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Mina Harker (Scenesys ID: 1321)
"You're sweet... and you're young. Neither are traits that I hold in high regard."
Full Name: Mina Harker
Gender: Female
Species: Half-Vampire
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Special Agent
Citizenship: British
Residence: Various
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Status: Dropped
Other Information
Apparent Age: 150 Actual Age: 150
Date of Birth 14 Feb 1877 Actor: Peta Wilson
Height: 177 cm (5'10") Weight: 59 kg (130 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: Bad Romance - Lady Gaga


Wilhelmina Murray was born in the late 1800's in Victorian England. In 1897 she and her fiancé, Jonathan Harker, were caught up in a scandal involving a Transylvanian Count and a Doctor Abraham van Helsing. Upon the Count's (presumed) destruction and her return to England, Mina has become Mrs. Harker. She is also forever changed, no longer human and not completely vampire. As a result of their experiences, Mina and her husband divorce a year later.

In the same year as her divorce, Mina (now Murray again) is approached by Campion Bond of the British Secret Service about joining a special team. Mina spends the next few decades leading two separate teams of undercover operatives under the colloquial moniker 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'. She continues working on and off for the British Secret Service through the 1960's when, due to an unfortunate incident involving bats and LSD, she has a flashback that results in her being committed to an asylum. Released years later by an old acquaintance, Mina is ready to see what changes have come about in this new century. Once her medication wears off.

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Hers is a striking figure, just short of six feet tall and statuesque; her posture quite poised and proper. The woman's face is round, her jaw firm and set with determination. Brown hair edges towards cinnamon, spilling well down her back when not pulled back tightly. Slender brows arch over pale green eyes, bright and almost luminous. Her nose is not delicate, but neither is it dominant. Full lips are touched with red, in contrast to her otherwise pale complexion. Always and without fail does she wear a scarf of crimson silk bound about her throat.


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Wilhelmina Murray was born in the late 1800's in Victorian England. In 1897 she and her fiancé, Jonathan Harker, were caught up in a scandal involving a Transylvanian Count and a Doctor Abraham van Helsing. The Count was a vampire, and he not only drank her blood but forced her to drink his own, intending to make her into one of his brides. Ultimately van Helsing's associates destroyed the Count (presumably) before Mina fully succumbed. She and Jonathan married, but the events of Transylvania were never fully put behind them. They divorced a year later.

The same year of their divorce, Mina was approached by a Campion Bond of the British Secret Service. Bond recruited her as part of a band of covert operatives in service to the Crown. The group was known loosely as the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Its membership included adventurer Allan Quatermain, the infamous Captain Nemo, Dr. Henry Jekyll (as well as his alter-ego Mr. Edward Hyde) and Hawley Griffin, the Invisible Man. The League successfully defended the Crown against dangers from without as well as from within before its members disband at the conclusion of a particularly grisly assignment.

Mina travels the world afterward, meeting up again with Quatermain and resuming their relationship. The two visit the Pool of Fire in Africa, where Quatermain emerges younger and immortal. Mina is unchanged after her bath, however, and begins to suspect that the encounter with the Count left her with more than just physical scars. Over the next couple decades she comes to realize her half-vampiritic nature, although it won't be until the Second World War that she truly embraces it.

Mina and Allan leave Britain and don't return until after the War. During the 1950's they return to London and recover the Black Dossier, with some difficulty. Shortly afterward Mina attempts to gather another League in an attempt to forestall a predicted disaster, but they are unsuccessful in their endeavor and the group disbands. Mina and Allan continue working together to resolve crises in Britain. During one adventure in the late 1960's, however, Mina is pushed into a traumatic flashback through a combination of LSD and an untimely swarm of bats. She mentally shuts down and is committed to an asylum under heavy medication. Recently released by another old friend, Mina is ready to experience this new century.


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Mina is a strong-minded and independent woman. A schoolteacher, she has a naturally assertive personality. And her encounter with the vampire in the Carpathians has only steeled her resolve all the more. On more than one occasion she has been referred to as 'manly' in her demeanor, and she has had no qualms about calling the likes of Allan Quatermain and Captain Nemo 'school boys with their toys'.

While initially embracing the Victorian ideals of her upbringing, as time passed Mina's outlook diverged sharply. Mina's divorce to Jonathan wasn't the catalyst, but it was certainly the first step towards breaking free of the Victorian outlook. By the time Mina hit the 1960's she experienced the decade in its fullest capacity. For all that, Mina prefers to let logic and reason rule her throughts rather than impulsive action.

Being immortal as well as being in a somewhat harrowing line of work, Mina often prefers to distrust someone first and have them earn her trust back. She isn't the sort to make quick friendships, but the ones she makes last a very long time.


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One of the most significant effects of drinking vampire's blood was the healing factor. Any normal wounds that she receives heal over the matter of a few seconds. Bullets and blades still tear through her flesh, it's just that the injured tissue reknits almost immediately. The more severe the damage, the longer it takes for her to heal. Stabbing her heart will only keep her down so long as she remains impaled. Decapitation will end her, unless the head is returned to the body. Another result of this is that toxins have almost no lasting effects. Drugs or alcohol can give her a brief high, but her body processes them quickly.

