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J. Jonah Jameson began his journalistic career by becoming a part-time reporter for New York's Daily Bugle while he was still in high school. Eventually Jameson purchased the then financially floundering Bugle, with money obtained from his personal assets and large inheritance. After rebuilding the Bugle, Jameson acquired the Gotham Gazette and Metropolis' Daily Planet. Over time, he would add New York's Channel 6 News, Central City's Picture News, the Vancouver Herald, and 49% of Coast City's Daily Sentinel. Together, they are Daily Bugle Communications, or D.B.C.

Base of Operations: Broome Building (Westminster, Central City), Reid Building (Palos Blancos, Rancho Alto, Coast City), Gotham Gazette Building (North Point, Nantwich, Gotham), Daily Planet Building (East End, St. Martin's Island, Metropolis), Goodman Building (East Side, Manhattan, New York), and Burnett Building (Maple Ridge, Vancouver)
Founded: 9 August 1897

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