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Zachary Zatara (Scenesys ID: 1693)
"And who said your friend Batman was the great detective?"
Full Name: Zachary Zatara
Gender: Male
Species: Magician
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Student / Youtube Personality
Citizenship: United States Of America
Residence: Shadowcrest
Education: Gotham Academy / Eldritch Tomes
Status: Dropped
Groups: Mystic Arts (OOC), Titans
Other Information
Apparent Age: 22 Actual Age: 22
Date of Birth 1 March 2009 Actor: Manu Rios
Height: 175 cm (5'9") Weight: 63 kg (139 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "Magic" by B.o.B

"Oh No!" by Marina and The Diamonds
"Magic" by Coldplay


Nephew of the illustrious Giovanni Zatara and cousin to the lovely Zatanna, Zachary Zatara tends to be the forgotten kid. If anyone asks, he's the 'greatest and most popular teenaged magician of his time', but he has yet to take center stage. When he's not managing his internet personality (YouTube Channel: Prepare to Amaze! - Zatara's how-to channel for magic tricks and illusions. Like and Subscribe!) and dabbling in the occult, he's your typical run-of-the-mill student.

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An artistic mass of perfectly-coiffed black hair tumbles around the comely countenance of this young man, with olive-hued skin and green eye. Dark brows arch dramatically over those smokey eyes, and long lashes frame them, lending boyishness to what would otherwise be a rather striking gaze. His face is heart shaped with high cheekbones, a slightly wide but full mouth, and a slender nose. Otherwise, his build and height are typical of a teenager his age.


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Zachary Garcia was born a third child in a relatively normal household. His relatives, Giovanni "John" Zatara, and his daughter, Zatanna, lived amazing lives as legendary occultists and illusionists. This was not the case for Zachary. Determined to ensure a life of normalcy for her family, Zachary's mother weaved a powerful charm and placed it upon her son. It sealed his birthright and for most of his early childhood, he could not cast so much as a wisp of magic. This was a source of some bitterness. While he was not aware of the spell, Zachary felt wronged. He was a normal human in a family of incredible Homo Magi. What kind of raw deal is that?

This unremarkable existence turned Zachary into a reclusive and lonely child who preferred the company of books over his peers. His mother tried to control what he read by keeping her occult tomes away far from her son's reach. She couldn't stop Zachary's keen interest in mysticism and illusion. He found whatever he could and devoured the knowledge he was able to get his hands on.

On one fated trip to the Shadowcrest that Zachary's mother grudgingly allowed Zach to go on, he secluded himself in their library. This was his very first experience with real magic. Drawn to a specific tome, he performed a ritual that broke the charm his mother placed on him. Under the assumption that he gave himself magical powers, the boy confronted his uncle who told him that he did not //give// himself powers and needs to have a talk with his mother. So he did. It started poorly, with her in tears and Zachary feeling utterly betrayed. In the end, Zachary agreed to not use his powers if his mother allowed him access to her books.

And there was peace for a time. Zach thrived in his newfound powers (which he found ways to use in secret), starting a youtube channel to explain and show off illusions and tricks he picked up from his uncle and cousin. Every once and a while, he'd add a flair of real magic. Coming into his own, he became outgoing and confident.

When an experiment on the family pet turned the bunny into a human woman, Zachary's mother decided enough was enough. Zach could either allow her to place the charm back on him or leave. For good. Zachary chose the latter, and at the age of fourteen, he left his home and went to lived with his uncle and cousin. It's been three years since that day, and he legally changed his last name to Zatara.


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On the surface, Zachary is gregarious, nonchalant, and completely unbothered by pretty much everything. Even without being a stage performer, he has a knack for only letting people see what he wants them to see. This is not to say his facade is entirely false. Perhaps it was, but by now, parts of it have been permanently inegrated into his personality. He's a bit aloof, a bit arrogant, and truly comfortable with new experiences. That said, this extrovert persona is unsurprisingly a mask to hide his feelings of abandonment and a fear of failure. He's got depth, though, that no one would bet on.


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Zachary has yet to master his sorcery. He has the potential to be great. Really great. For now, what he can and cannot do is somewhat limited. As a general rule, the more realistic/feasible his aim is, the easier the spell will be to cast. He likes to bend reality, not break it. If he does break it, it will be with the physical world and other inanimate aspects. Some of the things he can do at the moment are as follows:

Telekinesis: Zachary can levitate objects in his spells. He doesn't have the control to rearrange the molecular structure of objects and people, but he can obtain/move something from a distance.

Flight: An offshoot of his telekinetic abilities. Zachary can fly! Yay! Not. It's really taxing to place a continuous spell on himself. It'd be easier to teleport or just cast a brief levitation command.

Transmutation: Bullets into butterflies or a shift of clothes...Matter is a rather easy thing to alter for Zachary. Nonliving matter especially. Doves are tricky but possible, but when people become involved, Zachary is out of his element.

Elemental: Actual elements aren't living, which means Zachary can manipulate, create, and command them with impressive skill. He can control the traditional four (Aang?) and also electricity, light, darkness, heat, and on small scales, the weather.

Teleportation: If Zachary knows his location and can visualize it, he can //usually/ get there. Emphasis on usually. Shorter distances are easy, but when things get longer and more people wanna hop along for the ride, that's when things start to get messy. Not to mention dimensional travel. Ugh. Why do you want to go to Hell, anyway?

Mentalism: The very nature of telepathy is to affect a sentient creature, so no. Save a few directed 'whispers' into the mind, he can't do much else. He'd be hardpressed to sustain a telepathic conversation and would honestly have a better shot with traditional hypnosis when it comes to manipulating behavior.

