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City Fall: The Lost Daughter
Date of Scene: 06 May 2019
Location: Mutant Town, Bushwick's Museum of Cultural Art
Synopsis: The turtles go rescue April, finding Shredder, Koya, and Bludgeon. Alopex makes a decision. Cody gets involved. (Takes place closer to "City Fall: A Family Call")
Cast of Characters: Shredder, Alopex, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Nemean, April O'Neil, Donatello
Tinyplot: City Fall

Shredder has posed:
    Bushwick, for lack of a better description, is it's own government. Technically, they are still part of the city of New York. Part of the State of New York. Part of the USA. They can vote, they pay taxes, they have a police department, state run clinic, and fire department.

    That's where the membership ends.

    April and Leo had asked too many questions, which got word back to those who run 'the Family'. A mutant Falcon had appeared, taking her away for questioning. She needed to be eliminated, but first, there were some questions that needed to be answered. Namely, why the Turtles are taking interest in Mutant Town's new politics. Given the revealed connection, It's clear that the Foot own this part of the city. Nobody moves without them knowing. The rash of disappearances of anti-mutant activists has shown they have been effective. The mutants walk free, those with even remarkable appearances are seen in public now. They are happy. They feel free. But there is a trail of missing persons to pay for the freedom.

    Bushwick's Museum of Cultural Art, founded by the Oroku Industries, now has been established. Filled with artifacts of ancient Japan, including one very prestigious dagger, one of Saki's more prized artifacts. The museum is something nice for a city that is so run down. Saki's been recruiting the mutants for various jobs on his legitimate front. He's a hero to the community. The Shredder, however, remains unknown. And it is to this Museum of Cultural Art that he has had April held. The basement is finished, and the room is clean. Foot interrogators have arrived though, trying to discern exactly how much she knows, and how much has been revealed.

    Now the Shredder wants to ask for himself. He stands outside, speaking with Koya, and can be heard through the walls.

    Yes, you can sate your bloodthirst on her, but not until after I have finished." The falcon mutant has a certain wildness to her, a viciousness not found in Bebop and Rocksteady.

    Outside, the evening light fades, and the street lights flicker to life, those that still work in this part of town, the graffiti walls lighting up with the dim evening air as some of the residents in the area make their way home down the sidewalks.

Alopex has posed:
It's as day gives way to night that a particular wind breezes across the roof buildings, one and all, there in Bushwick. It's strange how it feels so similar to one that Alopex had felt not long ago when she had been taken far to the north west for a 'final initiation,' so said her master. In that place she remembered much of her past life. How she had been the hunter for her pack, how the roles of predator and prey were far simpler then this life of sapience and sentience. It was refreshing to be in a place that felt like home.

        Until someone ordered it burnt to cinders.

In her fury, Alopex had lashed out, even drew blood from the one she called master. That rage may have cost her a moment of triumph, but it was one that quickly gave way to being put in her place. At the time, she truly believed there was no escaping the Foot Clan, but she knew that this was no longer a place she wanted to remain.

Perched atop the roof of the museum April was held captive in, the fox is alone with her thoughts, unaware of the conversation below or those that may be arriving in short order. Something needed to change. She was sure it would be tonight.

Leonardo has posed:
Leonardo had come back to the lair with scrapes and cuts from his encounter with half a dozen Foot Soldiers, reporting Koya's kidnapping of April along with the falcon's description. Since then, the next couple days have been filled with searching for their friend. Under cover of stealth, they checked her place and Casey's for any clues the Foot may have left behind. Beyond that, the turtles took a closer look at Mutant Town itself, as it was the visit there, to the man with the connection to the Family, that led to April being taken in the first place.

In case any of his brothers had forgotten how Leo could be when he had his sights set on a specific target, they got a reminder in spades. All business, no nonsense, no potential lead left unchecked, only resting when necessary. They overheard things on the streets of Mutant Town and, as it happened, their own familiarity with the Shredder led them to where they were now: facing the Museum of Cultural Art.

It was Donatello who found the connection while doing some research, pinging on the tie to Oroku Industries. Oroku Saki was the Shredder. It could not possibly be coincidental.

Voice low, Leonardo gave his brothers the rundown. "All right, guys. We go in fast, but we go in quiet. Donnie dug up the blueprints to this place, and if this is what I think it is, they'll have April in an area they can guard better, like the basement. That means we go down there," he says, pointing to a nearby manhole cover in an adjacent alley, "and make our way in through the tunnels, see if there's a way we can get through instead of going in the front. I don't know how many people will be there, or if they even know how important April is, but be ready for anything and stick together. If that big bird is there, expect a fight. Let's go get April back."

He approaches the lid into the sewers, sliding it aside and waiting for his brothers to enter first, leaving him to be the last one in, at which point it's put back in place. Whatever effect the Foot is having on Mutant Town may have to wait for another day. They have their priorities right now.

Michelangelo has posed:
Mikey was doing Mikey stuff when Leo had returned all beat up with news of April being April-napped. There was a meer moment where he'd stared in disbelief, then he too got uncharacteristically serious about the hunt for her location. There was a time for nonsense but that rarely ever coincides with their best gal being boosted by ol lettuce blades.

The biggest problem, however, is Mikey isn't very good at gathering information. Sure, Leo can give him a task and he does it to the best of his ability, but his own ideas for finding clues are rudamentary at best. Walking around with a polaroid picture of April in her yellow jacket, randomly stopping mutants walking around in mutant town, "Have you seen this girl?" Bares surprisingly little fruit.

So it's a super good thing his smarter brothers are on the case.

Now crouched beside Leo staring at the museum, Mikey rubs his chin at the porposed plan of attack. "You'd think Shred-head would double secure the sewer entrance." Off handed comment, then they're off towards said manhole cover. Mikey drops down into the darkness and moves off to the side to make way for his brothers to join him.

Nemean has posed:
He could still hear the words in his head. "Stay out of Mutant Town." His bosses had been extremely clear. Garrett had been petitioning to have a strike team on standby, because there were enough missing people that he figured there was some kind of organized crime. He would go in, locate where the missing people were being held, and then the Hostage Rescue Team would follow him in. Absolutely not, too risky, too much attention, blah blah blah. He stopped paying attention to his so called superiors once he knew they weren't willing to risk a bit of exposure to save missing people.