Seeking immortality, Mina bathed in the Pool of Fire in Africa. When she emerged unchanged, she realized that there was nothing the Pool could give her that she didn't already possess. With the vampire's blood mingled with her own, Mina has become a supernatural creature immune to the effects of aging.

Being only half-vampire, Mina lacks the traditional vampire vulnerabilities. Religious symbols don't bother her, and neither does garlic. She can function just fine in full daylight as well.

Another side effect of being fed vampire blood is Mina's enhanced physical prowess. Her reflexes are well into the superhuman range, moving almost faster than the human eye can follow. While not in the range of super speedsters, Mina has a decided edge in a fight. She can dodge missiles if she can see them, including bullets.

Mina can shapeshift into a swarm of bats. She often does this to feed, and can send individuals off of the main swarm to scout ahead. While she can assume this form at any time, she does hold to the bats' natural preference to avoid full daylight. Mina can also sprout vampire's fangs at will, her own canine teeth growing quite long. When she is feeding her eyes change from green to blood red in color.


Mina's strength is measured more in physical prowess than her ability to lift weights. She is strong enough to leap with the effortless grace of a jungle cat and about twice the distance (8 meters vertically or 12 meters horizontally from a stand-still). At a dead run she can keep up with a galloping horse (about 45 mph) for short bursts (not that a Lady would ever DO such a thing). When fighting, her blows exert enough force to readily break bones and punch through light body armor. She is quite capable of tearing a standard wooden door from its hinges.


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Mina has learned, through her many adventures and assignments, the value of operating under assumed identities. She has played the role of a homeless woman, a proper housewife, an expectant mother, and even a prostitute.

Mina was never really one for fighting, being a proper Victorian lady. Over the course of adventures during the past century and a half, however, she has learned a few things and can manage multiple opponents with relative ease. Possessing no mean skill, Mina takes advantage of her supernatural gifts instead, using them to her best advantage whenever possible. In a fight she prefers a dagger or two, when she can't attack as a swarm of bats. She's certainly capable of using most any hand weapon to deadly effect.

It isn't really that Mina isn't afraid of anything. It's just that, after being overcome and tormented by a vampire, there really isn't much else out there that's quite as frightening. Living through such an ordeal tends to make other risky experiences pale by comparison.

Her encounter with the vampire in Transylvania really brought out Mina's leadership skills. She keeps her cool under pressure, and can be counted on to make rational decisions in even the worst of circumstances. Mina isn't afraid to make unpopular decisions, either, which lent her an air of impartiality with the rest of the League.

So many of the League's missions have involved matters that are best defined as 'occult'. Inspired by van Helsing, Mina has learned to apply scientific principles to Unseen Matters as well. She's researched a good variety of phenomena over the past century and a half.

School Mistress:
Prior to her engagement to Jonathan Harker, Mina was a school mistress. While she was well-versed in all of the basic subjects, her specialty was in etiquette and social graces. Just the sort of woman to instruct a proper young lady how to act in Victorian society.

Upon joining the League and meeting Nemo, Mina took an interest in science and scientific principles. She's no Einstein or Edison, but she learns whatever she can and is quite well-read. And her scientific, logical approach to problems has been useful on more than one occasion.

Well Travelled:

Mina has seen a good portion of the world over the course of her long life. While based in England, she has spent time in Hungary, Transylvania, Africa, Western Europe, China and the Americas among other places. She certainly hasn't been everywhere or seen everything, but Mina has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience.


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Black Dossier:
Mina is in possession of the Black Dossier, the journal of the history of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The journal chronicles the various incarnations of the League including its secret origins, missions and activities, including its French and German counterparts. It's not the definitive source of occult knowledge, but it's a good reference all the same.

Mina isn't rich, by any stretch of the imagination. She has, however, made some good investments over the years. And, being both immortal as well as a practical woman, Mina understands quite well how compound interest works. So she has enough money for a great deal of financial independence, without the need to keep up a 'day job'.


Mina has had a long-standing relationship with the British Secret Service, MI5 Division, thanks to her affiliation with two incarnations of the League. While she's technically no longer an active agent, if she ever needed the Agency's support she could probably get it. After filling out the proper forms, of course.


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As a side effect of her half-vampire existense, Mina slips into a frenzy at the sight of blood. Depending on how long it's been since she's fed, even the sight of a few drops of blood is enough to set her off. On the other hand if she's been recently satiated, she's not even going to blink at a blood-spattered crime scene.

Mina still bears the scars of the vampire's attacks upon her throat. Not merely a couple of neat pinpricks, the vampire bit deeply and left her with graphic souvenirs of the event. As a result, she is VERY self-conscious about the disfigurement and always wears a red silk scarf wrapped several times about her throat (and knotted).

Yes, Mina is a half-vampire with a weakness for vampires. It's all a matter of which side holds the ball, really. Being on the side that captures, bites, and drinks blood is one thing. Being the -victim- brings back a whole host of traumatic flashbacks.


While she doesn't suffer a vampire's traditional vulnerabilities, Mina CAN be killed and incapicitated. A stake through the heart will ruin anyone's day, although it only keeps her 'down' so long as she remains impaled. Likewise, beheading is always effective. She can be drugged, but with her physique it takes massive doses sustained continuously through an IV. (The asylum figured that out.)


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