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Reed Richards (Scenesys ID: 19)
"You may tell your boss that we're tremendously honoured by his gracious gesture - but we're not yet done exploring. What gives this family its purpose and its joy isn't the destination... it's the journey."
Full Name: Reed Richards
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Husband, father, scientist, adventurer
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Four Freedoms Plaza (Midtown, Manhattan)
Education: California Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Empire State University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Oxford University, State University of New York at Hegemon, University of Vienna (DBiol, DBiochem, DChem, DEng, DAero, DElect, DMech, DHolo, DMath, DMutat, DPhys, DQuanphys, DRobo)
Status: Dropped
Groups: Space-OOC, Illuminati, Fantastic Four
Other Information
Apparent Age: 39 Actual Age: 39
Date of Birth 6 October 1988 Actor: Ioan Gruffudd
Height: 185 cm (6'1") Weight: 82 kg (180 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Fantastic Four Main Title" by John Ottman


Reed Richards was a child prodigy. He holds numerous degrees and is a Nobel Laureate many times over. He helped found the Fantastic Four and has represented humanity on other worlds. It could be argued that he is the most famous human who has ever lived. His fame extends far beyond his home planet of Earth. He is a scientist at heart, but circumstance has made him a hero. He is often treated as the de facto leader of the World's Great Heroes, the Fantastic Four.

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Reed Richards is an instantly recognisable celebrity, falling somewhere amidst the likes of Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Lex Luthor, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Tony Stark. He is more than a scientist. He is one of Earth's Greatest Heroes, the Fantastic Four. And beyond that, he has a curious premature greying at his temples. It could be from the stress he places upon that Big Brain of his, or it might be the result of the accident that gave rise to the Fantastic Four. In any event, his otherwise brown hair turns significantly lighter at the temples, and dissipates into the back of his hair.

His sky blue eyes take in the world around him, studying it, cataloguing it, and trying to quantify it. He seeks to bring order to his environment, and it can all be seen in those piercing sky blue eyes. He is clean shaved, and of obvious European descent. His facial features are in proportion, and he could easily be described as handsome, though, it's hard to tell these days. He's such a recognisable man, that whatever he was before is lost to the ages. He is Reed Richards, and everyone knows his face.

Often times he can found wearing a blue jumpsuit with either black or white highlights. The uniform changes often, but blue is its signature colour, and there is always the number four located somewhere on the chest to signify his membership in and allegiance to that group. When at Four Freedoms Plaza or in an otherwise scientific environment, he will usually wear a white lab coat over the jumpsuit, which has inbuilt boots. His entire body is covered by the jumpsuit, save for his face and neck. Even his hands are covered by gloves. And all of it can stretch in accordance with his innate properties.

When out in public, he will sometimes wear less obvious attire. Though he has never been what one would call stylist or a trendsetter. He leaves that to his wife and brother-in-law. No, instead, he has a distinctly British aesthetic, favouring jumpers, sometimes sleeveless, cardigans, trousers, dress shirts, and the like. Even when he is not maintaining a teaching position, he still looks every bit the university professor.


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Reed Richards, the only son of wealthy physicist Nathaniel and his wife Evelyn, was a child prodigy with a special aptitude for mathematics, mechanics, and physics. Evelyn died when Reed was seven. Nathaniel encouraged and guided his son's scientific studies, as Reed took university-level courses by the time he was fourteen years old. Reed attended several universities, among them Cal Tech, Columbia, Empire State, Harvard, M.I.T., Oxford, S.U.N.Y. Hegemon, and Vienna.

It was at S.U.N.Y. Hegemon that Reed met two of the most important individuals in his life: Victor von Doom, who later proved to be Reed's greatest rival, and Benjamin Jacob Grimm, who became Reed's closest friend. While attending Columbia University, Reed rented living quarters at the Manhattan boarding house owned by the aunt of a young girl named Susan Storm. Though she was still only a child, no more than twelve years old, Susan fell in love with Reed, much to his embarrassment. He felt it was nothing more than a harmless crush. Little did he know that she would grow to become the love of his life.

Three years before Reed tested his space ship, his father mysteriously disappeared, but before Nathaniel left, he had bequeathed two billion dollars to his son. Reed spent most of this money on his project to build and launch his space ship. This project, based in Coast City, California, received further funding from the federal government. Reed recruited Ben to pilot the space ship. Reed was joined in California by Susan, who was now an adult, and her brother Johnny, whom had shown impressive piloting ability well in advance of his years.

Due to budget cutbacks, the federal government threatened to withdraw their funding from the project. Reed decided to take the space ship on a test flight himself before the funding was withdrawn. Reed persuaded his friend Ben to pilot, launched it into space with Susan, and her adolescent brother, Johnny. They intended to travel through hyperspace to another solar system, before returning home. However, unknown to Reed, a solar flare caused Earth's Van Allen radiation belts to be temporarily filled with unprecedented, ultra-high levels of cosmic radiation. The ship was designed to be shielded against ordinary levels of radiation. As this was extraordinary, it failed to protect them. Ben was forced to abort the flight and the ship returned to Earth.

