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Constantine (Scenesys ID: 61)
Full Name: John Constantine
Gender: Male
Species: Homo Magi
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Exorcist. Mystic. Con Man.
Citizenship: British
Residence: The House of Mystery
Education: School of Hard Knocks
Status: Dropped
Groups: Mystic Arts-OOC, Justice League, Scooby Gang, JL Dark
Other Information
Apparent Age: 45 Actual Age: 45
Date of Birth 7 July 1985 Actor: Matt Ryan
Height: 183 cm (6'0") Weight: 73 kg (161 lb)
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Going to Hell" by The Pretty Reckless


According to the Muggles, John Constantine is a con man with a criminal record and a history of mental illness.

Those attuned with the world's weirdness know him as a professional exorcist, expert demonologist, and amateur warlock. With a criminal record and a history of mental illness...

Current Player Approved: Available for Application



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Unkempt. Shifty. In need of a shower. These are some of the more likely initial impressions strangers might have upon catching a glimpse of this trenchcoat-wearing transient. His presence tends to be announced well in advance by the pungent odor of Silk Cut cigarettes and last night's debauchery. Blond hair is styled in the haphazard, half-assed manner of a middle-aged man who hasn't quite figured out how to transition out of his punk phase. Three or four days worth of blond stubble covers a face that might have been handsome before the deep lines started taking over. His cheeks are sunken to unhealthy levels, which makes his blue eyes stand out with almost manic intensity.

Of special note is the dramatic tan trench coat that hangs down past his knees. Cut in a fashion that's more European than Western, it's a fine example of English tailoring. It's well-worn to the point of shabbiness, and has a few obvious stains along with a few tears that have been repaired. It's either a long-time fixture of his wardrobe, or possibly a wearable security blanket.

But although his coat has seen way better days, the rest of his outfit is actually pretty snazzy. Snazzy enough to classify as semi-professional, or business casual, at least. A white Oxford shirt of presumably expensive make, which fits well enough that it was likely tailored. It's tucked in, but slightly wrinkled and with the top button undone, and is accompanied by a black tie dangling loosely from his neck. Below that he's rocking some pretty non-descript gray dress slacks and a pair of black Oxfords with only minimal amounts of scuffing on the front.


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Before he came to America, John Constantine left behind a fairly long rap sheet. Born in the mid-Eighties in Liverpool, England, his record shows several arrests, stints in both the juvenile and adult detention systems, and a couple of stays at a mental hospital. Virtually nobody remembers that he came from a working-class background, that he used to be a member of the colossally bad post-punk band Mucous Membrane, or that he used to have a blue mohawk and a nose piercing.

What people DO remember is that John Constantine has been showing up at sites of mystical weirdness for nearly three decades. Conspiracy websites occasionally refer to him as 'The Constant One' or 'The Hellblazer', and an appearance by Constantine is usually proof that something very bad is about to happen.

He doesn't claim to be a sorceror himself, but Constantine has had many teachers in the ways of the dark arts. He's considered one of the world's leading authorities in demonology and the occult, and his services are often sought out when something weird is going on.

Over the years, Constantine has made a long string of bad deals, double-crossed powerful entities, and generally turned his life into an astonishing array of cock-ups. However, most of his sins have been committed under the pretext of keeping the world safe from irresponsible magic users and the horrors they tend to inflict on those around them.

Recently, an illegal card game ended with John winning an extremely old and musty deed to a (presumably) equally old and musty piece of property. So he has come to Blüdhaven to take possession of a mysterious house. Maybe his luck is finally turning around?


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Much of John's personality has been shaped in response to the mind-bending horrors that he has come face to face with for nearly thirty years. Even as a child he was aware of the mystical strangeness around him, and it lead him to make a bunch of bad choices to try and escape it.

He experimented with drugs during his 'punk' phase, but his favorite method of escape is alcohol, maybe with a couple of pain killers. One of his favorite Silk Cut cigarettes is nearly always dangling from his lip, and without them he tends to get extremely anxious and cranky. But even with a cigarette he's always at least a little anxious and cranky. He sees demons and ghosts, after all.

