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Fantomex (Scenesys ID: 1760)
"Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another." - Homer
Full Name: Charlie Cluster-7
Gender: Male
Species: Enhanced Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Thief, Mercenary
Citizenship: None, no legal identity
Residence: Mobile
Education: The World's Training Programs
Status: Dropped
Groups: Suicide Squad, Hench, Mutant-OOC, Street Level-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth Time Shenanigans Involved (Looks mid 20s) Actor:
Height: 189 cm (6'2") Weight: 90 kg (199 lb)
Hair Color: Light Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "How to Be a Human" by Powerman 5000


Fantomex was genetically engineered by Weapon Plus in its World facility somewhere near London. A mutant cyborg trained to hunt and kill other mutants while pretending to be an amiable French thief-adventurer. But Fantomex rebelled and escaped, embracing his thief identity and turning against his creators.

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A well-built man a little over six feet tall, this gentleman hides his features under a mask that leaves only his blue eyes visible. In fact, all his body is covered by a white bodysuit/armor with symmetrical black lightning-shaped lines that start on his cheeks, run over the sides of his neck to his chest and waist, and then down his legs to the ankle-high black boots on his feet. More back lines run down his arms, to hands covered by black gloves.

A black tactical belt around his waist is used to hold the holsters of two heavy handguns, one on each side, as well as several square utility pouches. Over the outfit, he is wearing a white high-necked, sleeveless trench coat, long enough to reach his boots. The geometric black lightning motif is also showing as two lines along the back of the coat.


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Fantomex was created in a Weapon Plus lab called the World. A hidden complex near London where time is accelerated thanks to advanced technology stolen from AIM. Although technically he was born only a few years ago, for him nearly 25 years passed before he was able to leave the World. He is one of the living weapons designed for Weapon 13, and the greatest success of the sub-project.

Since the moment he was born, Charlie Cluster Seven (the seventh subject of cluster C) was subject to constant testing, training and brainwashing, a brainwashing might have been partially sabotaged by the scientist codename 'Mother'.

Born with three semi-autonomous brains, he was able to absorb information quickly, even outpacing smarter operatives. He received extensive training in combat, acrobatics, infiltration, assassination, weapon technology, information gathering and security countermeasures (including some computer hacking). By the time Charlie Cluster Seven was twenty, his cluster-siblings were dead or had been discarded, and he was given the Fantomex identity.

Fantomex was going to be part of a public super-team of super-humans that would infiltrate the super-hero community and eliminate certain targets (mostly mutants) as for the Weapon Plus' masters agenda.

Fantomex cover would be that of a flamboyant, thrill-seeking thief-turned-hero. But Charlie Cluster Seven, despite all his conditioning, knew he was a slave and craved freedom. He embraced the Fantomex facade and used it to rebuild his own personality, and this way he evaded the bulk of his programming and mental conditioning.

Like the fictitious hero-thief Fantomex would have done, Charlie Cluster Seven implemented his escape in a spectacular fashion, designed to humiliate his handlers and cause the maximum destruction. While Weapon Plus dealt with the disaster and scrambled desperately to do some damage control and prevent its existence from going public, Fantomex fled England for Paris, where he vanished for a time.

A few months later, after learning all he needed to learn about the real world, Fantomex began his real career. Impossible thefts, taunting letters to the police and newspapers and occasional acts of heroism and daring. Ironically, in preparation to reveal their super-team to the world, Weapon Plus had already spread rumors of the existence of the thief Fantomex to the European public, so all Charlie Cluster Seven had to do was to step into the role. And he loved the role.

But Weapon Plus wanted his assassin back, or dead. They sent agents against Fantomex, they offered rewards, and they hunted him, harassed him, and did everything possible to eliminate him. After a couple years or endless chase, narrow escapes and some serious injuries, Fantomex decided to leave Europe and seek fortune in America.


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Fantomex is a much more complex person that the carefree, annoying, somewhat greedy, somewhat altruist facade he presents to most people.

He was raised and programed to be a stealth assassin, had an extremely traumatic childhood, and he has three brains (four, if we count E.V.A.) which often have different opinions and even emotions.

In truth Fantomex is still looking to be his own man and overcome his education and brainwashing. The daring, flamboyant thief with the heart of gold is his shield against being a remorseless, obedient assassin. So he keeps his mind and heart open and is willing to try almost anything and follow the causes of interesting people.

