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Ultragirl (Scenesys ID: 358)
Full Name: Tsu-Zana, Susanna Lauren Sherman
Gender: Female
Species: Kree-Human Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Adventurer, Former Model
Citizenship: American
Residence: Formerly Los Angeles
Education: Highschool Graduate
Status: Dropped
Other Information
Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: 23
Date of Birth 20 September 2007 Actor:
Height: 168 cm (5'6") Weight: 106 kg (233 lb)
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Believe by Imagine Dragons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhP3J0j9JmY


Suzy Sherman was just out to be a model when things went sideways. She was not exactly fitting in with what they wanted given her muscles getting all big and her body bulking up out of no where (Ultra uncool). Worse? A giant robot from who knows were started attacking her and declaring she was some kind of mutant! What was cool? She was able to punch it so hard it flew away several miles and then the press showed up and started talking to her. Ultra cool to say the least. Of course, she has had a few fights since then and been dubbed Ultragirl. Now she is moving to New York to see a new big city and get away from some issues she had in LA.

Current Player Approved: Character Available for Application



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This girl's blond hair falls to shoulder length with a bit of bangs teased up on the front. Her skin is touched barely by the sun with blue eyes that are as blue as the sky. Her build is that of an athlete, someone built for strength and speed. Where her arms are exposed show's a considerable degree of definition and the rest of her, though hidden is fairly clearly built with muscle.

She wears a jumpsuit that is sleeveless. Orange with a green design going from left hip up to what appears to be a folded over top that flips up her chest to a collar almost the height of her neck. She wears a green belt at her hips, indicating it to be two separate pieces. Her boots are in a similar green, thick and almost combat like. Her hands are covered in fingerless gloves with green cuffs at the wrist.


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Simply put, this is the story of Ultragirl. Just a normal girl trying to make it in the big city of LA. Dreams of being a model at 18 and dreams dashed cause models are supposed to be all skinny and thin and waif like and well. Right around 18 Suzy had to go and start buffing up like she were preparing for some weightlifting competition. Which, given she was dieting and doing what she could to /not/ do that, it was weird. Next thing ya know, some giant robot is grabbing at her screaming about her being a threat. Ultra uncool and ultra dumb at that. Why dumb? Well, at first it looked like Suzy's entire career and life was coming to a crashing end but then she got angry. Her hands start to move at ultra speed and she was ultra strong and then she put that giant robot from LA all the way over to the edge of the county with a single punch. Well. There was a lot of punches but it only took one to make it fly away.

Soon, a bunch of reporters are scrambling all over trying to get this new girl on the scene's take on what just happened and that was actually ultra cool. Then they dub her Ultragirl and well, that's kinda where it comes from. The name that is. So, then she is suddenly in the spotlight. Just like she wanted. Endorsement deals, appearances and all that kind of stuff. Next thing you know, her parents are all like 'You're the savior of the pink kree, you are the unifier' and who asked Suzy if she wanted to be a unifier? No one! THat's who! So, she was not on board with that.

Then there's this mess with a fire and some guy wanting to get famous off her fame by killing her or at least fighting her. Ultra uncool. Suzy gets burned bad and now she realizes she can heal and also, strangely she is a lot better with fire. Still hot but doesn't burn as much. So, this guy is doing more fires, hurting people, and Suzy realizes something. She can't just fly off into every battle without a plan.

So, she beats the guy but he kills himself in the process. Meanwhile, she has this alien robot that nearly killed her dismantled down to its required parts and she's talking to it to learn things. See, she realizes something. Something important. Endorsement deals are cool and all but...so is saving lives. She may not be any big unifier (at least she doesn't want to be) but if she's gonna be a hero. She's gonna be a good one. So, she gets away from the big city and moves on to New York. A change of pace might be nice.


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Suzy is an ultra cool girl who really just wanted to be noticed and have the good life of a model. She thought she had it in the bag only to have things thrown in her face. She's a girl who was told she was an alien, a mutant, and a savior all in one sort week. Things really got weird for her. SHe is a girl who saw someone die, many someone's, all because she was acting like this was some big scene she could play in. She's torn, new and unsure of a lot of things. She wants to be better. To be the best hero she an be and at the same time it is hard to deny being a sort of star when that's something you wanted. The point is, she's a typical valley girl (with a bit of a nerdy streak) who has gained the title of Ultragirl and Superheroine and yet still feels like she is on the outside looking in. She sees those around her as true heroes and she's not sure where she fits in. Still, she'll smile, be ultra cool, and step it up if she can. Maybe make some friends along the way.


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A rather odd power she has leaves her with the ability to adapt over time to various forms of stimuli and damage. While she doesn't just gain new powers at the drop of a hat nor does her powers change fast, she does have the ability to adapt to desperate situations. It is perhaps a sign of her youth or whatever was done to her by her people, but she seems to adapt quicker than most to situations via her powers. Especially critical situations, the more dangerous the more likely she might advance. An example is the burns she sustained. They were traumatic, severe, and covered a great deal of her body. After healing, she seemed far more fire retardant afterwards.

No new powers can be developed by this power without staff permission.

