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Megatron (Scenesys ID: 8040)
"... in the final analysis, I would happily wade across a river of corpses, chest-deep in rust and grease and engine oil, just to crush the spark of the last Autobot standing. And I would not do so simply as a means to an end. No. I'd do it, Prime, because it would give me pleasure."
Full Name: Megatron
Gender: Male
Species: Cybertronian
Theme: IDW (SFC)
Occupation: Emperor of Destruction
Citizenship: Decepticon Empire
Residence: Decepticon Imperial Headquarters, Kaon (The Badlands, Cybertron)
Education: Primary Programming
Status: Retired
Groups: Cybertron-OOC, Decepticons
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth 12 March Actor: Frank Welker (voice), Christopher Lee (holomatter avatar)
Height: 581 cm Weight: 2,217 kg
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: "Instruments of Destruction" by NRG


Megatron began his life as an energon miner, fought in the pits as a gladiator, and was honoured as a hero by many across Cybertron. But power inevitably corrupts, and none are as powerful as mighty Megatron. The war he launched has since burned its way across the universe. Incredibly powerful and intelligent, he fires a nuclear charged fusion cannon. Megatron has no known physical weaknesses.

Holomatter Avatar Picture:

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Cybertronian Humanoid: His presence is more 'felt' than seen. It goes far beyond his physical features making him even more imposing when seen in person. Still his impressive Cybertronian form, well known among his people and his enemies, is quite something to behold. Standing at 5.81 meters or nearly 20 feet tall his Cybertronian form is somewhat within the standard of his race in that he has a head, two arms, a torso, abdomen, and two legs. Each of his kind; however, have distinctive features just as the humans on Earth do. He has his own face and general outline unique to himself. His color scheme is made up of whites, silver-greys, and black highlights making for an overall 'gunmetal' appearance. On one of his arms, and impossible to miss for its size, a black fusion cannon sits mounted for ready use. Below his ever-worn armored helmet are a pair of sharp, intelligent, and piercing red glowing optic sensors. His face is made up of smooth flat planes, sharp angles, and chiseled features that come together in a strangely "handsome" form by human standards. Despite this, his expression also conveys a sense of something predatory kept in check by his intelligence which hides beneath his charismatic veneer.

Alternate Mode Gun: After spending time on earth he found a weapon that was aesthetically similar to his Cybertronian alternate-mode. Being cold-constructed leaves him fewer options than most when selecting a new form without complete re-formatting. Disguised as a silver-grey and black Walther P38 with a shoulder-stock and a suppressor/silencer combo. His weapon's output, when fired, remains that of a Cybertronian fusion cannon. His mass-displacement ability allows him to alter his size so that as a weapon he is proportional to the being that he allows to wield him, a position of trust he only allows very few to have and even then only when the situation absolutely requires it.

Holomatter Avatar: His presence is more 'felt' than seen. Standing before you is a perfectly normal looking human, surprisingly fit for a man in his late 50's, wearing a somewhat casual ensemble of clothing, with a shock of medium-length silver-white hair and very intense dark reddish-brown eyes. His long warm-grey trenchcoat drapes down from his shoulders flaring slightly out at his sides. Beneath that he is wearing a silk white shirt unbuttoned and flared at the collar exposing his upper chest just a little. A large black and chrome metal skull belt buckle fastens a wide crimson leather belt holding up a pair of gunmetal-grey denim pants. His hands are covered by a pair of heavy black leather gauntleted gloves matching his heavy black steel-toed boots.


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Awakening deep within Cybertron he was told he had been born under a process called "cold construction". It meant, or so he was told, that many questions would already be answered for him. Including his purpose in life. He was then sent to his first home on Tarn to become an energon miner. He was; however, a "Point One Percenter". These are rarely born Cybertronians who have sparks destined for greatness. He did not realize this at first but much later he would embrace it for the power and strength that it gave him.

Toiling away for ages he dwelled in near ignominy and the harsh dangerous conditions that went with his assigned job as a miner. At first he felt no need to do more, or be more, than what he was constructed to be. His primary mode was effective as a laborer, and his fusion cannon mode was used to blast and drill away rock and debris with pin-point accuracy to uncover the raw energon ore. He simply did his job and nothing else. He had few words for anyone who disagreed with that life around him.

