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Donatello (Scenesys ID: 96)
"Yeah, that would make her your mom too, doofus."
Full Name: Donatello Hamato
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: IDW (FC)
Occupation: Ninja Turtle
Citizenship: American
Residence: New York
Education: Homeschooled
Status: Dropped
Groups: Martial Arts-OOC, Street Level-OOC, Turtle Family
Other Information
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 30 October 2008 Actor: Corey Feldman
Height: 183cm (6'0") Weight: 74kg (163lbs)
Hair Color: Bald Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: Information Technologic


It ain't easy being green! Or socially awkward. Or a nerd.

Donatello is one of four tiny turtles who, either by fate or accident, wound up crawling around a puddle of mutagenic ooze in a sewer. Raised in the shadows, taught the ways of ninjutsu by a master of the craft, Donatello (or Donnie, as some have come to call him) is the second youngest and the tallest of his brothers. A pacifist despite his upbringing under Splinter's tutelage, his weapon of choice is the bo staff, because utilizing deadly force goes against his personal code of ethics. While unafraid to politely clap-back with not-so-thinly veiled sarcasm, he is generally soft spoken and studious, often underestimated due to his tendency to consider situation and circumstance from every angle before committing to action, a trait that is mistaken for cowardice or hesitancy. Until recently, Donatello hasn't had much in the way of contact with people outside of his family unit. Donnie isn't the most loquacious of his brothers, unless the topic is relevant to his interests, but he's not totally clueless to social nuances. He watches a lot of TV!

Courtesy of Raphael: Derp derp turtle, herp derp, ninja, bur-durb nerd.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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A five-foot two, humanoid turtle? Yep, that's exactly what you're looking at. Leather elbow pads, knee pads, a belt and leather wrist guards say this individual isn't just some monster, even though his shell seems to preclude wearing much else in the way of clothing. A royal purple mask is tied tightly about the top half of his face, framing warm, intelligent brown eyes. Dark green mottled skin stretches over bulky muscles. He carries a four foot bo staff, the grip wrapped in worn purple leather to match his mask, usually tucked into a little holder at the back of his belt when not in active use, one end stretching a bit above his right shoulder.


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Once upon a time Donatello was just a tiny turtle, like the type of turtle you buy in a pet store. And he and his brothers did get bought. Unfortunately, little Bobby or Timmy or whatever his name was tripped and fell before he got his new pets home, and he dumped all four of the turtles in the sewer. And that might have been the end of a very short an uneventful life had Donatello not fallen into some radioactive ooze. Even then it might have been dicey if a kindly old homeless man driven from his homeland by the depridations of various evil organizations hadn't picked up the four turtles and pat patted them dry, resulting in some bodacious mutations for everyone.

Donatello has been raised by his surrogate father, Master Splinter, for 18 years in an old sewer (actually it's really an unused subway tunnel, but it /can/ be accessed via sewer if you know where to go) tunnel. Splinter taught them to read, write, and to learn the ways of ninjitsu, for these were the skills he had to share. Donatello was always hungrier for more; long after his brothers tired of more academic pursuits he was scavenging books every chance he got, reading them, and learning from them. He became especially interested in what it took to build and repair certain items, interests which have allowed he and his brothers to live a slightly more comfortable lifestyle than the spartan one their master would have been content with.

He hasn't had much in the way of contact with the outside world though, and as is usual for him, he...wants more. Sooner or later his curiosity is going to drive him above ground, for good or for ill.


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Brilliant and industrious, inventive and unafraid to try new things, Donatello is both the brains and the workhorse of the Ninja Turtle family. Though he's quiet and introspective, he's not above letting loose with a clever bit of sass when it's called for. He's just not as rowdy as Raphael or Michaelangelo, and lacks the drive towards leadership and martial pursuits that Leonardo displays. He is driven by deep compassion and deep curiosity alike: a desire to help others, and a desire to understand them. He doesn't always share his observations (still waters run deep), but he definitely has them. Finally, he is driven by a desire to build, to improve, to make life better for the people who rely upon him. He's an easy guy to overlook, but that doesn't bother him. He's happy to work quietly on behalf of his family and friends. And he's happy to be underestimated by his enemies.


