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Typhoid Mary (Scenesys ID: 1249)
"I found myself half dressed as Bloody Mary earlier. And Mary slipped out and made a phone call. Typhoid's fishnets are packed in my knapsack. That's a lot of bad signs... I can't lose control... not now."
Full Name: Mary Walker
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Occupation: Mercenary/Investigator
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York City
Education: GED / Military Training
Status: Dropped
Groups: Hench, Defenders, Suicide Squad, Martial Arts-OOC, Mutant-OOC, Street Level-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 32 Actual Age: 32
Date of Birth 15 March 1998 Actor: Alice Eve
Height: 178cm (5'10") Weight: 64kg (141 lb)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "Monday Monday" by The Mamas & the Papas

"Heathens" by twenty one pilots


Bad things turn good girls into bad ones. Mary Walker is a good girl, she swears, cross her heart. But she's a fragment, a piece of a whole -- there are others inside, jostling for position. There's Mary, pure, angelic. Bloody Mary, vengeful, misandrist. And Typhoid, all heat and sickness, all sex and blood. Gifted with the mutant power of pyrokinesis, Typhoid gets her kicks in the murder-for-hire biz, and leaves utter chaos for the rest of herself (and anyone foolish enough to follow) to sift through afterward.

Current Player Approved: Character Available for Application



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Tall and fit, Typhoid Mary has the type of indefinable presence that drags the limelight after her. Part of it is her poise, sultry and aggressive. Part of it is her look, which is somewhere between punk, BDSM, and the future. Her dark red hair is roped into long, skinny dreadlocks, and her face -- wide-eyed and ferally beautiful has one half covered with solid white make-up, reminiscent of a kabuki mask.

Typhoid wears thoroughly inappropriate leather. A black leather collar encases her neck and frames the unforgiving beauty of her jaw-line. In lieu of a shirt, she's wearing what could charitably be described as a harness, black tape the only thing that is keeping her from being arrested for indecent exposure. Her hands sport leather sheaths that leave her knuckle-ringed fingers free, her thumbs thrust through holes designed for that purpose. How long these sheaths are is unclear, as her arms are otherwise covered.

A well-worn leather motorcycle jacket keeps her warm, but only barely, as it's left totally unzipped. There is a tribal tattoo that encircles her navel. The skin is smooth, toned, and tanned. Her lower half is more covered, by tight leather pants that hug well-toned limbs. The cuffs of her leather pants bunch atop the bulk of the flexible, but thickly soled boots she wears--which are silent as she walks, but pack a punch when tread meets flesh. Strapped crossed on her back is a pair of scabbards that contain twin katanas made especially for Typhoid, two of her favorite toys.


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To be honest, even Mary doesn't know what her history is anymore. It's all been replaced with mental fabrications and stories that she tells, depending on which personality is in charge. The fact that the truth has been blocked so utterly is a sign that her early life was bad. Extremely so. What is known is that this is when her mind began to fracture.

Her earliest true memory is being on the streets. She was underage and homeless. To survive, she did what she had to. and this brought her to a brothel. It wasn't a good life, but the girls all looked out for each other. She was known as Lyla while she was there. One night, a pair of men started fighting. The girls all believed the vigilante involved was an undercover cop, so they tried to help the John, someone they knew. In the process, Lyla was kicked out of a window.

By some miracle, she didn't die. Her persona Lyla did. A new one was born in her place as she awake in the hospital. With the birth of Walker, Mary hid for a long time and Walker took them down a new path. She was smart and studied, earning herself a GED. After that, she joined the military the moment she was 18.

The military was good for her. Walker learned all the skills needed and even fought on the front lines. It was a perfect fit and for the first time ever, things seemed balanced.

It was not meant to be. Her unit was captured behind enemy lines. They were subjected to torture and abuse. Walker was forced to watch one after the other of her squad executed in more and more horrific ways. It was during her time as a prisoner that Mary Walker resurfaced. Delicate, frightened, unable to cope she would spend her time drawing pictures with her fingers on the mud walls of the pit she was kept in. At times, Walker was able to take back over but things were touch and go.