Later, he would begin to question the system imposed upon him and the others like him. He began to quietly study and access as much information and data on many topics. His access to education was limited, but his supervisors sought to keep his kind entertained to relieve any restlessness. Soon he was able to put into words the flaws that he discovered in their caste society imposed upon them by the Autobot Senate and the Primes. The Functionalist philosophy was antithetical to the voice coming from deep within his spark. He discovered within himself a rising intellect unmatched by those around him. Soon he was pressed into action as his mine was closing and its laborers being abandoned to starvation, or direct "decommissioning", by the orders of Sentinel Prime. Left with no choice. He began to struggle against the yoke of oppression to which he was bound. First with words, and then later with actions.

Later he would find others of like-mind. He had to keep his words and actions hidden from the overseers, but with time he found himself in a gathering of others hungry for revolution. And revolution was stirring. More and more he found himself in the center with his speeches and words. When he entered the gladiatorial circuit, participating in the blood sports, to become stronger and to learn battle in a more intimate way he found again that he was in the center, this time for his battle prowess and soon to be legendary fortitude.

Revolution came. It was inevitable. The strongest rose and tried to take their rightful place. Megatron was their leader, the leader of those who called themselves Decepticons for they saw through the deceptions of the Autobot tyranny. "Autobot", a term derived from the word "automation" and later to mean "autonomous" according to the one who would be renamed Optimus Prime. Sentinel Prime fell by Megatron's hand and the Senate were taken in a surgical strike. The Decepticons initial victory was soon supplanted by a war of attrition as the remaining Autobots struck back trying to retake control and to possibly correct the errors of their predecessors. It all turned from revolution into civil war, a war without end.

Megatron did not believe in the motives and ideals of the Autobot counter-resistance. He only viewed it as more of the same. He felt that the true path to peace and freedom lay with a form of benevolent tyranny. The tyranny of the strongest to ensure that the rest would be free to determine their own paths through their own strengths and abilities. One's place in society would not be dictated by others, rather it would be decided by themselves, their actions, their inherent purpose dictated by their very sparks within.


This fell completely at odds with the Autobot beliefs in a different form of freedom through order and rule and law. Megatron was destined to forever oppose this corrupt system of rule and all who believed in its false promises and lies. Later when Orion Pax would take on the mantle of Optimus Prime, after Megatron killed another prime, their conflict would come to a flash-point that would last for countless eons.

Eventually, a number of the Autobots took to space in a craft called "The Ark". Megatron pursued it in his own craft, "The Nemesis", refusing to let Prime get away from him. The two craft battled and teams of Decepticons boarded the craft as it sped through the Sol system. The craft collided and spun out of control entering the atmosphere of the third planet in the early 1800's. Megatron, thrown from the craft plumeted, his trajectory carrying him far afield and impacting so hard that he became quickly buried. It would be years before he was discovered by the humans.

Megatron was vulnerable in his state of stasis lock. The humans took advantage of this and began to study him. Preventing his automated repair systems from functioning when he was uncovered. The humans were years behind even beginning to understand the cyber-organic materials, the living metal, that he was formed from. Despite this they uncovered many clues from his body to advance their own understanding of electronics and robotics.

Their probing was their mistake for it had awoken his consciousness in a limited fashion. Soon he began to reach out with his remaining senses. He found he could explore their primitive networks and manipulate it to his own ends. Able to then enlist the help of others. He was able to free himself and begin the process of learning what happened to his Decepticons and to the Autobots. He needed data. He needed resources. He needed time. Too much time had passed since he left Cybertron in the hands of his faithful lieutenants and he needed to return as soon as possible, but that path only lay with avoiding conflict with the humans and laying low until he found and revived the others.

There was a war to fight. A world to conquer, and perhaps, given time, a universe to liberate as well. He began with far less than he has now. It was time to begin again... All hail Megatron!


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Megatron is ruthless, determined, stubborn, vicious, intelligent, and above all else driven to meet his goal of ending the Autobots' corruption once and for all! There is no room for romance or mercy of any kind in his heart unless it can be used to his advantage in some way to achieve his ends. Besides things like "love" "compassion" and "mercy" are merely weaknesses and meaningless distractions. The ends justifies the means.

Justice through tyrrany! It is not just a motto, it is a philosophy.


