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Alex Power (Scenesys ID: 8876)
"Look, it doesn't take much to be a hero. Sometimes, all you have to do is say 'no'."

"I still say I could've done better on the report if I didn't spend all my time talking to aliens and fighting villains."

"I am the master of gravity. No responsibility is too heavy."

Full Name: Alexander Power
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States Of America
Residence: Power Apartment (Manhattan, New York)
Education: High School
Status: Dropped
Groups: Space-OOC, Fantastic Four
Other Information
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 2 June 2010 Actor: Alex Lange
Height: 175 cm (5'9") Weight: 64 kg (140 lb)
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Superhero" by Tim McMorris

"Antigravity" by Starset


Power Pack attack! It's been a while since anyone's heard that battle cry. But now, one-quarter of that famous foursome is back in action. Alex Power spends his days as a (slightly above) average high school student and his nights (after homework, natch) fighting for JUSTICE. Evil-doers, beware! (Part of) the Pack is back!

Current Player Approved: Character Available for Application



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Light hair and bright eyes give this teenager a friendly and approachable vibe. The hair on his head is thick and full-bodied, blonde fringes often falling into clear, blue eyes. His face is pleasantly round, with a squarish chin, a slender nose, and expressive dark blonde eyebrows, and free of blemishes save a scar or three. He's a little on the taller side for his age, with a build that's athletically lean.

His hero getup consists of a white bodysuit, dominated by black rectangles and squares that cover his right arm, part of left, and both his legs. The one on his chest forms a strange symbol, but for those with knowledge beyond Earth, it is the Kymellian symbol for gravity. The uniform is outlined with white, and his feet are covered in ankle-high astronaut boots.


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Alex Power is the firstborn of Margaret and James Power. A sister joined him a year later, then a brother, then another sister. As a boy, he admired and took after his father who was a well-respected professional in the scientific community. He and his siblings' lives changed forever when their father, who was working for the United States government, built a machine that could produce large amounts of energies by combining matter and anti-matter.

An alien Kymellian named Aelfyre Whitemane learned his father's discovery and intended to stop it as he found out that the device was near identical to the one that destroyed his ancient homeworld. And then there was another alien race, the Zn'rx, who planned to take this device, or the knowledge on how to construct it, and use it to conquer inhabited worlds. The Snarks kidnapped Alex's parents attempting to force Dr. Power to reveal the secret of his device. Whitemane was able to save the Powers children, including Alex, from being captured but was fatally injured in the process. Dying, the alien gave one of his powers to each of the four Power children and told them to use their new abilities to save their world.

Alex received the power to control gravity and took up the name Gee, and the four children called themselves Power Pack. They defeated the Snarks, rescued their parents, and destroyed Dr. Power's dangerous matter/anti-matter converter, saving the Earth from destruction. The four children continued to their adventures as Power Pack, assisted by Whitemane's Kymellian Smartship, Friday.

Somewhere along the line, they hung their capes as the weight and trauma of what they were doing caught up to them, but after a bit of growing up and some therapy, Alex wants to establish himself as an individual, claiming the name 'Zero-G' and striking out as a solo hero.


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Alex is the poster child for the responsible hero. The fate of his loved ones and the whole Earth, in some respects, was entrusted with him at a tender age, and to him, heroism is a duty and honor both and one that he will never take lightly. It can make him seem too serious for his age, the weight of what he does, but he remains caring, protective of his friends, and confident in his ability to make a change.

Whitey's last words, "Save your world..." resonate with him to this day, and well, he has saved this world plus a few others and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.


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A gift from the Kymellian sorcerer Aelfyre "Whitey" Whitemane , Alex has the ability to create fields of gravitons and anti-gravitons, theoretical subatomic particles that possess or counter gravitational attraction. These fields are more or less invisible but leave a footprint of minute, black particles over his arms or legs and the affected objects. They allow him to increase or decrease the weight of himself as well as other people or objects around him and even control gravitational pull for direction. It is easier for him to be in contact with the person or object, but time and experience have matured his ability and his fields can extend around a city block, without strain.

