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Liz Sherman (Scenesys ID: 1412)
"Red, white, whatever. Guys are all the same."
Full Name: Elizabeth Anne Sherman
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Dark Horse (FC)
Occupation: Agent of B.P.R.D./S.H.I.E.L.D.
Citizenship: United States
Residence: New York City
Education: High School
Status: Dropped
Groups: SHIELD, Dark Universe-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 10 August 1998 Actor: Selma Blair
Height: 163 cm (5'4") Weight: 50 kg (110 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Inside The Fire" by Disturbed


Born cursed with the Devil's Fire, Elizabeth Sherman's life has been tortured since then. Starting with her family, her 'powers' always ended with the fiery deaths of the people around her, and her history is a trail of fires and foster homes. But - the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense managed to pull her out of that sad story. Disliking the structure of mainstream, more military in style S.H.I.E.L.D., Liz herself often butts heads with leadership, and often walks out on both, only to be pulled back by the friendly faces in B.P.R.D., time and time again.

The B.P.R.D. is the only family she has left in the world, after all.

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A somber, serious type of woman, Liz Sherman is a pyrokinetic of incredible potential. Rumored to be a living gateway to hell, or some other dimension of heat and flame, Liz clings to her Catholic faith as much as she is able, and does what she can for the only family she has anymore - the B.P.R.D.


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Born in Kansas City, Kansas, Elizabeth Sherman's powers started early, although far too subtlely to be recognized. As a baby and small child, she was prone to fevers - eventually, she was considered to just be a really warm baby. But the fires grew, and as she grew, she started to become more aware of them. At first it was fun - letting little sparks out to impress her friends, or light candles or other silly things.

But it got worse.

It certainly got worse when the priest of the parish she attended found out, and told Elizabeth that fires came from the devil, and to give into them was to give into the devil. That scared her horribly. So she learned how to tamp it down. And that worked, for a while.

But the fire grew.

And she had to sleep sometime. It was when she was eleven, in fact, a night soon after her father had yelled at her for not cleaning her room to his specifications, which resulted in a fight where she had threatened to run away. Upset, feeling vulnerable, and otherwise, she fell asleep, and dreamed of fire...

And woke up to her entire city block being incinerated. Her fires were entirely out of control.

So she was bounced around from the house of one extended family member to another. Sometimes, she would lose control again, and burn houses down. If she were lucky, her guardians weren't in them. And while no one blamed the little girl who seemed to miraculously survive all these fires, it was suspicious.

And Liz pulled away. Why risk it anymore? Why risk kindness, or friendships - she killed all she was around. It made for a very emotional situation, especially for a vulnerable young woman.

Thankfully, the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense found her soon after that. They studied her, and helped her train herself, train her mind on how to keep back the fires, and eventually, she boasts some control of her fire, and has been using her skills in defense against the supernatural, backing up the other 'freaks' of the BPRD. She hasn't lost control in over a half-decade.

She still sleeps in a fireproof room, however.

But anyways, she found out later that the BPRD was a part of SHIELD, and while she is resistant to the idea of being a part of a paramilitary organization - but then again, what choice does she have, anymore, really?


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Oftentimes acerbic, Liz Sherman can be a strange mix of both laid back (and tired), and sharp and biting, her sense of humor and wit a bit on the dry side of the fence. Liz doesn't make friends as easily as most, no doubt due to a history of, you know, spontaneously bursting into flame and killing everyone around her. So she prefers to keep people at arm's length these days - it made it easier to handle if she did accidentally cause the death of someone. Not that she's lost control in a while, but old habits.

Speaking of - she got into cigarettes as a teen, on the idea that it might help her keep her flame down by calming her down, and while that was incorrect, she's addicted now. Which probably doesn't help her mood, sometimes. In spite of all these things, Liz wants to be a part of something, and wants to have connections, friends, and family - which is why the BPRD is so vital to her. They're one of the few groups that truely understand. She had a problem with Shield in the start of things, but she has calmed down quite a lot when it comes to rebuking authority. Some might say she's growing into being in the organization.


