

However, it all came crashing down one fateful night while Grant was away at military school. A criminal known as the Jackal learned of Deathstroke's identity and elected to target his family in order to leverage him into giving up client information. The Jackal's henchmen raided the Wilson family home and kidnapped a young Joseph, escaping with the cover of a smoke grenade. Slade and his wife rushed to their son's rescue, and found Joey with a blade held against his throat by one of the Jackal's goons. Adeline begged Slade to give Jackal the information he demanded for the sake of their son, but Slade refused to compromise his professional reputation by breaching his clients' secrecy. Deathstroke was convinced he was skilled enough to off the henchman holding Joey with a thrown weapon before the man could end his son's life. He succeeded, but not before Joey suffered permanent damage and was rendered mute for the rest of his life. Infuriated that Slade had gambled on Joseph's life for the sake of his career, Adeline took her two sons and separated from him, even returning to make an attempt on his life. It failed, but cost him an eye. From that day onward, Adeline raised Joseph alone, teaching him all she knew, including her military training.

Joey discovered his metahuman powers one day while he was playing with a friend from school, accidentally possessing the other boy out of distress as his friend began to fall off of a balcony. Unfortunately, this did not stop his playmate from falling, and he was paralyzed after suffering a broken spine. This fact weighed heavily on Joey, and from then on he took on the name Jericho and swore he would use his powers to actually save people. Unfortunately, he later discovered that this power usage also took a toll on his own sanity each time he used it, although this did not deter him from continuing.


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Deep down, Jericho is a very caring and compassionate person. He just can't help but help those who need it, even at great expense to himself. He loves expressing himself through music and visual art, as well. However, because of the psyche accumulation that occurs every time he enters the mind of another, he essentially has a bad case of multiple personality disorder, and the more people he inhabits as time goes on, the more and more difficult it becomes to resist them.


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Astral Form:
When Jericho enters another individual, his body shifts into an astral form that is intangible and invisible, although he can make it visible to others if desired. However, without a target to jump to, he cannot maintain this form for more than a few minutes and will be forced back into physical form.

The astral form can travel nearly instanenously across any distance between himself and a target he has made eye contact with, but is no faster than his physical form without a target to jump to. If the target somehow disappears or becomes immune before he can reach them, he will bounce back to his original position.

In certain dire situations, Jericho can completely separate body from spirit in order to save himself as long as he has someone to jump to, such as if his physical body is in serious danger of being destroyed. However should his body be destroyed, and without a physical form to return to, he would basically have no way of existing for more than a few minutes outside of someone else's body.

Jericho is able to enter the mind of another being upon making eye contact. "Eye contact" can be made as long as he is able to see their eyes directly. When this occurs, his body shifts into an astral form and inhabits that person, enabling him to access their thoughts and memories, as well as to seize control of their physical faculties if desired. However, a person with exceptional strength of will may be able to resist this process, and it does not work on any non-organic lifeform or machine.


Jericho has inherited some of his father's regeneration abilities, albeit his version appears to work much more slowly. While he is capable of regenerating entire body parts other than vital ones, this process usually takes several weeks to complete.


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Joe was raised to be a polymath artistically. He dances, plays several musical instruments and is a good (if not spectacular) artist, with a fondness for painting. He used to sing and was quite good at it as well--before the Jackal incident, that is.

Hand-To-Hand Combat:
Joe is an amazing fighter for his age. He's been trained by Deathstroke and others approved by his father. While he prefers to handle things peacefully, Jericho is able to pose a significant threat to fighters on Deathstroke's level and has no problem handling several less skilled combatants (like street thugs or various minions) at the same time. Joe has extensive training with melee weapons, as well, but refuses to use that training because it's too easy to kill somebody with a sword or knife.


Joe is fluent in English, American Sign Language, French and Spanish. He can understand the verbal languages.


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Trust Fund:
As conflicted as Joe is about the source, he has to admit, having a modest trust fund makes life in New York a lot easier. His parents have provided for both boys and while the trust only allows for a basic living allowance, as well as paying for Joe's education and medical care, it does allow him to get along with only a part-time job and school, as long as he lives with roommates.


Jericho's battle uniform is designed and tailored by a firm specializing in clients on either side of the 'super' spectrum. The cuirass is made of three layers of light-weight titanium/ceramic blend with a 'sticky' impact-absorbing polymer sandwiched between layers, able to resist impacts up to those of medium to heavy handguns. Once past the .44/.357 range, things get dicey. .50 caliber and above will shred the protection like tinfoil. The vambraces on his wrists and greaves built into his boots are of the same material, while his leggings are made of a next-generation woven material impregnated with ceramic beads and other impact-distributing materials that make them functionally bullet resistant, though the impacts will still bruise, break bones, etc.


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Mentally Unstable:
Every time Jericho enters the mind of another, he takes a shred of their psyche with him when he leaves. The more psyches he 'collects', the harder it becomes to resist their influence. Beings with stronger willpower are additionally difficult to resist. Therefore, Jericho is rather unstable psychologically by this point in his life, and is prone to erratic behavior based on whichever psyche has the most influence at the time. To the rest of the world, it certainly looks like he has multiple personality disorder.

Joey was forever silenced due to the damage inflicted by the Jackal. Although he can speak through others by assuming control of another's body, he has no voice of his own. He primarily uses ASL to communicate, however since not everyone knows it, this can be problematic at times.

Notorious Father:

You don't stay off the radar of the criminal and law-enforcement world when your father is Slade Wilson. More than once in his life, people have decided to take a run at the Terminator by harming or harassing Joe and his brother.


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