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Cindy Moon (Scenesys ID: 1156)
"The problem with being able to remember everything is that you can never forget."
Full Name: Cindy Moon
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Fact Channel Intern
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Lower Manhattan, New York City.
Education: Manhattan Bridges High School
Status: Dropped
Groups: Birds of Prey, DBC, Spider-Verse
Other Information
Apparent Age: 28 Actual Age: 28
Date of Birth 02 November 2002 Actor:
Height: 170 cm (5'7") Weight: 59 kg (130 lb)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Devil Side" by Foxes


The unfortunate victim of a radioactive spider bite and long isolation in an early 2000s bunker, Cindy Moon has had far from what could be considered an average life. The world she has returned to is far from the same she had left nearly a decade ago, but the young woman is determined to find herself in a very new world and solve the mysteries which plague her shrouded past. Armed with arachnid powers, a heart of gold and more than enough issues, Cindy moon has taken to the streets of New York under the vigilante guise of Silk! Though, she doesn't exactly have her life under control, so maybe super powered crime fighter might be a bit of a big bite to chew.

Current Player Approved: Available for Application



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This young woman looks very much the standard for an ethnically Asian American. She has obsidian black hair kept at just a touch longer than shoulder length. Flat and thick, Cindy's hair has a healthy sheen. Her eyes are brown, expressive, with the standard almond shape expected in those of East Asian origins. Cindy has a pretty face, but she's no supermodel- well defined cheek bones, flattish nose, full and expressive lips.

Cindy's shoulders are slight, befitting her five and a half feet of height- her arms are likewise lithe, overall giving a svelte feeling. She seems built for agility more than strength with an overall petite frame.


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Cindy Moon was not born to wealth or privilege. She was, however, born to a firmly upper-middle class Asian American family. Her childhood, while not idyllic, was certainly as close as one could ever hope. She had a family that loved her - a little brother. A mother. A father. And as a family they were a unit - took care of each other. The stage had been set for a good life.

As Cindy grew into her teenage years she began to rebel as one might expect. She still mostly got along with her family - but there were more and more arguments. The phrase 'I hate you!' bandied about in arguments - in particular with her mother.

One such argument happened just before everything changed. Cindy wanted to go and play hockey - a pickup game - with her friends and in particular with her boyfriend, Hector Cervantez. It was their six-month anniversary. Instead, her mother demanded she go to a public science exhibition. An exhibition that would change at least two lives forever.

At the exhibition she was bit on the ankle by a radioactive spider. The second such bite to happen that day. The second person that very same spider had bitten.

The powers came all at once. She was sick as a dog for a day or two and then came the powers. Powers she couldn't control. She didn't understand. She webbed her parents in organic webbing. She filled her room with the stuff. Despite their recent fights her parents hurried to help. Hurried to find a 'cure' for this strange thing that was happening now to their daughter. Cindy would never forget. She can't forget - it's just not possible for her to forget. She remembers it all.

Here along comes a spider - an Old Man Spider - Eziekiel Sims. A man of wealth and privilege that had powers so much the same as hers. So much the same as that daring Spider-Man who'd so recently started to be in the news. Mr. Sims teaches Cindy how to use her powers. How to control her abilities. He teaches her about the hungers - those who were coming for people like her. For Avatars of the totemic spiders - for people like herself.

He then gave her a choice: Hide until a cure could be found, or put her family in danger. He had set up a bunker. Somewhere she wouldn't be sensed by those hunters who sought to eat her very life essence. Who sought to kill her and would kill her family just to get to her.

It was a non-choice. Cindy made the decision to protect her family. To save her own life. And into the bunker she goes. It was 2017, and she spent the better part of the next nine and some odd change years in that bunker, totally alone, and without any access to the outside world by necessity. To protect herself, and protect her family.

Many years have passed, and now.. it's time to enter the world... what she'll see when the doors are flung open is yet to be written. What is certain is this: A new spider has come to New York City. Her name: Silk!


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Cindy, at her heart, is a very good person. She fully believes in heroes and how they should behave. She is the sort who was raised on the tales of heroics of the kind of people like Captain America. Heroes are those who are willing to sacrifice.

Cindy is a young woman who has known sacrifice. That sacrifice has left her scarred and damaged emotionally. Ten years along, without anyone to talk to has created a great deal of mental and emotional issues that she absolutely refuses to deal with- refuses to acknowledge. This loneliness and aloneness has stunted her social acumen, leaving her very much an oddity when it comes to dealing with others.

Cindy does her best to mask this with humor, but it still comes through. She can only deny her anger and melancholy for so long.

Luckily, there is Silk, Cindy's alter-ego. Silk seems to follow the vein of other famous Web-Slingers. Prone to quips and light-heartedness while she fights. However, Silk is an outlet for her anger. For her sadness. For all the emotional issues that are welling up behind the dam of her psyche.

