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Chun-li (Scenesys ID: 9007)
Full Name: Xiang Chun-li
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Theme: Other (FC)
Occupation: Agent of Interpol
Citizenship: People's Republic of China and United States of America
Residence: Gotham City
Education: Up Through Police Academy
Status: Dropped
Other Information
Apparent Age: 27 Actual Age: 27
Date of Birth 1 March 2004 Actor:
Height: 168 cm (5'6") Weight: 64 kg (141 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:


The Daughter of an agent of Interpol, Chun-Li followed in her father's footsteps in both Interpol and Martial Arts. She is an active agent of Interpol and also an active participant in the occasional martial arts tournament. As such, she'd potentially be known in both circles.

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This Chinese woman's hair is up in the style of Ox-horns, a style that leaves most of her hair bunched up on either side of her head with a little of it hanging behind her head in circular braids. Her bangs left to hang free over her forhead. Her brown eyes match up with her hair, large and often serious. Her nose is small, matching much of her face which would likely be called soft and petite. However, this is where the petite, in many ways, ends.

With every movement, it is hard to define her body as anything other than worked. When relaxed, she has the curves of a woman of her age but there's a hint of thick muscle hidden underneath the still waters of her skin especially evident in her arms and thick thighs. When she moves, it is easy to spot how the muscles define themselves, bunching up into ripcords of muscle worked through excercise and also through pure hardwork.

Often she is seen in a blue qipao, a Chinese dress that was originall Manchurian, though it is heavily modified to stop at her waist and hang only down her back and front, leaving the sides fully open to reveal a pair of brown leggings that go up under the dress with a top that is hidden. She wears a pair of thick, white, laced boots that have just a hint of a heel, thick souled and very combat like. At her wrists are a pair of thick bracelets with spikes on them.


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At the age of 5, Chun-Li was introduced by her father to Bruce Lee movies as well as many other forms of entertainment involving martial arts. It's no surprise given her father's so called "Legendary Legs". It wasn't very long before Chun-Li got into martial arts. Starting out with Tai-Chi, she enjoyed it but hardly enjoyed it as much as she enjoyed the flashier forms of martial arts. Before too long she was learning so much more from both her father and an old friend of her father's, Gen.

While others would teach her in many varying forms of martial arts, Gen would teach her how to combine her mind, body, and soul into a not only efficient weapon but a lethal one at that. Thanks to his teaching, she learned to use her chi to do incredible stunts as well as to sharpen the sword that was her body.

Following in her father's footsteps, she becaome a police officer. She'd move on to Interpol later in life, due in no small part to her father's disappearance. While working undercover, he vanished and was presumed dead. The drug cartel behind it, a group known as Shadaloo. While there wasn't enough information to go on to find her father, she became somewhat obsessed with finding him (or at least finding out what happened to him) which led her to Interpol. Interpol was eager to have her given her skills as well as her family connection. Even now, despite having work she must do, she still puts some of her time aside specifically to find out what happened to her father.


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Justice. That's the core of who Chun-Li is. It's not even necessarily about the law but about what is right. She, as a police officer and now as a member of Interpol, definitely sees the law as very important. She strives to uphold it. However, she knows not all laws everywhere are right. For Chun-Li, thanks in no small part to her father, justice is what is most important.

She's also extremely studious and hardworking, seeking to perfect herself, body and mind. She doesn't mind not necessarily being the best but she strives to be so all the same. For her, it is more about doing your best and proving herself.

She still has hidden within herself that little girl who was seeking out her daddy's approval and attention. She enjoys cute things, enjoys cute clothes, and wouldn't mind spending a day shopping for new outfits. She enjoys some of the more traditionally girly/feminine things despite how tough and brutal she can be in a fight. She's tough, strong, and fast because that is what is needed to seek justice. Doesn't mean she can't enjoy cute things in the process.


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Using her chi, she can enhanced her already impressive form to an even greater level. She can perform a series of spinning kicks that send her and her opponent upward and even perform a series of spinning kicks in which she defies gravity while spinning out several kicks. Further, she can enhance her already great speed for a brief moment to kick even faster to the point where her kicks become basically unseeable, appearing as nothing more than a stream of blue light similar to her kikosho.

Speaking of which, she has two attacks that she can use that are truly mystical. One is kikoken, a small ball of energy she can launch at an enemy with a force great enough force to take a grown man off his feet and send him flying and capable of hitting a target upwards of fifty feet away.

