11371/City Fall: Under New Management

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City Fall: Under New Management
Date of Scene: 21 April 2020
Location: Colgate Heights, Burnley
Synopsis: Shredder Arrives in Gotham to rebuke Penguin's use of his power.
Cast of Characters: Shredder, White Fox, Nightingale, Berri Sundae, Oracle, Cloak, Dagger
Tinyplot: City Fall

Shredder has posed:
    The Theatre is just letting out. A showing of Faust was being put on tonight, and The Penguin, one of Shredder's proxies for Gotham, is dressed the part in his traditional suit and bowtie, a true penguin outfit. The irony perhaps should nto be lost, given their similar pacts with the devil. It's spitting just a little rain outside, a spring rain threatening to become something more. As the high society exit and make their ways toward their cars, Oswald Cobblepot is the first one to raise his umbrella, waiting for his driver.

White Fox has posed:
When you are in the states, why not take a look at some of the cultural stuff they offer? As a result, a white haired woman with a half mask in a white dress had been at the theatre, looking up at the sky when she stepped out of the door, eying the sky. Rain... and she lacked an umbrella. Too bad. She reaches for her purse to pull out a phone to call for a taxi. She had planned to go down to a bar afterwards... but now? Better a taxi to a Hotel

Nightingale has posed:
     It had taken a little bit of doing for a student to secure a ticket to the showing of Faust, but after all, with talk of medical studies to be had at Gotham General, it couldn't hurt to make a full day of things. After all, how often was Shannon going to get a chance to venture a little bit out of her comfort zone and see what was, to her at least, a completely new area? It could be a bit hairy at times, to be sure, but she had the means for a quick escape if need be.

     So what could it hurt to dress up a little and enjoy the evening?

     She's in an ankle-length black dress with a sweetheart neckline, simple black pumps, and bellcap sleeves. Fitting for the occasion--and for the occasional chill in the weather--she has a rather dramatic-looking hooded black wool opera cloak, lined with red satin. The cloak had two slits in the back, however, to allow for one peculiarity.

     Wings. Large, angelic wings.

     The young blonde woman peered up at the sky, squinting slightly, her pale blonde hair twisted into a simple French knot at the back of her head; her golden tresses are streaked just a bit on the left side of her face, with one lock of ice blue, the shade of her eyes.

     Damn it. Rain.

     She sighed softly, shaking her head. This was going to make for a messy flight home. Let's hope there wasn't high wind to go along with it.

Berri Sundae has posed:
Technically it wasn't quite the same thing, but 'The Penguin' wasn't the only one with the protection from the rain. That was probably about as far as similarities went when it came to Berri and the crimelord. With her parasol over her shoulder, the girl in the icecream colors was making her way toward the theatre. With her hair a dichromatic half-half of bright pink and dark brunette, the young telepath was absently checking her phone as she travelled.

Oracle has posed:
Babs isn't doing much by halves. For instance, she's got her eyes on the screen, that is, the giant screen that takes up a whole wall. She's got her cowl on, so to speak. She's pacing the operations room of the Nest, too and fiddling with the hlographic table, manipulating it, then returning to the console to adjust the screen. Babs is flicking through windows on the screen and not saying a word yet. If anything, Babs settles in, flickiing through cameras.

To those whose communications Babs has, she smiles. "Hello?" she asks. If anyone hears her....Babs is listening intently.

Cloak has posed:
On the roof of the opera are two figures - one predictably black, the other pale as a ghost. There was no fine show for them. Tickets cost money, and they'd vowed a better life than theft. So for now, they make due. A woman in white spent the hours listening to the muffled music from inside, dancing to the songs who's pacing can be made out. She moves with a natural grace that's almost supernatural, a wingless angel mourning what may have been while her devil watches in pensive silence from his rooftop box seat. The Phantom and his Christine, but without the songs and falling chandeliers. The night's not over, though! As the opera ends and the crowds begin to depart, the rooftop duo come to the edge and look down on the milling figures in their finery.

