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Wiccan (Scenesys ID: 1267)
"Gee, let me check my super hero manual. Oh, wait, it's in my other tights."
Full Name: William 'Billy' Kaplan
Gender: Male
Species: Magician
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: US/Genoshan
Residence: New York
Education: Graduate Student at Columbia University
Status: Dropped
Groups: Mystic Arts (OOC)
Other Information
Apparent Age: 24 Actual Age: 24
Date of Birth 24 September 2006 Actor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Height: 173 cm (5'8") Weight: 70 kg (154 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "People Like Us" by Kelly Clarkson (Doom Patrol)


Grad Student, LGBTQIA+ Activist, Superhero Fanboy, Magic User - Billy Kaplan wears a lot of hats, but he doesn't seem to hide from any of them. He never grew out of the Fanboying of his youth and only recently has he returned, post-college graduation, from 2 years abroad, studying various magic techniques and traditions from other cultures around the world. He still tries to keep his magic life from encroaching too much into his 'civilian life', but sometimes it doesn't quite work out so neatly. Otherwise, Billy is a typical young 20-something, Grad student at Columbia, who grew up in an Upper-Middle Class, Reform-Jewish home in Manhattan. Really, just an ordinary young man...who has the potential to rearrange reality across the Multiverse. But who's worried about that?

Current Player Approved: Character Available for Application



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He stands at about 5'8" with a surprisingly athletic yet slender build. He must go the gym. There's a broadness to his shoulders and a healthy muscle tone that shows this is not necessarily a kid who lazes about on the couch all of the time. Dark hair is cut in a fairly stylish and trendy cut and fair skin and dark brows and lashes just seem to enhance the rich brown color of his eyes. His features could be called delicate, elfin, and even 'pretty'. There's a warmth to his smile and a little crinkle to his eyes that reveal his general good humor and sunny personality.

He dresses like a teenager. His clothes are of high quality and design and are in some of the latest styles. He doesn't tend to go for high fashion, but his Jeans are designer and his hoodies and t-shirts brand-name. Bottom line: he's just a regular twenty-something, and that's all there is to it. Right?


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Truth is relative, particularly when involving a young man born out of circumstances probably engineered millennia before his actual birth. Gods play the long game in their plans.

The truth as William Kaplan, fondly called Billy, knows it runs something like any other American kid. He enjoyed a thoroughly normal upper middle class upbringing. His parents, a cardiologist and a psychologist, provided an attentive and loving household. All the trappings of a successful, well-adjusted childhood were there, from a wealth of extracurricular activities and volunteering opportunities, summer holidays, and even a few scrapes with trouble. In essence, boring to any supervillain looking for a victim. Billy loved his family. He aspired to a career, maybe in medicine, but possibly in science or even Theatre. He read too many books and spent time on the internet. He was the happy, creative geek.

Life went along completely well and normal, minus the odd run in with rebellion here or there, right up until Billy turned 15. As with so many mutants, his powers emerged during the trauma of a student bullying him over an alleged relationship with another student. On its own, he would have turned the other cheek and bottled up his resentment. Except the injustice erupted in proper teenage wrath and a lightning storm flung the unfortunate young man back 197 feet and left him in critical condition, the subject of out and out electrocution. Billy was horrified. The accident was ruled such because no one in their right mind believed even an upset boy could summon the full fury of a thunderstorm. Billy knew who could, though: Thor. And so for a time, he styled herself secretly 'Asgardian' and pursued a life of trying to control the storm.

There were indeed a number of lightning strikes well beyond the norm in his upscale neighbourhood in subsequent years. The emergence of Billy's powers weren't limited to electrokinesis, as he took quite some time to understand. He could make things happen by saying them forcefully. Ever looked at a light and wish it would turn green? For Billy, it did during his driving exam and thereafter. He had things go his way far, far too often and well. It was a realization that he was capable of far more than tossing lightning around and flying. This bore exploring!

And explore he did...although the NYPL didn't have too much actual useful information when it came to magic. He read quite a bit of theory, but it didn't seem to be too useful in practice. It gave him a great sense of the different histories and traditions of magic, however. He found that his magic worked better as long as he willed it to happen rather than lighting a candle in a specific place and swinging a crystal over it. Although it was pretty cool...and he did like candles. And crystals.

In addition to his more 'mundane' studies, Billy took to studying Magic as best as he could on his own. He has a very good command of what he does as well as persistence and strength of will. But he knows that he could learn more. The question is, how to find them? And then how to use his powers for good like the superheroes he so admires?


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Wiccan is a surprisingly well-rounded, adjusted young man, albeit with the perception that he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. In times of crisis, he tends to be the one that friends turn to for support, counseling, and the inevitable shoulder to cry on. Reliability and constancy are two of his finer personality traits. He takes very seriously the promises he makes, especially when he says he'll be there for someone or commits to do something. His word, once given, is good as gold. Wiccan strives to follow through whenever he can.

He strives to be more than he perceives himself to be: noble, brave, fearless, a charismatic leader rather like Thor or Captain America. Wiccan sees in their willingness to engage the bad guy or stand up for what's right an ideal he herself needs to live up to, especially given the immense powers he inherited from Who Knows Where.

Wiccan is sometimes too responsible and anxious about what others think of him, especially in times where he stands in the spotlight. He envies quietly those who seem to assert themselves without any trouble at all.