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Advanced Intellect

Megatron's battle prowess is not just from his strength but also from his abilities as a gifted tactician. His long experience has taught him many lessons in conserving his resources and applying them where they are needed most. He is gifted with a keen intellect and uses it to his advantage wherever he can while sometimes cleverly playing dumb to lull his adversaries into showing their hand. He can formulate long term plans, and plans within plans. Multitasking his thought processes in a way that is difficult to match as he adapts them to the situation at hand.

He understand the need for information and either gathers it himself or relies on his many Decepticons capable of providing what he needs. He can then absorb this information accurately and use it in his calculations. If something piques his interest he is not above looking into the matter himself.

He is familiar with the many technologies his people use. He is not a creative or super-intelligent scientist but he has educated himself enough to keep abreast of even his minions most complicated applications of technology. This also goes towards his tactical repertoire and makes it harder for his underlings to fool him with "technobabble" trickery or deception.

Woe to anyone who would underestimate Megatron's understanding on anything!

Cybertronian Body

Megatron's entire body is composed by and large of the elements Transformium or better known as the living metal Sentio Metallico. Megatron's own unique composition is known for its durability and resistance to damage. Even when he does come to harm his self-repair systems move to undo the bulk of the damage though this generally takes more time than he cares to spend healing, preferring to allow his physicians to tend to any discomforts in between battles.

His renowned endurance and ability to mentally endure extensive physical damage and pain is legendary among the Decepticons and Autobots. His battle strength is comparable to that of Optimus Prime himself. He is not neigh invulnerable; however, with enough force applied under the right circumstances and he can be damaged like any other Cybertronian.

He is considered strong for a Cybertronian of his size and design. Often this is a result of his long training spent in the gladiatorial pits in his early days on Cybertron. He learned how to lever his natural strength to its maximum potential. He is capable of lifting and bracing many tons above the standard for one of his race.

His body has granted him several other feats and abilities besides the raw physical ones mentioned above. These will be covered in other categories.


Megatron can communicate with computer systems and networks. In other words he can form a data uplink and communicate with cybernetic and electronic devices. With direct contact, or with an existing wireless network access point, Megatron is capable of a certain level of hacking and manipulation. Especially when it comes to the human's primitive constructs and networks. Using this ability he can communicate across a network, gather and manipulate data, and thwart some security systems. Such activities are time-consuming and may leave him vulnerable while he focuses his attention into accessing a device or network. Therefore he will prefer to take the more direct and physical approach more often to get what he needs, or he will delegate the task. There are others under his command who excell at this far more expertly than he, but it is a good capability to have on hand when the need arises.

Energy Shield

Like many Cybertronian warriors he has adapted an energy shield ability to deflect some of the energy of Cybertronian weaponry. This invisible shield rests 'skin-tight' against his chasis covering his vital organs and arms. While this may not be entirely effective against particularly strong weaponry it will deflect the equivalent of low powered small-arms fire. Laser pistols for example.

The effects of this shielding against non-Cybertronian weaponry is largely an unknown quantity; however, most alien races utilize similar technological concepts in their designs. The abilities of other powered beings such as Superman's eye-beams are likely not to be deflected entirely.

At need, Megatron can concentrate this protective field in one forearm like a makeshift shield. This requires significant concentration and effort and cannot be sustained indefinitely.

Energy Weapon

When retracting his hand to give access to his energy conduits he can through force of will form an energon mace or morning star. He reserves this ability usually for gladiatorial one-on-one combat either with a challenger in physical combat or when dueling for honor with Optimus Prime. He views very few who are worthy of him rising to such efforts. It is possible for him to form other simple shapes and weapons in this manner, but he would be unpracticed at the new shape and he would be at an disadvantage due to the concentration required.

Eye Beams

Rarely used. Megatron can concentrate his energy behind his eyes and release it into a pair of white-violet beams of highly charged plasma. Megatron does not employ this weapon very often for obvious reasons. While using them he cannot clearly see only perceiving enough to keep his beams on target. There is a lingering effect afterwards as residual energy and heat dissipates around his optics that can interfere with his sensors.


While in his primary mode, Megatron, like any other Decepticon, is capable of antigravity flight. While in atmosphere he can achieve speeds up to the edge of the sound barrier. He is able to propell himself, with some effort and time, into the low orbit of an Earth sized planet. In space his capacity for speed increases but is still well under any speed that would be convenient for inter-planitary travel.

