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Gregory Stark (Scenesys ID: 23)
"Honestly, they say you should dream big, reach for the stars. Personally I've never had time for dreaming, I'm too busy accomplishing things to bother dreaming about them."
Full Name: Gregory Maria Stark
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (AFC)
Occupation: C.E.O. of Stark Global Solutions
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Stark Compound, Hightown, Madripoor
Education: Harvard University
Status: Dropped
Groups: SHIELD
Other Information
Apparent Age: 40 Actual Age: 40
Date of Birth 29 May 1985 Actor: Robert Downey, Jr.
Height: 185 cm Weight: 102 kg
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Goodbye Brother" by Ramin Djawadi


The twin brother of Tony Stark, Gregory Stark is brutally honest and completely immoral. He doesn't possess Tony's infamous lifestyle, one of the reasons he doesn't think too kindly of his brother. As the older brother, he believed that he deserved to inherit Stark-Fujikawa. Instead, he built up Stark Global Solutions, and absolutely prides himself on being able to supply hardware that his brother wouldn't dare.



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A handsome man with light, almost grey blue eyes, and bright yellow blond hair. His eyes are friendly and welcoming, with a brightness to his smile that's just as inviting. His skin has a deep golden tan, and his black facial moustache and goatee combo is perfectly trimmed into place.

While not overtly muscular he's still in good shape, standing with a bit of confidence. He's dressed head to in pure white. From his trench-coat, to his four piece suit, and mirror polished shoes, it's all that bright clean and almost clinical shade of white that highlights his hair. His tie almost blends in with the rest of the all one colour ensemble.


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Born the twin brother of Tony Stark, Gregory was born with a birth defect, which caused his brain to mature at a faster rate than normal. This defect led him to have a much higher than average I.Q. at the cost of his emotional skills.

Putting his education first, Gregory didn't have many friends despite trying hard to make them. His failures at social interaction led him to become more isolated, working on his own ways to right the wrongs of the world.

Despite being top of his class, his reputation as a wet rag, do-gooder left him isolated from most of those around him. His tendency to always follow the rules set by his parents to the letter didn't gain him many friends either, finding himself still often taking the blame for his brother's mistakes.

In high school, he began to dye his hair blond, and dress as nice as possible, seeking to distance himself from his twin. His overly formal attire, combined with the reveal of his rather feminine middle name, garnered him ridicule the entire time, even through his college years, hardening his emotions further.

Getting into Harvard Gregory obsessed completely in his studies, cutting himself off from family, from what few friends he had, filling his schedule completely to the brim with classes.

Graduating top of his class once again, in the top 0.001, Gregory walked away with a fresh degree and a new lease on life. Yet instead of going off to found his own company, he returned back home to work at his father's business, applying himself at the bottom to work his way up to the top the hard way.

Seeking to make his parents proud, he gives his all to the company. He spent many sleepless nights building new technologies. He began experiments with nanotechnology that could potentially save lives and revolutionise the field of medicine.

The death of his parents completely devastated Gregory. What devastated him even further though, was the lack of his mention in the will. In the end, all he received for his life of dedication and good will to his family was the deed to a home in Madripoor.

Fuming and fuelled with a hatred of his brother, he vanished into the night taking his personal plane in the dead of night without even a note behind. Upon his arrival at the mansion he found a fully stocked lab, and began a series of experiments on himself, utilising his nanite technology developed while working at his family's business.

To pay for his research Gregory turned to assisting anyone who could get him a little bit more money; gun runners, people smugglers, local governments. He sold technology that most would never dream of letting out into the public to people that no one in their right mind would sell to, all in the pursuit of a brighter future.

After hard work, he finally managed to create a working prototype of his nanites, and after a field test of tying up loose ends, he opened the doors for on what had been little more than a shell company: Stark Global Solutions.

With a company of his own, he returned to America to set up a local branch of his rapidly expanding enterprise, looking to help further his own goals.


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Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are - Niccolo Machiavelli. Gregory is on the outside the same boy scout he's always been. A kind and generous man who shies away from the vices of this world, keeps himself clean and dry.

While this is true, he very much sees that the ends justify any means used to arrive at the optimal conclusion, and that the good of people as a whole outweighs that of the individual. He wants the best for the world, even though he realises he is far from the best it has to offer. He's willing to do anything he has to in order to reach what he considers a good outcome.


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When damaged the nanites in Gregory's system get to quick work repairing and reassembling the genetic code based off of previously existing records of his body. This allows him to survive poisons and other damage that would kill a normal human.

Due to the nanites flooding through his bloodstream, so long as they are active Gregory is effectively invulnerable standard damage. This covers everything from small bullets to direct missile strikes.

Unable to be measured on the normal charts, Gregory's own natural far exceeds that of the natural human. He has a photographic memory, and a quick processing centre of a brain able to make complex calculations almost instantly. He remembers every colour, every texture of an environment or object, and can bring it back into the forefront, making him an excellent engineer.

Due once again to the nanites coursing through his veins, Gregory is able to lift up to one thousand metric tons above his head and throw it when needed. The nanites have allowed him the ability to operate at this peak for hours at a time.


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Highly trained in the art of the deal, Gregory knows exactly how to manipulate the environment around him for maximum return on investment.

Gregory runs the gamut of the field in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. From medical, to robotic, to mathematical, Gregory has a great deal of training in each thanks to his almost obsessive study of anything he can get his hands on.


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An almost limitless asset for Gregory, the money rarely if ever runs dry, thanks in part to his position within S.G.S., and partially to his illicit dealings under the table to continue his little crusade.

A labyrinthine complex of a building, turned into the main branch building of Stark Global Solutions. It's not just his home, it's where he started his new self. Home to a massive research laboratory in the basement, originally build by his father, this home has been expanded time and time again to accommodate the growing business. It houses an extensive security system, and personal security forces to keep it safe from potential government raids. As well as hidden safe rooms for employees.

The single largest corporation in all of Madripoor, S.G.S. builds everything from cars and airplanes to weapons and video game consoles. S.G.S. has diversified its assets across the board going so far as to even dive into the housing market. Despite mainly operating in Asian territories, it has in recent years expanded out in the direction of America, and other western markets, looking to stake a claim for its self.

While actually a collection of 30 suits, each of Gregory's suits has been built personally by the man himself, not to protect, but to last. While alone they won't stop a bullet from injuring him or fire from burning him, the suits themselves are incredibly resilient and completely self cleaning. From trench-coats and business suits to shoes and ties, his entire wardrobe has been made from the same Stark white self cleaning material.


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Gregory likes things clean and in order. Everything has a place and everything is in its place. His home is white, the carpets white, and the suits white, all to make sure that he can see any imperfection and take care of it appropriately. There's a reason he almost always wears his white gloves. Though he can mostly control it, there are some things that can completely push it over the edge.

Due to the nanites in his body still being machines they can be temporarily disabled with the use of an E.M.P. weapon or strong enough electrical strike made directly against him.

While the nanites are able to repair damage, they are still man-made and as such cannot protect against magic direct or indirect.

While he knows he isn't the best in existence, he certainly realises that he is better than the majority of those around him; an intellect unparalleled and unchallenged with the rigors of everyday life. This leaves him having a hard time with human understanding, or bringing himself down to the level of others around him, even when it's absolutely required of him.


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