Morgana le Fay

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Morgana le Fay (Scenesys ID: 247)
Full Name: Morgana le Fae
Gender: Female
Species: Fae
Theme: Marvel (TPC)
Occupation: Sorceress, High Priestess & Queen
Citizenship: Avalon
Residence: Avalon & New York
Education: Private Tutors
Status: Approved
Groups: Mystic Arts-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth 05 September Actor: Katie McGrath
Height: 178 cm (5'10") Weight: 62 kg (136 lb)
Hair Color: Amethyst Purple Eye Color: Emerald Green
Theme Song: Heart - Back to Avalon


Morgana is known throughout histories the Sorceress who stood again King Arthur of Camelot and his Wizard Merlin. Her reputation is based solely upon where she is. She is far different in Avalon than she is on Earth where she is known to be cold, manipulative and dark. A woman who uses her power to get whatever she wants.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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A slender woman about 5'10 who looks to weigh no more than 127 pounds dripping wet, she's got piercing emerald green eyes and deep, amethyst purple hair. She's dressed in what most would call a 'period piece' and looks as if she's stepped right out of the medieval era, wearing a long gown of black and purple and a circlet like crown upon her head.


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Long long ago, in Britain, a child was born. Half human and half far, or 'Elder Folk' from Otherworld, close relative to the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim. A hybrid girl who was named Morgana. She was raised by her mother Ingrain and the man thought to be her father, Gorlois, Duke of Tintagil.

Morgana would be raised in a nunnery, having shown great magic prowess from a very young age. She would grow to be a lovely girl. Warm, sweet, loving, soft spoken and with a heart of gold. As she grew, so did her magic and her power. Eventually, after promising to become his lover, Morgana was trained in magic by the legendary Merlin. However, when he no longer had anything to teach... When her power reached then surpassed his, she reneged on the deal and moved on. While she would eventually teach her sister, Nimue, magic, she never gave away all her secrets.

Once she got old enough, Morgana went through the process of being a priestess, quickly rising to the status of High Priestess. She learned the true name of Gaea, which allows her to invoke the Earth Goddess and not be ignored. Throughout the years, after marrying King Uriens to become Queen of Gorre, she would take part in many wars. Most of which were waged against her half-brother King Arthur. Not only was she attempting to take over Britain for herself, but she was seeking to stop the spread of Christianity and the slaughter of those she felt were her people. Magical beings and creatures of every shape and size.

However, she would be betrayed several times, and each time, it only angered her more, pushed her to study harder, grow her own power, take lovers to amass armies until she finally was able to sink the scabbard of Excalibur, taking it's magical protection from Arthur in the process. In the years to come, she and her nephew Mordred would continue to oppose Merlin and Arthur. She would study and gather a magical army to her, which would include her sisters Morgause and Elaine to whom she also taught magic, amassing texts in the form of tomes, scrolls, pages, et cetera that would eventually allow her to summon Chthon, using scrolls created by the Elder God himself to form the Darkhold tome, only for her to be forced to imprison him in Mt. Wundagore because he was uncontrollable.

Later, Morgana would learn of an affair between Arthur's wife Guinevere and Sir Lancelet, a Knight of the Round Table in Arthur's Camelot. When she couldn't seduce Lancelet, a very rare occurrence for her, she settled for exposing his affair with the Queen and plunging England into a civil war, which she and Mordred took advantage of to war openly with Arthur. This ended in Mordred's defeat, possibly his death, and Morgana's imprisonment. An imprisonment that was accidentally undone by Merlin's Black Knight. Nimue, Morgana's former student, would later trap Merlin in a crystal cave.

When Atlantis sank, two islands of it remained and didn't sink for thousands of years after. One of these islands was the famed isle of Avalon. Having been a High Priestess there, Morgana sought refuge there upon her escape which was granted by her sister Vivienne. With the war mostly over, and many of 'her people' in hiding or slaughtered, Morgana used the vast powers available to her to link the island to the actual realm of Avalon in Otherworld where she ruled. There, all the magical creatures who wished to, could seek refuge and the powers that be in that Realm endowed Morgana with more power, allowing her unlimited access to it and placing her on the throne to rule over Avalon.