Sitting in an unmarked car, Cody was watching the museum through a pair of night vision goggles. The evidence he had found so far had lead him here. It's a museum, so people going in and out isn't unheard of. But there were an awful lot of people going in and out after hours. It's suspicious enough to draw his attention. So he's been staking it out, looking for a way in. He needs something to give him enough probable cause to go in, that's what he's waiting for, shifting his view from the entrance of the museum to the alleyway, the night vision lighting up the night and enabling him to zoom in on the alleyway.

April O'Neil has posed:
April is in this strange, but surprisingly nice, room. Her yellow leather jacket is on and she has it zipped up to mid torso level. Her hands are inside of her jacket pockets and she's leaning back against the back wall with one sneaker-covered foot up on the wall behind her...

At least until she hears the voices outside. Its then that THEY will hear the sudden sound of pounding on the door and April's voice from inside. "Hey assholes!" She shouts. "This is a serious criminal offense, you realize that?! They're gonna give ya the chair for this! I'm a beloved public figure! I got thousands of adoring fans! What have you got?? Underwear repairmen?!"

And then April kicks the door solidly once... and then whines because it hurts her toes.

Shredder has posed:
    The dooor opens almost immediately as April kicks it. Not opened by the Shredder, as his hands are folded behind him quietly, but he is the one viewable in the door. He walks inside, assuming April will move back and out of the way.
    "April O'Neil," he says quietly. "Sit down, it sounds as if you have many things you want to tell me, and that is good, because the length of your survival will be determined by it." It' said so nonchalantly that one might expect he was looking to trade cook book recipes. He gestures casually with one tined hand to the hard metal folding chair.

    Outside, the double doors that lead into the museum are less than exciting to look at. The building had been an apartment complex at some point, the paint is freshened up, but the structure still shows its natural antiqueness. Unaware of the brothers beneath the sewer, a large figure approaches down the street. It looks like...a Hammerhead shark? That's a mutant appearance that is not seen every day. It wears black pants, and bare flipper-like feet pad mostly quietly as the abomination stops near the manhole cover. A sniff of the airand the creatures socketed eyes narrow on the sides of its head, then it turns and heads for the door.

    Across the street, two troublemaker types hang out, mutants most likely. They seem to be loitering, looking around a mailbox. They can't be older than about sixteen, still kids. Still, they have a 'heads up' attitude as they banter, something rather unusual for kids their age.

Alopex has posed:
    As of late, there were so many mutants about. The town seemed to know peace, but something about it felt off. What little Alopex was privy to wasn't enough to figure out the Big Picture. ... Perhaps it was time to ask about things, see if she was deemed worthy to know, or if this feeling of change on the wind was accurate. The city skyline is given a last long look before the fox slips back toward the roof entrance and starts to descend.

    It wouldn't be hard to move down through the museum, to find the man who had deemed the city his, and had the answers all tucked away under that helmet of his. There were things in the museum that caught her eye along the way, even the dagger that was a center piece of one exhibit. It reminded her of a project she still had to finish. ... Another time, perhaps, is decided as she continues downward toward the basement.

Leonardo has posed:
Leonardo had little trouble actually dealing with the Foot up on that rooftop the other day. It's just that there were too many for him to get away from before Koya took April.

Quietly, they follow the tunnel leading to an exterior underground wall of the building, and they're in luck. Part of the wall shows signs of disrepair, a holdover from years back with soft wood and stone that was never fully filled in. With a little effort, it can be widened enough for them to fit through one by one. "Raph, I'll take point. You cover our shells, but once we're on the other side I need you and Donnie together. Mikey's with me. Remember, we stay as a unit, but if we get surrounded that's how we'll pair off."

For now, their part is simple: get into the museum, find April, and deal with whatever they come across. "And you'd think that, Mikey, but he's arrogant. If he's here, he's going to think he has everything under control. We have the element of surprise on our side," he adds, voice kept barely above a whisper.

Michelangelo has posed:
Mikey follows along with his brothers, moving quickly but quietly through the darkness of the sewer tunnels beneath the museum. "Hehehe, first time a pet turtle is going to unflush itself.." It probably isn't, might not even be the first time he's made the joke. What Mikey lacks in wisdom he more than makes up for with consistancy.

"I'm sure you're right, big bro." The Yellow brother says in the same hushed voice near Leo, glancing up each crawlspace they pass or double checking into every drain just to make sure there aren't mutant snakes ready to strike at them as they move by. "I just feel like we lean on him being arrogant a lot, ya know? Like one day us thinking he's going to be arrogant will make us arrogant and he'll use our predictable response to his kind of being predictable against us."

Nemean has posed:
The view from the night vision goggles to the agent's eyes shifts from the alleyway to the front door and the large...Shark...Thing that's entering the museum. Well in a neighborhood called 'Mutant Town' that's probably not that weird.

He turns the goggles over to the side, spotting the two kids near the mailbox. Lookouts, maybe? Though they're young, and he things he can persuade them to look out somewhere else. He shuts off the goggles and tosses them in the center console, before getting out of the car and heading towards the two teens.

April O'Neil has posed:
April nods her head once as the Shredder tells her to sit down, she steps back too to let him enter the small room. "R-right." She says to the big bad himself. Its been awhile since she was face to face with him, but he's still very intimidating, to say the least.

"So what you're saying is you wanna hear my entire life story then?" She asks in one of her infamously silly joke attempts. She starts to move toward the chair in the middle of the room and she steps around it.

"Well, for starters... I'm hoping to join the next... WRESTLEMANIA!" April then moves to pick up the chair and swing it at the Shredder! LOOK OUT! FOLDING CHAIR!

Shredder has posed:
    The teens seem to be keeping an eye on a storm drain, oddly enough. As Cody starts to approach, one of them taps the other. "Sup chief," he says to the approaching adult with an inverted nod of his head. He holds his hand out, palm up. Forefinger and thumb roll together, and a small pellete of ice forms, about the size of a marble, and he flicks it at Cody. Harmless as any other pellet of ice might be. "You need help or somethin'?" he asks.

    The Shredder's hand comes out to catch the chair as casually as if she were handing it to him, and as he takes hold of it, his hand rotates in an effortless maneuver to break her grip, the motion following through to come around feet first at her in an attempt to knock her to the floor, pinned beneath the improvised weapon. He shows no amusement in his eyes, and shows no indication of being either angry or riled, as if waiting for her to finish her antics before continuing.

