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Berri (Scenesys ID: 8813)
"You never know what clever surprises are waiting for you..."
Full Name: Berri Sundae
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Criminal
Citizenship: US Citizen
Residence: New York
Education: Current University Student
Status: Approved
Groups: Light
Other Information
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 13 October 2009 Actor: Hidori Rose
Height: 142 cm (4'8") Weight: 50 kg (110 lb)
Hair Color: Pink and Brown Eye Color: Heterochromic
Theme Song:


A criminal, henchwoman and survivor. Berri fills the role of a 'right hand woman' to criminals, villains and anyone else who can offer her the pay or advantage to keep her in control of her life. A survivor who's had to scrounge to get by and whose oddity has drawn everything from curiosity to distrust and hate, habit and history often have her drawn to concern herself first and her 'strangeness' has kept others from getting 'close' most of her life. At times she often comes across as sweet, playful and almost childish that is perhaps accented by her appearance and quiet, but her demeanor can swiftly turn serious to the point of sinister when drawn out.

Current Player Approved: August 30, 2021



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Beautiful, Cute, Mysterious and a little creepy. Many words describe this girl. Just coming in at a height of 5'3. Her build is slim, toned and yet remains exceptionally feminine and youthful, the subtle curves of her form giving her an appearence rather younger than her true age.

Mismatched eyes of bright and practically glowing irises look out with an often joyful expression that could sometimes be genuine and others be terrifying. Her nose is straight and feminine with a slight upturn at the tip, another marker to her seeming youth, and below her lips are full without being pouty. Her jawline is delicate but well defined, and her features only serve to enhance the illusion of youth. Perhaps her most striking feature, her long hair flows straight down her back to just above her rear, framing her powerful yet still slender form. Divided almost like a neapolitan icecream, more than half the waves a bright pink in color while the other maintains a deep chocolate brunette.

Her outfit is an expression in white, black and pink. A white half-jacket trimmed in pink covers her shoulders but does little to conceal the rest of her clothing. She wears a black corset-like top which clings to her form and dips down to a V, exposing the pale flesh just above her hips. Fit snug to her hips, and riding low, she wears a pair of black leather pants that hug to her form like a glove. The leather looks worn in but hardly old, and conforms to the shape of form nicely. Three-quarter length white boots complete the look, their heels trying to add just a little height to her small stature.


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Berri was born in a New York to a young French Ex-Pat and an American wife at first estatic to welcome a new member into their family. Their joy swiftly turned to horror at the idea of their firstborn child being a 'freak' when her eyes first changed color with her mood and her cries were accompanied with intense feelings of need or fear. She would never know this however, her first memories instead that of the orphanage she'd been dumped at. Life wasn't much sweeter as a meta under the guardianship of a nun who believed those lights in her eyes to be the fires of the fallen and the whispering of thoughts to be the mark of the devil. Berri was kept seperate from the other children, her only view of the outside world a small window blocked by bars and too high for those below to see her when she called out. With almost noone to speak to save her guardian tormentor, Berri became almost completely silent, only nodding or shaking her head to communicate to the point her carers believed the girl had been struck mute.

The girl's world became one of four walls and a window to wish through until something happened at the age of 12. Something impossible as desire became so great to escape. Her abuser collapsed in pain as the horror of everything Berri had endured and all the fear of a terrified child bombarded her mind, giving her the chance to escape she'd sought for so long.

And so the girl ran, never wishing to return to imprisonment and began a life on the streets. Her new powers grew with practice and soon she developed the tricks and talents she needed to survive. She never had a home, but never would Berri go hungry again. The first night of her freedom she lay on a rooftop under the choked stars mingled with city lights and swore she'd never spend another moment of her life imprisoned a cell if she had anything to say about it.

Eventually, her path would bring her to a meeting of chance and she broke into a building for the purpose of thievery that turned out to be more than merely a collection of cultural icons, but the hideout of a member of league of shadowy warriors and assassins. Ambushed by a stranger she hadn't detected, Berri attempted to use her powers to disorient and escape...and failed miserably. The man's training was simply too great and his mind too sharp. Yet he did not kill her, instead that display of telepathy caught his interest and he made her an offer. To train her to defend herself with more than just her tricks, and to have the skills to capitalize on her gifts if she would utilize those very skills when the time came and he called on her. Yet it was a day that wouldn't seem to come, as just after her sixteenth birthday when she returned to his dwelling her instructor had disappeared along with all trace of him. Berri herself didn't even know what had become of the man, if he had died or if he had simply moved on.

Even so, with the skills at her disposal she set out to put them to another use. Certainly there would be plenty out there that would be willing to pay the right price for her gifts and her skills.


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Berri's personality can be a bit of a duality. At times she often comes across as sweet, playful and almost childish that is perhaps accented by her appearance and quiet, but her demeanor can swiftly turn serious to the point of sinister when drawn out. A survivor who's had to scrounge to get by and whose oddity has drawn everything from curiosity to distrust and hate, habit and history often have her drawn to concern herself first and her 'strangeness' has kept others from getting 'close' most of her life.


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A telepath of great potential at her age, Berri is capable of manipulation through her abilities and potential. She can communicate with others, reading thoughts and transmitting her own to others in spite of her apparent mute nature.

She is capable of using her mind to inflicting pain or potentially even physical harm with a focused 'attack' on her target or 'victim'. Her gift for illusions and disorientation allows her even to affect the perception of their surroundings and even inflict sensations of pain and disorientation on a victim.