He has found he enjoys taking risks and confusing people, proud and serious people in particular, and he genuinely likes the finer things of life (and the most dangerous women). He also likes to speak with a fake French accent.

He still has to deal with the remains of programming and brainwashing. Like his inability to imagine beings greater than himself. ("That would be a problem only if someone was better than me" he says). It makes him an atheist and also leads to amusing (or painful) moments of cognitive dissonance when he seems someone doing something better than he could do it.


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E.V.A. is... a complicated thing. E.V.A. is Fantomex secondary mutation.

When Fantomex was in his early teens he 'spat' a small technorganic 'egg'. For a couple years he kept it in a birdcage and feed it with scraps of meat and metal. Eventually the 'egg' awakened, as Fantomex fourth and final 'brain'. But with a major difference. E.V.A. could exist independent of Fantomex' body, which gave 'her' far more independence to develop. Now, over ten years later, E.V.A. is quite the character, and Fantomex tends to treat her more as a little sister (since E.V.A. has decided she is female) than a part of himself.

Personally-wise, E.V.A. seems the shy, sweet type, although she has learned to poke fun of Fantomex when he is behaving like an idiot. Likely as a defense mechanism from Fantomex' own annoying prodding of everyone.

Her capabilities as a technorganic being are pretty impressive, although she doesn't seem as powerful as a Technarch like Warlock. E.V.A. can alter her size very quickly and her form more slowly. She usually takes the shape of an orb with a ring ( and at his maximum size she is a large as a small truck. She can also become small enough to hide herself inside Fantomex. (She used to live in his mouth). And she is strong enough to carry Fantomex and fly when she is the size of a beach ball.

E.V.A. can fly at high speed and reach low orbit. She can generate different devices as she needs, including sensors equivalent to any modern craft, simple weapons (electric shock cannons seems a favorite) and other useful devices to make her insides inhabitable for normal people, although she can't create anything super-tech, normal furniture and video-screens, for instance, are possible.

At her maximum size her weaponry is potent enough to incapacitate or kill even enhanced soldiers, but she couldn't dent a man battle tank or seriously hurt someone like Rogue or Colossus. The weapons are short range (maybe 100 yards) so E.V.A. couldn't fight a modern jet fighter at range. Which is fine for her, since she prefers to relay on stealth and speed for defense. She is not particularly tough, either, and a regular air-to-air missile hit would cause severe damage and likely force her to crash-land. But like other technorganic beings, she is hard to kill for good, and heals very quickly.

She is also able to take a humanoid female shape ( and can shift her arms to large blades or energy guns potent enough to punch through brick walls.

Enhanced Senses:
Fantomex has very sharp senses and he is able to see in the near infrared and ultra-violet spectrum, which gives him excellent night vision and allows him limited vision even in total darkness. His hearing also extends into frequency ranges outside the human reach.

Healing Factor:
Fantomex heals considerably faster than a normal person thanks to his super-soldier treatments. Although his healing is not as good as Wolverine or Deadpool's, his wounds close quickly and bleed little, and when combined with his ability to deaden pain, he has an impressive stamina in combat.

Fantomex heals tissue damage in minutes, even when they are large bullet holes. Broken bones and damaged organs take longer, but for those he can accelerate the healing process by entering in a trance state similar to hibernation and heal those in mere hours. He needs water and nutrients to rebuild his body, otherwise his healing is slower and sometimes imperfect.

Fantomex primary mutant power is the ability to 'misdirect' people and machines. He does this by creating a false narrative that warps the perception of reality of his targets. It is not a psionic ability and it is not an holographic illusion.

Fantomex does not create anything physical. The misdirection is an illusion without substance, although it can have dangerous psychological impact. It is a very useful power for a thief/assassin, since the illusion will deceive organic senses as well as machines, and can also affect emotions and memories (although those can fail, depending on the subject willpower). Since it is not based on electromagnetic energy or psionics, it often deceives even people with enhanced senses, telepaths skilled at blocking illusions and sophisticated sensor suites (although having those abilities certainly makes easier to resist Fantomex).