Though he rarely stirs to anger, Wiccan's negative emotions impact his magic directly. Out of control feelings can level deadly spells or sap the strength of beneficial reality manipulation. His magic does what he /wants/, and if that want is contrary to what he says, it wins out over words. As a result, he's uneasy about expressing his resentment, fury, or displeasure.


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Chaos Magic Manipulation:
Billy has the potential to become one of the strongest Magic-Users in the Universe, but he isn't quite at that level yet. His magic isn't (yet) based on structured spells, but rather as a result of his innate ability. Through improvisation and willpower, he's (usually) able to make his spells work. Some abilities he's honed to be pretty much 'on demand' such as the ability of Flight and Electrokinesis. Beyond those two abilities that he's used most often, he's able to, through vocalizing and focusing on what he wants to do, make other 'magic' happen, such as conjuring items and clothes, Teleportation, Healing, Force Blasts, Cryokinesis, Energy Constructs, Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis, and Clairvoyance.

While Wiccan isn't incapable of using traditional, structured spells, he just hasn't had too much practice with it. His magic ability comes from his desire to make a thing happen and a sort of desperate chanting. Finding formality in his magic may or may not help in its execution and strength. It's something that can definitely be explored beyond 'spells' that turn up on the internet and strength of willpower. Currently, the levels of magic that he's capable of doing is as chaotic as, well, Chaos Magic. He is currently self-taught and sometimes the magic is within his control...and sometimes it gets well away from him. Much of it depends on the focus and desire that he has to make the magic actually happen. And sometimes it depends on pure luck.


One of Billy's greatest strengths is his creativity and ability to see beyond the obvious. Indeed, he can see beyond the 'possible' purely through the power of Imagination. It's what feeds his magic to that which is much more than what can and has been done before. It's what gives him the ability to warp Reality into that of his own making. It's also what fuels him to continue to explore and what can eventually cause his rise in mystical strength.


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Emotional Support:
Almost no one is as warm and fuzzy as Billy...he Cares. He Cares so much about his family and friends and those he can help with his powers. He's trusting, loyal, and fun-loving as a Labrador Retriever and will do almost anything for the happines and safety of his loved ones.

Billy is a HUGE fan of Superheroes! Where some are movie buffs and know random trivia about their favorite movie or television personalities, Billy does so with heroes. He may or may not have an autograph book for them. Beats getting autographs of Disney Characters (although he may have that as well).

While Billy is fairly new to the study of the Occult, it's a definite interest of his in the last few years. He constantly scours the internet for information as well as poking about in libraries...but what is available to the 'general public' isn't necessarily terribly useful. He's often gone into the New Age and Magic stores in the city and he's been in touch with many of the shops in Salem, Massachusetts, that celebrate and represent Wiccan studies and religion. There is still so much for him to learn once he figures out where to go for such information.


Between Hebrew School, Regular School, and his own makeshift Occult studies, Billy has picked up bits and bobs of a few different languages. Some of his Hebrew has slipped since his Bar Mitzvah, but that and the Latin and Spanish he studied in school are the strongest and have helped in picking up some of the other Romance Languages. Languages beyond that tree, however, are still in progress.


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Billy received an excellent education through some very fine private schools, Hebrew School, and is now studying at Columbia University.

Kaplan Family:
No matter what happens, he hopes, Billy know that he has his parents, the Kaplans. He grew up in a house of love and trust and he knows that they'll always welcome him, whether it's with a giant bag of laundry or seeking support for anything that might be considered 'superheroic'. They may not necessarily know much of his magical ability but he doesn't think that would turn them against him ever.

All magic-users need a focus, right? Harry Potter had a wand, Gandalf had a Staff, so of course, Billy wanted one! He's imbued it with the ability to be summoned to him and he's been able to focus mystical blasts from it as needed. It's also great if bad guys get too close and he needs to use it for self-defense.


While he doesn't have endless money, he and his family are quite comfortable, especially for a family living in New York City. He doesn't have to support himself unless he chooses to right now, and his schooling is being paid for. If he wants to buy a pair of designer jeans, he's on his own. But if he needs help with groceries or rent, he knows he can get help. Not only is he emotionally supported but also financially supported.


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One of the fundamental powers of creation took a direct hand in making Wiccan. He is intended to serve a distinct purpose at some point in the future, radically and fundamentally changing how magic operates. Is that a balance of magic and mutation? Who knows, but it puts a very, very heavy burden on someone who is barely an adult. Like most people with a destiny, he often feels suffocated or walled in by what he should be. Others with a better understanding that Wiccan will Be Someone (TM) are surely willing to take advantage of him for their own purposes, or try to block him.

In certain dimensions and places, Wiccan is a foretold hero. Sounds great, right? They call him the "Demiurge," after the fundamental power/being he's supposed to become. Or he already is. Encountering people from those realms, Wiccan is bound to seriously come up short on expectations.


Currently, Wiccan must be able to speak and hear his intention for a spell. It can be in any language, as long as he understands his intention. The verbal and auditory component acts as a focusing effect and allows far more precise, careful spellcasting. Repetition increases the likelihood his magic acts as intended. Therefore, muffling, silencing, or deafening Wiccan can prevent him from getting the effect he wants for magic.


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