    As the wall is pulled away, the closet that it reveals is filled with boxes, old metal buckets, mops, and the scent of cleaning chemicals is strong. The room has one exit, a solid door.

    Inside the museum as Alopex descends, the dark form of the hammerhead shark can be seen passing by, the large finned tail seen just as she reaches the first floor. The wooden floor creaks, and the sound of sniffing can be heard again. The creaking stops, the shark having stopped its movement. It smells...someone unknown.

Alopex has posed:
    Such new faces. Did she miss something while she was out in Fairbanks with Saki? The thought is pushed aside, into the back of her mind. The question would either become important later, or not at all, depending on the conversation she may have with her master underneath the museum proper.

    More stairs, more rooms, less museum and more ... something else. It seemd a little odd to have a fully finished basement in a museum, but the Foot did operate out of many different places. This was probably another among many. Rather than ask where her master is, she allows all of her senses to reach out. She is a fox, after all, and she had more than just her eyes to rely on. ... Though, there are other scents she's catching. Familiar? She isn't sure. What she -is- sure of is that something is certainly stirring tonight, for good or for ill..

Leonardo has posed:
"Mikey, when you start making too much sense, I start to worry," Leonardo comments.

The good news is the turtles get into the closet space without notice, at the moment. The bad news is it reeks and they have to make some room to get through. Once they've done that, the door is opened and Leo opens it just enough to see out. "Watch your step, guys. We need to keep moving, but it's a mess in here." Will they be good ninjas, or not?

Beyond the door in this room, which appears to have once been a bedroom or storage room - it certainly seems like the latter now - should be a corridor. From there, the four ought to be able to make some faster progress.

Michelangelo has posed:
"I feel like we're being herded." Mikey murmurs as he squeezes in after Leo, sucking in a breath to shrink his shell down a little to pass through the tight confines, "Dude.. I have a terrible feeling." Once free of the tight passage, Mikey blows out a heavy breath and grabs hold of Leo's shoulder. "Seriously Leo, I don't like this.. This is entirely too easy."

His eyes tick back and forth behind his orange bandana. "We need to throw a curveball, right? Donnie? Raph?" Blinking, then back to Leo. He's still moving along with his older brother and leader, but he's clearly apprehensive.

Nemean has posed:
"You boys seem like you're out here for a purpose." Cody says, ignoring the balll of ice as it bouunces off of his shoulder, but keeping in mind that one has some kind of ice based abilities. Not sure what the other one can do yet, "To be honest, I want to know what it is." His hand dips into his pocket, and he pulls out some money, peeling off two $100 bills, "One each, if you tell me what's going down...And I'll throw in a third one if you kids tell me the truth and then beat feet out of here."

This works a lot more than one would think. Gangbangers aren't loyal when money is involved, and besides the FBI is funding this one, so he doesn't have to pull it out of his own pocket. At least not this time, "I've got a feeling you won't wanna be in this neighborhood tonight."

April O'Neil has posed:
So when the chair is blocked, April's eyes go wide, big blue pupils staring at the metal man of martial arts mystery. "Mag-magnets did it, not me--!" She's then ripped from the chair and her feet are knocked out from under her! The redheaded reporter goes flipping backward onto her backside, she lands solidly on her back with her feet up, a good thumping sound on the floor and as she reels with an expression of pain from it, she suddenly finds that metal chair now pinning her down to the ground and her eyes flash open again, her hands go to the front two legs of the chair and she tries to push it off of her, but she's not even a fraction of the Shredder's strength.

With strained voice, pain surging through her, the reporter and internet personality speaks further. "I guess, this is a bad time, to ask to have you... on my podcast." She says then. "I think, you'd, get a ton'a views! Ahhg! I'll split the ad revenue with you!" She's in trouble, but still got some of that wise-cracking attitude left in her!

Shredder has posed:
    The two boys look at the money produced, and they look at each other. "Man, you throw stuff like that around," he says. "Not a smart thing," the boy that threw the ice pellet comments. "You know this is Bushwick, right? We ain't exactly known for bein' a nice neighborhood. What if we just take it from ya and you beat off your own feet?" The other laughs, "Yah old man, we're with the Family. You don't mess with the family. How's that for what's goin' on down here? He reaches out to try to pluck the $100 bill from Cody's hand.

    Shredder's hand keeps the chair in place as April tries to move it, and he goes to sit down on the metal chair, looking down as he leans forward, resting his elbows on his thighs. "Now that is a new angle," he says. "But I somehow doubt your podcast would be praising the community I have rescued here, would it?" he asks, tilting his head to one side. "No, I think not. "Hamato Yoshi and his sons are your loyalty. Tell me about what you and they are doing snooping about my city, and if you answer well enough, I may just let you live to go tell them about this conversation."

    The shark turns, and though he is not in line of sight, he calls out. "Who is it?" His voice is as steady as a deep sea current. "You are tresspassing." The large figure can be heard moving, and then comes around to corner to see what might be in the next room, the room at the moment occupied by Alopex.

    On the other side of the door, however, is a form that is familiar. Koya waits by the door, listening as Shredder interrogates in the next room. Her arms are folded, and she taps a talon on the cold concrete floor in annoyance, not enjoying the need to wait.

Leonardo has posed:
"Would you have rather we just knocked?" Leo asks Mikey, keeping his voice as hushed as possible, but he doesn't go any further with it. Then, as they get to the door leading to the corridor, he holds up a hand then puts a finger to his mouth, pointing to the other side of it. "Someone's there," he whispers, and he takes a step away from the door to motion Donatello forward, giving Leo the opportunity to draw his swords. They can hear the tap-tap-tap too, right?

Once Donnie nudges the door open with his bo staff, he and the others will catch sight of a tall, feathered mutant just as Leonardo calls out, "Now!" Time to fight.

Alopex has posed:
    Tresspassing? Alopex? No, not just yet. She was still on her way to talking to Oroku Saki about, well, EVERYTHING, but the call out from Leonardo not far away, and the sounds of a fight kicking up near by puts the fox on defense. Without a thought, she lunges upward and vanishes into a ceiling vent. "Knew it," she mutters. It wasn't going to be easy tonight, but she WILL have words with Shredder one way or another.

Michelangelo has posed:
Mikey shrugs both shoulders high above the curve of his sheel and chews at the bottom portion of his mouth while Donnie and Leo do the door opening business. He doesn't really have an alternative idea and at this point it would be moot anyways. So it's best to just get ready to fight, April needs them and a fight wont prevent them getting her out of here!