Once back on Earth, the four passengers discovered that the cosmic radiation had triggered mutagenic changes in their bodies. They decided to use their new found powers for the good of humanity as the World's Greatest Heroes, the Fantastic Four, with the profits from Reed's patents and royalties funding the team's activities. Since then, the Fantastic Four have become Earth's most honoured team of superhuman adventurers, and have saved the world many times.


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Academic: Reed Richards comes across as a very (if not overly) educated person in a wide variety of areas, though his primary love is to the hard sciences. Reed was educated and excelled at several universities including: California Institute of Technology, Colombia University, Harvard University, and State University in Hegeman, New York, where he met his arch-enemy, Victor Von Doom. Reed is an intellectual who prefers to examine foes, and if possible, negotiate with them before actually fighting them. He is often intrigued by the scientific implications of a problem, so much so that he almost forgets there is a problem in the first place. As Ben once put it, if an alien stubbed his toe, Reed would want to spend ten years studying it.

Calculating: Due to Reed Richard's incredible proficiency in mechanics, engineering, and physics, he can be extremely cold and calculating. However, this coldness is tempered by his love of his family and friends.

Energetic: Reed Richards is a constant worker. He experiments and theorises, sleeping infrequently. He is untiring to the point of being considered inhuman. He is often consumed in projects to almost (but never) the point of obsession.

Heroic: Reed Richards displays qualities of heroism - that is - the desire to help others at the risk and / or expense of his own life. He never set out to be a hero. Rather, he views himself as an adventurer, but chiefly an explorer of knowledge. However, his personality is such that he cannot abide harm to life and thus is thrust into situation where he is perceived as heroic.

Loving: Having a deep relationship with his wife Susan, Reed has a natural affection for her, which counters his otherwise scientific personality. This feeling of love also extends in particular to their children, Franklin and Valeria, as well as Benjamin Grimm, and Johnny Storm. He is an extremely likable fellow who keeps a pleasant smile on his face. However, he does occasionally lapse into depression over long-standing unsolved problems, most notably Ben's inability to return to human form. Reed is a humanitarian who will try to prevent any intelligent being from suffering. This can lead him to do controversial things that fly in the face of all apparent logic. Due to the high degree of love he holds for the Fantastic Four, he is often protective of them, most notably towards Susan.

Pedantic: Due to the level of knowledge possessed by Reed Richards and his own natural bent for verbal explanations, he is what can be considered pedantic. He often gives more information on a subject than what is requested or required.

Resourceful: Reed Richards is adept at finding quick solutions to hard problems, be it escape from the Negative Zone, to jury-rigging a trans-dimensial vehicle. This is in part due to his nimble and prodigal mind and also in part to his ability to be cool under pressure. He can mask his emotions at times to suit the greater needs.


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Reed Richards possesses the ability to convert the mass of his entire body into a highly malleable state at will. In such a state, he can stretch, deform, expand, or compress his entire body, or parts thereof, into any contiguous shape he can imagine. He can extend his limbs, torso, or neck to great distances: the maximum length he can distend before his body segments become painful is about 500 metres.

Although he can extend discrete body parts, such as a single finger, an ear, or an eye, he seldom if ever isolates such parts in his elongations. He can also extend his body in two directions, creating a canopy, parachute, or sheath, its thickness determined by the extent of its distension.

Due to the great malleability and elasticity of his molecular structure, he is able to absorb the impact of any type of man-made ballistic projectile by deforming his body along the path of the projectile's trajectory at the point of initial impact. After his body absorbs the kinetic energy of a ballistic projectile's impact, he can expel the object back by flexing like a trampoline if he is adequately braced.

He can enclose and absorb the energy of a large explosive, on the order of 4 to 6 kilograms of TNT. Such shocks to his system are physically exhausting.

His transformation to a malleable state is reflexive and nearly instantaneous: if he was at his normal form and taken unaware by machine gun fire, his body would still absorb the bullets' impact through radical deformation. His skin is virtually impervious to laceration or punctures unless he wilfully relaxes his reflexive control over small areas of his body. In that case, scalpels and ordinary needles can penetrate his skin.

During the rapid eye movement phase of sleep, his body relaxes and becomes highly malleable.


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Reed Richards knows all astronomical theories from Earth and has developed his own theories of Space-Time. His adventures in space and other dimensions have allowed him to glean further understanding of the universe.

Reed Richards is an accomplished biochemist, both when pertaining to terrestrial and extra-terrestrial matters. He is an expert in this field.

Eidetic Memory:
Reed Richards merely has to look once at a formula or writing to commit it to long term memory. He can access it at his leisure.

Reed Richards is incredibly skilled at engineering. Virtually alone, he has constructed trans-dimensional machines, space ships, as well as a host of other technologies useful to the purposes of the Fantastic Four.

Reed Richards is an accomplished Geologist. He is knowledgeable in tectonics and subterranean physics. This allows him to not only understand the formation of the Earth, but other astronomical bodies as well.

Reed Richards has created among other things, an artificially intelligent holographic receptionist for Four Freedoms Plaza, whom they call Roberta.

