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Indira Bhandari (Scenesys ID: 9674)
Who said lightning doesn't strike twice? It just doesn't have two hands!
Full Name: Indira Bhandari
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York City, NY
Education: High School
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Date of Birth 25 October 2011 Actor: Disha Patani
Height: 152cm (5'7) Weight: 49kg (110 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: 'Idontgivea***K' by Rabbit Junk


Indira lives by the principle: Life is short so don't over complicate it, enjoy it. With the same fighting spirit her ancestors used to escape mutant persecution in their homeland, Indi uses the same fire to face a lifelong medical challenge and make the most of what she has. Fierce, stubborn, and brutally honest to a fault; she may not be an easy friend to make, but she's a die hard one. No one ever said you could tame lightning, just move out of its way.

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Indira is a tall and athletically built young woman that borders on looking coltish until she eventually grows into it, with a brown-toned complexion the color of milky tea speaking of a Middle Eastern or Indian subcontinental origin. Her hair is a free falling cascade of wavy rings and texture bordering on frizzy, the color an ocher sun-streaked chocolate. Her eyes are hooded above a prominently triangular nose, their color a deep brown bordering on black until the sun hits them. A longer face with a generous mouth is openly expressive and poor at concealing what's on her mind. She's got an energy about her, the sort of person who's almost incapable of sitting still unless she's forced and even then is likely to be bouncing a foot or fighting with something in her hands.

She favors clothing that is easy to move in and on trend, always at least looking presentable be it in athletic wear, jeans and t-shirts, or an occasion dress. Jewelry fluctuates, sometimes none at all and sometimes blinged out depending on her mood. She always seems to be in motion, and even when still there's a well of energy oozing out of her. Her voice is middling to low in pitch with a smoky undertone.

There is always a distinct smell around her that never wanes, something sharp and vaguely like chlorine. To someone knowledgeable, it's the smell of ozone. Others may just assume she spends a lot of time in pools.


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Indira - aka Indi - is a fourth generation American of Indian ancestry. Her family came to the United States to escape mutant prejudices, only to find an only slightly lesser hateful land. They've managed to survive and thrive, leaving Indi to have a comfortable middle-class life living the average American dream.

She went to public school where her blunt but well-meaning honesty made lasting friendships challenging but her wits made classes go by easy, and otherwise watched in sullen jealous at the enjoyment the student athletes had. With heart arrhythmia, her family forbade her from strenuous sports and killing her MMA dreams, meaning she had to get her kicks in private through street running, covert parkour, and kick boxing while simultaneously assuring her mother that, yes, her AP classes were going well and see, she even did the extra credit assignment so noooow could she go out? She could be so much MORE than a good student, more than her eventual career, more than her stupid heart. She just had to keep going, she couldn't stop.

It was a boring, predictable life until her powers /finally/ emerged at the age of sixteen. Electricity could pour from her fingertips! She could call down lightning from a storm cloud! She could... fry the television set when trying to change the channel. Oops. And sorry, the microwave was broken too, and she didn't mean to keep leaving the fridge open but the magnets did funny things around her now and her hair was constant fuzz central like she rubbed balloons on her head. No matter! Like finally getting her Hogwarts letter, Indira felt like she was on the verge of something exciting, the chance to be more than another forgettable teenage girl in a big and uncaring city. Now she could be more than her history, more than her heart; she could be a hero!

Until, while out one early evening on a run, she got grabbed and tossed into the back of a van by a group of mutant-napping psychos trying to use mutant DNA to engineer some anti-mutant weapon. Before she could get more than a jolt out, she was drugged and blacked out. It was her first time in a crisis, give her a break! Later, she woke up to the middle of a firefight, with other mutants and some bright chick and shadowy dude fighting against her captures. Turns out, she had the fortune to be rescued by members of the X-Men and Cloak and Dagger. She was returned to her family, but now with a business card for a certain mutant school.


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Indira is what some might consider a feisty, blunt young woman. She generally means well, but also will not hesitate to say something that she feels needs said, even if it's an uncomfortable truth. Honesty trumps feelings in her mind. Lying will ultimately only make a problem worse. She expects the same degree of brutal honesty in return and is quick to get frustrated if she feels like someone is dancing around an issue trying to sugar-coat it. Similarly, she hates hiding who and what she is, which could become a problem in places where she really should not be advertising that she's a mutant. She's self-confident to a fault, and is more likely to hurt herself or work herself into an exhaustion rather than ask for help. Her sensitive health condition makes her loathe to look weak or that she needs to rely on others.


