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Valkyrie (Scenesys ID: 1414)
"I've defended and avenged... fought the incredible and the mighty... and carried the worthy to their great reward... I am Valkyrior... Brunnhilde, shield maiden of Asgard... I am Valkyrie!"
Full Name: Brünnehilde
Gender: Female
Species: Asgardian
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Chooser of the Slain
Citizenship: Asgard
Residence: Asgard
Education: Asgard
Status: Dropped
Groups: Space-OOC, Pantheon Assembly, Defenders
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth 01 May Actor: Brooke Ence
Height: 193 cm (6'4") Weight: 215 kg (475 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Riding the Storm Out" by REO Speedwagon
"Ride of the Valkyries" by Richard Wagner


One of the greatest warriors of Asgard, Brunnhilde impressed Odin so muchwith her prowess and heart that he made her one of his Valkyjur - the choosers of the slain that ferry Odin's half of fallen warriors to his hall called Valhalla. Valkyrie has also proclaimed herself the defender of Midgard. Woe betide any being that seeks to despoil Earth or its realm.

Current Player Approved: Character Available for Application



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Statuesque is a term that is often thrown about haphazardly these days. Once upon a time, it actually meant something. It carried weight. It referred to people who resemble the magnificent stone carvings of the Romans, and especially the Greeks. They were inspired by the Greco-Roman gods. The woman who stands proudly before you has little to no Adriatic or Aegean heritage, but is no less impressive.

She towers over most women and many men as well. Her physique, no matter her attire, shines through. She has tone, definition, with well-developed muscles, low body fat, and yet, despite all this, she has managed to find enough of a balance that she retains a semblance of traditional femininity. Her long flaxen hair has been allowed to grow out, past her shoulders, though she frequently braids them. It is clean and has a healthy sheen.

Her skin, which is on the paler side, combined with her sky blue eyes, would suggest that she bears more than a passing familiarity with the Germanic or Nordic countries. When she speaks, it is with a distinctive accent that is hard to place, but her English is perfect, if heavily accented.

When dressed for battle as the Valkyrie, her torso is covered by a metallic breast plate, which has the faint hint of a blue tint. A golden belt cinches around her waist, and from it hang several plates that look sturdy, but move so effortlessly with her motions, that they must be either facsimiles, or made of some incredibly light material. Lower down, her pants are of a similar material to the breast plate, except they are molded and compartmentalized to allow freedom of movement.

Although she swears similarly sturdy and armored boots, greaves, and bicep bands, the rather large sword, sheathed behind her back, is what catches most people's eyes. She has the look of a woman who knows how to use it.

When not dressed for battle, she wears clothing appropriate for the situation, be it the Hall of Asgard, or the Lux nightclub.


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Brynnhildr was born several thousand years ago. She was one of the first women to take up arms in Asgard. Proving to be skilled and extremely confident she was given a role in Odin's armies. When Odin turned against Midgard it was Brynnhildr who convinced him to honor the slain warriors, becoming one of the first Valkyrja. She helped choose others as well, becoming one of the most renowned warriors in all of Asgard. She is older than Thor and saw his meteoric rise among the Gods. Her own path left her among hr sisters.

Ultimately what undid Brynnhildr was her meddling among the humans. She was exiled from Asgard for centuries thanks to breaking Odin's law against interfering with humans. Now, however, she is back and restored to her lofty position. Brynn also calls herself the guardian of Midgard. It's become clear there will be no more souls to take to Valhalla if someone does not defend the living as well as the slain. The Valkyrjur have already taken her back.


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Brunnhilde is an Asgardian - she is boisterous and joyful, honest to a fault in most cases, and also extremely loyal. She is quick to anger, though her temperament has been somewhat altered by years in exile. Brynn is often jaded but it doesn't stop her from behaving like a true Asgardian - she's just more likely to mistrust in the recesses of her mind and often holds a grudge. Brynn loves a challenge and takes her duties as chooser of the slain incredibly seriously. She'll gladly leap into an impossible battle for her own amusement.


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Brynnhildr understands all languages thanks to the power of the All-Father, something which is intrinsic to her being.

Asgardian Durability:
Brynn is resistant to most mortal weapons, including anti-vehicle weapons and explosions. Supernatural beings find her similarly difficult to kill. She is also immune to most poisons, resistant to magic and telepathic influence, and heals at an astounding rate - "lethal" wounds taking hours to regenerate. Brynn even ages at a tiny fraction of the human rate.

Asgardian Reflexes:
Brynnhildr is one of the oldest and most celebrated Asgardian warriors. She is even faster than other Asgardians and has even been known to dodge bullets.

Asgardian Strength:
Brynnhildr can lift approximately 50 tons, perhaps more if she is in desperate straits. She is one of the strongest Asgardians in existence, surpassed primarily by Thor.

As a Valkyrja Brynnhildr can see the 'Deathglow', a mystical aura surrounding living things, the the brightness of which shows how soon the target will die. Impending mystical danger will also be sensed as it brings with it the possibility of death from outside mortal means.

Travel To Asgard:

Brynn can bring herself or others to Asgard or Valhalla at will, though the latter is generally reserved for the spirits of dead warriors.


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Classical Education:
Brynn has been alive for thousands of years and knows all about human history, classical science, music, and warfare. Having been on earth for hundreds of years she is much more knowledgeable about human affairs than other Asgardians tend to be.


Among a race of ancient mystical warriors Brynnhildr is a renowned combatant. She can use bows and thrown weapons but her skills are most suited to spears, swords, and her own body. Brynnhildr is considered to be one of the finest Asgardian warriors, and probably the most skilled female combatant among them. She trained many of the other warriors. She has also been away from Asgard for quite some time and as a result she is very adept with modern weapons of war in a way most of her compatriots are not.


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Brynnhildr has a flying horse by the name of Aragorn. He is quite tough and long-lived thanks to his life on Asgard. He is not usually employed except for on formal occasions.

Brynnhildr has access to Asgard and can travel there at will. She will find supply and respite there and the Asgardians will support her endeavours. It is a safe place in which she can find refuge and allies.

Brynnhildr has an indestructible sword called 'Dragonfang' created by the ancient wizard Kahji-da. She can use it to deflect energy attacks, destroy enchantments or defend against magic, and can even absorb electricity blasts of any magnitude. The sword can also change her clothing at will. It is invisible while sheathed.

Brunnhilde has an Asgardian spear called 'Geirr'. It is an uru weapon that is magically sharp. While not as tough as Dragonfang it is more than capable of injuring nearly any foe.


Brynnhildr can call upon the other Valkyrjur for assistance if necessary. They can call her as well and she is obligated to answer. She has a psychic rapport with her sister-Valkyrjur which extends across the various dimensions. They are not her servants but she has some authority with them.


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Brynnhildr has to help oversee the Valkyrjur and collect the souls of the dead. She defends both Valhalla and Earth, and she is pledged to serve Odin. She has a lot of duties which sometimes conflict.

Brynn's pride often blinds her and she doesn't take a challenge laying down. Of course, she usually wins which can often make the situation worse given her supernatural nature. Even if she's not angry she's always competetive.


Brynn is quick to anger and often holds grudges. She will sometimes hold off on following them but all debts come due. She will launch herself into fights at even slight provocation as well.


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Meanwhile, Back in Club Mjolnir March 22nd, 2019 Silver meets a real Valkyrie!
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Who's Saving Who March 12th, 2019 Bryn and Helena meet while fighting a gang together.
Asgardian Reunion December 1st, 2017 Summary needed


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