Then one day, Walker found herself out in the camp with a machete in each hand. Everything was covered in blood. A unit was coming in to try to perform a rescue and found her there in that "bloody mess". Walker believed Mary was able to sweet talk one of their captors into releasing her. Mary thought Walker was the one that saved them through her skill. Neither knew the truth until much later, that there was a third personality in there with them who had been quiet all this time. In truth, there were two more but they didn't meet Typhoid until after that.

She received a military discharge when her personality changes were noted and she was diagnosed with Disassociative Identity Disorder. She went out into the world and tried to make a life for herself.

Mary turned out to be quite the actress and for about a year, she was mostly in charge and made a name for herself on the stages in New York City. It was not to be though as Typhoid took over when Mary was finding true happiness. Typhoid wanted nothing more than to see the world burn. She started with Mary's career then moved on to the city. She became an assassin for hire and was very good at it. For another year, Typhoid mainly had charge of the shared body. By the time Mary and Walker managed to reassert themselves, they were in a place where they couldn't really recover. A few times, she found herself in an asylum but in time, Mary or Walker would stay in control long enough to get them released. Then the cycle would start over.

They found out about Bloody after she took down a man who was abusing his wife. It was not pretty and they were able to piece together that this was the persona who had saved them all those years ago from the prison camp.

At this point, she has not found a balance with her personalities. Sometimes it is Walker in charge, sometimes Mary and often Typhoid. Rarely is Bloody seen and that is for the best, but she is there waiting for her time.


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At her core, Mary is an incredibly damaged human being. She's a survivor. Each of her personalities are distinctly different, have different tastes and goals in life, and even affect actual biological differences when they emerge, down to having different scents and different physical appearances, though they all seem very similar to one another, as though they might be sisters.

Mary (called Sweet Mary at times by her other personalities) is the innocent of the collection. She is rather vapid and airheaded, a has-been actress who is now using painting and sculpture to express herself. She can't handle very stressful situations and she tends to hide away when something like that happens, allowing one of the others to take over. Usually it is Walker or Typhoid.

Bloody is rather the other end of the spectrum. She is violent to the extreme. A misandrist, she tends to want to kill all men but seems to focus on those who have done wrong to other women. Wife beaters are a particular favorite of hers to hunt down and kill. When she has time on her side, she's a serial killer, highly ritualistic in her dispatching of people. However, Typhoid generally is able to keep her under, locked deep inside, to keep this rather dangerous hobby at bay.

Typhoid is a mix of Mary and Bloody. Where Bloody has little to no respect for the dangers her activities might pose to her person, and Sweet has no concept of how to defend herself with words let alone physically, Typhoid has a rather healthy respect for personal safety and is far more capable and self-reliant than either of the others. She also is a hedonist who is interested in her own happiness and the rest be damned. She is amoral and she is the killer for hire.

Walker is the last personality. This is the strongest of them and the most balanced of all. She is smart, resourceful and a survivor. She is more militaristic in her bearing as she is the one who served, who took them down that path in life. She has her flaws, of course, but she's the most 'reliable' of the known personae. She is trying to make a living as a private investigator.


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As a result of all of her training, and due to an innate ability to move quickly, her agility has been greatly honed to the point that, when she is sword-fighting, she can deflect bullets from a close range--if she is /really/ on top of her awareness, she can deflect semi-automatic fire. Her reflexes are extraordinarily keen, and her dexterity is crisply precise, allowing her to move and react with speeds that seem superhuman. This is not something all of her personalities have access to, generally being only Typhoid or Bloody. However, Walker has tapped into it from time to time somehow.

Iron Will:
Because she is a survivor, in the face of all of the abuse and suffering she's withstood, no one could argue that Mary doesn't have an iron will. When she sets her mind on something, she will accomplish it or damned near die trying. Between the military and training to be an assassin after her discharge, she learned to exert discipline and patience in the face of achieving her goals. She is stubborn and hard-headed, but like with everything in life, some bad comes with the good...and vice versa.