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There are a hundred ways Donatello might die, but drowning sure isn't one of them. He can hold his breath up to two hours, swim up to 4.5 miles per hour, which isn't quite the human maximum, but c'mon. He's lugging an awfully big shell here, too. He can see under water with ease, and has an instinctive ability to navigate its currents and shifting streams to avoid tiring himself out.
Heightened Intelligence
All of the brothers excell at something. Mikey is athletic, Leo has a natural Charisma, Raph is tougher than nails. Donnie is smart. Like crazy, way past Albert Einstein and Ben Nye smart. He can figure out complex problems quickly and it is what helps fuel some of his more science-bending gadgets. Not having traditional training he also thinks outside the box. All in all his IQ is probably 180-200, at a guess. Probably why he can be so awkward at times.
Natural Armor

Though it doesn't cover everything, Donatello's vitals are protected by a natural hard shell casing. Turtle shells are one of nature's toughest armor types. His shell could be broken (which could be a life-threatening injury), but it can sustain blunt trauma, shrug off bladed weapons, and even deflect bullets in a way that makes the shell itself a kind of weapon. Unlike a normal turtle's, there's no retracting inside of said shell, which is why Donnie is still not a big fan of getting shot at.


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Inventor Extraordinaire
Donatello has taught himself mechanics, computers, electronics, mathematics, chemistry and biology, allowing him to invent a number of interesting tech toys. He's been known to carry quite a few small ones on his person, ready when needed. This ability also allows him to improvise science solutions on the fly a la MacGuyver, though he's not fond of doing it. There's something to be said for having the time to do things right. If it's broken, he can probably fix it...or repurpose it. If he needs it, he can probably figure out how to make it, given time and tools.

Donatello has been thoroughly trained in the art of ninjitsu, with a specialist's focus on bojutsu (staff work). This includes hand-to-hand combat, a basic familiarity with other martial weapons of his tradition, the ability to move as quietly as a turtle's compact body allows for, and even the ability to pull a few other tricks, such as smoke bombs and escape artistry. His body is a well-honed machine, strong, agile, and ready for action.


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Bitcoin Bank Account
Donatello has started a number of Internet businesses in the hopes of keeping his brothers in pizza money. Unfortunately, it's hard to get a legitimate account for American dollars when you don't have a driver's license or a social security number. Fortunately, bitcoin is a bit more of a grey area...and there are always fellow Internet-people who are willing to swap out bitcoin in exchange for re-upping one of the pre-paid debit cards Donnie has salvaged with actual cash. Look, a guy's gotta pay for his pizza somehow.
Donatello created this can from an abandoned subway car and other parts. It is particularly durable, having endured hits from the likes of Rocksteady.

It has a top speed of 125 MPH. It has weaponry on turrets that include the Trash Cannon, The Manhole Cover launcher, and nasty barbs on the bumper. It can go both on rails or streets. It also houses and can launch in motion the Stealth bike

Inside is enough room for the four and a couple human passengers, if folk get friendly. There is a whole set of sensors and communication equipment he has put together. They can listen to police bands and a wide variety of others, as well as tell where enemies might be around it with basic radar.
Stealth Bike
Primarily something that Raph likes to use, everyone has gotten their turn. It can reach speeds of 100 mph. It actually is more of a crossbreed between an atv and a bike. As it has four wheels, though the ones at the front are smaller. A turtle can fit in it, laying on his stomach, and drive. It runs silent and at the flip of a button asphalt covered shell flips up, allowing it to blend with the street.
The Lair

A secret hideout shared with his brothers, located in unused subway tunnels lost to time, connected to the rest of NYC via a sewer network he knows like the back of his hand. He knows it well enough to avoid the parts of it that are too nasty and dangerous to traverse, even. If things ever get too hot Donnie can most likely slip into the underground and disappear before anyone could ever track him home...and those who want to try him on his home turf might find that he can pull quite a few nasty surprises without having to try very hard at all.


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Doesn't Exist
That is, he doesn't officially exist. No IDs. No real bank accounts. No social security card or number. And while this also means no fingerprints, no facial recognition, and no other records, it's more of a disadvantage than an advantage in a world where giving out one's social and ID to obtain certain basic services is the norm. It also means giving up the protection of the law. If he were thrown into a deep dark hole only a few people would notice or care, and the only justice he could obtain would be the justice he and his friends could carve out for themselves.
Freak of Nature
There's no way to put it politely. Donatello is never going to blend. There is no disguise that's going to adequately hide his misshapen body. There is no mask that's going to allow him to pass for anything other than "slightly less freakish." Anonymity has saved him and his brothers thus far. There are certainly those, in this world of mutants taking all manner of forms, who are likely to be open minded. There are also those who are likely to be terrified and who might try to dissect him just for existing. Certain methods of information gathering, certain methods of meeting people, and certain ways of hiding one's activities are just not going to work for him.
Tv Is Trying To Kill You