Although he has built up a reputation for duplicity and manipulation, most of the people that John has double-crossed REALLY had it coming. Still, it would be unfair to cast him as some sort of Robin Hood, he's a fairly self-serving con man who happens to occasionally help people out.

Reluctantly, John Constantine has started to embrace his role as a buffer between our world and the world of magic. He sees himself as an agent of neither good nor evil, Chaos nor Order. Instead, he sees himself as an agent of balance, keeping both sides in check. This outlook lends him a certain amount of moral... flexibility. It comforts him to think that the ends justify the means, because the means that he employs are almost always sketchy.


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Even as a child John was attuned the the mystical energies surrounding him. He is able to see the spirits of the dead, the 'true faces' of mystical entities, and the omnipresent demonic forces that threaten to engulf the world. This is why he drinks.

As the owner of The House of Mystery, Constantine can open a doorway directly to the House no matter where he is. These doorways are stable only as long as it takes Constantine to go through them, meaning that any guests he wants to take along have to enter the doorway before he does.

The House itself has many doorways to many different realms. However, Constantine hasn't yet figured out any sort of logic to the placement of the doors, and therefore can't use them to go anywhere specific. There's no telling where an individual door in the House of Mystery might lead.

As an expert demonologist and mystical dabbler, John has learned to exorcise demons and spirits from people, animals, and... other stuff. Once he has identified the source of infestation, it's only a matter of time until John is able to dispel it. However, sometimes the struggle is extremely difficult, and it's often better just to put a bullet in a possessed individual's head than to let them suffer through an exorcism. Still, for the right price, John will be happy to give it a try. Who knows? Your loved one might even live.

Constantine can use the glyphs of various earthly and demonic languages to create sigils and wards. He has a lot of useful ones memorized from frequent use, but he generally has to look up the more specialized and powerful ones. Using common household items like chalk, salt, and candles, John can create a perfectly serviceable holding cell for a demonic entity. Or he can inscribe glyphs directly onto a person to make them invisible to magical detection, or to grant them protection from specific types of harm. He has even used glyphs to create a 'magic circle' that can protect anyone who is standing inside from all but the most potent of assaults.

Although he mostly learned it to save on lighter fluid and impress girls at the pub, Pyromancy is an ability that has proven to be far more useful than John originally imagined. Put simply, John can generate and control mystical hellfire. He tends to direct it with his hands to create a flamethrower effect, taking care not to burn himself. This can be used to scare away punks in an alley, or scorch the wings off of an angel. Mostly though, he uses it to light his cigarettes and impress girls at the pub.


Name a nasty mystical creature, and there's probably a way to summon it. It's a terrible idea, but it can be done. Fortunately, Constantine specializes in terrible ideas. For a fee, he'll summon up a deceased spirit or a minor demon. With the right protective wards in place, it's all just a bunch of harmless fun.

However, occasionally he finds himself needing some backup or a diversion. Or maybe he just needs information from one of the major demons. When this happens, Constantine uses special summoning rituals that carry a high price. Things almost always spin wildly out of control shortly thereafter.


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Although he wasn't actually a real rock star, John learned to play the part pretty well. He's learned to project a certain aura that helps him when dealing with people, more often than not. Say whatever else you'd like about him, John is cool. He was also just naturally gifted with a golden tongue.

John would like to think that he's extremely charming, but there's no doubt that he's helped somewhat by his accent. People in England tend to be a bit less starstruck by him, after all. Still, people tend to like him when they first meet him. It's only after he cons them once or twice that they start to hate his guts.

In the process of getting into, and out of, various demonic pacts, Constantine has picked up a great deal of knowledge specifically related to the world of demons. He knows most of the major types of demons, their spheres of influence, and how to summon them. But he also knows the names of individual major players in Hell and here on Earth, and has had dealings with many of them in person. In fact, Constantine frequently hangs out at demon bars (don't judge until you've tried the mojito at Snrgzax's House of Genital Mutilation and Karaoke).

Although he doesn't use a lot of traditional forensic science, John is still considered something of a paranormal detective. He knows enough policework to rule out the mundane. Usually, he'll not only be able to tell you if your loved one was murdered by a monster, he'll be able to tell you which monster it was, and where they took the body.