This power can be broadly broken down into decreasing or increasing the effect of gravity. He can negate the gravity such that he can lift and move objects weighing several tons, and increase it to ten times Earth's gravity. A tank could be as light as a feather while a broomstick might weigh as much as a treadmill. In the past, Alex has lifted landmasses and sunken naval vessels within this limit, as well as suspended bulky alien creatures in their own weight, but at large scales, he loses fine control and finds it difficult to act against momentum.

By careful reduction of the gravity around him, he also can fly! Originally, he needed assistance for direction and speed, but nowadays he can hover and move at will by altering the gravitational pull of his body. His top speeds are capped at Julie's cruising speed: almost hypersonic but not yet breaking the sound barrier.

Lastly and certainly least by Alex's estimation, he can increase the gravity on himself or a part of his body, and effectively deliver a heavy, super-gravitized blow. This was invented and coined "Super-G punch" by Jack.


All of Power Pack have the ability to heal themselves by transferring life force, usually on a subconscious level. It works best when the four are united, but Alex has demonstrated his capability to access this on his own. At peak and with concentration, he heals at a highly increased rate and has an enhanced immunity to sickness: sicknesses, even supernatural, and grievous injuries heal almost instantly. Even without the others, he can still bounce back from injuries at half the rate of a normal person.


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Gifted Mind:
Alex is a gifted student with an incredible work ethic. He consistently passes his classes with flying colors and already scored a perfect on the SAT. He has a mind for numbers and shows particular talent with chemistry and biology.


Since before he hit middle school, Alex has been handling alien technology, far superior to what can be commonly found on Earth, and his natural intellect paired with experience in advanced coding and super gadgets gives him a definite edge when in this field.


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During his years in Power Pack, Alex established connections to all sorts of superheroes, scientists, mythical creatures, and alien ambassadors. He's even been adopted into a Kymellian dynasty. The Pack is particularly well known in New York, where they're based, but they have been out of commission for a while now, and puberty hit Alex like a truck! In space, where their deeds have become history to certain species, they literally fought and resolved intergalactic wars. You may have seen those human hatchlings flying around in a sleek space cruiser.

Kymellian Costume:
Made with Kymellian tech and unstable molecules, this costume is unaffected by the negative effects of Alex's powers and resistant to tearing. With a simple command, it appears from and disappears into an extradimensional space, altering itself for specific necessities such as space travel or underwater adventures. It also contains a built-in communicator, a translator (containing Earth's languages and most alien tongues), and a pocket dimension with a capacity of storing about twelve cubic feet of space, provided the item can pass through the foot-long opening.

Smartship Friday:
Friday is a starship which is controlled by a computer system so advanced that it is effectively sentient, with a human-like personality. Friday acts as a well-meaning mentor and advisor to Power Pack. They are an all-purpose, all-terrain vecicle, equipped with gravity/anti-gravity pods and the ability to shift the interior and exterior to adjust to circumstances on land, sea, air, or space, and provide comfort. Friday is capable of synthesizing equipment and food and performing repairs.

The Pack:

The Powers are a super close-knit bunch and provide a solid emotional foundation for superhero business. Without his parents or his siblings, there's no way Alex could do the things he does, and despite everything, he knows he can count on them for support and vice versa. Always.


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Bad Rep:
Because of the fame Alex obtained when he was younger as a member of Power Pack, he's often associated with them to this day. This isn't always a bad thing, but truth be told, they were just a bunch of kids. Sometimes he just isn't taken seriously because of it.

Alex feels very responsible for his siblings, even as they approach adulthood, and especially so towards his parents. Sometimes his concern for his family clouds his judgement, and he will make rash decisions in order to protect them.