Shredder has posed:
    Cobblepot grunts to one of his two bodyguards next to him. "Waugh, See what's taking them so long," he demands. "And make sure they have my girl for the night," he adds.
    "Yes sir," the monster musclehead on his right answers, unbotherd by the drizzling downfall. He pulls his cell phone out while the aristorcatic air is presented by his employer. It's a few moments, but surely enough a long nosed Rols Royce comes into view, and after waiting for a moment to find a space, it pulls up into the loading zone next to sidewalk.

Berri Sundae has posed:
There was going to be a young woman in Cobblepot's car tonight...but it wasn't quite in the way he was expecting or hoping for. Resting a little down the street, her phone is finally tucked away as she watches the luxury car pull up. Finally! A mutely exhaled breath, she begins to lazily walk, every step drawing her a little closer.

She'd wait, of course, for the Penguin to be in the vehicle, for it to pull away from the theatre and begin to travel...only for it to slow to a crawl. Almost certainly to the criminal's bewilderment, the driver suddenly stiffened, fingers gripping the wheel tighter while his eyes remain fixed ahead.

"The Shredder would like a word with you..." he speaks dully, a faint drop to monotone suggesting the telepathic influence before the side door opens and the 'icecream' mutant steps into the car, smirking silently as she sits herself down and sets herself down and locks the door with a flick of her finger.

Cobblepot knew her face, she'd even worked a job for him once, but it was still likely rather unnerving to see the mute girl here, 'talking' through his driver.

Nightingale has posed:
     Holy moly. There's stretch limos, and then there's /stretched/ limos that would do Pizza The Hutt proud! Shannon backs well away from this one; someone who had that much money, likely had a lot of power to go with it, and was probably not someone she wanted to get anywhere near. No, it was time to head on home, as soon as she could find a clear enough spot to allow for an effective takeoff. So she slips through the crowd, excusing herself with a polite smile here and there till she can find a clear spot at the fringes where she can spread her wings and, with a few strong downstrokes, make her way into the air.

     Now, if only the clouds would part so she could get her bearings and head home....

Oracle has posed:
Babs is the Oracle, she's the hacker other hackers fear and whisper about. The call? Babs can find where it came from. The car? That gets a look. Babs already has a process running to run the plates, if she gets enough of a look. Then she swings the camera through a full 360 degrees of rotation and plans her next move. Up to the roof. The two figures. Babs watches for a moment, snapping photos that she sends to her Aerie. Then...where is a good angle on the crow....wait a minute...

That who she think? Hmm, she /could/ call GCPD in on this, and start a bloodbath. Or. She could....hmm. She's got a more devious and cruel idea in mind.

Shannon's movement gets Babs attention. Fortunately. Babs is 110% on Shannon's side. She pushes a button and fires off a text to Shannon's phone. Hello. If you read this, do not be alaarmed. I am on your side.

Then. Then she sets about her 'time to eff with Cobblepot' idea.

Step 1: Rig up a coded and hacked together voice changer. It's not the Shadow's one. But she's going for that same terrifying effect. Step 2. Go through....well, the rich penguin suited guy likes his fineries. No, no. Her target's the muscle.

Three. Call the meathead's phone. On with the voice changer. Time to terrify the poor meathead. Oh, Babs was going to enjoy the hell out of this. She sits, silently sending a message to all the Birds what she's up to...

White Fox has posed:
The White Fox waits for her taxi as the limo comes up, eying it carefully while staying out of the rain. Because she desn't want to get wet. Eyes wander up, to the overhanging roof over the theater, then back down to the road... wait, was that a shadow on the roof? Back the eyes jump, trying to figure it out, just when someone asked for excusion right behind her shoulder.

Turning her head to Shannon asking for a little space, she nods, stepping sideways for the angel girl. "Sure, but be careful, it's raining."

