The Librarian

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The Librarian
Find the Book
Base Info
Plot Scale: Minor
Plot Runner(s): Willow Rosenberg
Co-Runner(s): Buffy Summers
Groups Involved: Scooby Gang
Target Audience: Any
Rating & Tone: {{{Genre}}}




Buffy Summers, Castiel, Constantine, Dean Winchester, Melinda May, Deadwatch, Sam Winchester, Willow Rosenberg

Other Information



Title Date Scene Summary
The Librarian: Trying from Another Way.. July 13th, 2023 Willow drops of at Strange's home (with cookies1) to see if he could help her with the 'Book'. He does, but not the way she expected.
The Librarian: Park Patrol Goes Perfectly June 13th, 2023 A discussion of many things, from memory to presents. Apologies are given for the past.
The Librarian: London Calling September 9th, 2019 Wonder of wonders, John calls on Kate for a favour - something in her wheelhouse, and not his. After explaining to her what he needs, and why, Kate agrees to help steal back the book John has been chasing down. For a price: a future favour. Oh, how those things can haunt a person.
The Librarian: Outstanding in Their Field August 26th, 2019 In which John and Willow climb aboard May's quinjet and proper introductions are made.. Kind of after the fact, considering the diner incident, but better late than never? May gets filled in some. John made a frenemy. And plans are afoot for Vancouver.
The Librarian: Burnt Offerings at the Crossroads August 9th, 2019 John and Willow visit the diner at the crossroads that she and Sam once stopped at - still in search of the brazier. Only they're not the only ones looking for it. Unexpected guests arrive, including Agent May - who calls in the big guns. Everyone lives to fight another day, and they get the prize!
The Librarian: It Was Gremlins, in the Magic Shop, with a Candlestick August 4th, 2019 Willow, John, and Buffy attempt to scry for another of the missing items, only to find the candlesticks had been right beneath their noses all this time.
The Librarian: Tea and Biscuits, Cockney Style July 27th, 2019 John tracks down the Keeper of the Crypt and learns more about how to track down the Librarian... or does he?
The Librarian: An Overdue Discussion July 25th, 2019 John drops in on Willow to learn more about Librarian and a plan to bother an old women is made.
The Librarian: The Lost Motel 6 February 21st, 2019 Summary needed
The Librarian: Lost in the Interior February 13th, 2019 Sam and Willow stop at a diner after getting lost, and get a chance to relax and chat. A rarity in their lives.
Librarian: Fancy Meeting You Here January 22nd, 2019 May drops in on Sam and Willow's road trip. Plans are made and breakfast is had.
The Librarian: It's Always in the Fine Print January 8th, 2019 Willow shows her findings to Sam with regards to the hunt for the Librarian's items. Sam proposes a road trip. Little do they know...
The Librarian: Questions and Drinks December 1st, 2018 Cas and Sam have beer, discuss chairs, ancient cults, witches with computers and who has to get the remote.
The Librarian: A Little Time Out for Coffee November 28th, 2018 Willow and Sam meet for coffee to discuss the search for the book and some other more embarassing topics.
The Librarian: It's Not the Yellow Pages, But... October 23rd, 2018 Willow hunts down some magical support for the upcoming hunt to find the Librarian and the items he's searching for. It could have gone worse?
The Librarian: Is it a Date pt. II - The Idiots. October 16th, 2018 A mysterious woman imparts knowledge upon Sam and Buffy about what they're looking for to foil the Librarian. Nothing to be worried about there, right? Just some unknown, unnamed woman from some mysterious Order...
The Librarian: Is It Still a Date if Nobody Dies October 7th, 2018 Sam and Buffy stumble upon graveyard secrets in pursuit of the undead priest, and the Librarian's items. One of those secrets stumbles upon them! Sorry Willow, it's still not a date.
The Librarian: Parchment and Pizza September 26th, 2018 Pizza with Sam and Buffy isn't quite what anyone expected. Sam and Buffy head off to investigate. Willow: still not a demon.
The Librarian: Meetings Over Magic September 13th, 2018 Sam and Willow meet at the Magic Box and find they're on the trail of the same book. Oh, and there may be a pizza date in Buffy's future. Isn't Willow the best bestie?
The Librarian: Old World Treasures August 21st, 2018 Sam and May hunt down the ritual altarcloth the Librarian is looking for. Unfortunately, in the process, they release an undead priest with designs of his own.
The Librarian: Passing on the News August 9th, 2018 John calls Willow to the House of Mystery to fill her in on what Cas told him. She is very Willow-y about the whole thing.
The Librarian: Spilling the (Coffee) Beans August 9th, 2018 Willow bribes Buffy to help Constantine and some angel with a search for a book. Why didn't they ask Giles? Isn't he the book guy?
The Librarian: They Burned Alexandria August 8th, 2018 Castiel and John meet over a beer and exchange favours. A soul for a book of souls?


Title Date Scene Summary
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