Perhaps due to complications from her psionic powers, her Dissociative Identity Disorder is even more of a puzzle to extra-sensory or extra-sensitive individuals. A telepath reading Typhoid's mind would not be able to recognize Mary's mind later. Each personality has its own signature and memories. Everything about her physiology changes, even down to her scent, confounding the likes of Daredevil.

The most violent manifestation of Typhoid Mary's mutancy is her ability to start fires with her mind. Obviously, there must be sufficient atmosphere for fire to burn. With a casual thought, she can start a small fire in the environment. With minor effort, she's capable of igniting a human being's clothes or flesh. With a good deal of effort, she can immolate a human completely. Mary is immune to the results of her powers, will not burn if she happens to catch fire, and can absorb fire into her body to stop things from burning.

Her level of control varies from personality to personality.

Mary: no conscious access to this power, but capable of accidentally accessing it.

Typhoid Mary: full access, possesses the greatest control and finesse

Bloody Mary: full access, but less finesse, more likely to lose control/go overboard.

Walker: no conscious access to this power, but capable of accidentally accessing it.

This power is something she has no control over and it only works, currently, when she shifts between her personalities. In each persona, she has an entirely different look. Her face itself does not change but so much does, the various personalities are not realized to be the same person. They do seem to resemble and might be mistaken for relatives such as sisters.

When she shifts from one personality to the other, her body scent, biorhythms, hair style, voice and the way she carries herself all change. If scanned, Sweet Mary or Walker will show as a human, which should be impossible due to her mutancy. Typhoid has tattoos while Sweet and Bloody do not. Bloody is covered in tons of scars that neither of the others possess, though they all have their own scars. The white makeup that is on half of her face is only there when Typhoid or Bloody are on top. This is why those with super senses are unable to connect her four personalities as being the same person.

One of the powers in Mary's psionic suite is telekinesis, the power to move things somewhere in the range of 10 pounds with her mind. She only has her personal practice with this power as she's used it throughout her life, and as such, she is an unpredictable, often creative practitioner compared to most active-in-violence TK. If she were to work on it, she may be able to increase her weight limit. What she lacks in raw power, she makes up for with skill and finesse. She's worked hard to hone her control over TK and is an expert in the use of it. She tends to favor small, easily manipulated objects, such as knives.

Her level of control varies from personality to personality.

Mary: no conscious access to this power.

Typhoid Mary: full access, and, through determination to become better, has become more proficient in using it creatively in combat, close-quarter and otherwise.

Bloody Mary: full access, often uses it to assemble makeshift armor pieces out of anything metallic in range, the most erratic in temperament, doesn't have the same level of creativity or the finesse of Typhoid, tending to use it like brute force.

Walker: no conscious access to this power.


One of her less remarked-upon mutant powers is her telepathy. Lacking formal training in its techniques, she has instead learned via doing. She'd be snuffed out like a candle in a psychic battle with Jean Grey or Moondragon, but she is by no means a weakling--just rough around the edges.

Her telepathy is typically used as a hypnotic mechanism: she implants suggestions into people's minds. This mental subterfuge is often accompanied by an empathic reading of the target, so that Typhoid can tailor her speech/behavior to make her implanted suggestions more effective. In some cases, she can simply brute-force hack the brain and make people sleep, but this usually is only successful against those with less-than-stellar psychic defense.

Her powers are, as stated, largely untrained. Those with strong psychic defenses or strikingly high willpower are capable of deflecting or overcoming her hypnotic entreaties, and mind-scanning. Her level of control varies from personality to personality.

Sweet Mary: no conscious access to this power, although she often taps into it unconsciously, drawing people to her while making them want to help/protect her.

Typhoid Mary: full access, and makes the most use of it; it's actually one of her most dangerous weapons.

Bloody Mary: full access, but largely ignores it, because she doesn't care about how people feel or what she can make them do, other than die.

Walker: no conscious access to this power but has sometimes tapped into it unconsciously.

OOC Note: This is consent based for PCs.


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This skill applies to Mary and Walker, with Typhoid to a very limited extent. Bloody does not access this skill, less from lack of ability and more because she simply doesn't care.