Ultimately, though, Cindy is a good person and will make a good hero. She fully believes in the good in everyone, and that anyone can be redeemed. She doesn't want to hurt anyone, not really- and inside her the adorkable hockey-loving nerdy girl still exists somewhere.


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Cindy is a natural acrobat. She seems at home in situations where she's flipping and spinning and shifting in ways no baseline human could ever hope. Think the Matrix or Wuxia style acrobatics- That is what Cindy Moon is capable of.

Due to the spider-powers given to Silk by her particular bite she has been gifted with truly super-human agility. Her agility (And reflexes) are both more advanced and well developed than the more well known member of the spider-bite club. Her balance, coordination, and personal special senses are truly super-human. She is unconsciously aware of herself physically in almost every situation. Combined with her silk-sense she is in the realm of bullet-time/Matrix good in terms of agility.

Silk is Avatar of The Bride, the Totemic Spider-Goddess. The Bride is one of the key entities involved in the Web of Life and Destiny. The Bride's role is weaving hidden threads- enabling Spider-Totems to arise through chance, magic, curses, or unwanted luck. What this means for Silk is not fully known, and not fully understood. It is, however, a part of her that can not be wholly denied. Cindy is not consciously aware of this.

Cindy is able to form claws on her fingertips. This is tied to her silk generation, and is an example of a specific application of her 'weaving' abilities that is used extremely often. These claws are hard enough to help her tear through 'non-special material' (vibranium, adamantium, et al.) as is dramatically appropriate.

Cindy is immensely durable, able to take a beating which would kill or severely impair the average human. She can fall from great heights and absorb most hits from a human opponent and keep on going, at least to a surprising degree for such a spry looking girl. Much of her durability is expressed in a tolerance for blunt trauma. While she may be able to take a baseball bat to the stomach and keep on trucking (after getting her wind back!) she is still very much susceptible to bladed weapons or projectiles and seems to lack any 'natural' defense against cutting.

Eidetic Memory:
Cindy has always had an almost impeccable memory. She can more or less remember everything that's ever happened to her. Everything that's been said around her. Everything she's done to others. It is both a blessing and a curse. This ability is natural to Cindy, and not something caused by the spider bite that changed her life.

Cindy has superhuman, perfect equilibrium. She can achieve this state in any imaginable position, allowing her to balance herself on nearly any surface or object- it can be a high wire, the tip of an antenna- almost anything. This is unconscious, and just happens.

While not on the level of some of those fancy mutants with super regeneration, Cindy does have a level of super-human healing that allows her to recoup from injuries that would kill a baseline human. She won't scar over, and bones will knit far faster than it would for a baseline human. She can survive and heal from truly terrifying injuries given time.

Physical Resistance:
Silk is less effected by most deleterious external influences in the realms of poisons, corrosives, radiations, and things of that sort. They still affect her, somewhat, but the damage is mitigated and reduced by her meta-human abilities. She's a hard arachnid to get rid of! This does not seem to affect alcohol, though, for whatever odd reason.

Silk Sense:
Cindy's version of the famous 'Spider-Sense' is called Silk Sense (at least, by Cindy herself.) It is very much similar to that possessed by Spider-Man, however, it far more advanced. Typically, it is sensed like a chill down the spin, an itch in the back of the head. A sense of dread.

This ability is exceedingly sensitive, far more so than that of other spider-totems. It is constantly active, and often causes Silk to react before she's aware she's in danger. This, coupled with her enhanced physical abilities is what allows her to react with such superhuman alacrity.

Cindy's Silk-Sense has a much wider range- she could potentially cover an entire city with it and know all that was happening within the city. However, she isn't so skilled with the ability and doesn't understand fully the signals her brain is receiving.

Still, she can perform feats of precognition that go beyond just a danger sense, or sensing frequencies in radio- she's been shown to be able to even 'feel' a specific presence and know who is near her, despite being hidden.

Cindy is far faster than any human could hope to be. Among the Spider-Bitten she is the fleet-footed. She can catch up with a car on foot- able to hit around 65-70 MPH at a dead sprint. Her body is built for agility and speed first and strength second.

Cindy's body produces less fatigue toxins and so she is able to push herself farther for longer than your standard baseline human being. She's able to maintain peak physical strain for several hours before she'd be completely drained. This ability enhances almost every aspect of her general physical well being- she can hold her breath much longer than a baseline human, and operate in situations with less usable oxygen for several minutes more than one would normally expect. Somewhere in the 5-8 minute range.

Cindy was bitten by a radioactive spider. The *same* spider that bit Peter Parker. However, if tested on strength alone she is not nearly as strong as the spectacular Spider-Man. Silk's strength tops out around the 5000 kilogram mark. She could potentially push it a *bit* further, to somewhere in the 7500 kilogram range but that would undoubtedly cause her some kind of damage. Five tons, though, is the comfortable zone.