General Magic:
While glyphs, pyromancy, summoning, and exorcism are what Constantine does best, he, like all homo magi, can cast more traditional spells when there's a need. Constantine's repertoire tends towards effects like tracking spells, illusions, and mentalism, and can do these effects on the fly with the right equipment. He can also, with the right rituals, project himself onto the astral plane, use divination to find spots of trouble and magical power, raise golems, and level dark curses on his foes among other effects. That said, Constantine is all too aware of the cost of magic and that, along with being lazy, means he uses magic as a last resort, instead seeking out his rolodex of friends to do it for him, or relying on graft, charm and conventional skills to see him through.

John's skills in magic pale in comparison to his capabilities as a flim-flam man. He's alleged to have sold his soul to at least ten different entities, and has tricked more than one barfly into thinking that he's one of the original Beatles. But those are just child's play compared to some of the multi-layered scams he's pulled off in the past.

John can lie with a perfectly straight face, and tell someone exactly what they wanted to hear. On the rare occasions that he gets caught, he's able to divert the conversation so gracefully that people rarely notice until after he's gone. It's a good policy not to trust anything that comes out of John Constantine's mouth, but even those who have been repeatedly swindled still sometimes come back for more.

Occult Lore:
John is a proud graduate of the Hogwarts School of Hard Knocks, class of '03. He has been a dabbler in street-level magic for most of his life, and has aggressively sought out teachers around the world. Along the way, he's picked up a vast knowledge of the major players in the occult world today, and a fairly exhaustive comprehension of the history of magic in the world of man. Everyone knows the difference between a leprechaun and a fairy, but Constantine has dissected both. Actually, he's also dated both, come to think of it.

Stage Magic:
Strangely enough, some of John's best magic tricks don't involve any actual magic. He studied under a famous stage magician for a while, and picked up things like sleight of hand and misdirection. He's a decent escapologist, and has even used the hypnosis tricks he learned with varying amounts of success.

You can't be a con man without being able to come up with an effective strategy. Most of John's plans happen on the fly, but he's usually cool under pressure and able to come up with a workable plan even when he doesn't have a lot of good options.


Unlike most mystic experts, John lives very much in the real world. He visits the race track several times a week, practically lives at the pub, and watches reality television. He's also involved with a lot of shady aspects of modern society, and hangs out with people who are straight up criminals. John isn't just the guy you'd ask to help you buy a vial of unicorn tears. He's also the guy you'd ask to help you negotiate a drug deal, or introduce you to the owner of an underground casino. Just don't ask him to go to Gotham after dark, he's streetwise, not suicidal.


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Now that he has taken ownership of the House of Mystery, John has also taken ownership of a bunch of magical junk that was lying around. It's amazing how much crap the place has accumulated under the ownership of various Mystic Hoarders, though most of it is more 'interesting' than 'useful.'

There are sacred urns, ceremonial daggers, murderous yo-yos, talking paintings, and even some of Elvira's lingerie.

John knows where all the best demon bars and mystical lounges are. He also knows many of the world's top occult experts, and a few from other worlds. If he needs information, John may not always know where to look, but he usually knows who to ask where to look. The answer should probably always be Rupert Giles. But... sometimes it's Elvira.

House of Mystery:
Recently, John won the deed to The House of Mystery. It's a creepy old manion that has belonged to several notable mystical figures, and we're not just talking about Elvira. Accessible only by those who know where to look (ie, non-Muggles) and saturated with mystical energies, the House is essentially a nexus between our world and several others. Its internal dimensions are constantly changing, and one could spend several lifetimes just trying to explore it all. Also, there's a lot of cool magic junk lying around.

The House of Mystery is a place where a sketchy occultist can relax, prop his feet up, and be thoroughly terrified all the time. Did we mention the house is creepy?


The House of Mystery comes with a crazy exhaustive mystical library. Actually, it comes with several, but John has only ever been able to find one of them. The library contains many books that are thought to have been lossed, or considered to have been fictional.