Mary is a good actress, good enough she did a lot of stage work in the theater and even had a part on a local soap opera. Unfortunately, her career was destroyed by her alternate personality taking over, but the ability is there for her to take on a persona and play a role, be it on stage or screen.

This skill applies to Mary and Walker to a more limited extent.

She is an artist of a very high caliber. She can draw, paint and sculpt with equal skill. She also extends this to photography, enjoying taking pictures of things that catch her interest, with a good eye for angles and lighting. She does sell many of her pieces when she gets the opportunity. As Walker, she uses her photography skills in her work as an investigator.

As with most things, her skill in combat differs depending on which personality is in charge.

The least skillful of these is represented by Mary. She has taken a few women's self-defense courses, and that is about the extent of her combat prowess.

Her next three personalities would generally be on par with one another, although each has their preference for style and weaponry.

Walker is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant who has advanced military training. She can use a variety of weapons and improvise with items at hand if a regular weapon is not available.

Typhoid prefers to use blades. Her katanas are a favorite although she has often used a pair of machetes as well. When utilized with her TK, she can throw with deadly accuracy.

Bloody Mary is only slightly less skillful than Typhoid due to her tendency to lose control of her cool and attack like a berserker. Without blades, both Typhoid and Bloody Mary, are still formidable due to both being skilled, savage opponents, even (and sometimes /especially/) when unarmed.

All three of these personae are in Olympic-level physical condition and black belts in Judo and various Judo-derived techniques, several times over. Their precise fighting styles differ by personality -- Typhoid favoring a mixture of Zen Sword, a myriad blend of Judo, her telekinesis, and pyrokinesis -- and Bloody favoring telekinesis, thrown blades, guns, and brutally merciless beat-downs with no flair or panache whatsoever. Despite these differences, broadly speaking, they are on a par with one another.

Kill Methods:
This trait pertains to Typhoid, Bloody and Walker personaes. Mary does not have this knowledge.

As a DAMNED good assassin, Typhoid Mary knows practically every way possible...to kill a person. Bloody and Walker also have this knowledge. She knows how to make it look like an accident. She knows how to frame someone else. She knows what chemicals to mix to make a wide array of poisonous cocktails that kill quickly, moderately, and slowly.

She knows the different kill methods of gangs, in order to frame them. She knows how to kill cleanly. She knows anatomy, pressure points, and how to read tolerance levels. She knows more about killing people than she knows about world geography, mathematics, or English grammar rules. It's her way of life and she is an expert at what she does.

The four sides of Mary Walker all practice different forms of manipulation, most of which are effective at skewing a playing field to her own advantage.

Mary doesn't actively manipulate people into doing what she wants, although she is a soap-opera-level actress. She does, however, often passively manipulate people by being such a sad-sack naif -- it's only natural to want to take her under your wing and heal her many problems. When tied in with her telepathy (consent based for PCs), it is a powerful urge.

Typhoid Mary is the dirtiest player in the game when it comes to this stuff. She'll get people, men and women alike, so turned around they won't know what they're even doing anymore -- and she'll be in total control the whole time, giggling. She uses telepathy, seduction, blackmail, threats, begging, faux obedience... whatever works. And, she always finds what works.

Bloody Mary's idea of manipulation is manipulating a knife right into your face, and then doing so a whole bunch more times until your face is no longer a face.

Walker generally will try to manipulate others to get information but hers is through practiced use of words instead of the more extreme methods of Typhoid or Bloody.

This is a skill that is possessed by Typhoid and Walker, with Bloody to a lesser extent. Mary does not have access to this skill.

Since assassination and searching for information as an investigator often involve getting past someone's defenses, she has become intimately acquainted with a wide variety of security systems and locks, learning the best way to bypass them and gain access, or simply how to avoid their various traps. She can quickly assess any security layout to know its capabilities (and her ability to bypass them). And, of course, she can flip the tables and establish complex security routines and program said systems for defensive needs.

This is a skill that is possessed by Walker, Typhoid, and Bloody to a lesser extent.