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Fire Immunity:
Liz could theoretically walk on the sun, and be okay. Keeping the hellfire within her means that she is tough to bother with heat or flame of just about any kind. And somehow, she is able to extend this immunity to the clothes she wears. Unfortunately, she can't gift that immunity to anyone else - or she would have already.

The Flame Within:

For as long as she can remember, Liz has been keeping a fire tamped down inside of herself. At first, it started out fun - a little spark that danced around her. But as she grew, the fire did, as well. And it continues to grow inside of her. When she was eleven years old, it was strong enough that when she lost control, she ended up destroying an entire apartment building. Now that she is an adult, the fire is incredibly strong within her, always licking at the edges of her control, and trying to get out.

So she doesn't quite control the fire; instead, she just relaxes her control, and lets a little bit out when necessary, the fire usually exploding from her arms, eyes, and upper torso to fill the area around herself with flame.

If she concentrates, she can force the flame to leave her body in a controlled manner, from the eyes, perhaps, or the arm, and have mild control over how she uses it then. The longer she sustains a flame, however, the more chance she has of it raging out of her control.


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Part of the whole BPRD SHIELD skillset thing, Liz often spends some time on the range. Firearms are more reliable than releasing her fire and causing a situation, potentially, and Liz has trained extensively with sidearms, and rarely leaves home without a pistol on her person. Rifles and the like she has less experience with, but one step at a time.

Occult Knowledge:
Part and parcel of working with the BPRD, Liz has access to occult libraries and experts, and the experience of monster hunting that can be so helpful in situations like this. And she knows of the existence of magic, but has never thought to learn anything like that - her own fire is bad enough, after all.

Pharmacy Knowledge:
Liz has seen her fair share of the inside of mental hospitals, and researched many, many potential cures for her 'condition'. While not a pharmacist by any stretch of the imagination, Liz can identify pills and drugs by name, and has a general sense of what they do for someone.

Religious Knowledge:
One of the first things a young Liz tried when her fires started getting out of control was doubling down on Catholicism - studying the faith and prayer and many other things. She reads Latin, after all. And when Catholicism failed to help control her flame, she started looking into other religions, no matter how obscure. They ultimately ended up a dead end as well, but she still has the knowledge.

Self Defense:
One good thing in Liz's life that the BPRD's relationship with SHIELD gives her is access to more stringent self-defense classes. Liz does 'okay' at it, although her style tends to devolve more into brawling when pressed. She knows how to take a punch and give a few kicks in return, so that's good.


Liz has been homeless a lot, when not bouncing between foster care, mental institutions and the BPRD. She has a sense of how to keep herself reasonably safe, fed, and clothed when money is rare, and one doesn't have housing.


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Occult libraries, friendly faces, cafeterias, fire-proof rooms, weird supernatural things - the BPRD has all of the toys and gadgets to make young witches and wizards excited. Or someone trying to kill the 47th Eye of the Old God, who is causing trouble down the way, you know.


SHIELD has a lot of stuff she has little interest in, like military weapons, gadgets, vehicles, uniforms (gag) and soldiers - but she prefers to try to use the BPRD side of things for resources before touching the SHIELD side.


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Liz is addicted to cigarettes. She realizes it's a nasty habit, but she started when she was young, and it hasn't quite left her yet. It's expensive, and in these modern societies, a bit shunned.

The Devil's Fire:
The fire within Liz - she can feel it growing stronger day by day. In spite of that, she has new techniques to help keep it at bay, and they are more successful than not. But it is extremely, extremely easy for her to lose control of the flames within her. Stress and overexertion can start bringing this out more - and the more she plays with the fire, the easier it is for it to come out.


Liz has kinda learned that the easiest way to not kill your friends with a exploding fireball is not to make them in the first place. The BPRD - and those within it, have kinda gotten past her defenses, but she often tries to keep people at arm's length regardless.


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