Although it's got reference material that any magician would find extremely valuable, it also contains things of a more personal nature. For example, the diaries of some of the House's caretakers are kept in the library, as are the letters sent between some of history's greatest mystics. One could spend a lifetime trying to read all of the books in the library, and John still hasn't even figured out the filing system yet.


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John Constantine's place in Hell has been reserved well in advance. There's even a rumor that his is one of the few souls that the Devil would like to collect personally. But not all of John's enemies are demons. He's also pissed off a few angels, but most of the people who want him dead are of a more terrestrial nature. There are book keepers in England that John owes a lot of money. There are magicians in Canada that have had their totems stolen. Then there are all of the people that John has double-crossed. Because of the choices that John has made, his enemies outnumber his friends about a hundred to one.

John is attuned to the mystical energies that surround us. This not only enables him to see ghosts, demons, and other weirdness, it mean's that he can't NOT see it. Everywhere that John goes, he sees dead people, many of them people that he used to know when they were still alive. Sometimes they want him to do something. Sometimes they just want to keep him awake at night.

Because of his terrifying nightmares and his weird hours (most mystical activity occurs at night, oddly enough), John rarely gets more than two hours of sleep on a normal night. The only reliable method he's found of getting sleep is to get extremely hammered and then pass out on his bathroom floor.

Nearly every time that John tries to sleep, at least when he doesn't down half a bottle of alcohol first, he wakes in the middle of a terrifying nightmare. Nightmares have plagued his sleep ever since he was a little boy, and the horror of his daily life has done nothing to make this any better. If anything, he seems to be getting progressively worse as he ages, which has caused him to occasionally seek treatment in mental hospitals. But even electroshock therapy wasn't able to help him dispel the horrifying images that he sees nearly every time he closes his eyes.


There are message boards and websites that track the activity of 'The Constant One' or 'The Hellblazer', as John Constantine is sometimes known. He is generally regarded as a fraud and a con man, but conspiracy theorists believe him to be an expert occultist. Of course, people who are actually attuned to the mystic know that Constantine is the real deal, and many of them have had dealings with him in the past. The mystical world on Earth is a relatively small one, after all.

A reputation more than thirty years in the making can't be entirely good, and John's certainly isn't. But he is considered by most magic users to be relatively well-intentioned, if a bit sketchy. There are many, however, who have been directly betrayed or double-crossed by Constantine, so his reputation tends to look something like 'Decent guy to have on your side, unless you've got something he wants'.