One of the most important parts of the art of assassination and investigation is the ability to go undetected. She can move in shadows with ease. She has mastered the art of moving silently, even when heavily armed. Put simply, she's good at all that ninja stuff you've heard so much about.

This is a skill that applies to mainly to Typhoid and Walker, though Bloody has a limited access to it in the use of blades but not so much Zen.

From her time in the military and after, in the criminal world. She has shown an uncanny proficiency with bladed weapons. Though she was trained in and became a black belt in practically every form of Judo and Judo-variant known to man, she insisted on a blademaster to train her. She found them and would hire them to help expand her training, mainly as Typhoid and Walker. Bloody just instinctively taps into the knowledge. As a result, she got, perhaps, the most comprehensive training possible in the use of both single and dual-wielded blades. After years and years of concentrated, grueling training and rigorous testing, she was finally allowed to graduate from her training as a formidable master of Zen Swordsmanship.

It should be noted that, Zen, in terms of her Swordcraft, is about focus and the ability to function without thought, with an empty mind. As Typhoid, her fighting is one place where she feels safe and at home, where she can let go, and so Zen is a good word for the place she goes to when she's in sword combat.

This is a skill that is possessed by Typhoid, Walker and Bloody. It is generally used the most by Typhoid or Bloody.

She knows how to torture people. It's, in fact, one of her most useful skills. She doesn't limit herself to physical torture, either. She employs any and every method of inducing fear and pain in her prey. She's been trained to read body language well enough to determine how the target in question responds to various methods of pressure. And that is without using her telepathic abilities. With those combined, it makes her more dangerous.

From what she discovers through the initial phase of torturing, she then mixes and matches her repertoire of torture methods to create the most effective torture cocktail to get whatever information she needs...or, to simply cause the most excruciating pain without actually killing the person until she's ready for them to die.


This is a skill that mainly applies to Typhoid, although Bloody and Walker both have their own knowledge in this area they can tap into.

Having been inducted into a very prominent crimelord's organization, Typhoid has seen the inside of organized crime from all its levels, observing the flunkies and the underbosses as well as the man, himself, in action. She has a keen knowledge of criminal networks worldwide, although most especially in New York, and can navigate easily in shadowy and illegal societies.


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She has worked hard to build up her list of contacts and connections. Painstakingly, as Typhoid, she's weeded out the trustworthy, and murdered the untrustworthy. She follows the trail of trustworthy contacts' vetted connections and rigorously checks out each and every person she takes into her circle of 'trust,' as it were, both as Typhoid and Walker.

She's now running in more elite circles than in her past, which makes things more dangerous and difficult to find trustworthy connections, but she's practiced at this and has a foothold from which to continue her tedious, but time-tested method of making secure connections on whom she can rely.

Each personality have their own connections and contacts they can call on. For Mary, it is other artists and actors. Walker has old military contacts in addition to people on the police force that she can sometimes get information from to help with cases.

One of the main problems with having Dissociative Identity Disorder is that one's four distinct identities will all try to lead their own lives. Her four personas tend to fought for dominance of the body they share, and because of that constant instability, it was hard for ANY of the four to maintain real, functional lives.

Through Walker, the personalities have started to communicate with one another, often through written notes. This allows them to sometimes coordinate their efforts, but they have admittedly not conquered the need each of them has to be dominant. They are still trying to be the one in control which can lead to conflict.

Murder, as it turns out, is lucrative. Typhoid has enough money in various places to make a clean getaway and never work again. How much is hard to calculate, because there are accounts and holdings that one personality has, without informing the others. Typhoid has been really focusing on amassing a sizeable nest-egg for herself, including finding an investment banker for a portion of her savings, and taking on more and more work. Typhoid has the most money of the three, by far. Bloody tends to take advantage of Mary or Walker's money or scavenging from the people she kills, having no ability to be calm enough to take on work. Walker earns a modest living as an investigator, enough to live comfortably.

Typhoid Mary is a favorite assassin of a few prominent crimelords. She has also received invitations to become part of vaunted associations for assassins. These -- along with her gory handiwork -- gives her a certain infamy. This is useful, since other mercs know who she is and what she's capable of. This is also a bit of a negative, because it puts her on the radar of people like the Punisher. Mostly useful, though.