Nightingale has posed:
     Shannon smiles lightly at Ami, dipping her head. But, her brows furrow, her glacier blue eyes gone intent for just a second. No way. What were the odds? Was this one of the ones she'd seen not much more than a week before? She shakes her head slightly and steps back, making her way into the air. "Merci."

     A few wingstrokes into the air, though, her phone begins to do it's buzzing little dance in her brown leather bag, which sufficed for a purse. She frowns, withdrawing the device from her bag and reading the message.

     "What the heck..?"

     Her fingers are quick to tap out a message in reply to the mystery person who was texting her. <<Understood, but who are you? What's going on?>>

     Great. There was just no rest for the weary sometimes. She had a funny feeling this was going to be a busy night--and another AAR that would take some explaining back home.

Dagger has posed:
Once she stops dancing, Dagger lets out a long wistful sigh under her breath. "I miss this, Ty. Just being normal. Having a normal life. Why can't we go back to that? I want to dance again so bad." She is wrapped up in the folds of his cloak now, half hidden in the darkness as she looks over the roof to the streets below.

Not recognizing any big names of Gotham, she just admires the limos and those who get in and out. "That could have been me you know." She says softly. "I had it all. I had a real life.. and I threw it all away." Her hand glows brightly as a blade forms across her palm, staring down at it. One would say it's a weapon, she would call it her curse.

Cloak has posed:
"You threw nothing away. They took that choice from us." Cloak says as he moves to stand behind Dagger, his fabric shroud rippling in the rooftop breeze. "The streets are temporary, if someone is strong enough. What they did to us? You cannot just go back home after that. The people we loved don't need to be apart of this. We fight, so they don't have to."

Like her, he continues to watch the crowd disperse to their cars and taxis. Most don't warrant much attention, though his eyes do pick up Shannon's figure with a low, huffed noise in the back of his throat. "It's that girl. From before."

Shredder has posed:
    The Penguin frowns at Berri. "What are you doing here?" he asks. "You don't just get in my car at your female whim! Get out." Shen she says that the Shredder would like to speak with him, he pales a bit. "Now, I told him, Gotham is under control now, people are falling in line, see?" he tries to lie. Which any crook in Gotham could say was not true. The factions are posed to explode into war in the streets. "You know, Berri, you know how Gotham is. The Shredder, he thinks it'll be just like New York, but it's not. We have a whole different breed of criminal here. You and I, we aren't the norm. You told him that, right?" he asks.

    The two bodyguards react when the car pulls away without them, the one with a phone getting the ring from Babs. "Who is it?" he asks, teeth already grit from the sudden unexpected event of the two defenders being left behind. Meanwhile, the second charges after the vehicle. "Hey! Hey!" he shouts. "What's goin' on!" He rushes up, trying to open the door that was just locked by Berri.

Oracle has posed:
Babs has both her voice changers on. THe one in her comms gear. And the one she's whipped up. The result is like opening a door to demons in speech therapy. Jarring, juddering hissing godawful words. Just three words.

"I see you. Put me through to Mr Cobblepot"

Okay that's more than three words. But. Babs is determined to get her point across, standing by the console.

Looking at the screen Babs sits again, cranking up the voice changer's settings. Actually both of them.

"Tell him the night is a scary, scary time"

With that she hangs up. Hopefully that meathead's terrified. Babs has a much bigger target to bring down...

Berri Sundae has posed:
A tilt of her head, Berri just regards the criminal's words, those subtle and not so subtle faltering signs of nerves. At his heart the Penguin was a 'fixer' and an organizer after all, not a fighter. There's no nod, no shake of her head, nothing to suggest she'd agreed or disagreed with him in any way, shape or form. Instead? The girl simply lifts a hand and snaps her fingers.

She'd sensed it, the sudden concern and realization from the thugs that something was wrong. Of course she didn't -know- about the hacked phone, only the reaction it garnered. She didn't know about heroes lurking nearby, only that she needed to be moving.

That snap? The driver puts his foot down and begins to drive away.