As Donnie nudges the door open, Mikey pulls his nunchuka from their throng on his belt and holds them up beneath his armpits full extended, waiting for Leo to give the signal to get this party started. When it comes, Mikey leaps through the open doorway and goes into a super heroic pose as is appropriate for surprise attack situations, "Did somebody order a pizza with extra butt kickin'?!"

Nemean has posed:
"Well, I suppose that's a good enough answer." Cody replies, folding the money back into the palm of his hand and swatting the kid's hand away, "Ah, nope. I tried to be nice, but you wanted to show how tough you are." He pulls his jacket back a bit to show the badge clipped onto his belt, "Now you two beat it, now." He jerks his thumb away from the museum, and then turns to head back to his car. Suspicions confirmed, he's going in. Though if the kids decide to do something else, well, he does have more than just his badge on him.

April O'Neil has posed:
April continues to move as much as she can beneath that folding chair, trying to find either a way out or the most comfortable position for being pinned beneath the metal bars between the chair's legs... neither of those things seem to really exist. At least she can breath though and her talking is only partially restrained... she's never been more happy to be a bit of a gym and exercise nut than she is now.

"You're underestimating the toxicity of the comments sections." She says through strained voice before she releases a shuddering groan and then she closes her eyes, smiles and laughs a little bit, at what? Who knows. Her own ridiculous situation she's found herself in maybe? A lack of knowing what to do beyond that? Probably some of those things and more.

"Ha-whati who?" April plays coy, badly. "Oh, Yoshi... He was always my favorite character from those video games. I had a plushi of him from the State Fair, my dad won him for me at the bottle throw. Only cost him twice what the doll was actually worth!"

Shredder has posed:
    The hammerhead looks into the room, glancing about, studying the room until he spots the open vent. "Hmm." The eyes narrow, and he starts to head back to the stairs. "Koya, we have company," he announces, a voice that can be likely heard by the Turtles as well.

    Koya's eyes snap up toward Bludgeon, and then snap over as the door bursts open to reveal turtles coming out of the closet!

    Shredder's eyes narrow, and he looks back toward the door. "Hmm." He looks back down at April. "Well, Miss O'Neil, it looks like your abominable friends have arrived."

Shredder has posed:
    The kids eye Cody. "Hey, You think you just get to walk away?" the ice wielding youth asks. He reaches down, and a slick of ice starts to cross the road, slipping beneath the feet of the undercover cop.

Leonardo has posed:
"That's the one that took April!" Leonardo helpfully points out, leveling one of the katanas Koya's way before he helps lead the charge, coming in with a low swipe at the legs of the falcon mutant, meant more to push back while threatening to wound. Mikey's got his 'chuks, Donnie swings his bo, and Raph charges in with a yell and both sais in hand. It's time for turtle teamwork, and in the next room a certain someone might hear Leo call out, "Hang on, April! We're coming for you!"

Michelangelo has posed:
Mikey leaps over Leo as the elder turtle goes for the leg sweep to add a jump kick of his own, swinging his foot back to try and hook and toss should he be able to connect. His 'chuks' whip around to ward off any would be deturrence to his assault, but it leaves him pretty open regardless for anyone who might want to give him a little swing for glory! "We're here 'Ape! I totally used a Terminator reference that I don't think any of these kids caught, but it's cool because Terminator references are rad!"

Alopex has posed:
    A fight. 100 percent, and with voices of those certain four brothers echoing out through the vents she was now climbing around in. Ugh. This couldn't be easy, could it? First this shark seems to think she's tresspassing and now the brothers green have come to .. rescue someone? Well, that at least explains one thing that's going on tonight. She'll wait for her chance, now. It'll come, just be paitent..

Nemean has posed:
For all the comotion going on in the building nearby, Cody has more to worry about at the moment. He feels himself suddenly lose traction. Right, ice powers. He tries to stop himself, but can feel one foot slipping, the other going with it not long afterwards.

He manages to stay upright, for the most part, sliding along until he hits the curb on the other side of the street, where he ends up going down to his knees. That hurt, but not enough to stop him. He gets back up to his feet, turning around to face the two teens, "You're young and dumb, so I'll cut you slack on that. But this is not a path you want to walk down, kid. Now beat it. I've got work to do." He really doesn't want to hurt these kids, but if they keep pushing, then he'll have to figure out how to explain to his boss why he dragged two teenage mutants in and he really doesn't want to have to do that. He continues towards his car, assuming the kids don't keep pushing their luck.

April O'Neil has posed:
There's not a whole lot April can do until she's released from this restrained position beneath that folding chair. Her eyes turn to the direction of the doorway though and she hears Shredder's voice answer the question she'd just had enter her mind, it WAS their voices.

"Oh." She says. "Thats great." She struggles a bit beneath the chair, her feet moving around behind it on the floor as well, heels scraping acroos floor. "Let me up, I'll go tell'em all about my pleasant stay here. Five stars on Yelp. I promise."

April gets a moment of frustration though as she can't get up. She hears Leo's shout and it makes her shout back. "LeeoooOOOO!" Trying to alert all of them where she is precisely.

Shredder has posed:
    Koya lets out a screech, heading straight for Leo, a violent foot first lunge as she sweeps forward, her wings batting forward at the group of turtles as she focuses the attack on Leo.
    Bludgeon bursts down the stairs, the large shark appearing at the bottom. "Koya!" he roars, and like a bull in a china shop, he rushes forward behind her, maw open wide as he seeks to chomp around Mikey's body. Good thing he has a hard shell...but wait, don't sharks eat turtles?
    Shredder gets up from the chair and leaves April, unconcerned with her ability to escape, and opens the door, stepping out into the basement main room where the attack has started.
    "Turtles," he announces himself. "Just who I was hoping to talk with tonight. Your interference is not wanted in Mutant Town. Nor is the meddling of your mouthy friend O'Neil."

Shredder has posed:
    The boys don't seem interested or threatened. "You really don't wanna do that man," the kid with ice powers says, "See, we're part of the Family. And the Family takes care of their own, right?" He runs up, and rushes forward sliding on the ice in an attempt to shoulder check straight into the cop.