As Walker, she is known as a skilled and trustworthy investigator. This draws in business for her.

Secret Identity:
Not only is Typhoid Mary's government name -- Mary Walker -- a secret from her enemies (and most allies), the activities of Typhoid and Bloody Mary are largely a secret from Mary. Those who attempt to catch her in her civilian life will find a scared young woman who quite literally wouldn't know what anyone was talking about. Not everyone would show mercy, but enough do to make it useful.

Swank Weapons:

She has quite a collection of weapons, the majority of which are blades of varying sizes, types, and lengths. She has a range of handguns, both semi-auto and revolvers. She also has a few rifles from single action to semi-auto and a sniper rifle, though these are more for Walker than the others. She could likely get her hands on a full auto depending on the personality in charge at the time and who they might have as contacts.

Since she's been rubbing elbows with people who are better connected than she, she's been gifted with various weapons--two of which are her prized possessions.

Perfectly balanced, with grips made to fit her hands, twin katanas with filigreed blades made of 51CrV4 / 1.8159 alloy special steel, a high carbon steel that has been perfectly tempered and honed to a surgically sharp edge, wrapped around a masterfully tempered low carbon steel base that provide a strong, durable core that ensures her prized blades won't easily shatter are now her main weapons of choice. She sleeps with these blades and will do almost anything to protect them.


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Bad Romance:
She is a survivor of horrific abuse (she thinks), and a key moment in her life is arguably when she was kicked out of a window while working as a prostitute. Despite or because of this, she -- Typhoid, specifically -- pursues romantic relationships that are actively bad for her, and who pose some sort of danger to her freedom or health. Mary, meanwhile, is constantly in need of a white knight, and Bloody Mary pretty much believes that most men should be forcibly emasculated. Walker thinks their hands are full enough with their own mental issues and there is no reason to bring someone else into the mix. To say that all have weird, dysfunctional relationships is an understatement.

Chaos Magnet:
She, in any persona, seems to attract crazy people and, in general, trouble. Perhaps in a previous life, she spat on the grave of a saint or was responsible for a horrendous plague or something, but she does seem to be cursed with attracting dangerous friends, and even more dangerous enemies.

When Typhoid Mary is the dominant persona, she manifests physiological changes unique to that identity: namely, that she seems to be perpetually running some kind of fever. Simply put, one can gauge Mary's current level of mania based on just how hot she's "running," physically. The calmer she is, the less feverish she is to the touch.

Vice versa, this fever intensifies as Typhoid becomes stressed--whether by irritation, frustration, anxiety, or otherwise. If she doesn't take care to keep herself calm and as evenly keeled as she can manage, Bloody Mary can more easily take control.

When Bloody Mary is dominant and as calm as she is capable of being, her skin is slightly uncomfortably hot to touch--and, when she gets angry, she unconsciously creates a pyrokinetic field that rides atop her skin, emanating heat waves like a black-top in the unforgiving summer sun, which is capable of burning someone if their hands are unprotected.

Mary and Walker have none of these complications.

Flagging Career:
Because of the activities of Typhoid Mary and Bloody Mary, the 'normal' persona Mary was unable to properly maintain her career, acting in television soap operas and on stage. Because her other personalities tend to have more control and run around all night killing people, Mary was an unreliable talent, at best, prone to missing days or having on-set breakdowns.

Pretty Reckless:
When Typhoid or Bloody's bloodlust is running on high, generally in the middle of battle, she can often forget herself and become somewhat reckless, drunk on killing. She takes more risks than she might normally, if her head were in a calmer place.

Self Destructive:
She is an extremely damaged individual. She doesn't know what it is to lead a 'functional' life. Her childhood was ruined, her adolescence was spent as a prostitute, her military career ended in bloody torture and her adulthood has been filled with murder and mayhem. Her ideas of 'normal' lives come from television. While she may, at times, crave normalcy in her life, any time she starts to achieve some level of peace and comfort, she does something irrational to mess it up. Deep down, she doesn't feel she deserves happiness, no matter how much she might wish she did.