Dagger has posed:
When Cloak points out Shannon down below, Dagger shuffles a bit closer to the edge and peers over it. "So it is. I wonder if she was enjoying the show." She says in a soft tone, pulling the fabric of the cloak around her a bit more as if it was a security blanket.

There seems to be a bit of a scene down below and it catches her eyes. With the car containing Berri and the Penguin heading off quickly, she squints her blue eyes, making a low noise in her throat.

Cloak has posed:
"I don't see any of the others, so maybe." Cloak replies, not seeming concerned either way as he wards the wind off of Dagger with shadow-striped fabric. "This doesn't seem like their normal territory." He watches the goings on down below. People getting into cars? Not concerning. Someone looking upset that they're locked out of a car that is now starting to pull away? An interest. "Looks like that wasn't her cab to take."

Shredder has posed:
    The guard holding the handle of the door slaps on the window at Berri, yelling as he's yanked forward, dragged by the car for several feet before losing his grip. The rear wheel of the car runs over his arm, undoubtedly breaking it.

    The meathead looks at his phone, hearing the voice. "You kidnap the boss?" he asks. "What is this? Where are you takin' him?" he demands of the phone and the mysterious voice on the other side. Of course, in the crowd of the wealthy, this all draws attention for a few moments, but this is Gotham, and they've learned it's best for them if they just look the other way, leaving the more sinister activities to go unchecked as the car peels down the road.

    Penguin growls. "You know, I always liked you, Berri," he says. "You're a pretty girl, and smart, and have a great knack for getting things done. You could just let me know what he wants. We would be all square, see?" he challenges as the car speeds through the rain, which is starting to pick up.

Nightingale has posed:
     Great. There was no answer to Shannon's reply to the mystery text. Whatever was going to happen, was going to happen soon.

     Perhaps the roof of the theater would be out of range, and a safer observation point than simply hanging about mid-air. If nothing else, some of the architecture would provide concealment for long enough that she could escape if necessary. But if there was one thing she was sure of, Shannon knew this.

     It would be nearly impossible for her to leave if someone got hurt. She wouldn't forgive herself easily.

     So she flew a bit higher, landing on the roof--to find she was not alone. No way. Just... no way. What were the odds of running into these two again? She nods to both once, silent, turning to observe the scene below.

     Yeah, no. She wasn't looking for trouble. But if it came, she wasn't going to shy away, either.

White Fox has posed:
As the car tarts to speed off, almost ripping someone onto the street, White Fox gets her attention back to the scene in front of her. A split moment she seems to hesitate, then she uses her phone again, canceling her taxi, even as it was laden with a fee. Instead, she pressed herself out of the waiting crowd to start to jog into the direction the car had sped into, changing into a run and leaping up to the roofs. Yes, she went full on into a run after the car, on the roofs. That's as fast as she can.

Dagger has posed:
"Ty, I think that fat short guy got kidnapped." Dagger says to Cloak as she watches the scene unfold. A man got ran over as well. She gives a quick glance about the street as the guards seem to panic, but no one else in Gotham is even responding. "Wow. This city is .. terrible. At least in New York someone would help that poor guy up." It doesn't appear that she is going to help him up either. Those guys are not her concern.

"Should we intervene and help the guy who was kidnapped out?" As she goes to step into the cloak, she pauses at the sight of Shannon flying up to join them. Her lips curve upwards in amusement. "Hey, Wings. We're going to stop that car and find out what's going on. You coming or what?" She asks, holding her glowing hand out to her. "But if you do, you have to hold on to me."

Berri Sundae has posed:
A shrug, that's her answer. Berri tilts her head to the side, but never a word is spoken from her lips. Of course, she was 'borrowing' the driver at the moment, so that did tend to offer her more options than the usual writing, sign language or text messages that she usually resorted to.

"I don't know," the driver speaks in his dazed monotone, even as they travel onwards to the meeting point and the young woman retrieves her phone to message a rather simple 'on the way'.