Wall Crawling:
Like another famous webslinger, Silk is able to control the electrostatic force between objects. This is typically centered on her hands and feet, which allows her to crawl along almost any surface as if it were the floor. It is exceedingly difficult to remove Cindy from any object she's attached to- although that's not always a benefit if she's attached to something connected to another powered individual. This ability can be used on other parts of her body, if required.

Silk is able to weave her spider silk on the fly into costumes, clothing, parachutes- just about anything one could imagine making something out of fabric. She can change colors, textures, and is able to alter the makeup of the silk itself to be smooth, sticky, rough- or even if it is conductive, or its rigidity.

Webbing Generation:
Cindy is able to produce her own spider-silk that shoots from her fingertips. This webbing is created by her body. Is is typically similar to spider-silk, and can be used for web-slinging/swinging in the manner of other spider-themed superheroes. Cindy seems to be able to change the nature of this webbing. So far she has been able to make her webbing non-conductive, or change it from flexible to inflexible. Her webbing is veratile.

However, it doesn't last forever. Cindy has a limited amount of her webbing that she can use. Its tied to her health, how much she's eaten, and her general physical well being. She is aware of how much webbing she has left, and it is produced from the tips of her fingers- which means it can be blocked at the source if someone knows that aspect of Cindy's abilities.


Cindy has been through a lot- and she's always managed to survive. Spending such a long time without any human contact would drive most people mad. While Cindy didn't come out of it uninjured, she did come out of it mostly sane and able to operate. She is the Avatar of the Bride- and being the Avatar of a Cosmic Entity does come with some perks.


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Old Man Spider taught Cindy how to fight, and how to fight with her abilities in mind. Her fighting style, as such, is similar to that of other Spider-Bitten heroes through the ages. Her style focuses on her agility and speed, which is greater than most. Through the use of her Silk-Sense in concert she tends to come across as almost a 'Matrix/Bullet-Time' style fighter that would look in place in any Wuxia movie. She wouldn't even need the wires.

The chaotic and reactive nature of her combat, where she doesn't really know what she's going to be doing until she does it, is both a boon and a curse. It is difficult to 'read' her, because she has no idea of what she's going to do- but she lacks the discipline of many more seasoned fighters. She has a lot to learn about combat.


Cindy has an Eidetic Memory and an advanced intellect to match. She's near genius level, but lacks the education to make full use of her intellect. She does not lack in creativity, however, and has fully matured her creative mind over the years of loneliness in her bunker.


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Although it was something of a self-made prison, Cindy's bunker still exists. She has all the codes to enter, and to lock it up again. It is a safe place that is immune to scrying through some method unknown to Cindy. However, once opened, it won't hide her from the spider-hunters that are after her.


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Cindy Moon as the Avatar of "The Bride" a totemic goddess of the great web is a point of power within that same web. Certain entities have felt her presence since leaving her bunker. They are aware of her and now hunt her, as they would any other totemic entity. This furthermore makes her someone of importance in a spiritual sense to those who pay attention to that kind of thing.

Like other Spider-Folks Silk is particularly sensitive to Chloroethane, or Ethyl Chloride. It has a way of causing the poor thing no end of trouble. She can barely breath, her reactions come sluggish, she even has trouble thinking. The liquid form doesn't do much, particularly if well sealed . However, in gaseous form or if that liquid gets on her skin she'll be in for some trouble.

Emotional Issues:
Cindy has a number of emotional issues stemming from her near decade of time in a bunker somewhere in New York City. Although her confinement was voluntary, it still has left its scars on the young woman. It could be considered a form of PTSD, or something of a similar vein- but being left without any interaction for such a long time has left her emotionally stunted and can make intrapersonal interactions and relationships difficult for her.

Secret Identity:
Cindy understands fully that those close to her might be hurt should her identity as Silk ever be discovered. Although her family is missing, she does have friends and people she cares about and would be devastated if they were to be hurt. There's also the whole vigilante angle- she does commit crimes to stop crimes, after all.

Silk Sense:
Cindy's version of the Spider-Sense is highly developed, but a little wonky. Her version of the ability is more powerful than that possessed by Spider-Man. It stretches out like threads over great distance. The oddest things will set it off, and she is often overwhelmed by the vast amount of information that its trying to give her. Sometimes, due to the massive amount of information, she'll ignore all but the most primal urges her senses are trying to tell her. Even when it is to her own detriment.


Cindy never graduated high school. She's certainly got most of the knowledge to have done so, but she's just not got the piece of paper in hand. Not even a GED. This makes getting certain jobs far more difficult. For a woman of her age she's also got gaps of knowledge in her education that are impossible to really explain apart from ignorance. Some of this has to do with 'recently-current' events, cultural memes, and things that a person who'd been in society for the last decade would know. Its a problem for someone who's trying to make it on their own.


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