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Spider, Meet Fly October 3rd, 2023 John flatters Satana. Satana lets him live. Promises to make his life more fun.
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Ring of Fire March 6th, 2022 Disaster at Little Jamaica's gas terminal in Gotham was averted. The giant fire snake was sent to the elemental plane of fire through the use of a cube of power. When Sinster and Constantine come to find Lucifer, it appears the archangel was transported along the fire spirit in another dimension.
The Devil's Lair January 29th, 2022 A typical night at Lux, except that it's not, because Director Fury was there, as was the Hellblazer, Quicksilver and Genesis, who may have drawn a line in the sand.
So what did we come up with, Pinky January 23rd, 2022 Mostly, work with gremlins and malediction. Lots of work to do.
A little slice of ordinary...take two January 11th, 2022 Lucifer, Sinister, and Constantine are planning things.
The Devil Takes a Sick Day January 4th, 2022 Lucifer has come down with a sickness. It's a common cold. Though not so common for celestials. He'll be fine. Eventually.
When is the Devil not the Devil December 28th, 2021 Lucifer isn't quite himself due to a trick his father played on him some time in his past. He'll get over it, eventually.
Little Slice of Paradise December 21st, 2021 Lucifer and Sinister enjoy a calm night that is gently interrupted by a Constantine.
How to Close a Rift December 19th, 2021 Lucifer saves a tesseract with Constantine and Sinister in audience. Another rift bites the dust.
The Mother of the Pripyat, echo of Echidne December 4th, 2021 The Rift to the element of Water seemed so innocuous. Just a lot of little fishy elementals, swimming through radioactive water, spreading radiation where they swam. Some wrangling of the walls between worlds and that was closed, even if it generated some other problems for another day!
Let this not create a Rift between us... November 30th, 2021 The pacific rift population of the elemental plane of Earth got mostly safely relocated back to where they came from, but then the villain of the piece arrived. It's like looking in a mirror, only not. But one should never mess with the Hellblazer or the Lord of Hell himself. It never ends well. There's bad odours and hellfire all over the place.
This is a Rift, not a Riff. A single consonant makes a world of difference. November 28th, 2021 The Pacific plate wierdness was investigated with Constantine. Earth elementals and a strange device that looked like a spikey ballbearing was found. But someone did their math homework. Plans must be planned!
In the Shadow of Erebus November 16th, 2021 Nominclature of a lava spewing mountain aside, our
Sidebar - or possibly sandbar... November 6th, 2021 A visit to the pyramids of Giza and a secret hidden by Apocalypse, leads to some interesting conclusions. Then one of the local deities sheds light in the darkness. Or should it be darkness to the light?
Not Your Normal Broken Stones October 25th, 2021 Lucifer and Sinister crack weird geodes derived from volcano farts much to a Constantine's amusement. (And possible chagrin)
The Land that Time mostly Forgot October 17th, 2021 Taking his
I got Gadgets and Gizmos a'plenty October 10th, 2021 Lab beneath Chicago secured against prying eyes by John Constantine, the consequence of touching Rogue skin to skin is mercifully unobserved. It seemed small, but the data is huge.
For a Fistful of Sprinkles October 4th, 2021 Mercy gets a hankering for ice cream after hiking a trail in Darlington Park and ends up coming across a number of people along the way. And not getting ice cream out of it, either.
=Big Trouble in Little Darlington September 27th, 2021 Unfinished deals with a Jamaican gang catch up with John Constantine in a shady back alley. He is rescued from a gruesome fate by the miraculous appearance of Lucifer and Sinister, leaving behind redeemed criminals, a puddle of rainbow and something slithery which escaped...
Spectator Sports: It's all about the shared experiences. September 18th, 2021 Vamp Lucifer. And coin tricks. Everyone's a magician these days.
The Devil's gateway August 31st, 2021 The Devil and Sin, with a little help from John Constantine, create a hellhouse. Hellish magic is easier here, as is getting very drunk on infernal moonshine it seems.
Growth and RE-growth August 16th, 2021 You are not Zhul, John Constantine. How dare you manifest in my refrigerator. Also favours called, on discussions about the antichrist.
Somewhere you can hear the song of the sea... August 15th, 2021 Listening to the songs of fish has never been trickier. Rifts in reality can happen anywhere, even in an old lighthouse on the Conneticut coastline.
Sandy Cove Motel - or beyond August 7th, 2021 A midnight drive lead to staying overnight by the ocean of Long-island Sound, where Constantine popped up for breakfast and a real estate investment occured.
Darliston August 2nd, 2021 They leave this Halfway Lounge in the golden glow of John's abode, leaving behind their fears. For now.