Enhanced Sight:
She has an interesting ability to see in a vastly greater spectrum than any human can. She sees the world in varying layers and can see a mass spectrum of energy waves and wave lengths. It is very hard to fool her with illusions or invisibility based in science due to this though psychic powers made to make her not see something or magic that simply makes someone invisible could fool her eyes.

She can fly under her own power and while using her immense strength. What her top speed is is as of yet untested but she could easily travel fifty miles in under ten minutes while flying. She likely can go somewhere near to about half the speed of sound and she is still kinda getting the hang of things.

Healing Factor:
One of her greatest abilities, Tsu can heal through a great deal of damage fairly fast. What she lacks in invulnerability that many have, she makes up for in rapid regeneration. While she hasn't had to test whether or not she could regrow a limb, she has survived burns over most of her body and within minutes was not only full recovered but completely unharmed.

Speed and Reflexes:
Her speed and reflexes are well above that of human. She is capable of moving her fists during a fight with such a speed that her hands seem to become a blur of punches. She reacts quickly enough that most slower projectiles, such as arrows or crossbow bolts, can be dodged. She is fast enough on foot to out run all but the fastest of cars on the road. Her agility is twice that of even the greatest of Olympic athletes.

She has incredible stamina, capable of acting at full capacity for hours without stopping and she is likely unharmed by all but the most potent of poisons or diseases thanks to her stamina (and her healing factor). She's a girl who don't quit very easy.

Tsu's strength has never been truly calculated but she has shown some feats that prove her to be incredibly strong. She punched a powerful, 20 foot tall robot several miles up and away. She then later ripped off same robot's arm with one hand. She has shown to be strong enough to lift tanker trucks with ease, hold up rubble without a great deal of effort and restrain powerful enemies. She isn't by any means the heaviest hitter but she holds her own.


She's extremely tough and capable of amazing feats in that area. While no means truly bulletproof at this time, she has shown the ability to take heavy burns, heavy beatings, and heavy attacks without dying. She has been hit with large objects, smacked around by a robot of considerable size, and even apprehended by same robot without being crushed. She can take a hit and keep going.


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She's learned a bit on how to fight through a few misadventures. She's not great at it but she's not completely helpless in a fight even without powers.

Kree Knowledge:
Between the Robot Head she dismantled and poking her own family, she has a baseline knowledge of Kree. Not the same that someone who grew up as a Kree would but she could pass as a normal Kree if she needed to.

She isn't an expert by any stretch but she is mechanically inclined. She has shown some talent with electronics and the like. She was able to carefully dismantle a robot in order to put it into pieces that she could still use with the direction of said robot. Super powers help but mental aptitude is there. With training she could potentially be very good.


She has a talent for how to show off and how to talk to people. Modeling wasn't something she was doing for long but it was something she wanted to do so she worked at it. As such, she ended up learning a bit on how to hold herself and how to hold attention.


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Suzy has several product endorsements, mostly fashion and athletic related items. She is new to the scene but this gives her access to a bit of money and a variety of clothes and products that she may want or need in those lines that can be used for herself or as gifts.

Modeling Portfolio:
Suzy has a small portfolio of photographs from her budding career as a model and work with her endorsements. From this she is able to get more than enough money to live on and maybe a bit more here and there. This could be used to open doors within the modeling industry even though she is new to the scene. Originally her physique was a problem but now that she goes around as Ultragirl, people are more likely to take her calls.

Robot Head:
The alien robot she defeated, she also dismantled. It has told her a few things about her past and about the Kree. It also knows a little about Earth as well as the Galaxy at large. It isn't a library to the stars but it is a decent bit of information when she needs to know the basics about various well known species.

Social Media:
As a teenage girl, Ultragirl had a presence on social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This can be a great source of information, or a great source of outreach to the people.

Ultimate Unifier:

Suzy is the Ultimate Unifier, there is a sect of Pink Kree who believe she is some sort of messiah chosen one who will lead the Kree to freedom from the oppressive Blue Kree, and the terrible Shi'ar. This could be a strong resource, should she choose to accept that fate.


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A great deal of what Tsu does is due to her confidence. It is a strength in a way but it is also a weakness. She isn't sure what she can do and because of that she actually wonders if she can do anything. She often acts before really knowing what she is getting into and while one day she might gain a great deal of strength, she isn't by any stretch there yet. On top of that, if her confidence were broken? It could hinder what she does.

Suzy weighs significantly more than her build would suggest, her body mass quite a bit denser than a girl of her height and stature. This could lead to complications with delicate surfaces, or even companions having to move her.

Part of Suzy's powers come from her mutant genes, anything that would suppress her mutant powers would weaken her physical abilities, however part of her power comes from her hybrid physiology, she would still retain a degree of physical superiority over normal humans, in line with your average Kree.

Suzy has had a great deal of publicity on earth, from her high profile reveal, her modeling, and her endorsements from various earth companies. This puts her secret identity as Ultragirl at risk, and it wouldn't be difficult for someone to track down or expose her real identity.

Ultimate Unifier:

Suzy is said to be the Ultimate Unifier, some sort of unifier destined to bring the Kree back to greatness and overthrow the Blue Kree's rule. This of course means she's potentially an existential threat to the blue Kree and the Shi'ar rule, making them her enemy, even if she hasn't accepted this title.


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