Illusions: Not the same thing as mentalism. Zachary's illusions are visual. They cannot be disbelieved out of existence. That said, they have no physical quality.

Energy Construct Creation: Zach is able to manipulate magical energy to create solid constructs like force fields, platforms, etc.

Eldritch Blast: Or if he's not feeling particularly subtle, he can generate and fire a blast of pure magical mystical energy. This is not something he's performed before because why would he need to? But he CAN do it.

Enhancement: Zachary can increase his physical abilities. He can be fast, strong, durable, etc. He can do this to others, but as with all his spells involving complex life, it will last for a minute or two (maybe more, if he's really pushing it). Examples include run faster, punch him harder, things like that.

Time Manipulation: You'd think something like time trickery would be out of Zachary's purview, but as he is not directly casting upon sentient life, he can do this. In fact, freezing time for a minute or two is much easier than freezing one individual. Reversing time, however, is out of his league currently.

Healing: This is tricky. The spell is instantaneous and therefore, he could perform it on another person. If the wound isn't a minor cut or bruise, you may want to look elsewhere.

After breaking through the charm his mother placed on him, Zachary unlocked his birthright. Inheriting the power to enforce his will upon the physical world through the spoken or written word, his potential to wrap reality is almost limitless. Still, there is much to be learned. His authority over the physical world is rather remarkable at times, allowing him to perform feats of epic transmutation, teleportation, telekinesis, flight (this is rather taxing), size alteration, elemental control, mentalism, and energy construction. He has also dallied with the traditional occultism such as communication with supernatural entities, divination, scrying, and banishments.

This reflects Zachary's potential in the near to mid future. See weaknesses for limitations.

Willpower is the basis of most forms of sorcery, and Zachary does not lack for it. At times, Zachary's determination can be pretty spectacular. It doesn't matter what god he's offended, what entity he's summoned, or how much homework he has due the next day, he'll press forward with sheer tenacity. Superman? Overrated. Demon lords? Whatever. It's rare that he doubts himself enough for him to waver.

Mystic Radar:

Zachary can sense the flows of magical energies and can sense spells being cast and the presence of magical beings, spirits, events, and items. This isn't something he can really control. As a result, it's always on and behaves as normally as the sensations of touch, smell, taste, etc. If someone's making an attempt to go undetected, Zachary would have to cast a spell to reveal them.


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Occult Lore:
During his training at the Shadowcrest under the tutelage of his uncle and cousin, Zachary has amassed a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the occult. The Zataras' collections of tomes and scrolls are extensive, and Zachary can often be found with his nose buried in one of them.

Parlor Tricks:
Trained by the legendary Giovanni "John" Zatara, Zach has the potential to be a world-class stage magician and can perform impressive feats of misdirection, sleight-of-hand, and escape. These abilities, of course, are not restricted to the stage, which means that he's not easily trapped, bound, or without resources. His focus, however, is tricks that are suited for internet videos.

Zachary is a natural-born performer, there's no doubt about that. While his relatives are the true performers of the family, he has a talent for acting (including charm, deception, and subterfuge) and a good set of pipes. This star quality is what makes his Youtube channel so successful.


A son of a biracial family, Zachary picked up Italian from his madre and Spanish from his babbo. Through his studies in the occult, he also learned Latin and a few other phrases in other ancient or mystical languages.


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Zachary's first and, to date, only permanent spell involving complex lifeforms, Bunny used to be just that. The former family pet appears sentient, though far from bright, and can transform back into a white rabbit at will. She is fiercely loyal to Zachary in all his endeavors, regardless of his apparent indifference towards her, and is easily among the very few Zach can call friend.

Zachary is part of the Zatara line and, as such, has the prestige that goes with that distinguished lineage. He also maintains a strong relationship with his cousin and uncle and won't hesitate to call them when things get dire.

The Zatara family home. It's very neat with mystical wards that are nigh impossible to break through. The libraries in the Shadowcrest are extensive and vast. Anything occult can likely be found somewhere in there.

Youtube Celebrity:

Zachary Zatara's claim to fame is his YouTube channel and other social media profiles. It has some tens of thousands of subscribers, which isn't a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but he gets paid a decent amount of spending money as a contributing member of the community. Do you watch random videos during your free time? Maybe you've seen his videos! Have an interest in stage magic? He's your guru! Like watching pretty boys on the interwebs? Look no further!


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Using a lot of spells in short periods of time or using a few bigger ones can wear Zachary out. The only foolproof cure for something like this is a full eight hours rest.

Sometimes Zach goes overboard on the confidence and can get in over his head. His ego might not let him stop until it's too late and, by then, it's that much more difficult to resolve the situation.

Green Boy:
In most cases, Zachary's command over his abilities is mediocre at best. He still needs training and finds certain things are just out of his reach. This is not a matter of confidence or willpower; he's got that in spades. It's an issue with his inexperience and relatively amateur technique. While he seems especially gifted at affecting the world around him, people are another story. Any spells cast upon another human being often lasts for five minutes tops. And that's on a good day.

Sdrawkcab Hceeps!:
To perform magic, Zachary must speak. It can be a shout or as quiet as a whisper, but it must be...Backwards! It can get a little complicated. Also, if he can't and tries anyway, things get messy. Bind him and gag him, and he's all but useless.

Zachary is not by any means a fighter. Nope. That said, he can windmill like a pro.

Voodoo (Who Do?):

Okay, not actual voodoo. If Zachary is unable to speak, he can use his blood or another method of black magic. Besides being gross, this is damaging to his psyche and can attract the attention of corrupting spirits, demons, etc. What's worse, these spells are actually much more powerful than his normal ones, so the temptation is always there, even when there is an alternative.


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