However, enraged by being imprisoned, bitter and hateful towards the humans for all that they had done, Morgana sought revenge. She would wield the Asgardian Norn Stones to unleash a horde of Asgardian monsters on Earth. When that failed, she moved on to the next plan.

Morgan has used her Astral Form, in modern times, to battle the some of Earth's mightiest heroes as well as ancient foes. For a time, she was able to alter the world to the way she envisioned and these heroes would serve h


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Like her reputation, Morgana's personality seems almost fluid. Who she is in Avalon is different than on Earth. On Earth, she comes across as dark, cunning and manipulative. A high class socialite who believes she's above everyone else.


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One of Morgana's many abilities allows her to link with any animal, mammal, reptile, avian, or aquatic and see through their eyes, feel what they feel and communicate with them, although the longer the distance the less clear the one way connection is.

She can feel and manipulate the emotions of others as well as project her own. She's had this ability since birth and, like all of her gifts, has spent her life honing it to a fine point. She able to turn it on and off at will but generally keeps it on.

The drawbacks to this power are that the stronger the target's willpower, the less effective her manipulation attempts are and the more easily discovered the attempts may be.

OOC notes: The manipulation will be restricted to NPCS unless player consent is given or it's used in an approved TP.

A mix of magick and her bloodline make it almost impossible for Morgan to die and actually stay dead.

Cunning, witty, able to think in multiple streams at once, focus on multiple activities, exceptionally intelligent, a quick learner... All of these describe Morgan's intellect and she's had **plenty** of time to perfect it.

Magic Sense:
Anything that emits any kind of supernatural power or magic will draw Morgana's attention. She can sense the type of magic it is and it's strength as well as the control the user has on it. She can also track the feeling back to it's source.

A seductress in and of her own right, Morgan uses the (super)natural allure of her people as well as the mystical abilities at her finger tips to draw people in, manipulate and control them... to bend them to her will... Of course, those with a strong enough will can resist this.

One of the most powerful sorceresses in history, able to go toe to toe with Gods, Morgana a has access to a vast array of magical styles, energies and spells. All at her fingertips.
Magical Styles/Energies:
Celtic Magick, Fae Magick, Dark Magick, Elemental Magick, Natural Magick, Weather Control, Dimensional Travel (if only to and from her pocket dimension and Avalon), Interdimension Magic (which only works in her pocket dimension and Avalon) and conjuring.
Spells: Astral Projection, Flight, Healing, Illusions, Shapechanging, Shields, and Spirit Control, and Energy Blasts/Projection as well as many more.

Spells and magic take their toll on Morgana, with the powerful magic tied directly to her emotions, and the resulting fatigue taking its toll on her. The greater the magic, the greater the fatigue on her. Additionally, certain types of magic are only available if she is sufficiently emotional as well as individual spells. Calling a wind gust takes less emotion than a blizzard, for example, the very apex of her types of magic send her into a blind, indiscriminate rage and are her least used, but most effective spells. The very highest tier of her spells require her to retreat to Avalon and stay there while she rests and regains her strength and emotions. Additionally, she gets a power boost from the pagan calendar, being strongest at quarter or cross quarter days and nights of a full moon, and weakest at the mid points between cross quarter days, or when there is a new moon. It averages out to make her not overly powerful or underpowered, and her fatigue makes her pick her spells carefullly typically relying on the low power/damage, low fatigue spells and only breaking out the bigger ones when it is strictly needed.

She can receive and send thoughts as well as read those of others. This has a bit more distance too it, however. Her maximum reach with this is one hundred miles unless she's exceptionally familiar with the mind she's reaching for or can use the mind of someone who is familiar with the person she wants, at which point there is no limit to her reach. Her control over this is such that she never inadvertently hears anything. However those with strong enough psionic shields can resist her telepathy or block her out entirely, or force her out of their heads if they are more powerful than Morgana, or catch her with her guard down.


