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Ami Han (Scenesys ID: 9531)
"It's fine I don't have time to open my eyes and nose" (Korean Idiom)
Full Name: Ami Han
Gender: female
Species: Kumiho
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: NIS Agent
Citizenship: South Korean
Residence: Seoul
Education: Korean Military Academy
Status: Dropped
Groups: SHIELD
Other Information
Apparent Age: 61 Actual Age:
Date of Birth 3 October 1969 Actor:
Height: 178 cm (5'10") Weight: 54 kg (120 lb)
Hair Color: Silver-White (Black Wig) Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:


Ami Han is a member of the South Korean National Intelligence Service and a head of the small superhuman department. In this position she is responsible for the coordination of the nation's heroes with other organisations and the liaison for the hero White Fox.

White Fox is one of the top rated South Korean heroes. As the forefront of Korea's intelligence and home defense, both public hero and secret operative at once. The defense of South Korea - and the world - is her pleasure and duty!

Current Player Approved: Character Available for Application



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Standing about 5'10", this Korean woman in her twenties would blend right into a crowd in downtown Seoul - or any large Asian city. Brown eyes, black updo, and a pert nose make her one of the crowds of typical Korean Selreorimaen - salaryman. Salaryman. Her makeup is conservative, only accentuating her eyelashes, and she smiles seldom. Prominent cheekbones and slender brows reflect her heritage.

Wearing a dark blue 3-piece suit and a high-closed white button-up shirt, the standing out item on her dress is the badge tucked to her left chest pocket. Besides a photo of herself, it bears the Seal of the South Korean NIS. The only sign of individuality are her earrings, a pair of golden and lapislazuli cubes.


Standing a little over 5'10", the face of this woman is mostly obscured by a white half mask, obscuring her eyes behind a pair of lenses and her nose under the drawn down point in the center. Silver-white hair falls freely over her back, pushed up over her temples by stylized triangle ears. Red lipstick accentuates her lips, drawing the eyes away from her prominent cheekbones.

A blue, shape conforming suit clings to her fit body, silver elements and engrave paneling hinting that it is armored despite being short-sleeved. A pair of white, long-sleeved gloves covers all but a thin strip of her arms. The makeup of the suit is made in such a way that it leaves the shifting mass of several silver fox tails free to move.


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Born after the Korean war to a Kumiho and a human in the Namsan Mountains, Ami Han has been raised by her mother after her father had died guarding the border. She learned from her the truth about the Kumiho and how to hunt just as much as that it was important to keep the fact that she was Kumiho the biggest secret of all. But those happy days ended when her mother was hunted down by the Samjoksus when she was still a young girl and had to witness her last stand from hiding. Made the last of the Kumiho at such a young age, she was taken in by relatives of her father.

As a teen in High School in the mid-seventies, a friend of hers was abducted by the henchmen of a Seoul underworld. Tracking her down, she faced a Samjoksu on her own and unleashing her powers for the first time in years, managed to win. The Agency for National Security Planning recruited her on the spot and enrolled her into the Korean Military Academy. After graduation and Military service, White Fox had become a staple operative with Ami Han her commanding officer, playing the double game.

In 1999, the agency once again changed names to National Intelligence Service and restructured, creating the superhuman division, mostly from scratch. In doing so it allowed the Ami Han to become somewhat invisible for people she had worked with before. It cut her connections as Ami Han, but not those of White Fox. Since then, she has worked her way up to the director of the division.


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Ami Han, the NIS Agent, is a mask for Ami Han, the Kumiho. She tries to keep things on a business level, appears somewhat cold and openly abhors social gatherings such as Karaoke. To her colleagues, she seems to be married to her work and not someone that could be dated. A Morning Person, she is often among the first in the office - or on the phone, if she is not in the headquarters.

Behind the mask, Ami Han, or rather, White Fox as few know that both are one and the same, is actually a rather jovial person. Outgoing, she enjoys social gatherings, when she gets the chance to have them with her coworkers at the NIS or other heroes after a long day of work, even into the early morning if possible. But still, even then there are secrets she won't divulge, loyalties she won't betray. She considers South Korea her charge, and to a lesser extent, the world. She won't betray these people.

A quirk she shares with many people of South-East-Asian descent is her like for SPAM. Any meal or MRE can be made better by adding a can of SPAM.


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Ami Han stopped aging at the normal age around her 20th birthday and will continue to stay young for ages.

Animal Tongue:
White Fox can understand animals and her words are understood by them in return - and have a full-fledged conversation with them.