Her second is Kikosho. The range on Kikosho is very small (only within ten to fifteen feet) but the power is greatly enhanced. Gathering chi into her palms, if she concentrates hard enough she can create a force powerful enough to push several cars, crater the area around it, and rip a steel reinforced door clear off its hinges.

Enhanced Form:

Suffice it to say, training with Gen and her father didn't just unlock her potential as a user of Chi but it also put her body into a peak condition state. Training the way she has as well as with Chi has left her with durability as such that she can take being thrown through a wall, into a car, or even taking what equates to a stun gun and still keep fighting.

Her speed and agility is enough that if she is facing an opponent firing a gun, she can actually dodge their shots. She's not necessarily fast enough to dodge bullets, just fast (and skilled) enough to predict their aim. She could potentially even catch arrows. Her kicks are so fast that they appear as a blur to the human eye.

Her strength is also enhanced. Some of the strongest kicks in the world can reach upwards of 1000 lbs. of pressure and yet they would not match the power she has. She can kick so hard that she can dent steel, break a training dummy, and at one point even kicked a man so hard that he went through a wall. Suffice it to say, she's strong (especially with her legs).

Her stamina is, well, out of this world. Capable of running flat out for well over an hour without losing her breath.


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Combined with her enhanced form, she's been trained in a way similar to someone who knows parkour. She can run up buildings for a short distance to gain greater height, jump nearly fifteen feet from a standing jump upwards, run along thin surfaces, and is quite acrobatic. She could easily put Olympic athletes to shame when it comes to her abilities.

She is a cop. She was a cop, a detective and now works for Interpol. She knows all the proper procedures involved in police work and is quite good with investigation (including late nights putting together facts). She's not by any means as great a detective as her father yet but she's quite good.

She knows both Mandarin and English.

Martial Arts:

She knows Tai-Chi, Kemppo, and Hong Quan to the point of being a master of each. However, she has also integrated moves from other various styles into her martial arts from capoeira, karate, and taekwando. Also, thanks to the teachings of her master Gen, she knows at least one move she has so far refused to use. He pushed it into her repeatedly, teaching it to her for both the purpose of its use and the purpose of never using it. It is a combination of her chi and her skills to sense the weak point in an opponent and kill them in a single touch. While this move might not outright kill stronger opponents, it would be absolutely lethal on normal humans and potentially dibilitating for others.


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Her bracelets are spiked, black, and quite thick. They are heavy and made not just for offense or defense, but also to help train her body and provide balance during her more gravity defying moves

She's a member of Interpol and has access to their resources while working cases for them and while out in the field if she comes across crime befitting their jurisdiction.


Her qipao might not seem like something special but it is actually fitting with weights that not only help to keep her body toned but also act as a slight amount of armor against blunt force trauma.


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She's, unfortunately, a bit of a loner and a hothead about being a loner. It's not that she simply won't work with others, she will, she just thinks she can do everything herself. When people started giving up on her father, she felt like no one wanted to help and if no one wanted to help, no one should help. She can do this. She's strong and powerful. Because of this, she often goes into dangerous situations solo and sometimes can be off putting to others who want to help.

She wants to know what happened to her father. It's part of what has driven her to where she is today. Is he dead? Alive? Many presume he's dead and she has come to accept that in a way, as well. Still, not knowing for sure while also knowing that those that did this to her father are out there, eats her up. She wants to know and spends more time than she should on it.

Sense of Justice:
Her sense of justice is a strength of her character but potentially a weakness. She might rush into a fight just to protect someone against an opponent much greater than herself just to defend someone. She might act before thinking because a situation seems unjust. While her sense of justice puts her on the side of good, it can also put her on teh side of injured or dead.

She's a Cop:

She's a cop. While has has been known to bend the rules, she still often has to think like a cop in many situations. Sure, she might accidentally bump a door with her foot just a little too hard and it was open and broken the whole time...but overall she isn't going to be doing things that break the law without extremely good reason even if the law is an obstacle. She upholds it. Not to mention the fact that being a cop isn't everyone's favorite thing. Especially vigilantes.


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A deal gone awry. October 9th, 2019 Chun-Li arrests Nikias' former 'Employer' and Rave keeps her lunch down.


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