Leonardo has posed:
Leonardo's eyes narrow sharply on Koya, and after he's landed he hops backward as the falcon's attack passes within about an inch of his plastron. Too close for comfort, and those talons look extra sharp. "Oof! Mikey, think fast! Big and ugly coming your way!" Raphael moves to intercept and plow into Bludgeon's side, Donatello's bo on the move to get between Bludgeon's legs to trip him up.

Now Leo fights to get himself closer to Michelangelo as Koya's wings sweep out at them. "Go low," he directs his orange-masked brother, the one in blue switching places from before to leap up and strike at Koya's face with a high elbow, and it has to be extra high.

Even while this is going on, he has the nerve to shout back at the leader of the Foot Clan, "You have no claim to it, Shredder!"

Michelangelo has posed:
"Baby shark, do dot dododo.." Mikey announces in a sing song voice that nearly sees him caught in the mighty maw of the hammerhead mutant that is Bludgeon if not for the quick snap of his nunchuk out towards the very tip of the predators snout where it is rumored the nerve center of their very sophisticated hunter radar like thingy is located.

Mikey doesn't KNOW that, he's just trying to bop the Shark on the nose.

"Hey big guy, anyone ever told you you kinda look like one of those Rollar blade shark guys from the 90s? What was it? Street Sharks?" Asking Leo, while using his own small size and mobility to play keep away with the bigger, far tougher, shark guy. Mosty rolls across his shell, until Leo says go low, and one of those rolls has him turning on his knee pads with the smarts end of his nunchuk coming around towards the side of Koya's own knee.

"Leo, is it racist to scream Hammer-time when fighting a hammerhead shark?"

Nemean has posed:
Why do they always want to do it the hard way. Cody turns around as the kid yells out. The Family this, the family that. At least he's loyal. Stupidly loyal, sometimes. Cody could draw his gun, but this teen is still just a stupid kid. One with powers, sure, but a kid none the less. Now that Cody has some proper traction under him on the non-iced sidewalk, he lets the kid hit him.

Using someone's momentum against them is one of the first things they teach you when learning how to fight, and Cody does just that. He twists around as the kid makes contact, to throw him down to the ground and land on top, pinning the kid to the ground with a knee, "Now you just assaulted a federal agent. I wonder if your Family will get you out of that one. Now give me your hands." He moves to pull the kid's hand behind his back with one hand, using his other hand to grab a pair of cuffs from his belt, behind his back. He's also trying to keep an eye on the other kid out of the corner of his eye, in case he decides to get frisky too.

April O'Neil has posed:
Once the chair is lifted up off of her form, April tosses it aside lets it clatter to the ground where it folds up like a good folding chair should. She starts to crawl toward the doorway in a hustle to try to get out before it shuts from the Shredder leaving, but she doesn't make it in time.

"Damnit!" April shouts as she starts to crawl her way up the door, back onto her feet and pressed up against it, she starts to instantly slap the palms of her hands on the doorway and press her ear to it as well!

"Mikey?" She asks out through it. "Street Sharks? There's sharks out there? Hello!?" More door slappings and kickings to follow.

Shredder has posed:
    As Bludgeon snaps at Mikey, he finds himself the center of a focused attack, taking a blow on the snout to cause him to recoil. As Raph dives toward him, though, He swings that massive tail, snapping it to intercept and swat away the incoming red mask, only to catch the bo staff between his legs and find them tripped out form under him.

    Koya plants her talons just past Leo, and spins around, slashing with her winged arm at his face as she relentlessly remains on the offensive.
    "Turtles, know that your family cannot defeat mine. You must understand that I cannot be stopped, regardless of your accidental success of the past, or perhaps you should understand that especially considering your fleeting victory. What has it purchased for you? Nothing, and I have already lay claim to this city. You are late to the game."

    Meanwhile outside, finds his move reversed on him, and he lands flat on his back with the officer over him.
    "Whoa, he just wrecked you Bryan," his buddy laughs.
    "Oh yeah, he's gonna arrest me," the kid on the ground mocks. Well, after he catches his breath, which takes a second. "Now who doesn't know what's up? Okay man, arrest me!" He holds out his hands willingly. "We'll find out, right?" His stupid self-assured grin is mocking, blond hair and freckles looking up at you as if it is a dare.

Alopex has posed:
Inch by inch, moving through the vents, Alopex drew ever closer to the fighting going on in the basement below. She could hear the four brothers at war with Koya and Bludgeon, she could hear April assasulting an innocent door, but the thing that digs deep into her soul is when Shredder even dares to talk about family. Something she had. Something stolen. Something murdered by a fire.

        Those winds of change are truly passing through the city.

In an absolute rage, Alopex smashes her way out of the vent only to lunge for the leader of the Foot Clan in what many could consider a fool's errand. He had chosen foxes for their cunning, personally trained her to be one of his elite, took her to Fairbanks in belief that her loyalty would be finalized by what he had done. Instead he had shattered it. "YOU! How -DARE- you speak of family! You don't know anything about it! All you know is death, destruction, how to kill, and how to ruin lives!" Claws reach for a neck, a second hand reels back for a slash full of both rage and sorrow. "You're a MONSTER! I TRUSTED YOU!"

Leonardo has posed:
In close quarters, Leonardo takes that wing across the upper body and while it doesn't break skin, it disorients him just enough to send him back against the wall, where he pushes off and issues a roar Raphael might be proud of, drawing a dual diagonal slice at the upper body of Koya while Michelangelo continues his assault. Leo's now trying to drive the tall falcon mutant back in return.

Raphael and Donatello remain tangled up with Bludgeon, but with the pairs of turtles partially separated it may put them at a disadvantage against the two mutants of Shredder's they don't know very much about. Distracted as they are, the leader of the turtles calls out to Shredder, "We'll always be there to foil your plans, no matter what you do!" They may have been laying low for a while, but they won't be forgotten.

Then, Leo changes it up. "Guys! Plan Delta, now!" It goes back to their training exercises. Aware Bludgeon is trying to charge in his attacks, and Koya is also trying to get in on the turtles, Leo knows space is not in their favor down here but the call is for them to bunch up then spread out as the two mutants try to get at them, hoping to cause them to take each other out.

About that time, Alopex bursts free to attack...Shredder?! "What..?"

Michelangelo has posed:
"Hey, Buckethead, you sound like a Bond villain!" Mikey keeps spinning on his knee pad and into a side-flip and one handed cartwheel that brings his nunchuk around in a deflective snap at Bludgeon's racking claw trying to grab hold of Donnie, "Maybe a WWE wrestler..." His banter, while keeping him focused on the task at hand, distracts him just a little too. It isn't like he's got a lot of brains to be spreading around like that, afterall.

