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Nura Nal (Scenesys ID: 1031)
"I know what you are trying to do. You might as well give up now."
Full Name: Nura Nal
Gender: Female
Species: Naltorian
Theme: DC (SFC)
Occupation: Legionnaire
Citizenship: Galactic
Residence: Mobile
Education: Vast
Status: Dropped
Groups: Space-OOC, World of Tomorrow-OOC, Legion of Superheroes
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth 30th century Actor: Cara Delevingne
Height: 175 cm (5'9") Weight: 73 kg (161 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" by The Eurythmics


Born in the 30th century, Nura Nal is from the distant planet of Naltor. The Naltorians are a race of precognitives, or people that can see into the future. Nura Nal is considered one of the more powerful precognitives of that entire race, and even then, she can see only a few seconds into the future while she's awake. She can see farther into the future while she dreams, and only one or two POSSIBLE outcomes. So she makes steps to prevent them if they're bad. However, the other Legonnaires value her counsel for she tries to keep her fellow Legonnaires safe. That being said, she is quite an intelligent Biologist, skilled with Martial Arts, and is quite charismatic, caring, as well as an able leader.

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Standing 5'9", this woman has silver blonde hair flowing down to her shoulders. She has large blue eyes framed by silver blonde eyebrows and high cheekbones. She has an angular face and an expressive mouth.

She is fair skinned, and has the frame and build of a model with long limbs and an easy grace and poise. Although it might be the height of fashion somewhere and sometime, it might not always be the height of fashion on Earth at this time. But she wears the halter top with the keyhole and leggings like some people wear gowns on the red carpet. The top looks like it was practically made from liquid silver, and fits as though it barely distinguishes itself from her skin. The leggings are black except from the knees down where there is liquid silver clouds covering her lower legs. Adorning her wrists are elaborate silver bracers, a belt is wrapped around her hips and a pair of boots finish off the outfit.


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Born in the 30th century on Naltor, Nura was quickly recognized as one of the most powerful precognitives of her people. It wasn't just that she could see further into the future while awake than others, it was also that she was more accurate with her visions while asleep than others were as well. Nura was also brilliant, and applied herself to not just mastering her precognitive abilities but also the Naltorian sciences, with a particular focus on the biological sciences.

It was one such vision of the Legion of Super-Heroes that spurred Nura to leave her home planet and originally join the Legion. Although her power isn't one that would normally be included as a member on the team she was able to win herself a place by a polarizing vote. All the male members voted her onto the team, and thus she became part of the Legion. After joining she began to enact her plan to get the Legionaries that were in danger expelled from the team for their own safety, through studying and memorizing of the Legion Constitution or by sabotaging them. When it became clear that the members of the Legion she saw in her vision were not the real members, she left the team because she had joined for the single purpose of saving them, despite being asked to remain by the Legion for her pure intentions.

Eventually she rejoined the Legion of Super-Heroes after spending time further perfecting her precog abilities. From that day forth she has made it her mission to be a valuable contributing member of the Legion. Making sure that it wasn't just her good looks that won her friends but also her kind heart and caring nature.


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Charismatic, approachable, kind, and fiercely protective of her fellow Legionnaires. Nura is more than just a pretty face, which is something that she goes out of her way to make clear to those that matter the most to her. But she can also be rash, bossy, cocky and flirtatious as well, with a somber center beneath it all that she does well to hide from most everyone.

Nura is as complex as they come, and has seen what the future holds, and that has colored much of the way she deals with the world. Knowing what doom might be looming on the horizon, unless changed, means that she indulges in all the good that the galaxy has to offer in the moment.


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While Dreaming she is capable of having visions of the future that narrow down the future probabilities to a few instead of infinite possible futures. In addition to that the dreams are 100% accurate, however her interpretation of the visions themselves are not always correct. A well known example of that is the vision that brought her to join the Legion in the first place. Only snap-shots are glimpsed, and events surrounding these snap-shots are not always bits of information she is privy to, which impacts her abilities to make complete and accurate interpretations of what she sees.


While her visions while sleeping are more narrowly focused, the flashes of the future she gets while awake are more erratic and sometimes overwhelming in quantity. Nura is capable of seeing as far into the future as a year, which is far greater than any other Naltorian, even that of the High Seer. While she is capable of seeing that far into the future, the future is an unpredictable beast, one that is ever changing. Just her knowledge of the future might be enough to alter what is coming, sometimes it isn't, but it's a delicate thing.

There is some small ability for her to summon up the visions willingly, and when she does that then she often only sees the very near future. Her time with the Legion has taught her to adapt her powers to combat situations, which is often what she uses those quick, short-term future glimpses for.


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Martial Arts:
Nura has a unique edge to her ability to fight hand-to-hand, her ability to see a few seconds into the future to predict what her opponents might do. While this gives her a unique edge in a fight, she has also been trained by the very best of martial artists of the 31st century, so even when she can't make an accurate prediction she has the skill to assist her in taking out her enemies.

Naltorian Science:

Long before she left Naltor to join the Legion of Super-Heroes she had mastered the Naltorian Sciences. It was this knowledge of the sciences that allowed her to enact some of her plan to save the Legionnaires that her vision told her were in danger when she first came to join the Legion. It is a keen understanding that she has continued to turn onto problems the Legion faces since that time as well.


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Legion Flight Ring:
A ring that is issued to every member of the Legion, but keyed to each individual's DNA. This ring allows her to fly under her own power through mental control, in addition to flight it acts as a communicator that allows her to communicate with anyone else that possesses a flight ring at a distance of light years. All without lag.

Legion Gear:
In addition to the flight ring that all Legionnaires have she has also been given various different gear that goes along with her position in the Legion. Among those are a few notable items, one being an Omnicom which allows the storage and retrieval of information, as well as scanning abilities. Another is telepathic plugs which allow for the communication and translation across languages and species. Then there is a special suit that allows for survival in hostile environments, such as space or caustic atmospheres.


Her fellow Legionnaires are one of her greatest resources due to the fact that she knows that no matter what the situation is, whatever the danger might be, she can rely on them to be there for her when she needs them.


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Nura isn't perfect, and her interpretations of the dreams and visions she gets are not always accurate. This sometimes causes ripple effects that change the course of the future when acted upon, or sometimes those very same misinterpretations are the things that bring about the exact future event she saw.

Nura is Naltorian, but there is nothing about her physiology that allows for anything beyond the scope of most normal humans, having no special racial abilities that allow for survival in space, superhuman strength or durability.

Out of Time:
Nura wasn't born in the 21st century, and what she knows about this century is things that she has learned from history books which has been an incomplete education due to the fact not everything is written down. This means that a lot of the technology of today is familiar in a far advanced form, making what is current quaint and outdated by her standards. In addition to that some of the ideas of 21st century Earth are confusing to her, and it makes for awkward situations sometimes.


Knowledge of the future isn't comfortable for everyone, and sometimes Nura forgets the fact that she's not on Naltor any more, where it is commonplace to be able to see the future. Due to that she sometimes says or does something around people that can make them uncomfortable, or even confused.


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