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|Occupation=Teen Journalist/Superhero
|Occupation=Teen Journalist/Superhero

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Billy Batson (Scenesys ID: 321)
Full Name: Billy Batson
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Teen Journalist/Superhero
Citizenship: American
Residence: Streets, NYC
Education: Hard Knocks
Status: Approved
Groups: Mystic Arts, Justice League
Other Information
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Date of Birth 24 January 2011 Actor: Asher Angel (Billy Batson)/Zachary Levi (Captain Marvel)
Height: 172cm (5'8") Weight: 65kg (143lbs)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "You're The Best" by Joe Esposito


Billy Batson is a plucky young reporter who works for WHIZ Media, seeking out interesting stories and crises that may be of interest to his audience AND the heroic Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel is an optimistic hero in the vein of Superman who seeks to help any and all that seem to need aid--and he does so with a smile on his face.

Current Player Approved: July 08, 2019



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This is a teen boy of average height and slender proportion. Dark, slightly unkempt hair sits atop his head. His eyes are pale blue, and his nose is slightly rounded at the tip. On either side of his mouth are small dimples, and the boy's chin ends in a curved cleft. The youth wears a plain red shirt bordered in yellow at the collar and cuffs. On his lower half he wears a pair of slightly worn blue jeans with turned-up cuffs. His feet are covered by white socks and old Chuck Taylors. 

Captain Marvel: 

This is a man great in height and stature; he stands well over six feet and possesses considerable muscular girth. A crew cut of black hair sits atop his head, combed back from his face. Pale blue eyes stare out from beneath a pair of high, arched eyebrows. His nose is rounded and dimples sit at either side of his mouth. The man's jaw is smooth and bare, and his chin ends in a curved cleft.

His figure is clad in a suit of red and gold. Hanging from about his neck by either side is a short white cape, embroidered along the edges in gold filigree. Over his torso is a crimson suit bearing upon his chest the image of a large lightning bolt. Inset the lightning bolt is a field of white, with visible arcs of lightning inside. A golden belt is secured about the man's waist, and he wears golden gauntlets on his forearms. He wears form-fitting pants of the same scarlet color as his torso. The pants transition into a pair of gold boots from around his calves. http://imgur.com/a/OT2uS


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Billy Batson was born in New York, and almost immediately tragedy struck. His parents had died during his infancy, and Billy was placed in a rotation of foster homes until he ran away at age twelve to live on his own. Billy was able to make some money as a newsboy, selling papers on street corners for minimal profit.

One fateful night, though, everything changed. A stranger, whose features were obscured by a hat and long coat, beckoned Billy to follow him down into the station. The youth, being an innocent and curious fellow, went along. Billy and the stranger entered a strange subway car and passed a series of statues labeled 'The Seven Deadly Enemies of Man': Pride, Envy, Greed, Hatred, Selfishness, Laziness, and Injustice.

At the end of the cavern was a great throne, upon which sat an old man. Above him was a massive block of stone, hanging by a thread. The old man named himself as Shazam, and said he had fought evil for thousands of years. The time had come, he said, to name his successor, as his own era had passed. Shazam urged the boy to speak his name. Billy shouted "Shazam!" and with one magic word, he was transformed into Captain Marvel, the world's mightiest mortal!

At that very moment, the thread holding the block of stone above Shazam's head snapped, and the man was crushed upon his throne. Shazam's spirit appeared and told Captain Marvel that any time he was needed, Captain Marvel could but light a brazier within the room and Shazam would appear. Shazam then told Captain Marvel from whence his powers derived, forming the acronym SHAZAM: Solomon's wisdom, Hercules's strength, Atlas's stamina, Zeus's power, Achilles's courage, and Mercury's speed.

From that day forward, Captain Marvel has been charged with fighting all evil on earth. As Billy, he kept his ear to the ground, getting a job with WHIZ Media in an effort to keep up with any and all news reports that might require Captain Marvel's presence. Billy's also since found a roof over his head at an orphanage, trying his best to live as unassuming a secret identity as possible.


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Innocent: Billy Batson is essentially a wide-eyed, happy-go-lucky kid. He doesn't really have evil thoughts or notions of cynicism and skepticism. He is almost always willing to believe someone (at least unless they prove themselves to be untrustworthy!) and help others as much as possible. At times this becomes dangerous naivete, as Billy doesn't really want to believe (or at least, doesn't believe) that even the most random of strangers is out to do wrong to others.