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Atmospheric Electricity:
Indi's primary power is manipulation of electricity and this applies to ambient energy too. Thus, she can churn up a thunderstorm or worsen an existing storm if the conditions exist for one. She cannot call clouds out of clear skies, or charge a cloud into a raging storm as it floats over a water-less desert. She can manipulate storm potential within the average distance of human sight. So if you were standing on a flat place, the horizon that you see is about three miles out. She does not control any aspects of the water in the cloud or the wind, only the electrostatic charge of it. She can direct the lightning, but not where it rains. Similarly, by boosting the atmospheric electricity she can also heat up the air, which is how she can boost a storm's power or alter the air's charge to be more positive or negative. That alone may not seem like much, but it can cause damage in environments where static electricity is a threat, such as near sensitive equipment.

Indira's primary power is generating and manipulating electricity. At maximum, she can generate the force of a single lightning bolt (one billion volts). She can do this (or a collective equivalent of lesser expressions) up to five times before she'd exhaust herself and need to recharge, either over the course of a day through ambient electricity or more quickly by absorbing voltage from things like batteries. She can also create smaller manifestations of electricity such as ball lightning and manipulate them so long as she can still see them, roughly 3 miles out on flat terrain. Handy when you don't have a flashlight. She is immune to her own powers and most sources of electricity, though something exceeding the voltage of a bolt of lightning has the potential to certainly knock her over and stun her with sheer kinetic force.

Radiation Resistance:

As radiation is compromised mostly of positive ions (and lightning creates some forms of radiation, like x-ray and gamma), Indira's powers mean she can naturally adjust the polarity and render these ions to a more neutral status, meaning they would not harm her cells. It does not protect her from things such as heat, so while she could run in to save someone trapped near a melting reactor and help shield them so long as they're within her approx 10 foot radius, if she gets too close she would still be scorched by the immense temperatures. If she doesn't have time to concentrate to activate this ability, she could still risk damage.


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Despite being a fourth-gen American, but due to intercultural marriage and family pressure, her roots aren't entirely forgotten. She is fluent in her native English but also Hindi, but don't ask her to remember all of the holidays and legends. She knows a smattering of Spanish, but beyond a Hi and How Are You she's not getting far.

Can't Stop:

Indi loves action. The higher energy, the better. She lives her life to an internal soundtrack and has trouble even staying still. This leads her to have a very athletic form, and she burns off her formidable energy through running and dance - and parkour and kickboxing when her parents aren't watching. She may not be able to be the MMA fighter she once dreamed of, but she can still keep in shape.


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Family Support:

Indi's family has several mutants among them, a reason her ancestors came to America in the first place. They understand her and support her. They're comfortably middle-class and make their money with real estate and storage rentals, and so can afford her an allowance of about 200/week regularly for her general needs, at least until she gets a job and can take care of herself.


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Always Charged:
Due to the nature of her power, Indira is always a little bit shocking as her body's polarity is altered by her mutation. Generally contact with her is little more than a slight discharge like scuffing your socks over the carpet. When highly agitated, it can be like walking into an electrified cattle fence. This also has the side effect of making her a hazard around anything explosive or sensitive to static electricity. The range of this is roughly ten feet around her. She tends to steer clear of computers and fireworks alike.

Heart Arrhythmia:
Indira was born with a heart arrhythmia, the universe's cruel prank to a girl destined to control electricity. The electrical rhythm of her heart doesn't always work properly, causing periodic bouts of unusual flutters or skipped beats. This happens on a semi-occasional basis, but minor enough that she takes no notice of it. There is a risk that this could short out her heart, such as if her powers were reflected back on her. A medic better be on standby or someone who knows CPR and has drugs if this happens, or she's down for the count. Sufficient injury (ICU level) could also risk over-stressing her system and worsening this condition, making her weaker and more disoriented than she would be already. As she is immune to her own powers and electricity, she's unable to correct this or use technology like a pacemaker to do so, or even paddles to resuscitate her. It is highly likely that, over the years, this will lead to damage to her heart and signs of heart disease, which means a very real possibility of a reduced lifespan. She is on standard prescription medicine to try and control it. The fear of it controlling her life is why she focuses so heavily on her own fitness.

Magnetic Mayhem:
Due to her charged body, she wrecks havoc on equipment relying on magnets. Compasses, medical equipment, even powers of those nearby who's specialty relies on magnetism. Good luck completing any kind of X-Ray, MRI, or CAT scan on her. The range of this is roughly ten feet around her. It is possible someone of stronger abilities who can impact polarity could impact her as well using similar means.


In order to keep herself as fit as she can as well as personal beliefs, she abstains from eating animal products. Plants, nuts, legumes, and fruit make up her diet. She also will not use leather products or other animal byproducts whenever she knowingly can. It makes casual outings a little more tricky, and she's a bit of a bummer at a barbecue. In a survival setting, she may be forced to sacrifice principles for not starving.


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