Pack Bond:
Power Pack is a family affair, and the siblings have shared much in their lifetime. They share an origin, and have even swapped powers from time to time. Consequently, some of their secondary powers lessen when not in proximity to each other

Power Source:
The Kymellian race have the latent potential for superpowers, and those among them that master theirs are called Sorcerers (no relation to how earthlings think of magic or sorcery). This source can be unreliable and change hands just as easily as the dying Kymellian explorer Whitey gave his abilities to the Power children. An especially powerful Kymellian Sorcerer could strip Alex's powers from him (as he did to his siblings once) and technology that stimulates this process can, too.

Rogues' Gallery:
Every established hero has their set of villains, and Power Pack is no different. Their enemies span from the playground bully that brought a gun to school to demonic corporate heads and on to the entirety of an alien race known as the Z'Narx. The small intergalactic bounty recently placed on his head doesn't help.


Alex is a smart kid, but he gets frustrated easily. His worsts outbursts are in the past, as this character flaw has softened with age, but he has been known to lash out whenever someone (likely a good friend or family) does something he feels is wrong or irresponsible...but he's never afraid to apologize afterward.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Post-Mission Recovery June 17th, 2020 Drake comes to visit Alex in the Legion medbay.
Wonder Who: Wonder Woman Rescue June 4th, 2020 The heroes rally and go to save Diana from her island prison!
Hanging with his bro. May 22nd, 2020 Drake and Alex have a bro-night of sandwiching and catching up.
Homies just kicking it in a spaceship April 18th, 2020 Alex and Drake catch up
Pizza Planet! February 20th, 2020 Alex and Shannon meet for pizza, and Shannon thinks she can surprise Alex with her 'big bro'.
Echoes in the Snow.. February 7th, 2020 Megs right nw into a spot of trouble, Alex and Shannon come to her rescue.
Coffee and Beignets February 4th, 2020 Shannon and Alex meet for coffee, beignets, and a little bit of conversation.
Teen Burger Night February 2nd, 2020 X-Students meet a Power Pack member and giant burgers are tackled.
Garden Variety Miracles February 1st, 2020 Legionnaires discuss recent events, and how to get Brainiac to come back...
Fantastic Four: Probably More Too January 29th, 2020 A motley crew of super powered people come together to tangle with the rat splashing powers of an angry under priviledged youth, who has his own set of specific skills to create creeps and chills... with lots of rats and nasty spills. Or something.
The Pancea Project: Epilogue 2 - A Battlefield Execution December 30th, 2019 Arguments are had over what to do with the Stellaris siblings, and Brainiac 5's desire to quit the team.
The Panacea Project: Theta-4 Recon December 11th, 2019 Lyle and Alex set out to ascertain the situation with COMPUTO, and it's not good!
The Panacea Project: Budget Recapping November 28th, 2019 Drake feels a bit better. Hangs out with Alex. Plays Overwatch. Promises to get dinner with his family tomorrow.
The Panacea Project: Casualties Of War November 27th, 2019 Alex comes to visit Drake in the medbay. Drake admits to having performance anxiety.
The Panacea Project: Cruiser Lab Investigation November 24th, 2019 Things get heated in the lab when Brainiac and Invisible Kid become suspicious of Mon-El's behavior.
The Panacea Project: Morally Bankrupt Or an Idiot November 20th, 2019 The Legion learns more disturbing news from Azeilia Stellaris.
The Panacea Project: Icing the Ice Dragon November 17th, 2019 Alex and Drake go on their first assignment for the Legion.
The Panacea Project: So, How Was Your First Day on the Job November 17th, 2019 All the hard work comes after a mission...
A Legion Celebration November 14th, 2019 Legionnaires celebrate Alex and Drake's induction at Big Belly Burger.
Power Training November 10th, 2019 The Legion holds a tryout and induction for Alex Power and Drake!
Bro Sleepover. October 30th, 2019 Drake and Alex gets donuts.
Slipstream meets a Power Pack member. October 28th, 2019 Drake meets Alex and get beat up by Karai. Bromance?
Meet The Tornadoes August 30th, 2019 A brawl breaks out between heroes and Hammerhead's newest crew, The Tornadoes


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