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Saturn Girl (Scenesys ID: 186)
"Excellent. I swear celibacy, and an hour later I find out I'll get to meet the hero I've had a crush on since I was a schoolgirl. This is so not fair."
Full Name: Imra Ardeen
Gender: Female
Species: Titanian
Theme: DC (SFC)
Occupation: Legionnaire
Citizenship: United Planets
Residence: Metropolis
Education: 30th Century Collegiate
Status: Dropped
Groups: Space-OOC, World of Tomorrow-OOC, Legion of Superheroes
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth 30th Century Actor:
Height: 170 cm (5'7") Weight: 59 kg (130 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Saturn Girl", Paula Cole


Born on Saturn's moon Titan during the 30th Century, Imra Ardeen is a tenth-level telepath (the highest rating her people assign), and founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Currently cast back in time nine centuries due to a terrible Crisis, this telepathic heroine does what she can to hold her teammates together, and find a way to live in an era long before she was born.

Current Player Approved: Available for Application



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5'7" tall, with blue eyes and blonde hair, Imra Ardeen looks like nothing so much as the All-American teenager. Which, of course, makes it all the funnier that not only isn't she American, she isn't even human! She looks it, certainly; she's indistinguishable from human through anything but complicated medical procedures.

She's dressed in a bodysuit of red and white; primarily white down the center stripe, with sides of a reddish-pink. A golden ring is on one hand, with a stylized "L" on it.


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Born on the moon of Titan in the 30th Century, Imra Ardeen is the daughter of the Titanian ambassador to the United Planets, Sydne Ardeen. It became obvious even from a very young age that even among a race of telepaths, Imra was something special. At the age of 5, she began elite training in how to use her abilities, as well as general education, and her abilities proved to be so strong her teachers put mental blocks to prevent her from using her full powers until she was trained. By the time she was fully trained, and her blocks removed, she had been accepted to be a part of the Science Police. On her way to Earth, though, she and two other young adults were drawn to save the life of a civilian, who ended up being one of the wealthiest men in the galaxy. Inspired by the three young heroes, he offered to back them, and thus was born the Legion of Super-Heroes. Imra has been a leader of the Legion on multiple occasions, and continues to be a hero fighting to protect the innocent and defeat evildoers everywhere.


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Imra is polite, personable...the definition of cultured by her people's standards (she /is/ an ambassador's daughter, after all). On the other hand, she also keeps a degree of distance between herself and most other people...not uncommon for a telepath, really. She's very much the epitome of a heroine; there's a reason why she's one of the founding three members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. She's inspired by the stories of the heroes from nearly a millennia ago, and she plans very much to do her best to live up to them. She's dedicated, driven, and committed to her cause. Perhaps a trifle optimistic, and overly inclined to believe the good in people, but she's no Pollyanna...she's just willing to give someone the first chance. After that, it's hero time.


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Telepathy: Basics:
Saturn Girl is considered a "tenth level" telepath among her people, who are a race of telepaths...and she is considered exceptionally strong even by their standards, so much so that she had blocks placed to limit her power in childhood, for safety's sake. She is, quite simply, one of the strongest telepaths in the galaxy, and can manifest the full suite of telepathic abilities. (In many ways, she's a DC equivalent to Jean Grey in terms of power level. She's up there.)

Telepathy: Communication:
Telepathy 101. Saturn Girl can send her thoughts mentally into the minds of others, and receive their own, using this in lieu of speaking, or other communications technology. Her range on this is impressive; basically if she's on the same planet as someone, she can communicate with them. (Of course, so can a cell phone.) She's proven capable of telepathically speaking with, and coordinating communications for, the entire Legion at once.

Telepathy: Illusions:
Saturn Girl is capable of utilizing effective psychic illusions, overriding the brains of others to control their senses. She can either use this to make them see (/hear/smell/etc) things that aren't really there, or inversely, to make them NOT perceive things that are there, granting selective "invisibility". (Obviously, this only works on things that have a brain she can affect; a simple camera will pick them up just fine.)

Telepathy: Manipulation:
While she's ethically opposed to it in general, Saturn Girl is capable of editing the memories and minds of others. This can be anything from selectively removing or altering the memories of others, to more complex rewriting of personalities. Obviously, the more involved the process, the longer it takes, and the more stressful it is on Imra.

Telepathy: Mind Scan:
Saturn Girl can telepathically search for a specific mind to locate it, either then opening mental contact, or knowing the location of that mind. She's proven capable of locating a single mind over a distance as great as a continent when she has to, though obviously the larger the area, the longer the search and the more taxing it is on her.

Telepathy: Mindbolts:
Saturn Girl's primary form of direct offense, she can project bolts of telepathic force, capable of stunning, damaging, or even killing another individual. She's proven capable of dropping even high-powered superbeings with this, such as Daxamites.

Telepathy: Mindshield:
Saturn Girl can use her telepathic abilities to protect herself from the psychic attacks of others. She can similarly protect others she is in mental contact with, though the more people she tries to protect, the weaker the protection is for each. Similarly, she can screen herself from psychic detection (or again, others she is in contact with), with the strength decreasing per individual.

Telepathy: Projection:

Saturn Girl can create astral projections, sending her consciousness into the astral planes. While there, she can manipulate the environment to her will. (This is a staple of all telepaths there.)


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Imra is one of the Legionnaires who has had the most education and training. While she lacks the genius of Brainiac 5 or Invisible Kid, she's been undergoing special training and education from the age of five, with a race of telepaths. She's got an extremely strong background in 30th Century academics.

Imra's been the leader of the Legion on multiple occasions. She's good at handling a leadership role, both in the "handling all the bureaucratic administrivia" and the "getting a bunch of superpowered people with wildly different personalities to cooperate and work effectively together" senses of that.

Unarmed Combat:

Like most of the Legion, Saturn Girl's had hand-to-hand combat training, though she knows no more than the basics. She relies more on her powers than on her body in a fight.


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Flight Ring:
Saturn Girl has a standard-issue Legion Flight Ring. It allows her to fly, as well as theoretically acting as a communicator. (Though for reasons in her weaknesses, that's primarily a "receiver" for Imra.)

The Legion:

Saturn Girl is a founding member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. This means she can call on the other members of the Legion for assistance, and she also has access to the technologies and resources available to them. (Admittedly, here in the past that's a smaller thing, but...)


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Lack of Defenses:
Compared to other telepathic types, Imra's at a major disadvantage. Jean Grey has her telekinesis. Emma Frost can turn into diamond. The Martian Manhunter won the lottery on superpowers. But Imra? Imra's...a young woman in spandex who happens to have mind powers. If she gets punched, she bleeds. If she gets shot? She needs to go to the hospital...or she just flat out dies. She has no more ability than the average citizen to avoid taking damage. Even police officers have bulletproof vests. Imra has to rely on her teammates or very creative tactics to avoid being harmed.

Telepathy Proof:
Imra has a vast array of telepathic abilities. But up against anything that her telepathy can't affect, she's...pretty much an ordinary young woman. If it doesn't have a mind, or if that mind can't be affected telepathically, all she can do is try and punch it. Or run away from it.

Temporally Displaced:

Saturn Girl is here in the 21st Century, almost 1000 years before her time. The information she has on the current timeline is sketchy at best, and everyone she knew, aside from the people who timejumped with her, won't even be born for a very long time. She's cut off from all her resources, and has limited (and partially incorrect) information about the world around her. It's not a good thing.


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