Right now the focus is on the driver, the criminal across from her...she hadn't quite the awareness to detect those pursuing her yet. Instead she lets the driver answer a little more. "You know more than anyone, it's 'just business'."

Nightingale has posed:
     Make sure you're not alone.

     Fine. Shannon couldn't stand idly by, but she could hold to those words of wisdom. She nods once to Dagger and smiles lightly, offering her hand in kind. "So much for avoiding trouble, huh? Let's go." She offers the same smile to Cloak, nodding once. He had meant well, that day in the church, but hopefully even he could see she wasn't deliberately seeking out trouble.

     This was going to be a long night.

Cloak has posed:
"A brightly colored woman gets into a car with a man in a suit then they drive off?" Cloak doesn't sound terribly convinced this is much to be concerned about as he looks to the man on the ground, drawling out in an unrushed pace, "That happens every day, particularly around lunch hour. Someone could call in assistance for him. Last I checked, arms don't bend that way."

His eyes turn towards Shannon as she alights on the rooftop they already occupy. "Mm. If you two insist." States Cloak as he looks from angel to angel. "I may not know this city, but the shadows in them all are all the same." And once the two would be reach with Dagger securely holding onto Shannon, he would conceal the two in the folds of his cloak and leave his partner's light to ward off the nightmares and cold of the abyssal, endless silence within. No fancy lights or gadgets with this teleporting, just a quick jaunt through the void.

Shredder has posed:
    The car speeds through the city as Berri directs the driver, soon to arrive at a rather nice local restaurant.

    A Foot soldier stands at the back door where the car pulls in, and approaches the car.

    Inside, the Shredder waits, displeased to be certain with the current performance of Cobblepot's attempt to join the criminals of the city. Cobblepot eyes the back door, and then Berri. "We couldn't have gone in the front, could we? Or is that too upscale for the Shredder? Always lurking in the shadows. He is too demanding. And Ronan and I, we have done wonders in promoting his precious Foot. He shakes his umbrella handle at Berri, and sighs. "Very well, I suppose there's no getting out of it now. I'm sure he knows we are here already."

Dagger has posed:
"They ran someone over, Cloak. They commited a crime. Though it may not be a crime against kids, it is still a crime and out of the ordinary. If an innocent is in danger, we need to help them." Dagger says to her partner.

As she takes Shannon by the hand, she can feel a warm light radiate through her. A mother's warmth. The Lord's touch. Beautiful, beautiful light. She will need it when they step into the darkness that is Cloak's form. For within that dark, there are screams of terror, ripped through the guts of those he holds prisoner who commited the most heinous of crimes. Those who do not /deserve/ such light.

As they pass through the dark, Dagger says to Shannon. "Just hold on to me and don't let go, or else you will fall victim to Cloak's prison. Do not shed a tear for these people. What they have done to children, they deserve it." The men are being torn apart by demons. Stabbed with larger than life synringes filled with poisoned drugs. Some of them are being yanked apart by invisible forces. There is even one who is bathed in blood, with money being crammed down his throat by what appears to be Lady Liberty. A dirty cop perhaps? Either way, it's a factory of nigthmares. "Close your eyes if you need to." She says softly to the girl. "You do not want to grow numb to this like I have."

Nightingale has posed:
     Numb? Oh, no. There was no numbness in the winged girl's expression. Certainly, there was the initial shock and horror as she saw horrors that seemed to come from her own nightmares. Though she blanched, she squeezes Dagger's hand. Within the space of a few heartbeats, her expression shifts, her wings ruffling and spreading. Her brows draw into a black scowl.

     Oh, no. She wasn't numb.

     She was furious.

     "I can't be numb to this," she murmurs to Dagger. "Trust me, I'll be venting when I get home. Just say what you need help with."

     It seemed she was indeed not entirely a stranger to the very danger of which Dagger spoke.