While in his alt-mode he can hover for brief periods and fly into, or out of, the grip of his wielder. This method of movement in this mode is difficult and unsustainable enough to aim himself effectively while in this mode. Not to mention handle his own recoil.

Fusion Cannon

Megatron's Fusion cannon is almost a part of him now. Ironically it was Starscream who first gave him the weapon after slaughtering the Autobot Senate in their initial strike. Operating on his own internal power sources as ammo it is quite versitile in its usage. The weapon is capable of a wide range of focal widths and power levels ranging from a flame-thrower-like effect up to a massive long range barrage. Though it is worn on his forearm and can be detached when he wishes it has become so much a part of him that it is now even integrated into his alternate mode. (More on its power source elsewhere.)

Holomatter Avatar

Like many Cybertronians, Megatron is capable of projecting solid or phantom holomatter images. While he is not as adept or capable as say Hound with his large scale extremely realistic projections, he can create an interactive humanoid form as well as project small scale maps and other data into the air before him to communicate information or strategies with others. His range is relatively short and can only project a solid avatar within a hundred or so yards of his location. Fortunately his avatar can carry him in his alt-mode, which can be quite convenient while traveling on Earth inconspicuously.

Mass Displacement

Mass Displacement is at the heart of


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Earth Culture

During his time on Earth. Megatron reached out into the primitive networks filled with trivial indulgences and inane obsessions with things like cats. Strange creatures these humans. Such variety. Yet they also have a thirst for power and ambition for glory. Megatron has begun to see why Optimus sometimes sees a purpose for these organic types beyond their usefulness as servants and slaves.

Their culture and colloquialisms are contagious. Megatron has even found himself using very human expressions to describe concepts and events. In a way it is insidious how it wheedles its way into your synaptic processors.


One of the first things Megatron learned, while he was working as a mere laborer in the energon mines of Tarn, information was as good as the most pure and rarest of veins of energon. The Autobots allowed a lot of information to flow. But they too kept their secrets. They kept them so that no one would become wise to their lies and be content in their workaday existences. His point one percenter mind was hungry for knowlege. Ravenous for it even.

At every opportunity he sought to gain knowledge for himself. With that came new skills, new experiences to learn from, and new sources of power to take for himself. Megatron is versed in many topics. Cybertronian History, Science, Battle Tactics, Political Intrigue, Psychiatry, Philosophy, Religion, and Mythology and so much more.

There are times when those around him have seen that he has little patience for minutia but let them think that way. The devil is always in the details. There is always time for research and speculation. If the knowledge he desires isn't his then he will reach out his hand and get it. Even if it means that by doing so he must resort to violence. That is just one more price to pay for power after all.

Field Combat

Working as a team may sound antithetical to a Decepticon, but this is a strategy for success. On the battlefield working in tandem with a strategy is important. So is keeping track of multiple data points, while maintaining situational awareness. Megatron is an expert at warfare. Not only being able to plan from the distant view of a leader in distant command centers, but also as an up close and smell the burning spark chambers kind. Megatron is the type to take command and lead his Decepticon army right into battle with a winning strategy, and failing that a plan for retreat, regrouping, and returning to the fray twice as deadly as before. Battle is a chaotic. It is an ever changing beast that is never tamed and never completely predictable. It will brutally kill you for the slightest error in judgment. Megatron is well versed in the eccentricities of battle in all its forms. Including on the field in the thick of it. He knows what to look for, what to single out for handling, and how to handle it. The Autobots are grave teachers of how to deal with this very subject and he knows better than to underestimate them even if they are outflanked and outnumbered.


Beyond his gift for strong words and glorifying speeches. Megatron knows he has a key ingredient for leadership. Two of them infact.

The first is his natural charisma. Much like the Primes he so loathes, he is capable of uniting disperse warriors who would not normally work together under the same banner. He can woo them with a carefully crafted exposition on power, proffit, and equality. With a few words he can paint his enemies as the despicable vermin they are. He can inspire others to greatness. Draw them eagerly to the power he offers them. And whip them mercilessly with insults and venom when necessary.