Even Donatello watches more television than he should. It's one of the primary ways he has come to "understand" the outside world. Which means he thinks certain things that happen on television all the time actually reflect reality. Not when they contradict with science, of course, but...when storylines contradict basic common sense or real human relationships, he might just be a little bit out of his element.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Train the body, Train the mind. February 2nd, 2020 FURRY MISSILE ATTACK! Oh, no, just Donatello and Pippi training.
The Dangers of Being Known January 12th, 2020 Donatello discovers someone's looking for Pippi, and posting it on the internet. Beware of low men in yellow coats, driving low cars.
Must be fresh! December 23rd, 2019 Donnie makes an Ape friend! He's like Donnie Wahlberg!
City Fall: For the Masses December 3rd, 2019 The Turtle Team and the Shadow find out about the Foot's next play.
Trial and Error December 3rd, 2019 Pippi makes 'French Toast a'la Pippi' -- which amounts to Brown Sugar Cinnamon French Toast with Bacon -- and seeks permission to start calling the Team of Green her Family. Donatello enthusiastically replies, and then as typical for the duo, they talk butts.
I'm no artist... October 31st, 2019 A lot of dancing, a lot of talk... and a sculpture date discussed. Cue to the Righteous Brothers.
Turtle Trip 4: Even The Normal Things Are Abnormal October 20th, 2019 Raph seeks meditation help from Leo. Donnie can't resist his urges in more ways than one. Mikey is Mikey. Pippi struggles with a squirrel. Alopex makes a campfire. Nemean can still hunt. April and Vanessa visit, bringing food and...Halloween costumes? Three words: Salt and Pupper.
Turtle Trip 1 October 6th, 2019 Leo and Donnie start to settle in on the first day of the vacation, but they can't escape some heavier topics quite yet.
Don't I know you September 26th, 2019 Tim and Donnie meet up and discover they're already friends!
Alley Aftermath September 9th, 2019 In which there are butts, tails, and butt-neckties. Donatello tends to a couple of wounds on Pippi before going back on patrol.
Fire Burns Bight Within Ruby Delight September 9th, 2019 June has a bad night as she gets tracked down, but the hunter soon becomes the hunted.
Mad Science August 25th, 2019 Donatello and Pippi end up having another hear to heart. Donatello has a foul mouth! Realities of many shattered!!!
Shut your mouth, Leo August 13th, 2019 Robins, Scoobies, and Turtles, oh my
She Blinded Me With Science July 28th, 2019 Theories are swapped. Cookies are stolen. A plan is made.
QuestionsQuestionsQuestions July 18th, 2019 Summary needed
Fridge Notes July 15th, 2019 After Pippi left a note about someone she spoke with, Leonardo and Alopex discuss it with her before Donatello crashes the party.
City Fall: Turtles and an Assassin in Gotham July 9th, 2019 The Purple Dragons hold a recruitment drive in Gotham City. A disguised Damian crashes it. So do the turtles.
A Hot Day In Harlem July 7th, 2019 A hot summer day in Harlem brings Luke, Oz, Buffy, and Donatello together
Another Turtle's Treasure July 4th, 2019 Summary needed
Turtle Family Matters June 30th, 2019 Donatello queations Leonardo's tendency to do things on his own lately. Pippi overhears.
No, No, Not the Fridge! June 27th, 2019 Summary needed
City Fall: The Lost Daughter May 6th, 2019 The turtles go rescue April, finding Shredder, Koya, and Bludgeon. Alopex makes a decision. Cody gets involved. (Takes place closer to "City Fall: A Family Call")
A Punishing Discussion April 16th, 2019 Leo and Donnie talk about Punisher's plans. Includes brief Splinter cameo.
Turtles and Trouble March 26th, 2019 Punisher meets the Turtles in an abandoned subway station. An accord... might be reached?
Turtle Time in the Lair March 24th, 2019 Three of the brothers discuss - surprise - pizza!
Smart stuff and other things March 17th, 2019 Mikey, Raph, Donnie, and April talk punishment
Gangland Blues: A Brooklyn Encounter March 17th, 2019 Punisher makes a move on a mob-front in Brooklyn. Two of the Turtles observe the carnage steathily and leave a 'present' for Microchip
Finding the Foot March 30th, 2018 Summary needed
After the Firing March 7th, 2018 Summary needed
That Wasn't the Plan Today February 20th, 2018 Donnie picks up a tail from the Foot. And confronts it. I see you!
Something's Afoot February 16th, 2018 Summary needed
Gadgets and Pizza January 31st, 2018 Summary needed
I'm not your dummy, Dummy. August 15th, 2017 Summary needed
The Naming of Cats July 27th, 2017 It isn't just one of your holiday games.


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