He hears Leo's order and jumps backwards, sliding along his shell away from any counter attack from Kevin Nash the Shark over there. Hopefully he moves with about the same alacrity as does said wrestler or he may never make it to the backwards roll into a defensive position beside Raph as the quartet of turtles... turtle up.

"If nobody is gonna say it, Im gonna say it..." Mikey murmurs as he begins to fan out along Plan Delta, "Cowbu- ooooh Foxy lady!"

To Alopex.

Because she's a Fox.

And also a Lady.

"Is she on our side? Dibs."

Nemean has posed:
As the kid offers himself up, Cody considers it for a second. No, there's something else going on here. Something bigger than two kids, because he's had others that he's brought up on charges get sent away without so much as a ticket. Somebody is pulling strings and it's a lot higher up than two street toughs, "You know what, on second thought, I don't think so." He says to the kid, his voice in a low tone.

He reaches into his jacket to draw his handgun, "You're right, too many members of your so-called Family have been walking away scott free as of late. So taking you in won't really accomplish much. But hey, you attacked me with powers, and I defended myself. At least that's what the official report will say. Now let's just stand you up so I can make this look good. Wouldn't want ballistics to find a slug in the sidewalk after all."

He reaches down with his other hand to grab the kid by the shirt and haul him up to his feet, raising his voice again, "Stop resisting or I'll shoot!"

April O'Neil has posed:
April steps away from the door for a moment as she adjusts her jacket since it'd gotten all wound up while she'd been pinned under the chair. Then she leans forward again on the door and tries the door's release, to see if it opens up.

"Donnie!?" She calls through the doorway. "I can hear you guys! Come on! Let me out!" Once more she tries to hear whats going on out there and now she can hear a bit of what Alopex has to say.

"Who's that?!" April shouts. "Whats she saying?! Who's she talking to!?"

The door gets summarily kicked again!

Shredder has posed:
    Shredder was fully unprepared, so as Alopex bursts from the vent, he finds himself struck fully by the force of the white blur as he lands on his back. Hands come up, guarding his neck from the blow, blood drawn from the claws as they strike his bicep. He strikes with his own claws, the spikes raking in a blow that could both gash and throw the fox off of him in a single powerful swing. "Foolish traitor! I gave you all that you have!" he exclaims in anger.

    The two newer mutants are smarter than Bebop and Rocksteady, and as impetuous as Koya may be, she's aware of her ally's location. Bludgeon strikes as they bunch and start to fan, using that massive tail to sweep across the lot of them while Koya spins toward the new threat.

    "You attack our master!?" she screeches in a voice that could likely be heard up topside, lunging brutally with claws extended to capture Alopex

    The ice mutant's eyes suddenly fill with fear as he's dragged to his feet. He's no fighter, he just has powers. The other boy reacts at this time, letting out a bellow. "HELLLLLP! HEEEEEEELLLLP!" His voice is piercing, a ringing sound that could temporarily deafen those nearby. It certainly does a number on the ice mutant, and his voice is easily lould enough that it can be heard beneath the building.

Alopex has posed:
    "Traitor?! What was Alaska?!! I was loyal! What you did was wholly unecessary! I would have done anything you had ordered! Why go to all that effort, remind me of what I was, and then steal it all away from me for a second time! ANSWER M-" the answer Alopex gets comes in the form of the Shredder's clawed gauntlet, rather than any words of 'Wisdom'. She rolls through the air, away from Saki, and lands on all her limbs.

    She'd lunge forward, but Koya's rending talons set the fox on a different path. She bounds from the wall, lands away from the fighting, and then surges ahead and out of the room, leaving only a grenade of smoke in her wake. The deed was done. She had broken from the Foot Clan. She had to get back to her quarters, get everything she had about The Shard, and get out. Find a home, a place to call her own, a place where she could be -free- again. That place wasn't here anymore.

Leonardo has posed:
Well, Plan Delta probably would have taken care of Bebop and Rocksteady. If Shredder has tougher, smarter mutants now on his side than them - and that's really not saying much - that could be problematic. "Scatter and regroup!" Leonardo calls out now, that tail of Bludgeon's coming at them like they were pins to a bowling ball. Leo is still struck by it, making a shell-shaped dent in the nearest wall before he picks himself back up from a knee.

"That's..Alopex?" he realizes, watching the arctic fox mutant going after Shredder, with Koya now moving in for a counterattack there. They should just let those two fight it out. Alopex has stood against the turtles before.

Those thoughts are interrupted by a snapping jaw of the mutated hammerhead shark, just out of range of his poor blue-masked head. "Yow!" He retaliates by slamming the butt of both swords straight down at Bludgeon's snout with his fists, those razor-sharp teeth and shark breath far too close for comfort. "We have to stop this guy now!" He urges his brothers on. At least four of them should be able to knock out one mutant, right?

Then, the smoke bomb heralds Alopex's flight. Gone! Of course they should have expected something like that! "So much for her," he grunts, still tangled up with Bludgeon. That could free Koya back up, who he's trying to keep an eye on.

Michelangelo has posed:
"Aw man!" Mikey heard the name Alopex and immediate fell into a sullen mood what can only be remedied by the snapping jaw of a big shark mutant monster guy trying to eat him. "Whoa! No! Sentient turtle, not dinner.. Bad baby shark, bad." True to order, Mikey scatters away from his brother, using the confussion of Alopex's smoke bomb to temporarily disappear within and throw out a side kick in Koya's direction from the thick white cloud.

"She's on our side now, dude. At least, sorta on our side. Mostly because she's not on your side and an enemy of my enemy is my frienemy who." This is all to get him closer to where April is being contained! If he cannot unlock the door, he'll just have to kick the handle off! That always works in the movies. "Oh, snap, I can say it now!" Breath, "Cowabu- OWIE!"

Kicking a door handle hurts.

Nemean has posed:
Well at least that answers the question of what the second kid's powers are. Cody quickly leg sweep's the ice kid, putting him on the ground, and swaps his pistol out for a taser. It's got enough range to nail the second kid and stop him from screaming, which shouldl hopefully be enough.

Cody really has gotten himself in a bit over his head here, it seems. Powered gang bangers are guarding something big, and bosses that have to have been bought off were trying to keep him away from it. He lines up the laser aiming module from the tazer on the second mutant and fires the prongs. He'll stun him long enough to handcuff them both...And gag the second one...Then maybe he can get inside the building before it's too late.