Enhanced Senses:
The senses of White Fox are sharper than those of a human. She can track people by their scent and notice fear in their smell. Magic items and spells have a certain ring to her. In her Kumiho-shape, the senses are even sharper.

Born as a Kumiho, White Fox has the natural ability to turn into the shape of a silver-white nine-tailed fox, and call upon its features. The more she calls forth her powers, the more visible the changes get: Her eyes start to glow, her hair returns to her natural silver-white, her tails break forth through her clothing and a white fur starts to cover her body.

When in her Kumiho shape, she's about as high as in her human shape and could use the full power of her nine tails - once they manifest with age.

Psychic Shield:
While not a telepath herself, she is well versed in keeping her mind shielded against psychic manipulations and telepaths of considerable skill. It takes a real master to get and stay in her head.


Kumiho are physically superior to humans in many fields, even more so in their Fox-shape than their human shape.

* Agility: Using her tails, White Fox can, even in human shape. somewhat direct her fall and land safely from great distances and jump over distances that would break Olympic records. In her Fox shape, she can almost double that.
* Durability: While she can be harmed like any other human, she can better cope with damage and pain to her physical body, allowing her to stay active longer than normal.
* Reflexes: Regardless of shape, White Fox is fast enough to catch thrown blades from the air in human form and repeatedly evade close combat attacks of people in her weight class.
* Speed: In human shape, White Fox can run the 100 meters faster than Olympic athletes - and as a Kumiho put even some Super Soldiers to shame.
* Stamina: Kumiho don't get tired and can continue to fight for extended periods of time unless stopped by damage sustained.
* Strength: In human shape, her strength is large enough to throw people through a wall or break apart machinery with her hands, as a Kumiho she can dismember humans.


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While not the weapon of her choice, Ami Han has learned to handle most mundane firearms during her time at the Korean Military Academy and later in her time in the NIS and can adapt this training upon most weapons she can get her fingers on.

Martial Artist:
White Fox is a martial artist that has trained various styles from a young age and in her time at the KMA. While not a grandmaster, her fluent style makes her an expert with a similar level of training as the Red Room.

Military Leadership:
As commanding officer for the NIS and graduate of the KMA, Ami Han is well trained to plan an operation, communicate clear orders to troops and agents during engagements and direct them in ways to increase their efficiency in a shifting battle.

NIS Field Operative:
White Fox is a field operative of the NIS and as such was trained to circumvent modern as well as obsolete security devices by evading or disabling them. She's also a quite adept pocket thief.


Any NIS agent needs to speak 6 Languages and Ami Han excels at her job. Among those languages speaks fluently are Korean, English, Japanese and Greek.


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SK NIS Arsenal:
White Fox, as a South Korean national superhero, can call upon the resources, information, and equipment of the NIS to conduct missions ?critical for the safety of South Korea and the world? on a global scale. Without additional red tape, she can requisition armor suits, infiltration gear, global transport, and standard-issue (deniable) firearms as well as close combat weaponry within a frame of hours. Without extra requisitioning, she has available collapsible staves, a protective suit, and toll allowing to display information from the NIS Database to herself and others.

South Korean NIS:
Ami Han is the director of the South Korean National Intelligence Services Superhuman Branch and as such responsible for coordinating the South Korean national superheroes, the relation to other nations recognized heroes and teams and organize backup from and to multi-national teams. She is also the Liaison for White Fox.

Yeowoo Guseul:

The Fox Marble of her grandmother allows White Fox to actively transfer life energy from someone to herself while having intimate contact. Doing so provides healing and can restore her to prime condition or even empowering her for a while draining a normal human.


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Double-Secret ID:
There are only few people who know the double game Ami Han plays in being both the White Fox and her Liaison to the NIS, both the commanding officer and the field operative.

Espionage Reputation:
The White Fox - or Agent F-One - didn't pop up just yesterday. She has crossed the 40 years mark as an active operative, and the name White Fox can ring bells of animosity with quite some agents.

Last of the Kumiho:
As the last of the Kumiho, she is also the legacy of them. She can't just let the fact slide, that should she die, there won't be another Kumiho protector of her Korea.

Samjoksus, three-legged dogs, was the name of the gang that for hundreds of years hunted the Kumiho. In the modern age, they managed to drive them almost to extinction, and they are still around. Many went underground, others write books to discredit the Kumiho, and some joined crime. But their lineages remain, even as they are thinned, and they wait for a chance to strike again and destroy the Kumiho once and for all.

South Korea:

Loyal to a fault, South Korea is not just the country she grew up in, it is the charge of the Kumiho. It is not mere loyalty, it is more than that, and threatening the safety or independence of the state or its people is an easy way to gain the ire of White Fox.


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