Cheery: Billy/Captain Marvel is a generally cheerful fellow, with a smile on his face and a notion to aid anyone who might need his help. He rarely gets downtrodden or sad; it's as if Billy seems to find the silver lining in every cloud, even if such an optimistic outlook does make him seem a bit unrealistic at times.

Wholesome: Hot dogs, baseball, moms, and apple pie: Billy/Cap is a wholesome guy, dedicated to that age-old adage of "truth, justice, and the American way." He tries to live a clean way of life, and enjoys family-friendly recreation with his pals. Captain Marvel uses violence when necessary, and his brain as often as he can. Even to his enemies, Cap is a kind man, hoping to rid the world of evil - not people; even the hardest criminal has the chance of rehabilitating.

Helpful: Billy's a helping kind of guy. If someone comes to him with a request (that's not obviously immoral, evil, or criminal), Billy will almost always try to aid that person - as Billy Batson or Captain Marvel, whichever is needed. He wants others to be happy, and helping others makes Billy happy in return. One could say being helpful is a favorite pasttime of Billy's, and it is certainly an activity that takes up a great deal of his free time - not that he's complaining.

Humble: Despite his great power, Billy is not very egotistical at all. He knows he was granted great abilities for a reason, and he uses his gifts to that end. For his deeds Captain Marvel has received a number of awards and accolades, yet none of these commendations have gone to the hero's head. He continues to fight the good fight without elevating himself above his task, unwilling to convince himself he is anything greater than the average upright citizen.

Hero: Captain Marvel is a hero, plain and simple. He seeks out evil in the world so that he may set it right, despite what danger might arise against him or his alter-ego Billy Batson. He fights wrong because it is the right thing to do, and because it is his duty - he is just not willing to stop trying to make the world a better place.


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Captain Marvel's gift of the courage of Achilles allows him to overcome one of the greatest weapons of villainy - terror and fear. Captain Marvel fears next to nothing, and can act without worry or concern for his well-being. He is confident in and aware of his abilities; he knows he can and must take action against evil so that good can prevail.
Given the power of Zeus, Captain Marvel is a formidable figure against nearly anyone. He can deliver extremely powerful blows (made even more mighty when combined with the strength of Hercules) and is nearly invulnerable. Bullets bounce from his body, though powerful rockets and artillery shells might daze him. In addition, Captain Marvel can emulate Zeus - god of the sky - and take flight at high speeds (utilizing the gift of Mercury). He can withstand the crushing pressures of the deep ocean and the pressureless vacuum of outer space for extended periods of time with no harmful effects.
Captain Marvel possesses the speed of Mercury, and as a result is superhumanly fast when needed. He can run, fast, and simply 'act' at speeds far swifter than an average human can achieve. Rather equivalent in ability to Superman's super-speed, Captain Marvel can overcome the speed of sound with little effort (and in fact reach over ten times that velocity), though he is not quite as fast as the Flash.
Captain Marvel's stamina is said to come from that of the mythical figure Atlas, who bore the heavens upon his shoulders. Just as Atlas could not bend from his duty for rest, Captain Marvel is nigh-tireless in his efforts for justice. He can certainly be dazed and caught off-guard, but he has little need for sleep or respite. This stamina, along with the power of Zeus, causes Captain Marvel to be a very invulnerable figure.
With the seemingly limitless strength of Hercules, Captain Marvel can go head-to-head with some of the greatest figures around. There is no substance that seems invulnerable to the effects of his strength. In practical terms, Cap is roughly equivalent to Superman, capable of lifting skyscrapers, mountains, and enormous meteors without great effort.

Captain Marvel possesses the legendary wisdom of Solomon, granting him superhuman cunning. This does not augment his intelligence per se, but instead gives Cap the ability to make prudent decisions and to consider all possibilities of a given problem or situation in order to make said decisions. While not flawless in his judgement, Captain Marvel has a definite edge over most; however, he can be outwitted by those with extremely high intelligence and guile.