April O'Neil has posed:
When Michelangelo shows up outside of her door April gives it another few slaps before she excitedly calls out. "Hey! Hey! This one! I'm in this one!" Then she can hear him fudging around with it so she quickly and nervously backs up to get several steps between her and the door because she assumes that he's going to karate chop it, or karate kick it... or is it Ninja kick it? Who cares, just kick it!

And when the loud thump happens, and she can hear an 'Owie' outside in response to the door not opening, April just deflates, her muscles relax and her shoulders slump.

"Seriously?" She calls out then to the otherside of the door and whomever is on it.

Donatello has posed:
     Donnie steps forward, looking at the door and then back at Mikey. "Seriously, Mikey?"

  The eingineer turtle then starts looking for his lockpick set, taking them out and working on the lock. "Doors open to the outside in buildings, you kicked the door INTO the door jamb."

Shredder has posed:
    Shredder gets to his feet, his cape spinning behind him as the smoke bomb is released, filling the entire room with black cover of darkness. He turns as Mikey kicks at the door, and reaches out to grab him from behind in his moment of self-inflicted toe stubbing to grab at the back of his shell and hurl him through the smoke in the direction of Leo's voice before slinging a kick back in the direction of Donatello's head as he starts to pick the lock. "Koya, leave Alopex, the turtles are the greater concern right now." Koya, blinded by the situation, beats her wings, attempting to clear the air so that it will be easier to see once again.

    Bludgeon takes the blow to the snout, recoiling back for a few seconds, unable to clearly see until the air starts to clear. As Koya's wings beat the air, he catches sight of Raphael, and a massive fist swings forwarst at the red mask with an upper cut.

    The taser finds its mark twice, The boy yelling is abruptly cut silent as the jolt rushes through him.It doesn't take long for them to be handcuffed, however, most of the neighborhood probably heard that scream. The question is, how long will it be before someone responds to it. A few window blinds start to rise around town, and some of those who are walking toward their homes after work have turned, looking to see what the excitement is about.

Leonardo has posed:
Leonardo flinches from something /loud/ from topside. How did that even get down to the basement level of the museum? "Did you guys hear..whoa!" With the smoke around them, he only barely catches sight of something flying at him, and his natural instinct is to duck under it. Oh, look, it's a flying Mikey! "Go limp, bro!" Leo shouts, dropping a katana to reach up and grab at his brother's belt in passing, to redirect him back down to his feet or at least give him a chance to come down and slide on his carapace.

Then, the smoke's effects begin to dissipate courtesy of Koya and he calls out, "Behind you, Donnie!" while moving in to team back up on Bludgeon with his more aggressive brother as Raphael feints to one side of the punch before both of them strike in tandem, Raph toward the front, Leo across the back. This time, he's slicing at the shark effectively enough that if he makes Bludgeon bleed, he'll have to withdraw from the fight to recover. "Hyaah!"

Michelangelo has posed:
"Whuuuuuu-!" Mikey flails when he's acosted by Shredder and thrown back in the direction of his eldest brother and manages to turn a little so that he can see what's coming up on him as he sours. "Eaaaaagle... Throw me back in coach!" He says, going limp just as Leo catches hold of the top of his shell, fully expecting his brother use Shredder's throwing momentum to hurl him back at the leader of the Foot Clan.

Now flying back through the air, Mikey Missile doesn't close the whole distance, but does manage to roll out of the hurl back in Shred's direction to come up in a spinning back kick to clear a little space for Donnie to keep working at picking the lock. "Get off my brother! He's sweet and innocent like a babe suckling on the supple teet of science!" Where did he even learn these big words?

"Ape, we'll be in that room... like.. soon or something!"

Nemean has posed:
Taking them in would be pointless, and with people coming, Cody would have to explain, set up a perimiter, call paramedics for the guy he tased, the list of things he should be doing right now instead of handcuffing two mutants to a parking meter is long and quite specific.

He moves back to his car, jumps into the driver's seat, and looks back at the museum. He then heaves a big sigh, because he can't just leave well enough alone, it's not in his nature. He gets back out of the car, pops the trunk, and grabs a tactical vest and a shotgun, slamming the trunk and heading for the front door. He straps the vest on, and posts up on the door. He checks to see if it's locked first. If not, he'll open it and enter. And then if it is, he'll kick it open, "FBI!"

The sounds are coming from the basement area, so he'll have to head that way. There's a lot of ground to cover for just one guy, and he knows how damn stupid it is to enter a building like this, especially in this part of the city, alone, but the Family guards were more than enough to justify his entry. At least that's how he'll play it off. He just hopes his ears stop ringing before his boss yells at him.

Donatello has posed:
     Donnie finishes his turning the tumbler before his shell crashes against the door. Flattened, he looks a bit dazed. "I will pay you never to say that again." He comments, though as Mikey is occupying Shredder's attention, it allows him to open April's door and smile. "Hey April, didja miss us?" He asks, still keeping that big grin.

April O'Neil has posed:
Once the doorway to her 'cell' finally opens, April rushes up to her rescuers, and specifically Donnie, she puts her hands on his shoulders and leans in to kiss his cheek. "Very much!" She says then to BOTH he and Mikey, her blue eyes flashing from one of them to the next.

"Now lets the get the shell out of here." She then grins, for a split second at her joke, because she can be in on those too, right? They're no exclusive to the boys are they?! Whatever! They can deal with it!

April's eyes then start to quickly take in the sight of everything going on around outside of where she was being kept and her brow furrows, her nose wiggles a bit. "Jeeze... this place is demolished."

Shredder has posed:
    The blad eof Leo's katana catches Bludgeon's arm as he bring sit up to defend, drawing a line of blood from his forearm. He winces back, spinning to wheel his tail around him again, his broadest sweeping attack available as he tries to clear the space around him.
    Mikey's bold interference catches the bladed Foot Master by surprise as he is caught in the chest by the kick, stumbling back. He does, however, hold onto the offending leg, and thrusts his tekko nagi claws at the calf of the youngest turtle before delivering a kick to what would be the family jewels if he were human. Fortunately for Mikey, he's not human. "An impressive resolve," he gives the earned compliment. "Not enough to save you, though."