After witnessing its disastrous effects first hand, Reed took an interest in hypnosis. He now understands how focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness can induce an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion in the subject. He also knows how to negate these effects when attempted upon him.

Reed Richards is versed in trigonometry, geometry, calculus, algebra, discrete mathematics, and statistics. He can calculate formulas almost instantaneously, without the support of a calculator or computer.

Reed Richards is an adept mechanic being able to jury rig machinery to working condition. He can quickly grasp, understand, and then adapt foreign technology (including extra-terrestrial).

Reed Richards' natural inclination is to be unusually verbose and precise in his word choice. Brevity is not in his nature. However, he can be a compelling orator when he wants to be. He has spoke in front of extra-terrestrial courts, defending himself and the Fantastic Four. He has given lectures at universities. And he has inspired people throughout the world, both young and old.

Reed Richards is an expert physicist, including quantum, atomic, subatomic, astro, nuclear, and molecular physics.


Reed Richards understands contemporary as well as futuristic theories of science. His mind is able to quickly analyse data and compose new theories.


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Reed Richards is a multi-billionaire due to his inventions and inheritance from his father Nathaniel. He can construct intricate devises that the Fantastic Four use to combat evil. The value of his patents alone allows the Fantastic Four to develop what they need independently.

Computer System:
Four Freedoms possesses one of the premier computer systems on Earth. It monitors security, manages communications, contains technological data, and assists in Reed Richards' experiments.

The Fantasticar is a flying vehicle that can carry several passengers or break into up to four independently powered modules for individual flight.

Reed Richards has developed a flare gun that when fired, creates a fiery numerical "4" symbol in the atmosphere, which is large enough to be seen from any of the five boroughs of New York, and will last for up to several hours.

Four Freedoms Plaza:
After the destruction of the Baxter Building, Reed created this new base. It consists of offices, apartments, gift shops, laboratories, research facilities, a science museum, library, zoo, among other things.

Reed Richards' reputation precedes him, even in the depths of space. He and the Fantastic Four have encountered Daxamites, Galactus, Kree, Skrull, Shi'ar, Thanagarians, Triceratons, and Xandarians, just to name a few. His intellect has helped many worlds, and, there have been a few interstellar incidents. But on the whole, he is a known quantity.

This robot is used for maintenance and message running in Four Freedoms plaza. It is rather cute and unobtrusive.

Reed Richards holds doctorates in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Engineering (Aerospace, Electrical, Mechanical), Holography, Mathematics, Mutations, Physics, Quantum Physics, and Robotics. He is highly intelligent.

Other Heroes:
Due to the reputation of the Fantastic Four, Reed has connections with other groups and can call on them for assistance when needed.

Pier Four:
Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four have a secondary installation called Pier Four, which is located in Gravesend, Brooklyn. It has many of the same amenities of Four Freedoms Plaza, but in a more efficient, and much smaller, package.

This V.T.O.L. aircraft is capable of swift intercontinental flight. It has ample cargo room. The Pogo-Plane can land on any soil condition. It has special landing gear to keep it upright no matter how the terrain leans.

This bottle-shaped vehicle is used for exploring the Microverse. The front passenger module has a canopy that protects four passengers. The engine module contains the propulsion system and the shrinkage device.

These open frame vehicles are used for short range outings. They are quieter, weigh less, and are more fuel efficient then the Fantasticar.

Universal Translator:
Reed has devised a Universal Translator that can decipher and interpret most spoken languages, whether they are terrestrial, or alien to this world. While engaged, he can understand those languages, and his words are converted into the native tongue of whatever foreign language he last heard. He can speak several languages in quick succession, but manual control will be required.

Unstable Molecule Uniform:

Reed can employ his powers without harming his uniform, which is composed of unstable molecules. However, it is not armour, and can be destroyed through laceration.


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Doctor Doom:
Reed Richards may loath to admit it, but Victor von Doom is his mirror image. It is nature versus nurture put into practice. Had he lived von Doom's life, had his experiences, Reed might have turned out exactly like him. Instead, he must do everything in his power to stop his former colleague.

Reed Richards has acquired many enemies over the years. Not only do they know who he is, and where he is, but they also know about his friends and family.

Fantastic Four:
Reed Richards considers the Fantastic Four to be his family. Ben Grimm, as his oldest friend, is the closest thing that he will ever have to a brother. He is married to Susan. They have two beautiful children in Franklin (born 8 November 2019) and Valeria (born 10 March 2021). And while he has virtually nothing in common with Johnny, he is Reed's stepbrother.

Public Identity:
Reed Richards is Mister Fantastic. He lives at Four Freedoms Plaza, which is at the corner of 42nd Street, and Madison Avenue, City of New York, New York, United States of America. Their phone number is 212-FAN-FOUR.


Reed Richards holds himself personally accountable for the transformation of Ben Grimm into the Thing. He is the nominal leader of the Fantastic Four, and accepts the burden of genius. He is blessed with considerable gifts, and he must see to it that all of humanity benefits from them.


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