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Cammy White (Scenesys ID: 823)
"You remind me of the training dummies that I used to break."

"For a little bit, I thought you were someone with a spine, but I guess appearances can be deceiving...."

Full Name: Cammy White
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: Other (FC)
Occupation: Interpol Agent
Citizenship: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and United States of America
Residence: Mahattan, New York City
Education: Military Training
Status: Approved
Groups: SHIELD
Other Information
Apparent Age: 24 Actual Age: 24
Date of Birth 29 June 2005 Actor: Lauren Drain
Height: 155 cm (5'1") Weight: 61 kg (134 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Cammy Theme" by Hideyuki Fukasawa (Street Fighter IV)


An MI6 agent with a dubious past. Rescued from a Hydra facility with no real memory of her past, Cammy is known for her fierce devotion to MI6 and her duty... but still kept under watch for the implications of her unknown history. She is currently on assignment with Interpol.

Current Player Approved: May 17, 2022



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Petite, and deadly. Cammy's all of 5'1", with fine boned features, large blue eyes, a petite nose and generous lips. A scar runs across one golden-tanned cheek to her jawline, left bare of make-up and not at all softened by the way her hair is bound back into a pair of 'boxer's braids', starting high near her temples and left to fall all the way to her waist.

Curvaceous and muscular, facts emphasized by the second skin closeness of the high cut leotard she wears in a dark, militaristic green, a black harness worn over the top to hold whatever weaponry load-out she might need on the day. The fatigues that cover her legs low cut enough to leave a blade of skin at her hips exposed and do little to hide her ample rear or the powerful muscles of her legs.


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Much of Cammy's history is still shrouded in mysterious both to the young Brit and her agency. What is known for certain is that she was recovered from a Hydra facility in 2023. With no memory of how she got there, or why, no identified records of her time beforehand and no family discovered MI-6 first attempted to place her in a civilian position in London, only to have Hydra attempt to recapture her within a month.

Concession was made to induct her as an MI6 agent, in the end, due to her skills and Hydra's continued interest in her. But it was a concession made with several caveats: regular psychiatric evaluations and frequent inspections. Regular surveillance, all intended to ensure that she's not some kind of sleeper agent for the other side. In time, she earned trust and was assigned to work with Interpol.

The unknown portion is that Cammy is, in fact, a clone of Hydra's M. Bison. Possessed of some measure of his genetic enhancements. Intended originally as a vessel for his consciousness she had served among the cadre of specialized agents known as the Dolls.


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Cammy is a powerful, forceful, and pertinacious young woman with a strong sense of justice. By and large she endeavors to be extremely polite, friendly, and respectful, in her dealings with others, but she is not a creature of infinite patience and trends to the verbally brutal and condescending with those she's out of patience or respect for. She refuses to go down without a fight and will push past the point of reason where justice is on the line, frequently at a cost to herself.

Cammy strives not to do more harm than is necessary to her opponents but does not shy from employing deadly techniques when the occasion calls. She is also rather relentless and harsh on herself when she makes mistakes, her own worst critic by far. Extremely driven, molded by a rigid military discipline and spartan honor.


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Danger Sense:
Cammy's passively tuned to the flow of life and chi in her surroundings that sometimes she gets a sense of impending danger in time to be able to react. This is not as fine-tuned as Spider-man's spidey sense, providing only the general sense of impending danger and, potentially, the direction, but not sufficient to allow her to avoid it on instinct alone.

Genetic Enhancements:

Cammy possesses the ability to draw upon and focus chi to increase the power of her martial arts.

Passively, this reinforces the strength of her martial arts and allows her to perform acrobatic feats with power that physics alone can't account for. Actively, this allows her to draw upon her chi and focus it in the form of physical enhancements such as strengthening a blow or giving her faster than normal speed.

In addition to this, she was genetically created to be a host form for a powered being. Thus her body is at peak physical levels possible for someone of her physical traits. She isn't going to lift as much with her arms as Captain America but her legs may be just as strong as his. She can move at peak human speeds and is resistant to damage such as being thrown through walls or attacked by a normal human power level. This gives her some increase metabolism as well as speeding up healing to about three times faster than a normal human. So, a broken bone may take three weeks instead of eight.


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Cammy would be hard pressed to tell someone at what point in her young life she learnt the creation, use, and maintenance of explosive devices, but it's undeniable that she has an engineer's eye for placement and an anarchists artistry for creation.

Martial Arts:
Cammy is a consummate professional when it comes to Martial Arts. Although her personal style is frequently described as Special Forces unarmed combat techniques, she pits herself frequently against practitioners of other styles to help improve her own.

Military Training:
Cammy has received extensive military training. She's proficient with the use and maintenance of explosives, firearms, and knives. She's been trained in field first aid, operation of motor vehicles in combat situations, and wilderness survival. She's also been trained as a spy and double agent, learning how to spot and conceal tells, to infiltrate, to manipulate others, and how to sneak. Some of her skills as a double agent are no longer terribly useful in the field, since she's been made known to Hydra and she has a distinctive scar on her face, but she keeps her practice in.

Cammy speaks and reads English, Dutch, French, German, and Russian. She's been professionally trained in regional accents and can often pass as a native speaker. She is also fluent in American Sign Language, allowing communication in situations where speech might be impossible.

Weapons Expert:

'War' is Cammy's life. Beyond martial arts or explosives, much of Cammy's spare time is devoted to expanding her knowledge of conventional weaponry. Few are the guns she cannot field strip and reconstruct when called upon, and she's an excellent shot.


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Cammy is an agent assigned to MI6. She is a mid-level agent with the clearance levels to match (think equal to around a SHIELD agent level 5). Currently she is assigned to Interpol. As such, she can call on the resources of MI6 if needed, as well as Interpol. This can be information or equipment.

Safe Houses:

Cammy keeps a couple of safe houses setup in case she ever needs them. One is in NYC where she currently is assigned while the other is back home in London. Each has a cache of money and supplies to help her hide our or possibly change her identity if necessary. This is also handy if MI6 or Interpol are ever compromised. She has a handful of weapons she keeps at this location and could hunker down in one for months if needed, though she'd be living off MREs.


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Cammy's entire life before a few years ago and her rescue from a Hydra facility are a complete unknown to Cammy. Situations may seem familiar; people and places may nag at her in the deja vu sense but she has no idea who she was before her rescue. This ignorance has been maintained by her handlers in the interest of her mental stability, as no-one can quite predict what may happen if her past as a Hydra assassin and her present as a MI6/Interpol operative collide.

Double Agent:

Although Cammy doesn't actively remember her time as part of the Dolls, there are those among the upper echelons of Hydra that are entirely aware of who she used to be. Some of those are also aware that she has switched sides and particularly want her dead as a result.

Some of the upper echelons of MI6 are also no doubt aware of her checkered history, part of why she's maintained under observation.

The 'grunts' and even Cammy herself have been kept in the dark about the situation but within MI6 at times some of the upper level agents who have the information may not trust her entirely. For Hydra she's a liability to be dealt with, or a rogue agent to be reclaimed for her inside knowledge of MI6 operations.


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