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Alopex (Scenesys ID: 8020)
"Keep moving forward. Never stop moving. When you stop, so will everything else."
Full Name: Alopex
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: IDW (FC)
Occupation: Rogue Ninja
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York City
Education: Privately Trained
Status: Approved
Groups: Turtle Family
Other Information
Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Date of Birth 21 March 2010 Actor: Marcella Lentz-Pope
Height: 168 cm Weight: 57 kg
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Amber
Theme Song: "Legends Never Die" by Against the Current


An ex-assassin for the Foot Clan, Alopex left the organization shortly after they burned down her first home in Fairbanks, Alaska. Her early life was that of an arctic fox. She was captured by Foot scientists and exposed to a mutagenic substance that transformed her into her current form. Despite leaving the group of ninjas and mercenaries, the Foot Clan left its mark due to the nightmarish experiments she went through and the constant assault of those looking to claim her bounty. Her escape was meant to allow her to hone her skills and escape her pursuers. Currently she employs the training of her former affiliation to protect herself. Her confidence in these skills can cause her to stay in rough situations for far too long. When she decides to interact with others, trust has to be established first. Those that earn her trust will discover an ally that is very loyal as she misses having people she can rely on through thick and thin.

Current Player Approved: April 26, 2019



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This is Alopex. A mutated arctic fox that stands at a height of 5'6". From head to toe she's coated in white fur, with only her wardrobe and a spattering of violet paint across her eyes offering any other coloration.


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Simplicity best describes how the life of a fox, now named Alopex, began. A regular Arctic Fox living in the forest around Fairbanks Alaska, she was the best hunter in her family and provided for them despite the challenges nature provided to them. Spotted by men wanting a prime specimen for their experiments, Alopex was captured and taken to a laboratory where she would be exposed to a liquefied green substance known for its mutative properties. Its name, reflective of its nature, was mutagen.

Over the next three months, the substance changed her, causing her intelligence to grow, her strength to increase, and her sentience to develop further than that of a regular fox. When her change was completed, she was given her name and then she was introduced to the organization that funded the lab, and its experiments. In one day she met both the Foot Clan and its leader, Oroku Saki, better known to some as the Shredder.

In the years that followed, Alopex was trained to become one of the elite members of the Foot, often times directly trained by Saki himself. Her skills, partially in thanks to her natural instincts for being a hunter, led to her being one of the best assassins in the clan. She had already clashed with the rivals of the Foot, the turtles, a number of times. On the eve of a major promotion within the Clan, Saki had one last test for Alopex to complete, though she was told it was a mission to clean up a research facility in a place familiar to her. Fairbanks, Alaska.

When the plane landed, the ramp dropped to a snow-covered landscape that was familiar to Alopex. Once on the ground, the fox quickly moved to the old facility, long since abandoned by the Foot that used to do their research and mutations. While moving through the facility, setting it up to be demolished, memories flooded back of the time when she was just a fox. Her hunting skills, her family, even the bear that terrorized everything in the area. Even another fox that made eye contact with her, just for a moment, before darting off. She suddenly sensed the same thing. Something was wrong.

Rushing in the direction of something burning, Alopex's eyes widened at the sight of Foot clan soldiers with flamethrowers, burning everything around them. Trees and everything in them were becoming nothing but cinders, and every single one of her senses was flooded with the inferno before her. Saki said.. something, but the rage that took over Alopex's mind sent her into a flurry against her current master. Saki allowed it, even encouraged it, even smiled when the fox actually smashed through his face plate to draw blood, but that was where he drew the line.

In the next moment he would strike a series of blows, speaking all the while, causing Alopex to end up on the ground. The forest was gone, her old home and family were gone, and all that was left was the Foot and the betrayal they had just enacted upon her. She recognized how her old instincts came back, believed there was no escape from the Foot, and went back to their headquarters in NYC, thinking that now? Oroku Saki had become the bear so many feared. She -would- kill the bear, this time around.