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Part of Billy's job as a newscaster involves him doing some investigative journalism; the boy is extremely skilled at finding trouble and (more often than not) ending up in a jam - before resolving the situation and getting a great story for the news!
Billy Batson is well-versed as a young newscaster working for radio, television, and the Internet. He is familiar with how to make use of relevant equipment and protocol regarding the broadcasting of news media to various audiences.
Public Speaking
Billy Batson and Captain Marvel both have spent considerable time honing and using their oratory skills. Billy learned how to capture the public's attention when he worked as a homeless newsboy, trying to sell every newspaper he could in order to get money to eat for the day, and he's since become a competent speaker as part of his role as a journalist for WHIZ. Captain Marvel--aided by the wisdom of Solomon--has spent a great deal of time trying to talk through crises without using his fists, as well as speaking at various celebrations, award ceremonies, and similar civic functions.

Although he never had the heart for it and is living a better life nowadays, Billy is no stranger to life on the streets. He once slept in alleys and other sketchy areas while working as a newsboy. He knows what life is like for those who are homeless or live on the streets and he knows how to act accordingly when in such situations (though he always seems to be just a bit too helpful when it's least needed).


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News Equipment
From time to time, Billy uses a variety of portable recording devices to conduct interviews or "man on the street" surveys outside the WHIZ studios. Billy is comfortable and competent in using his equipment, but he's no technician capable of repairing anything that breaks or quits working on the job.
The wizard Shazam granted Captain Marvel the powers of six mythical figures, and has acted as the hero's mentor ever since. Cap can visit Shazam's spirit by traveling to his secluded cavern at the end of an old subway station; Captain Marvel must light a brazier near Shazam's old throne, and the wizard's will appear before him to grant his successor aid.
Whiz Media

Billy Batson is an employee of the WHIZ media corporation. He has worked as a newscaster ever since proving himself capable of digging up stories by uncovering Dr. Thaddeus Sivana as the 'Phantom Scientist.' The owner, Sterling Morris, is very fond of Billy and keeps him on staff despite Billy's constant rapid disappearances from work at inopportune moments when a keen investigative nose-for-news would come in handy.


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Despite dedicating himself to the pursuit of good, Captain Marvel has gained quite an extensive rogues' gallery full of figures--from Dr. Sivana to Mr. Mind--that often want nothing more than to conquer their archnemesis. Such a threat is so constant in his life that Billy/Cap never quite seems to find much peace, having to deal with his numerous foes in order to make sure the potential for evil does not spread so quickly.
Because Billy needs to say 'Shazam' to become Captain Marvel, and because he often gets into trouble, the gag is possibly his worst inanimate enemy. If he is captured, most criminals put a rope or cloth around his mouth so that he can't cry for help (or, unknowingly to the crooks, to change into Captain Marvel). Only luck and outside aid can help Billy in such situations - otherwise he may well be toast.
Billy transforms into Captain Marvel with a bolt of lightning, and stray lightning can be a danger that changes Billy to Cap (or vice versa) against his will. This could potentially be fatal, such as situations when Captain Marvel is flying and struck by lightning - the newly-returned Billy Batson would need to think fast to avoid plummeting to his death! Likewise, lightning bolts reflected by various surfaces - mirrors, lightning rods, or even magic gems - can cause quite a problem when Billy/Cap wants to transform but ends up being unable to.
Magic Word
Whenever Billy Batson or Captain Marvel says the word 'Shazam' he transforms into his other identity. This can cause a problem in conversation, if Billy (or his alter-ego) needs to say the word 'Shazam' but cannot risk a transformation. Instead, he must suffer embarrassment for providing awkward verbal bypasses of the word or veiled explanations to avoid the term.
Billy Batson's overwhelming innocence and willingness to help can often be more akin to a great naivete than to simple innocence. The boy can be tricked by those with great cunning and guile who keep their motives concealed; Billy's desire to aid almost everyone is kept from only those who have shown themselves to be criminals and untrustworthy sorts in the past - and even then, he might be willing to help those who appear to be reforming themselves! As a result, Billy often finds himself captured or tricked into doing something wrong, and needing to get out of a jam by saying his magic word or hoping someone else comes quick to save him.
Secret Identity

Billy Batson is a normal teenage boy, with no special powers or abilities. Though he is quite invulnerable as Captain Marvel, Billy cannot always transform into his secret identity - a problem that may prove deadly if Billy can't get himself out of a jam in time (such as finding a way to transform discreetly)!


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