With her shields and all her years alive... With all she's seen and done and been through... Morgan's will is almost unbreakable. It's not invincible however or invulnerable, but it takes a lot to break it. But once broken...


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Her mother was a Duchess and Morgan was raised to one day rule. This entailed many lessons such as politics, etiquette, negotiations, hospitality, etc. Over the **many** years, she has found these lessons aid her in ways her mother would never have imagined

There aren't many, if any, languages that Morgana doesn't know and speak fluently, all gained through magic or years of learning.


While not a skill she often uses, Morgana is quite skilled with a sword, able to stand her ground with people such as Lancelot, Arthur, etc.


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Golden Armor:
Made of pure gold, bewitched and enchanted, this armor is nigh indestructible. The spells and enchantments set on it allow her to summon it to her with a simple word. This armor protects her from bullets and most other weapons excluding things such as energy based weapons, psionic weapons, etc.

Isle of Avalon:
One of the unsunk islands of Atlantis, Morgana now rules over and watches of the Isle, keeping it hidden from mundane (non-magical) view. Here, if one can get to the Isle, it's almost as if stepping back in time. There's a rumor that it's even tied to the hidden Realm of Avalon and Morgana's Kingdom within that realm.

Magical Library:
With as many realms and worlds as Morgana has had access to over her lifetimes, as well as not having any qualms about sacrificing others to gather things for her or steal what she wants, Morgana has amassed quite the library of magical knowledge. Various relics, enchanted items, scrolls, tomes, pages, et cetera.

Pocket Realm:
This is a small pocket realm created for Morgana. A realm that, if push comes to shove and there is no other option, she and her people can retreat to. It's a last resort only, however, and completely undetectable to all but the most powerful.

Realm of Avalon:
A realm in the Otherworld dimension, split into Kingdoms and filled with magical beings and creatures of myths and legends. Here, Morgana's softer side is seen as she rules her Kingdom within Avalon. She watches over 'her people' and protects them while seeking revenge on the human world that tried to destroy them. This is her true home.

Often, despite not being needed, Morgana will use powerful relics such as the Twilight Sword, the Evil Eye, and many others to augment her power.


This is a 'machine' in which Morgana can place any crystal, mirror, container of liquid or gem and magically view anyone in her realm or the planet but there are conditions and limitations to this. First, if where she's looking is warded and protected, it can make it difficult to impossible for her to see, depending on the power level of the one who did compared to her own. Second, she needs something personal of who she is scrying. Hair, blood, a name of meaning, something deeply tied to the person on an emotional level, et cetera.


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Cold Iron:
Despite all the gifts her fae blood offers her, it comes with a severe drawback. Cold Iron and/or steel can both cause Morgan severe damage. It drains her personal and magical energy and prolonged contact can even kill her.

Cost of Magic:
Morgana is a magic being and using her magic costs her in energy and life force. The greater the spell, the worse the effect on her. A simple, harmless spell won't affect her or barely at all. A top of the line spell will almost drain her to the point of death. To counter this, she needs to return to her kingdom and rest until she is sufficiently strong. The problem is she is so obsesssed that she could well lose track of how much magic she's used and push herself too far using magic.

Endless Enemies:
Mundane, magical, other realms, otherworld, mutant, immortal, demonic... Morgana's list of enemies is all but endless and various greatly in power levels. From leagues to secret agencies to groups with Gods, she's on pretty much everyone's list.

Morgana is filled with a hatred for mundane humans. She moves among them only because she must to accomplish her end goal. She has no desire for the extinction but rather, complete subjugation and humiliation. She is, indeed, seemingly obsessed with it. To the point that it, at times, makes her irrational.

Morgan relies heavily on her own vast magic prowess and is often drawn to the power of others. The more powerful, the more appealing they are. A bad habit she needs to learn to break.


Morgan is a beautiful woman, highly desired by many she has encountered. This has made her a vain creature and she falls prey to flattery and attention. To deprive her of said attention is to risk incurring her wrath.


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