A Night of Liberty July 31st, 2021 An unexpected meeting happens on Liberty Island after it's closed to tourists for the night and interesting conversation occurs.
Oh, I do like to be beside the sea side... July 27th, 2021 Sinister meets Constantine by the seaside. There's a monstrous merman and Lucifer's history with Constantine ruffles feathers that require soothing...
The Open Door: Sealing the Rift May 29th, 2021 The supernatural hunters return to the vampire stronghold to learn about what led to the release of the vampire lords, while sealing a dangerous magical rift of epic proportions.
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Boss Fight May 16th, 2021 Our Heroes won! Or did they? That stench will take months to get out.
The Open Door: Phantom Train May 10th, 2021 The Scoobies and allies investigate a train disappearance and uncover a secret vampire cult..The battle is over but the war has just begun!
Buffy meets the (backup) Watcher. December 14th, 2020 Constantine helps Buffy cast a ward around the Magic Box. Nolan drops in for a visit.
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Is This A Good Time To Stop By November 23rd, 2019 Constantine visits an old friend and runs into a working Vanessa. They find out they have a vampire in common.
The House on Crested Hill: Its Haunted November 7th, 2019 Its a haunted house of mystery and mayhem... and a Sorcerer and a Vampire are there to solve it all!
Knightfall: Lazarus November 4th, 2019 Constantine meets with the Bat Family, deals with a Loa, and sets Bruce on the path of recovery.
Knightfall: Seeking Sorcerers October 31st, 2019 Carrie and Jason go in search of the infamous John Constantine to enlist his expertise in helping Batman. Jason takes up smoking again.
So a minotaur stripper walks into a bar... October 30th, 2019 John and Selene talk business over drinks at Lux. John walks into the wind.
Zombies are real October 25th, 2019 Summary needed
Gotham Is Magic. If Magic Were a Trash Filled City. October 25th, 2019 A Vampire and a Wizard due battle... with quips and willy European words.
Church is for suckers October 24th, 2019 Constantine is drinking at the church, Fiona stops by for a religious lesson.
The Librarian: London Calling September 9th, 2019 Wonder of wonders, John calls on Kate for a favour - something in her wheelhouse, and not his. After explaining to her what he needs, and why, Kate agrees to help steal back the book John has been chasing down. For a price: a future favour. Oh, how those things can haunt a person.
Catching up on stuff September 3rd, 2019 A quiet evening turns into a gathering, complete with pizza, beer, Chinese, more beer, and a Galoo demon.
Of All the Gin Joints... September 2nd, 2019 Un unexpected meeting gives rise to a long overdue talk... and a surprising amount of honesty and listening.
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The Librarian: Burnt Offerings at the Crossroads August 9th, 2019 John and Willow visit the diner at the crossroads that she and Sam once stopped at - still in search of the brazier. Only they're not the only ones looking for it. Unexpected guests arrive, including Agent May - who calls in the big guns. Everyone lives to fight another day, and they get the prize!
The Librarian: It Was Gremlins, in the Magic Shop, with a Candlestick August 4th, 2019 Willow, John, and Buffy attempt to scry for another of the missing items, only to find the candlesticks had been right beneath their noses all this time.
Dear John July 31st, 2019 It's complicated doesn't even begin to explain John and Kate's non-relationship. How can you break up if you weren't even dating?
The Librarian: Tea and Biscuits, Cockney Style July 27th, 2019 John tracks down the Keeper of the Crypt and learns more about how to track down the Librarian... or does he?
The Librarian: An Overdue Discussion July 25th, 2019 John drops in on Willow to learn more about Librarian and a plan to bother an old women is made.
The Plane, Boss! The Plane! July 13th, 2019 John comes to check up on Willow and gets more than he bargains for as a result.
Play It, Sam June 23rd, 2019 Kate texts John while on a 'stakeout'. Just another Saturday night.
Seemed Like a Good Excuse at the Time June 22nd, 2019 John texts Kate to hang out, and really means it this time; only minor drinking and shenanigans ensue.
JL and Age of Despair: Epilogue June 8th, 2019 The ending of the Age of Despair TP, with the heroes of the Justice League, banding together to bring Superman back from the abyss!
The Cherries are Late this Year June 7th, 2019 Spike shows up back in town, with a present for Willow. John does his best to embarrass her.
Should Have Done this At the Start May 26th, 2019 John and Willow try to figure out the riddle of how to help Superman.
Age of Despair Finale: Armaggeddon Pt 1 May 15th, 2019 The JL Strike Team heads to Apokolips and prevents the resurrection of Zonuz by defeating Darkseid's minions. Oh, and saves Superman from a fate worse than death!
The Cost May 7th, 2019 With a little help of the House of Mystery, John shows up at Kate's door for comfort and a friendly ear.
Happy Birthday to Me May 2nd, 2019 Kate celebrates her birthday with friends. As it should be.