Once they returned, and Alopex was promoted, she resumed a mission she had started before departing for Fairbanks. A blade, typically on display in Japan, was to be put on display in a New York City Museum. She had managed to get all the details of its transport, the alarm systems protecting it, and the shifts of the guards that would be patrolling around it. When she was able to take the blade for herself, a weapon simply named The Shard, she realized that the winds of change had come for her and for the city she knew.

With this blade at her back, Alopex abandoned the Foot, vowing to return to destroy Shredder and his clan for what he had done to her home and possibly her old family. She needed to travel first, to hone her skills. She was as certain as when she left Fairbanks only a month or so earlier. She would, no doubt about it, kill the bear.


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From her original life before her mutation, through her time in the foot, to the way she lives her life today, Alopex exudes loyalty beyond all other qualities. She was an ace hunter when she still lived near Fairbanks, Alaska and provided for her family most of the time. After being exposed to mutagen by the Foot Clan, she felt that she owed them for her newly found life, intelligence, and skills. It was only after what she felt was the Foot betraying -her- that she left the criminal organization. They had destroyed her first home, possibly killed her old family, and she would not stand beside those that would not be loyal to her in return. Once someone can earn Alopex's trust, through actions words, or fists, they will find an ally that will never leave them behind. However, it will only take one strike to break that trust and it will be extremely difficult to earn it back once again.

Second, once Alopex has set herself on a task, it will take a great deal to keep her from accomplishing it. Despite her departure from the Foot, her dedication to her own training, be it martial arts, weaponry training, or keeping herself in shape, has not reduced in the least. Her routine each day is rigid and she only deviates from it when a situation demands it. If an ally earns her trust, and requests a favor or assistance, they would find she will go the distance to ensure what was asked is accomplished with no loop holes or technicalities used to skimp out on what was intended.

After leaving the foot, Alopex was uncertain of what she really wanted from life. It was only during her wandering around New York City for quite a while that she caught herself yearning for something she lost when she was transformed. Every time she saw a family together, enjoying each other's company, she felt the emptiness inside her. That yearning to be a part of something bigger, to have a family of her own, was what she yearned for. She quickly understood that a family in the truest sense of the word was impossible, but finding friends that would be as loyal and as dedicated to one another as she would be to them, would be plenty. To that end she hopes to find individuals she can call upon as family members would, for any reason. Earning her trust would come first, but developing relationships with those allies to the point of calling them family would take time.

The reason it would take so long was due to a deep fear that she may not even know she has. Being forcefully removed from her first family and then being betrayed by the second has led to her having a fear of both separation from people she cares for and rejection from the same people. The result of this is that her willingness to trust people can sometimes take a little longer than others. While she will give anyone a chance, building up the trust she needs to find allies and friends may take more than one encounter with the same person.

Something she also found out about herself after leaving the Foot clan was that she preferred to help people rather than do them harm. Even while she was with the organization, she would leave by-standers alone and focused on her goal. Even when sent to attack people, only the ones required would be harmed while any others would simply be incapacitated. Now that she has separated herself from the criminal group, Alopex prefers to defend people (especially families) that are in trouble. To save a life is to possibly find an ally, and that is far better than making enemies.

Interacting with other folks is something that can end up being rather complex for Alopex. She'll end up watching someone from a distance for a while before actually approaching. On the other hand, if someone actually approaches her first, she may come off as friendly, but will probably feel uncomfortable as the first meeting didn't go quite the way she From here, honestly, RP will determine how things go.


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Alopex was a young, but grown, arctic fox when she was captured for experiments involving mutagen. Once it was used, the fox was transformed, gaining enhanced intelligence, athletic ability, and a radically altered appearance. Her natural agility and senses were also enhanced.


During Alopex's time as a regular fox, she had taught herself to become one of the best hunters in the area and was able to keep her family well fed. After her mutation all of her senses and abilities for hunting have been greatly improved making her an extremely talented stalker, fighter, and assassin.