Berri Sundae has posed:
Another shrug, but there might actually have been amusement that crosses Berri's lips before she finally reaches out when the car pulls in and parks, a little furrowing of her brow in effort before the driver lets out a groan of discomfort and then collapses as the psychic 'push' renders him unconcious. He'd be fine, but it would keep him out for the meeting.

A flick of the switch, the doors unlock and she gestures for the large man to make his exit. She'd follow of course, but today she was basically just a 'delivery girl'.

White Fox has posed:
The White fox stops as she sees the car halting in the back alley, peering down at the vehicle. A few moments she looks around, then pulls out the phone again to check something. Where she was, which district this was. And who was responsible.

Cloak has posed:
Crossing through the dimension that Cloak is both warden and prisoner of, those traveling with him would catch fleeting glimpses of the world beyond. It's like catching a glimpse of your room through the sheets over your head in the night, dim sensations that there is a building here, or a car. Steps. That's all it is, just a few steps through that distorted, hellish world. Then, they're back in Gotham. Or did they ever really leave?

There's down the road from where the Penguin's ride is parked, looking from the end of one shadowed alley and down another. "Recognize any of them?" He questions lowly of Dagger and Shannon as he releases them and folds his cloak back around his ephemeral shadowed body.

Oracle has posed:
Babs fumes silently as the Rolls ends up in a back alley...great. No cameras. Fine, time to get creatiive then...time to get creative. Oracle's the digital knight aftr all. Much like her flesh and blood counterpart, Babs has a reputation.

So, Babs looks over the screen, and paces more. She's keeping an eye on the screen, then watching the operations area of the Nest. How. How is Babs going to get a good view and keep an eye and an ear on the meeting,then?

Dagger has posed:
"I remember telling myself that once myself." Dagger says in regards to being numb. After years of traveling from here to there as Cloak's most reliable Uber passenger, her heart has grown thick walls of concrete. The words even sound sad as they slip past her lips. So beautiful, but so broken, this angel of the light.

When they step out of the darkness, she lets go of Shannon's hand once she is sure she is free of the ice cold clutches of the dark dimension. "I recognize the men in the pajamas. They were working for the Shredder, right?" She says to Cloak. "Who is Ronan?" She asks as she picks up the voices, tucking herself in closer to Cloak so that her glow isn't seen from their spot.

Nightingale has posed:
     The winged young woman shakes her head. "I don't know anyone here," she murmurs. "Just you two." Though her black scowl of fury remained, Dagger's light blunted the worst of it, tempering it with a bit of calm into something perhaps a little more useful.

     Yer mad. Good. That's fuel for the furnace.

     Cloak isn't the only one on with a cloak. Smiling some, she removes her opera cloak with its red lining and hood, and holds it out to Dagger. "Maybe this will help douse the glow a little," she offers. At least it was a problem she herself didn't have.

White Fox has posed:
As people appear below her, White fox lets herself fall off the ledge, landing almost silent in the 'typical' superhero landing, smiling some. "I know you, angel. Or should I say Nightingale?" she asked to the winged one while getting back to a proper standing, gesturing to the car. "What brings you here? The same reckles driver?"

The head tilts a little, eyes refocusssing on Cloak and Dagger. "And who might you be? White Fox, NIS." Though she doesn't bother to say what the NIS was.

Shredder has posed:
    Naturally, one option for surveillance would be the Penguin's own phone in his jacket pocket. Oswald gets out of the car, and straightens himself up before walking on his own into the restaurant.

    Karai stands at the Shredder's side, as the master of the Foot looks down on the portly man. "Cobblepot," he says casually, "You led me to believe that I would fare better to allow you to rally the underworld of Gotham to my cause. That they would eagerly side with me to rid themselves of the Bat as one, and find themselves wealth and power." He isn't sitting, as many power figures might in this situation. He stands. And he doesn't move a muscle. "It seems that I have made a mistake to allow myself to trust in your capabilities."

    Meanwhile, outside, the restaurant looks rather normal, other than it's status of being closed for the evening. Perhaps a little earlier than normal closing time, but it is night.