    Koya lunges at Raph, her claws reaching out to try to take him by the shoulders and slam him face first into the wall. "Leave him alone!" she snaps.

    Outside, though, Cody finds that the door is in fact still unlocked, though on the entry level, there's no one present. Still the sounds of fighting can be heard down in the basement.

Leonardo has posed:
"Leave him alone!" in stereo.

Koya is not the only one to shout it out, for as Raphael tangles with the big falcon, Leonardo is also calling out in defense of Michelangelo, whom Shredder has targeted. With Bludgeon dealing with his own blood drawn, the blue-masked turtle leaps over the tail but leaves the shark behind. He has a new target.

As Donatello helps April out, Leo leads with those twin katanas in a vicious strike aimed at the leader of the Foot, their oldest, deadliest rival, and while he knows fighting Shredder one-on-one is asking for trouble, there are times one has to act regardless of the danger.

That said, he's more skilled than he was the first few times the turtles tangled with Shredder, and metal soon clashes with metal although Leo may draw blood. He cuts down at Oroku Saki again, controlled reptilian rage in his expression. "Rrraaahh!"

Michelangelo has posed:
Those blades might hit a bag of berries, but they sure do a number on Mikey's shell in the berry region of the map. Caught with his foot up against Shredder's chest, he's receives a dirty blow that would make Rick Flair proud and sqweeks like a wounded raccoon while tumbling down upon his shell away from the master of the Foot Clan. A quick inspection assures him that he is not as mortally wounded as would be a human teenager, but his pride is basically destroyed... what little pride he has anyways.

A quick backwards kip up puts him a few feet away from Shreds, "Guys, maybe it's time to get the H outta H?" To any brother close enough to hear the question, not so caught up in it not to recheck his shell, which sports several slash marks in a very unbecoming locations. "He tried to... low blow... loooow blow."

Mikey spins around and whirls his nunchuk in one hand to build up force enough to swing it at Koya's shoulder to try and knock her away from Raph. "Next time we should just knock, maybe dress like avon ladies?"

Michelangelo has posed:
"I'm bleeding..." Mikey did not realize that originally, addrenoline or something. He falls, immediately, to his back and grabs hold of his calf, "I've been undone!"

Nemean has posed:
The upper floor is clear. Fighting coming from the basement. A lot of it. Might be where the missing people are being held. The agent is quick to look for a way down, but unlike others, didn't come prepared with a map of the building, so it takes him a few moments to find the stairs down.

Once he does, however, he's down them as quick as his legs will carry him, and with the flashlight on his shotgun turned on, begins to clear rooms as he makes his way towards the sounds of the fight. Closer and closer, until he finally bursts into the room with the ongoing battle, "FBI! Freeze!"

This may not be the brightest decision he has ever made in his life...But he's also the only one here with a gun.

Donatello has posed:
     Donnie gives April a big hug, and of course, turns a slight shade of red as she gives him a kiss on the cheek. "H-hey!" He says, big smile on his face.

  "Yes, let's go!" He yells out to his brothers and allies. Bo staff in hands, he works to clear his path out. "Last call guys!" Twirls of the Bo keep lashing out, working to keep April away from harm's way.

April O'Neil has posed:
April moves to grab her tazer off of a table that she conveniently noticed had been placed there and then she rushes to keep up with the others as well as to offer Mikey a hand to get back up, she pauses to look toward where she hears the FBI shouted, but... they gotta go, they can't stay, SHE can't stay... tangled up with the FBI!? That wouldn't bode well for her career!

Shredder has posed:
    As Leo charges forward, he releases Mikey, methodically and calmly taking a profile stance to evade the downward cut of Leo's rage while raising his claw up, the combine motion of Leo's downward swing with his upward thrust driving up into Leo's under arm, the blood coated steel bursting up through the top of the shoulder. He lets his gaze meet Leo, faces inches away.


    There is a moment there where it's clear he could transition his position to kill Leo, and there would likely be little any of them could have done to stop it. Instead, his foot comes up to kick the turtle backward, sliding the claw back out of the wound, rather than letting it gash open the arm and flay the artery. Had he not pulled it free, it would have certainly been a mortal injury.

    The team of Foot turn as Cody bursts down the flight of stairs with shotgun in hand, and Shredder pulls from his sash a metsubushi. The egg shaped grenade is flung in response, hurtling at the federa agent's face, a concoction of noxius blinding powders, and intense blinding and sensory overload creation. "Disengage," he orders Koya and Bludgeon, trying to use the maneuver to remove all of them from the location so that Cody is unable to properly put anyone under arrest, or be forced to be murdered. Cop killing isn't something Shredder wants on the news right now for Mutant Town.

Leonardo has posed:
"I'll show you unim--hkkk.."

Leonardo doesn't finish his retort, for while he met Shredder's cold gaze eye to eye, though from a shorter position, those claw blades drive deeply and cleanly into the left arm and shoulder area of the Turtle leader, his eyes widening behind the blue mask. For a few long moments, Shredder has him dead to rights, for twisting away from the man could cause potentially irreparable damage or worse and he knows it.

He also knows he's at Shredder's mercy in that moment, and the katana in that hand clatters to the floor as his hand comes to loosen before he's discarded like a pile of junk, left to fall back and slide a few feet away. Immediately, crimson stains the area - his shoulder, the wall, the floor. "G-guys..a little h-help here.." he says weakly, somehow looking more pale than one might expect in a turtle. This is just as Shredder and his goons fall back, just as Cody arrives to the present left for him, just as April and Leo's brothers are beginning to pick themselves up and converge. Leo cradles the arm, trying to stem the flow of blood. Maybe it didn't hit an artery, thankfully, but he's already beginning to look dizzy.

They'd better get back to the lair, pronto.

Nemean has posed:
The sight that the federal agent gets to see for a brief moment before everything turns dark and acrid is one that he honestly has never seen in his life. Giant turtles fighting a giant bird and a fish and a robot maybe? Too bad the sight only lasts for a second before the grenade bursts in his face. He's forced to fall back into the hallway, coughing and hacking. By the time the smoke clears, it seems like there's no sign that anything was down here to begin with...Other than the massive amount of destruction.

Without anyone to bring in, he knows he'd better get out of here. He wasn't supposed to be here in the first place, so being unable to bring in any proof of what he'd found would look bad on him. He knows something is going on, be it in Mutant Town, or more likely in the city as a whole, and he fully intends to find out what, whatever it takes.