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After joining the Foot Clan, Alopex was pushed to her absolute limits, and then beyond them, to ensure she would be one of their best agents. Since her departure, she continues to hone these skills. While she is able to many different kinds of melee weapons and smaller guns, she vastly prefers to use her martial skills when able.

Learned as a fox, and honed as a member of the Foot, Alopex is well versed in keeping herself out of sight when desired, despite being an arctic fox. She is capable of sneaking and stalking a target for long stretches of time before striking at an unaware target from a variety of angles. In a reversed situation, she can also effectively evade pursuit and cover her tracks fairly well.


In the modern era the weapons one uses and the weapons an enemy wields cannot be ignored. While she has trained with a variety of weapons such as blades, staves, daggers, and similar, the world is full of weapons that are far more sophisticated and additional training was required to both use and combat such weapons effectively. She is familiar with modern weapons such as pistols, shotguns, and even tazers. Tech reaching into what could be considered 'the future' to her will still be unfamiliar and difficult to use.


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The sword Alopex wields when not fighting with just her limbs, the Shard is a blade forged of a meteorite that fell to Earth, Alopex launched a long campaign to claim the weapon for the Foot to prove her dedication. Instead, the fox took it as her own after she felt betrayed by the clan and made her unapproved exit. Extremely resilient and uncannily sharp, the weapon is believed to have 'mystical' properties but this has not been proven. Alopex only uses this weapon in the most dire of circumstances, if she even has it with her.


Shortly after abandoning the Foot, Alopex found refuge in a somewhat crowded attic she believed was over top of an abandoned lower floor. To her surprise, what rested below was in fact a small martial arts school, owned by an older gentleman who ran it as a mix between an outreach center and a dojo. After some initial confusion, Alopex realized the elder of the dojo was blind, but this didn't keep him from knowing just what she was, and arranging for her to stay in the unused top floor in exchange for taking care of the lower floor over night in exchange for room and board.


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Since Alopex left the Foot Clan without permission, they are constantly hunting for her. At any given time, it is possible for their personnel or hired hitmen or mercenaries to come for the fox. The bounty posted for her around in the underground and black markets could also lure others into wanting to hunt for her as well.

The memories from Alopex's time in the labs, being mutated, still haunt her to this day. From time to time, the fox will encounter a bout of nightmares regarding this time, mixed with older memories of a massive bear terrorizing her original family. After these dreams, she can show symptoms of irritation, fatigue, and a hatred of both lab coats and anything that even vaguely resembles a bear.

An expert hunter during her life as a fox, and extensive training to become one of the elite among the Foot, Alopex has rarely suffered defeat and as a result thinks so highly of her own skill that she often can find herself in over her head against multiple opponents or in the midst of an ambush. In the same vein she may walk into a situation she is a trap based on the fact she has a plan to deal with it. Additionally, she has trouble accepting the plans of others and often will stubbornly, rarely accept the advice of others.