Split Identities:
Mary Walker has disassociative identity disorder (DID), with four distinct personalities who all operate as fully autonomous individuals, limited only by the one body that they share. They each want to be in charge and in control and this leads to conflicts, although Walker is trying to get them to work together more cooperatively for their own sakes.

This constant instability is, of course, hard to predict and control in practical terms. Her psyche is a minefield, at constant risk of explosion. Sometimes, shifts from one dominant personality to another are enacted by means outside of the group dynamic: traumatic violence or abuse from men can trigger Bloody roaring to the fore, the sound of running water might bring out Mary, etc.

Walking Chaos:

The problem with having Dissociative Identity Disorder -- well, one of the problems, but a big one -- is that one's four distinct identities will all try to lead their own lives. Her four personae fight for dominance of the body they share, and because of this constant instability, it's hard for ANY of them to maintain real, functional lives. Anyone pulled into any of their orbits is thus subjected to the whirlwind that is their union, which often bears harmful consequences for all involved.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Take a walk on the ..., normal side February 14th, 2020 Walker and Fantomex talk after a mission that went .., mildly ok. They find some common understanding.
Calm Before the Storm January 27th, 2020 Fantomex gives Robert and Mary some privacy...to talk about happiness and mistakes.
Decisions, Decisions January 21st, 2020 Catwoman muses over potential changes. Typhoid Mary, looking for someone else, encounters her. Evaluations follow.
Marked for Death in Markovia! January 16th, 2020 The Squad manages to keep their target alive (and staying mostly incognito while doing so!), even if Markovians are protesting en masse against that target.
Loss of Life January 16th, 2020 The Suicide Squad prepares for its next mission: preserving the status quo in Markovia. Things will surely turn out well!
Striking from Below January 9th, 2020 Typhoid Mary hunts down information about a snake-themed gang, meets up with Cottonmouth of the Serpent Society, and is offered a means of entry to meet whoever they're taking orders from.
Death Blossoms in Winter January 2nd, 2020 In a back-alley tournament in Chinatown, Cassandra Cain defeats Asp--but Typhoid Mary shows up everyone with a brutal takedown.
Subway Troubles December 20th, 2019 Andi encounters trouble on the subway, then perhaps more as Typhoid Mary enters.
Cell Service December 19th, 2019 Typhoid Mary--or, at least, one of her personalities--is provided with a recruitment offer to join the Suicide Squad.
Baba Yaga: Almost Half Way September 10th, 2019 Typhoid continues to kidnap children. What should have been number six is foiled by Daredevil. He learns that there will be more to come in the following month, unless Typhoid is stopped.
Old records off the shelf August 20th, 2019 Karaoke night at Club Evolution, with many from Xavier's in attendance. Sam and Shannon also talk things out, all is well.
Mary Shelley Ain't Got Nothing On This August 8th, 2019 Elektra and Tyhoid meet. Surprisingly (or not) they get on.
Rumble in the Cocrete Jungle July 23rd, 2019 Hammerhead attempts a hostile takeover of the Dragons' business. Unfortunately, he's picked a very bad time for it.
Saturday Night Blues July 21st, 2019 Karen and Kate enjoy a payday feast at Josie's.. and invite one of Karen's workmates to join them. A food time was had by all. No secrets were spilled (tm).
The Qualty or State of Being Human May 14th, 2019 The heroes succeed in saving Norton and in turn freeing Megatron.
Should you choose to accept it. May 6th, 2019 Norton hires Walker.
Mary mary quite contrary.. April 30th, 2019 Walker is at the Blue Lady taking pictures for a client. She meets Thomas Raith during her job.
Just Another Manic Monday April 2nd, 2019 Several old friends meet a new one. Otherwise known as Matt takes new hire Mary to Josie's where he runs into Elektra, and Danny Rand.
Breakin' the Law March 1st, 2019 Summary needed
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Wombat To The Slaughter August 28th, 2017 Summary needed


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Title Date Scene Summary
Baba Yaga: The First August 19th, 2019 Typhoid Mary kidnaps the first victim


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