Age of Despair Part IV: Assassination May 1st, 2019 AN assault on the JL Watchtower was thwarted by the combined might of the Justice League and her allies, at the cost of losing Superman to the minions of Darkseid. Next target - Apokolips!
Age of Despair: Why did it Have to Be Apokolips April 28th, 2019 Willow's research discovers something.. disturbing. She tells John, and together they hatch a plan that will hopefully tell them more.
Age of Despair Part 3.5: Nursing Nightmare April 21st, 2019 Age of Despair Interlude: Where John and Willow encounter Nightmare Nurse, who tries to help. The trio discover something sinister is going on and new clues as to who, what, or whom is behind the assault on Superman!
Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You April 16th, 2019 Kate gets drunk and goes to give John a few pieces of her mind, and throw rocks at his house. Instead they end up having a long talk, and Kate accidentally spills the beans about most of Elektra's secret. Ooops.
Age of Despair: Confessions and Plans April 13th, 2019 John and Willow talk about the state of Superman and Willow's visit from the Nightmare Nurse. John lies to save Willow but fills her with doubt instead.
Drinking at Luke's April 7th, 2019 Two damned people, an angel and a spy walk into a bar...
Women. Can't Live Without 'Em. Pass the Peanuts. March 31st, 2019 Castiel, Constantine, and Bucky Barnes talk women. 'Nuf said.
A Bunch of Weird Folks Walk Into Bar... March 28th, 2019 Magik, Hellboy, Willow, and John Constantine all head to McAnally's introductions are made, drinks are had, and more is sure to come of it all.
Age of Despair: Just Say No to Eldrich Evil March 28th, 2019 John and Willow head to the House of Mystery after fighting evil and hitting up a wizard's bar. A deal is struck and Willow possibly gets de-Enchantressed?
Age of Despair Pt 3: Apokolips March 26th, 2019 Through tremendous sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears, the Justice League was succesful in rescuing Superman from Apokolips! Although he is near death, there is hope he will recover.
Post Derby Date Debriefing March 24th, 2019 A post Roller Derby date party at Luke's becomes increasingly more surreal. Including a near battle royale between Hellboy and Castiel that takes no less than Agent May, Steve Rogers, and Bucky to break it up. Castiel's people skills are improving. Somewhat.
It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an I March 21st, 2019 Summary needed
The Darkness March 19th, 2019 Age of Despair Pt 2: The Darkness. Tune in next week to see if our heroes, having pierced the veil will remember their vows of righteousness! Can they save their beloved friend without becoming what they fear? Will there be casualities? Who will survive: Apokalypse!
Texting is 4 Wankers March 13th, 2019 Kate texts John, the return of a shirt is attempted, lines get crossed (in a couple of different ways) and there's a mixup of locations. Texting, am I right?
So a Wanker Walks into a Bar. Ouch. March 13th, 2019 What starts as a comedy of deliberate errors, somehow ends up with Kate and John making yet another Bad Life Choice (tm).
The Date: Not Enough Boilermakers February 24th, 2019 Castiel and Micah head out for a few drinks after the 'suit' shopping, and discuss matters Divine and date, of which 'the Date' proves to be more intimidating to the angel.
Haunted Watchtower February 13th, 2019 The Enchantress attacks the Justice League in the Watchtower in an attempt to make them slaves. Although defeated, Superman is now missing!
Will the Real Kate.. Wait, Stop Me if You've Heard This One Before.. February 2nd, 2019 The Comedy of Errors continues the morning after the night before. Kate and John.. learn to understand one another a little bit better.
Would the Real Kate Bishop Please Stand Up January 30th, 2019 Kate's plans to show the world she can too be something other than a goody-two-shoes fails. Sort of. And John shows himself to be an unexpected gentleman. Kind of.
Black Sky: Always a Bridesmaid January 20th, 2019 John drops by Luke's where Kate is wallowing over her 'breakup' with Matt. It turns out they have a mutual 'friend' in common: Elektra
It Looks Nicer on the Outside January 8th, 2019 Wanda shares a drink with John, and her brother. Nobody was hurt in the making of this scene.
Mixology is Like Magic, Right December 19th, 2018 John Constantine takes Willow to a bar run by the Devil! Drinks are had, and horrible slander about marshmallows is spoken!
A Friendly Drink December 5th, 2018 A witch, a warlock and a kung-fu master walk into a bar, drinks are had and introductions are made.
Astral Flux: The Mansion's 'Vacation' November 13th, 2018 The Avengers restore their lost mansion.
Astral Flus: Cross-Disciplinary Team-Up October 17th, 2018 Derek Khanata gathers an odd assembly of mages and telepaths to hatch a plot to defeat the Shadow King.
Astral Flux: Cross-Disciplinary Team-Up! October 17th, 2018 Derek Khanata brings together John Constantine, Scarlet Witch, Jason Blood, and Psylocke to hash out an audacious plan to stop the Shadow King.