While Alopex's senses are super sharp and help her in a number of ways, they can also be used against her. Things like pepper spray, flash bangs, and other sensory overwhelming devices will leave her disoriented for far longer than a regular person.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Never bring an Alligator to a Dog Fight... November 5th, 2019 When a routine patrol is interrupted by the scent of fear and violence, Alopex and Pippi investigate an animal fighting ring, and end with a jailbreak -- would 'he followed me home' work in the Lair? Time will tell!
Meditation, Christmas Lights, and Reaffirmation October 27th, 2019 Needing reaffirmation after contending with a meeting of the minds with Fisk, Pippi is finding physical touch easier to handle, Alopex affirms her student's good choices.
All Dogs go to Heaven, but can they Meditate October 21st, 2019 Pippi makes a mess of Leonardo's leaf-raking. He then attempts to teach her about meditation, with Alopex there to help.
Turtle Trip 4: Even The Normal Things Are Abnormal October 20th, 2019 Raph seeks meditation help from Leo. Donnie can't resist his urges in more ways than one. Mikey is Mikey. Pippi struggles with a squirrel. Alopex makes a campfire. Nemean can still hunt. April and Vanessa visit, bringing food and...Halloween costumes? Three words: Salt and Pupper.
Turtle Trip 3: Northampton Blues October 11th, 2019 Part of the TMNT vacation, Nemean decides to go off on his own, and gives into his animalistic instincts.
Road Jitters October 5th, 2019 Planning for vacation, Leo, Alopex and Pippi cover some basics, talk a little shop.
Downtime Below September 29th, 2019 Leo zones out, and a group descision is made to take a break. Pippi worries about going to a farm.
High Stakes September 28th, 2019 Sometimes when brains storm, it drizzles, other times it rains!
How many mutants to change a lightbulb September 18th, 2019 An Admission, Assurance, and Alopex realizes she may have to watch more Disney movies -- no worries, the light always goes on in the end.
Float like a butterdish... August 18th, 2019 A little hand-to-hand training between the Fox and the Hound, followed by a heart-to-heart, and some laughs.
City Fall: Remembering the Truth, Part 2 August 7th, 2019 Nemean's memories are explored further as sites of greater importance are returned to. A breakthrough follows as Leonardo brings in further help. (backdated to 8/7/19)
After the Rescue July 30th, 2019 Pippi comes to after encountering The Shredder and more importantly, Nemean's first steps of recovery. Alopex finds Pippi more canny than she lets on, and Pippi worries about the recovery of Cody, his mutation and place in the world... and the additional stresses on Leonardo.
Into the Lion's Den July 29th, 2019 Nemean is faced with a choice. Stay with Shredder, or go with the Turtles.
Topside Training time July 22nd, 2019 Summary needed
Fridge Notes July 15th, 2019 After Pippi left a note about someone she spoke with, Leonardo and Alopex discuss it with her before Donatello crashes the party.
Chance Meetings in an Alley July 9th, 2019 Summary needed
City Fall: Zoo Aftermath June 29th, 2019 Alopex and Pippi learn of what happened between Leonardo and Nemean
No, No, Not the Fridge! June 27th, 2019 Summary needed
Where in the world is Cody Garrett June 19th, 2019 Frank and Alopex meet for the first time. Frank gets some information about Foot Clan safehouses, and Alopex gets another contact. This occurs a few hours before Hunting the Hunter (scene 7946)
Fox Hunt 2.0 June 19th, 2019 The newly crowned Nemean goes hunting for prey, revealing a secret to Alopex and Pippi in the process.
When Agents Go Missing June 17th, 2019 Alopex and Pippi go looking for Agent Garrett, but find evidence of the Foot Clan's involvement instead.
City Fall: A Meeting of Mutant Minds June 16th, 2019 The Turtle Lair gets a little more crowded.
Wag a Tail June 12th, 2019 Summary needed
A Shard of the Sky June 9th, 2019 Summary needed
City Fall: Raiding the Docks June 9th, 2019 A group gathers to put a stop to a shipment destined for Shredder's hands. A surprise is found.
How to Train your Pippi June 3rd, 2019 Summary needed
Training May 26th, 2019 Summary needed
A Seemingly Random Encounter May 22nd, 2019 Leonardo and Alopex are looking for each other. The turtle finds the fox first.
A Place to Call Home May 22nd, 2019 Summary needed
Wolfy Mutant, Foxy Ninja: The Encounter May 21st, 2019 Summary needed
Ninja Whats May 19th, 2019 This has been a great day! New friends, new allies, and just knows this is the start of something great. Maybe, just maybe, it'll be the first domino that ends the Foot Clan once and for all.
Dog Days May 17th, 2019 Summary needed
A Mafioso Meet-Up May 15th, 2019 Summary needed
A Fox Hunt In New York City May 8th, 2019 Summary needed
City Fall: The Lost Daughter May 6th, 2019 The turtles go rescue April, finding Shredder, Koya, and Bludgeon. Alopex makes a decision. Cody gets involved. (Takes place closer to "City Fall: A Family Call")


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Title Date Scene Summary
Asleep, Awake June 21st, 2019 Summary needed


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