Like many psychics, Berri has the ability to influence the thoughts of another, swaying their thoughts or implanting a suggestion in the mind of another that drives them to comply with her wishes. This isn't the same as outright control of their thoughts and often doesn't work on the more strong-willed individuals. More sophisticated abilities like memory-wiping or cloaking her abilities are lacking for Berri whose powers are simply too raw and untrained for that degree of subtle work.

(These powers are all OOC Consent based for player characters. She also also unable to utilize more than two or three of these at once.)


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Berri is very talented at getting around the enviornment, climbing, and manuevering and, as a highly trained martial artist, she has exceptional balance. There are certainly people in the world more skilled or better trained than her at it, but she's good enough at it that had she lived a more 'legitimate' life then she would have been a shoe-in for the olympics.

Being pretty much unable to communicate through speech and not wishing to immediately reveal her abilities. Functionally mute rather that deaf, she has none the less learned American Sign Language fluently and can communicate in the regard with ease to anyone who understands such a language.

Break and Entering:
Berri has an extensive experience in more mundane security systems. While alien, bleeding-edge electronic and similar would leave her stumped, Old-fashioned and standard market alarms are something that she can manage. Assuming that she doesn't simply have someone kick the door in for her.

Martial Arts:
Berri has some training in a couple forms of martial arts from her instructor, including boxing, Judo and practical Eastern martial arts. While her skills don't match true masters in the field by any means, she can still stand her own and beat down a dozen street thugs, four moderately skilled minions at the same time or perhaps certain 'sidekicks' with a combination of her martial skills and her telepathic reading.

Reading the Enemy:
In part to her own constant usage of it for communcation, Berri is an expert at reading body language. In combat, she can read some of the tiniest of muscle movements to anticipate what her opponent is going to do. This allows her an advantage as she already can be reacting, and combined with her telepathy it makes it seem like she knows what her opponent was going to do before even they do.

So Cute You Could Die!:
Berri is quite aware how petite, pretty, adorable she looks despite her actual criminal and violent life choices. Twisted just right, she can turn this to an 'eerie' menace, but otherwise it can often serve to her advantage to be percieved as innocent.

Underworld Management:
Berri is a talented up and comer when it comes to scraping together resources in the underworld. Despite her youth, Berri always seems to be able to 'get things up and running' relatively easy. Weapons, hideouts, even new goons, she'll quickly establish thinngs even after they've been shattered by law enforcement or vigilanties.

Weapon's Proficient:

As part of Berri's training, she is proficient with most martial arts weapons such as swords, throwing weapons, and blunt weapons and can fight on par with experts in these areas, she tends to favor the blade that she hides in her parasol.


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Through bribery, guile, intimidation and debts, Berri has been learning how to establish contacts withing the city, both criminal and legitament to feed her information about police activity, other criminal enterprises, super-hero activities and even bigger 'villains' recruiting.

Like any good 'study', Berri has been the right-hand girl for other villains and 'super-villains' and has watched closely their means of finding muscle to gather up a crew for herself or whomever she herself is working for. While she doesn't quite have the same rep to draw on as some of the big names, with enough time she is getting good at often picking a few very talented individuals, but at the very least she's always able to find some 'mooks'.

Berri has begun to build a knack for finding and establishing 'hideouts' and safe houses she can take refuge in when the heat gets a little too high. Most of them blend into plain sight, or exist within forclosed and abandoned properties.


Berri's favored weapon is a parasol that contains a hidden thin sword blade intended to catch targets by suprise and play on her petite 'harmless' appearance.


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Many people can find Berri to be a little 'creepy' in interactions. Often smiling away in even the most violent of situations and rarely speaking, she can easily unnerve the common person.

Berri spent much of her childhood locked in a very small room with very little outside contact. While the development of her powers allowed her to escape she till carries lasting scars from this experience. Should she find herself imprisoned with no immediate means of escape she can be rendered hysterical with fear.

Human Limits:
Beyond her telepathic-assisted perception, Berri is only as strong and fast as any other woman of her stature at their physical peak and prime.

Lurking Debt:
Berri's mentor agreed to train her in exchange for the promise that she'd put her skills to his tasks and cause. Yet he vanished before exactly what he wanted could be explained or the debt called in. Should he or his ilk return, just what might be demanded of her or whatever she had carved out for herself is anyone's guess!

Own Medicine:

Berri is a potent psychic, but she is also rather untrained compared to some of the more experienced mentalists out there. More complex tricks may simply not be things she's used to and while she has the raw power to overcome the common non-psychic with ease, her experience with others of similar powers and equal or greater skill is extremely limited.


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A Potential Threat August 16th, 2020 Berri talks to Lex about potential work, and exchange contact information.
Terror of the Technovore! August 12th, 2020 The Technovore gets loose in Stark Tower! Heroes arrive to contain the threat, and fight Naked LMDs! Also, Tony and J.A.R.V.I.S. look like goners at the end.
Meeting of (Criminal) minds August 10th, 2020 Berri runs into Bullseye
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City Fall: Under New Management April 21st, 2020 Shredder Arrives in Gotham to rebuke Penguin's use of his power.
Easter at the Museum April 12th, 2020 An Easter trip to the museum has much weirdness
Sweets and Steel March 6th, 2020 Bloody and beaten mooks!
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Autograph by a Star November 5th, 2019 Signatures and rays of sunshine at Rain Day Books
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Hammerhead's New Enforcer October 9th, 2019 Hammerhead hires himself a enforcer in the form of Berri
Stayin Alive October 4th, 2019 A fight breaks out in a penthouse


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