A Nightcap October 6th, 2018 Summary needed
Boilermakers September 26th, 2018 Drinks at McAnally's. Plays on words abound!
Astral Flux: A Fistful of Dollars September 15th, 2018 Emma hosts a card game at the Hellfire Club to determine the winner of her bet with John. Everyone but Zatanna cheats. Emma wins.. because Illyana lets her?
Astral Flux: Wine, Woman, and No Song. September 7th, 2018 Emma and John play poker to see who wins their bet; John loses. He'll have to dance at the club. Pity that.
Astral Flux: Sleepwalkers September 5th, 2018 Heroes respond to a flux of magic in a New York cemetery.
Dinner Date September 5th, 2018 John takes Emma Frost on date meant for someone else at the fanciest spot in town and an understanding is reached.
Midnight Dinner August 11th, 2018 Wanda and the House of Mystery host a dinner for any and all of the arcane and mystical sort (and Billy Batson too!). All meet peacefully and enjoy. Wanda brings up an idea she has for a Cirque Nuit to mixed results. Dinner is declared a success and all are invited back again to the next one.
The Librarian: Passing on the News August 9th, 2018 John calls Willow to the House of Mystery to fill her in on what Cas told him. She is very Willow-y about the whole thing.
The Librarian: They Burned Alexandria August 8th, 2018 Castiel and John meet over a beer and exchange favours. A soul for a book of souls?
Germination: I've Got News for You July 21st, 2018 John Constantine visits the Hall of Justice. He drops some knowledge and doesn't loot the trophy room... this time.
Meetings July 1st, 2018 Summary needed
Met Amongst Hellfire July 1st, 2018 Emma Frost and John Constantine meet at the Hellfire Club, it doesn't go how either of the expect.
Help From the Spooky Side June 21st, 2018 Summary needed
Yin and Yang June 19th, 2018 Summary needed
Log 4699 June 19th, 2018 Summary needed
New Magic and Old June 17th, 2018 Constantine pays a visit on Willow, a favour is done and John feels old.
It's Just a Jump to the Left... June 10th, 2018 Summary needed
Bringing Order to Sunnydale June 7th, 2018 The Scoobies take on the Chaos Demon that's been causing problems
Battle Plans! (Also, Nice To Meet You. Again.) June 6th, 2018 Summary needed
I've Got a Bad Feeling About This... June 1st, 2018 Willow and Constantine try to figure out a way to de-pixify Dawn, when they find a solution, it leads to a whole lot of bad mojo heading their way and a hasty retreat.
Just a Little Favour May 23rd, 2018 Giles is back in the UK. Constantine goes looking for Willow to do him a favour and Buffy and Pixie-Dawn show up to bring them both into the gang's current pixie problem.
Constantine Meets his End(less) May 23rd, 2018 Death calls on Constantine, but not for the usual reason.
Crossing Paths April 20th, 2018 A bunch of folks meet at a bar owned by the devil. Drinks are had, bets are made, and swear words are spoken.
Log 3092 November 7th, 2017 Summary needed
John Meets Strange finally October 22nd, 2017 Summary needed
Log 2696 October 4th, 2017 Summary needed
Log 2678 October 3rd, 2017 Summary needed
Two mages walk into a house September 18th, 2017 Summary needed
A Demon by Any Other Name September 16th, 2017 Summary needed
Log 1624 July 24th, 2017 Summary needed
Goings On April 29th, 2017 Summary needed
That Weird Uncle.. April 28th, 2017 Summary needed.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Germination: I Spy With My Third Eye July 20th, 2018 Summary needed

OOC Warning: Some slightly gross magic stuff ahead.


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