It also takes a huge effort to use the misdirection in a large area and several persons at once. So he usually uses it for small effects. Like making himself unseen, tricking people in confusing him with someone else or into believing a lie. Fantomex can often enhance the effectiveness of the misdirection using his ability to read body language and hypnotism voice tricks. It is always easier to decide those unaware.

There is an odd limit in his misdirection. Because his programming, Fantomex is technically unable to imagine (and has real problems admitting) the existence of beings greater than himself. It limits his imagination and therefore his illusions.

(OOC Note: Illusions, particularly those that manipulate emotions, are subject to OOC consent even more than other powers. If you don't want your character affects, tell me and I will come up with a reason why it doesn't work on you).

Multiple Brains:
Fantomex has three different brains, and they give him the ability to multitask to an extraordinary degree. He is naturally fairly clever, but by combining the brainpower of the three brains sometimes he can give the impression he is a genius. The triple brain also gives him some measure of telepathic resistance, even past his mask, as his parallel thought processes are confusing and make controlling him harder than normal.

Resistance To Pain:
When Fantomex is injured, E.V.A. can take the pain if it is close enough (about 100 yards) giving him a very high pain threshold and resistance to shock. But if E.V.A. is injured, Fantomex feels it too, and it can cripple him. Fantomex can block E.V.A. off by switching to a backup nervous system, but if he does, his senses are dulled and he can only see in black and white.

Fantomex has no discernible scent humans or animals can detect. His chemistry is somewhat strange and his skin, sweat, breath or blood carries no substances that can be detected by other living beings.


On top of being an nth generation mutant, product of selective breeding, Fantomex has been given some super-soldier treatments and his physical abilities are extraordinary. He is twice as fast as a good human athlete, his agility and reflexes are slightly superhuman and he can do things like catching arrows in flight and dodge bullets shoot at close range. His stamina is phenomenal, even for a mutant. And his strength, although technically not superhuman, is amazing for a man of his size and build, allowing Fantomex to lift four or five times his own weight.


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Assassin & Thief:
Although he was created and trained extensively to be an assassin, Fantomex is not currently interested in killing people. Instead he has put his infiltration training into use to make real the myth of the unstoppable masked thief. He is a master of stealth, breaking and entering, avoiding security systems, picking pockets and sleight of hand. He can also kill people quietly, but he prefers not to do it anymore.

Created and trained as a super-soldier, Fantomex has extensive hand-to-hand skills, backed by his ability to read body language and superior agility and speed. He is also an accomplished acrobat and an expert marksman, particularly with handguns. His combat style is highly mobile, to better take advantage of his illusion abilities, and combines 'gun-fu', combat acrobatics and several formal martial arts (boxing, kickboxing, krav maga and some king-fu, mainly).

Although affecting a terrible faux-French accent, Fantomex is technically British. Sometimes he swears he is French. Sometimes he says he doesn't even know French and just likes the accent. But of course he knows French. In fact he was taught most major world languages as part of his training as an infiltrator and assassin.

Fantomex knows the basics of medicine, from first aid to some surgery, which he is able to perform on himself (quite necessary, since his biology is too strange for normal human doctors). He is a good guy to have around after a battle.

Reading People:
This is both a trained skill and one of the traits for which his ancestors were selected and breed for generations. Fantomex senses and brains are attuned to understand the body language of people, the involuntary reactions, micro-gestures and changes of stance that almost no one can control. This makes him a very difficult person to deceive, allows him to read moods and emotions of those he sees and makes him able to often anticipate attacks and defenses of his adversaries in combat.


Fantomex is familiar with the technology of the World, which in many regards was more advanced than mainstream. He knows how to operate advanced electronic equipment and hi-tech weapons, and even perform some minor repairs. He is also a good hacker.


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Fantomex' white and black outfit is made of advanced carbon fiber polymer and works as a lightweight ballistic armor without limiting his mobility in combat. It includes holsters and hidden pouches for carrying weapons and gadgets.

The armor is good enough to stop small caliber weapons using conventional ammunition (also helps cushioning blunt attacks to some degree). Large caliber shoots will impact hard enough to cause bruises or even broken bones through the armor. And armor-piercing ammunition can often cut through the ceramic plates, although it will still lose some energy.

The armor offers some protection from heat and fire too, but not enough to help much against laser and plasma weapons.