Intimidation is the second of these gifts. Megatron is no self-delusional fool when it comes to appraising one's own worth. In this though, he knows he is superior to all but a very few that may, just may, be worthy of being considered his equals. With the precise application of fear, of presence, and the occasional demonstration of ruthlessness, one can achieve greatness no matter who tries to challenge one's rightful claim to power!

There is a reason they raise their voices for him. All Hail Megatron! All Hail Megatron!

Legends and Lore

Megatron is familiar with the subtleties and complexities of ancient Cybertronian history. Plus that of many other cultures he has encountered and exploited. There is sometimes surprisingly valuable information hidden between and behind the lines of fables, parables, and legends. Myths are made up of the experiences of those who created them, and within them are small truths hidden there waiting to be uncovered. All cultures hide their artifacts of power in such things. More than once he has followed a trail of clues that led him to something of use in his long war effort.


Megatron is particularly skilled at one-on-one physical combat. Be this with fists or melee weapons of nearly any type know to Cybertronians. While he fomented revolution among his people he found it necessary to gain prowess in many schools of combat. When applying his techniques he is ruthless and cunning able to use his environment and his opponent's weaknesses against them.


After many years of raw battle experience and time spent in the gladiatorial arenas on Cybertron, Megatron has developed a keen insight into tactical strategies. He can analyze the tactics of his opponent and look for weaknesses, or he can advance his own complex ploy. Megatron often sees the big picture, developing strategies that span many battles and confrontations in order to achieve a set goal. Plans within plans within plans.

There are only a few capable of understanding his vision and scope. This sometimes leads to conflict and underestimation of his skills among his own Decepticons, especially when he plays a sacrifice ploy in order to lure his enemies into place. Other times the conflicts revolve around their lack of patience to allow a plan to fully unfold in its machinations.


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Decepticon Empire

Followers, minions, servants, territories and all their combined power, skills, and resources are his to command. His people are faithful to his vision for the future, for victory. At need Megatron can pull upon his resources, gathering them to apply them to any problem that is in need of a solution. There are times when what he has to work with is... sub par. But he can make it work. Yes, he can make it work.


Gathered from many different sources. Megatron has a treasure trove of data on which to draw his plans from. If there is something beyond his knowledge he will spend other resources to gain it. That is where his people's greatest skill has been applied. Infiltration, information gathering, and sabotaging the enemy's information resources.


Megatron, like most Cybertronians, has access to technology and information about technology that many races (including humans) simply do not possess. Space-bridge technology is one such example. The ability to transfer through a hyperspace bridge matter from one location to another instantly is a tactical resource that no-other race has precisely duplicated on the scale that he has. Sure some have similar technologies such as hyperspace gates, but those take time to travel and are on occasion prone to misfire. All of the advancements of his people are within his circle of knowledge and he can use this to analyze and reverse engineer it to his understanding. Earth. For example. The humans have much technology that, while extremely primitive, is either compatible or exploitable in some way with his own.


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Amour Propre

Not only does Megatron view himself as superior. He holds this true of his own people, the Decepticons. Next down the list are all Cybertronians such as Autobots... though they rate just below turbofoxes and scraplets. Below all of those however, there are the true vermin. Those that consider themselves inteligent and yet prove themselves to be annoyances at every turn. This if course refers to those silly creatures he calls organics. Most of them are humanoid in form but there are many variations and levels of... annoyance they present to him in the form of abilities. Most annoying of all. There are so #=&@$! many of them!


Megatron has an intense hatred for the Autobots and their ideals. There is little that can make him set this aside, even when it becomes necessary to team up with them in order to overcome a mutally destructive situation, Megatron will look for a way to exploit it so that he may take advantage and use it for vengence.


Due to the ages long wars and expanding strife in the search for more resources his people have earned something of a negative reputation. One that he blames solely on the Autobots and their paltry idealistic need to impose their... ethics... on other races. His kind have been restricted and banished from many sectors. At least on paper. It does not take long for the reputation to spread like propoganda interfering with plans and creating unnecessary obstacles.


Megalomania is defined as the "obsession with the exercise of power, especially in the domination of others." Sometimes delusional so. Megatron; however, understands greatness and he is far from delusionally. He knows it is his destiny to rule. His raison d'etre. He has personal power, enough to intimidate even the strongest of his kind. This power is both physical and intellectual in nature and he knows how to apply those skills. He also has the power that is given to him by right. He was born to this role as the undisputed leader of the Decepticons and their cause. He crafted the revolution, and he will be the one to bring it to its fruition. Cybertron will be his in its entirety unspoiled by the festering idealism of the Autobots.