Dagger has posed:
Furrowing her brows, Dagger watches the blinds go down to block their view of the windows. She dulls her light as she steps in closer to Cloak, letting his darkness feed off her fires to cool her a bit. "We can teleport to the back and go in that way if necessary, or we can draw them out with a distraction. Their ninjas are quite formidable and they always go for the kill, rather than submission."

Glancing over to Shannon, she weighs the young girl for a moment. "Cloak and I were built for war and this is no place for a child to get dragged into. Our mission is to protect children from harm and abuse, not drag them into it. If we go in, you need to stay behind Cloak as best you can, because bullets and blades will not hurt him. He can keep you safe."

She reaches out for the girl's hand. "Take it before we travel once more."

Nightingale has posed:
Shannon furrows her brows in kind. "That's one option," she concedes to Dagger, looking between her and Cloak. "The other option is I maintain surveillance out here, if there is a way we can maintain communications. If they call in backup, at least I can warn you." She pauses. "I suspect we may have an ally, though for the life of me I don't know who."

She looks about to inch a bit closer to Cloak and Dagger, paused in her tracks by the voice right nearby--a voice she'd only heard briefly a few days past. She turns to glance at the source, and smiles some. "It's a bit complicated," she begins. "Come to see a play, wind up helping out with other things."

Yeah. This was going to take a little explaining when she got home.

Oracle has posed:
Babs is, indeed, that ally. From all the way over in the Nest, too Communications are sorta important and she's searching for a camera. Finding one she moves it with a whirr to focus on Shannon, and fires off another text. I'm on your side, I'm keeping watch over you

Babs pauses and then decides, fuck it. She sends another text. Oracle is watching out for you. You are in good hands.

Cloak has posed:
Tyrone Johnson lays the edge of his cloak around his counterpart as they study the restaurant. He looks to Shannon as Tandy speaks to her and responds, "We don't carry tools like that. We only ever need to speak with each other. What do you mean ally? Who, and where?" Says the man with a mix of suspicion and annoyance as his gaze moves back towards the restaurant. "We need to move. If we go in, that's less room for them to maneuver - or escape."

Shredder has posed:
    "I told you," Cobblepot says, "They are only held together by their hate of the Batman. When he appeared to have died, it did nothing to help our situation. Now that he's...well, not dead, things are different."

    "I am uninterested in your excuses. The only reason you are not already dead is that you have value to me beyond your leadership skills. Namely, your personal resources." He walks casually across the room, examining a picture on the wall for a moment. "I am going to take this city myself. If you wish to be part of this, I want to know all that you can tell me about the series of misfit defenders that attempt to keep the power of the city in the hands of its incompetent officers."

    Outside the building, however, things are far quieter. Given that it is defended by ninjas, that might be expected, as the security is staying hidden for the moment.

White Fox has posed:
White Fox scowels as the youngsters talk and babel and simply ignore her for long moments, brushing her hair back. "First of all, you might recognize that you're not alone. And believe me, war has seen the most unlikely people win. And the most unlikely alliances. When you are home, look up Castle Itter for a history lesson. But now, let's focus on what's here. I can vouch for Nigtingale being useful."

She does listen, then she sighs as she reaches for the belt, searching in it before pulling out a pair of sticky microphones. They are technically meant as survellance gear, but better than nothing. Offering the small patches, she shrugs. "Well, at least you could update us from within and call for backup if you want to take these. Just peel of the back and tack them to your collar and I should hear you loud and clear. And regarding allies... me for example? You want to go in, but that shop has 2 entries: front and back. How about a two prong attack? You decide upon your entry path, I take the other. I can deal with a few Ninja. I can deal with more even."

Oracle has posed:
Babs is watching through a camera, and....well, she's looking up numbers now. Why not help with a distraction from afar, huh? Babs is gathering up all the intel she's got and sending it on to the team, too. See. Oracle is nice like that. Mission Control? Maybe. Just maybe.