Fantomex carries two heavy handguns. They are made of ceramic and custom-made. They are somewhat more advanced and powerful than commercial handguns, and can accept a variety of ammo, including plastic non-lethal bullets, explosive or armor piercing (hard ceramics, all).

He has also gathered a small arsenal of guns and close combat weapons taken from enemies. But he generally doesn't carry on him more than his guns a hidden ceramic knife.

Fantomex is a very good thief and has been stealing valuables for several years. Although he spends large amounts of cash in whims and living like a prince (when he is not hiding in some dark hole) he has managed to save a few million dollars he has invested or stashed for emergencies.


Fantomex mask is inlaid with certain psycho-reflective ceramics and circuitry built with E.V.A.'s help that block telepathic scanning very effectively. As long as the mask is on, his mind can't be read, and is barely detected by telepaths. He doesn't remove the mask not even for sleep, as he expects Weapon Plus' telepaths conducting sweeps for him regularly. The mask hides his mind and prevents scans, and will also shield him partially from direct mind-blasts.


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Fantomex might well be the only subject that has ever escaped a Weapon Plus project with the bulk of his memories intact. This is, for some secretive, powerful, would-be kingmakers and weapon dealers, utterly unacceptable. It also makes Fantomex one of the most wanted men in the world, with a large bounty for his head (ostensibly because he is a thief) and a number of genetically engineered assassins constantly chasing after him.

Fantomex is....generally not a nice guy. Or rather he is, he just -loves- to mess with people. For example, he's not -actually- French, but he talks with a strong French accent and sneaks in a few French words to act like he is....then proceeds to talk like that just because he -knows- it annoys people.

His sarcasm and targeted humor often make him targets for people wanting to kill him out of the sole reason of safety for their sanity. He's gained many an enemy because he doesn't know when to SHUT UP.

It is surprising Fantomex is not completely crazy. He was created to be a murderer, trained as an assassin with a roguish facade and barely allowed to socialize with anyone (and certainly not with anyone normal). He first learned from the real world from books and computers, and embraced his 'gentleman rogue' role as a way of escaping a horrendous reality of constant brainwashing, merciless training, cruel experiments and inhuman handlers.

He didn't escape completely well, though. One of his less endearing personality traits is that Fantomex is a kleptomaniac: he steals compulsively. Most of the time he can resist the temptation, yielding to the urge by stealing of people he doesn't know; the wealthy, criminals and sometimes museums. But he gets very anxious and dangerous if he goes without stealing anything for too long.

Mother and Father:
Two of the leading scientists of the World facility were codenamed Mother and Father. It is unclear if they were human at some point, but now they are both heavily cyborged and unnaturally ancient. They also seem to have a version of Fantomex misdirection ability, or some other kind of mind-influencing abilities.

As far as Fantomex remembers, Mother was one of the few people in charge that was somewhat nice with Fantomex when he was growing up. So when she defected Weapon Plus Fantomex helped her. And even now he keeps her hidden at great monetary cost. Using shell companies to purchase or rent comfortable residences in Europe, and keeping her moving. Mother seems to have suffered some brain damage, but this could be an act.

Father is directly responsible of the Weapon XIII project (of which Fantomex was number 7) and particularly interested in recovering him.

(It is unlikely they are their biological parents, but who knows? Fantomex doesn't).


Fantomex has 3 brains in one body. All the brains are fully functional and could exist independently if they had their own bodies. The work well together, since they are so deeply linked and they share the same memories. But with the years they have diverged somewhat in their worldview. If one of the brains is knocked out of line, Fantomex behavior often changes radically.

Brain 1 (Fantomex) is the one that think most alike as 'normal' Fantomex. It is hedonistic, bold, thrill seeking, somewhat egoistical and a responsibility avoider. It seems dominant because the other two brains often have conflicted impulses and it picks the middle-ground.

Brain 2 (Cluster) houses Fantomex more altruistic and diplomatic impulses. It pushes Fantomex to get involved into good causes and to make friends. It is also easygoing and would prefer to avoid conflicts or talk its way out of them.

Brain 3 (Weapon XIII) seems to care the most about survival, and tries to keep away from people and everything secret about Fantomex, as well as kill everyone that is a threat or potential threat as soon as possible. It is also intensely possessive-obsessive, not particularly greedy, but definitely sociopathic.


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