After that! After that... it is a forgone conclusion that other worlds will fall to his will as well. He will design an empire that will span the universe and revel in its... his... greatness!

All Hail Megatron! It says it all doesn't it.


No other adversary has vexed him for so long and so frustratingly. It has gone far far beyond simple anger or hatred or even homicidal aspirations. No, Optimus Prime must die by the hand of Megatron and no other. It must be through a complete and absolute process of deconstruction and humiliation for the Autobot leader. He must be made to pay for all those times he managed to squeeze through his fingers. And for all those times he managed to lead his people to impossible victories despite being out gunned, out manuvered, and overwhelmed. If nothing else it will be satisfying to rip his spark out and feel it dim into nothingness!


Megatron is no coward! He would blaze his spark across the sky of Cybertron only to have it snuff out in the reaches of Kaon unseen unnoticed and unnoted before he would lower himself to the level of a coward. However... Megatron sees himself as a necessary cog in the clockwork machinations of his revolution even if he is the only wheel that can turn the others to his will and desires. He feels he must be preserved if they are to prevail. Megatron will fight tooth and nail to survive. That is what he does. Bravely and strategically he will battle until the very last moment when it becomes clear that retreat is necessary. A "strategic withdrawal" is not beneath him. Even in a battle of honor.


When it comes to strategy there are only a few capable of understanding his vision and scope. This sometimes leads to conflict and underestimation of his skills among his own Decepticons, especially when he plays a sacrifice ploy in order to lure his enemies into place. Other times the conflicts revolve around their lack of patience to allow a plan to fully unfold in its machinations.

He must remain vigilant lest one of his subordinates get out of line and ruin a carefully laid network of stratagems.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Transformers Earth: Lost cybersheep July 8th, 2019 Megatron and Knock Out make a short trip to Gotham where they detected a possible fellow Cybertronian. They are quickly found by Barricade who is brought back into the fold. The trio then make a somewhat flashy exit from Gotham returning to their 'home' on the Nemesis.
Transformers: Awakening! July 2nd, 2019 Megatron awakens the Decepticons and retrieves his fallen soldiers. Unbeknownst to him Arcee has awakened too and will soon help as many of the others as she can. Having left with his Decepticons Megatron is unaware that his enemies will soon be reviving as well.
You called... July 1st, 2019 Megatron encouters only two Dinobots. Though one Lex Luthor observes from nearby gathering as much information on the Aliens as he can. They are elusive however. Lex may have enough though that he can make contact with them another time. Meanwhile, Megatron gives the Dinobots a false set of coordinates and heads for the Ark by himself. It is risky, but something he is willing to do.
Where Did I Put That Giant Robot May 26th, 2019 Doug, Sam and Kitty track down Megatron and walk away feeling slightly better about his intentions. Also? Doug rocks.
Sentinels: And Megatron May 15th, 2019 A Sentinel speaks to Megatron.
The Qualty or State of Being Human May 14th, 2019 The heroes succeed in saving Norton and in turn freeing Megatron.
What does it mean to be Charles Xavier May 13th, 2019 Norton and Charles talk, and then Kitty shows up and ruins everything.
Explain. May 7th, 2019 Norton and Kitty say tings.
Should you choose to accept it. May 6th, 2019 Norton hires Walker.
Norton's Adventure May 5th, 2019 Norton alters the deal, Lara prays he does not alter it further! - DARTH VADER wrote this
Agamemnon Finds Mystique May 5th, 2019 Agamemnon provided Mystique with diagrams of the Sentinel Nullifier emitter in order to get the information to people she knows.
Where Birdies Get the Info May 5th, 2019 Summary needed
Message for you, ma'am! May 4th, 2019 Nort gives info to Widow.
I Swear If He Looks Like Max Headroom... May 3rd, 2019 Norton Agamemnon makes contact with Kitty and passes on schematics of the Sentinel nullification field
Norton hears a Lara. May 2nd, 2019 Nort hires Lara!


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Title Date Scene Summary
Transformers: Awakening June 19th, 2019 Summary needed


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