Still, she waits. She's got a few ideas for how to distract people in there. Though admittedly she's waiting to see what that rag tag motley crew do. Not Crue. Crew. There's a huge difference, Babs being locked in on helping this group.

Dagger has posed:
"We don't even know if this is something we want to get involved in." Dagger says as she frowns upwards to Cloak, then tilts her chin for the top of the alley at the new voice. The blue eyes of her squints slightly. She grinds the back of her teeth, swallowing back some choice words before she gives a bob of her head to Shannon. "That sounds fine. Since you two know each other, you keep watch while Cloak and I investigate. We will teleport to the back and stick to the shadows."

She hesitates, then takes one of the sticky bugs and attaches it on her shoulder. She gives it a gentle tap to make sure it's working, then steps into the folds of Cloak's darkness. "Let's go."

Cloak has posed:
"You said it yourself, something foul is afoot." Cloak says to Dagger, with no intentional pun intended. He turns his hooded eyes onto Ami as she comes into proper view and talking range. "Fine. Take the front, go in first. They may be taken off guard then by just one. We'll come in from the rear."

He holds his position as Cloak hooks up the microphone, though ideally it doesn't lapse too far inside that cloak and get cut off. "As for you," He says to Shannon. "You alone seem to know this ally. Stay behind Dagger and I. If things go sour, get out and alert your own."

Nightingale has posed:
     "Who? They only call themselves the Oracle. Where?" Shannon purses her lips, glancing down at her phone, turning the screen towards Cloak and Dagger to show them the messages she's been sent. "I'd guess in immediate line of sight, because I sure don't know anyone by that handle."

     Well, at least if she went in with Cloak and Dagger, it seemed there was someone on the outside keeping an eye on things. Good. She didn't know who this 'Oracle' was, or how trustworthy they were, but if there was a time they were going to prove themselves, this would be it. At least she could be relatively certain of Cloak and Dagger.

     And also relatively certain, it would seem, of Ami. She pulls the little Bluetooth headset from her little brown leather bag, that seemed to be perpetually at her side, and fits it to her ear. "If you can tap into this," she murmurs to Ami. "I'll keep an ear out for you. But these two may need me in there."

     Turning back to Cloak, she nods, staying close behind and in range of the safety of his cloak. "It'll take some explaining but so be it. Let's roll."

Shredder has posed:
    Cobblepot starts to object, but then is given a hard stare by the Shredder. "You will give over all of your resources, and then you will be allowed to keep them once the city is mine. Until then, you will be my willing servant, since as a partner I have been displeased." He turns away. As he does, Karai steps forward.

    "What? You can't do-" Oswald was cut off as Karai catches him by the back of the neck. "See here girl, you unhand me, you should know better than to act out in front of your elders." She starts to take him to the back door, and as she opens it, she throws him out in the direction of his now empty car. Of course, she didn't know there would be people outside, either.

White Fox has posed:
Ami Han eyes Shannon pull out the widget, then chuckles. "Bluetooth? Havn't thought of that. Yea, just presss coupling once..." she asks of the teen, scanning for the earpiece with a few presses on the wrist. Which would kind of start to set up a rather unsecured ad-hoc network from the bugs to her and then back to Shannon... probably with enough open loops to light up like a christmastree.

"Ok, I take the front. T minus 2, then it's go for you." With the little note abut timing, Ami just jumps up onto the restaurant to get to the other side. Sure, she was fast, but she wanted a coordinated strike, have about 30, 40 seconds front assault, then the others join in the back...

Oracle has posed:
Babs is listening in on the earpiece too. "I'm Oracle and I am listening in to help you" she begins, then falls quiet. She's figuring out he best spot to watch from, and get a good read on the group as they go in. The joys of being Oracle. Yay.

Babs is moving the camera around as she's satisfied with the view and nods to herself. "I've a view on where you're going, if you need me to scout ahead just say the word" she offers.