4638/Germination: Sprawl

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Germination: Sprawl
Date of Scene: 12 June 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: The space-mushrooms show a new trick, and heroes respond!
Cast of Characters: Iron Man, Nuala Duvall, Crusader, Black Cat, Wonder Woman, Hellboy, Power Girl, Cable
Tinyplot: Germination

Iron Man has posed:
Near the center of Apple park, there is a towering specimen of the eerie pale white fungus. It is easily fifteen feet in height, with a broad umbrella that casts a dismal dark shade all around it. The green grass below is now gone, leaving a soft gray-ish, bubbling mass at the base; there's no visible ground or soil, as there is only a carpet of that innocently oozing gray below it.

There are police lines set up, and part of the beginning of a tarp, but this one grew out of hand very quickly, to where they were unprepared to cover it by the time it reached current size.

Something is different about this stalk, though. But seeing the difference requires getting fairly close to it, and looking up. Under the curving broad umbrella, rounded pustules hang like quivering fruit. There are lots of them, and they blend into the broad underside of the canopy. But they are certainly there.

Nuala Duvall has posed:
    The Sea Song settles down next to the growth, cloaking engaged so she will not terrify the populace. The door to the ship opens, and she steps out in her Shell armor. The blue glowing orb over the visor starts to analyze the section as she walks closer, looking to see what locals are in the area before the 9 foot robotic figure dares to clear the cover of the trees.
    "Okay Timmy," she says inside the suit. "This is one of the larger stalks that has grown. Start a scan to see if there's something underground that might be feeding it."

Iron Man has posed:
A few people are out walking their dogs, and also come over towards the strange mushroom shaped intrusion to their park. There are four dogs total: three small Chihuahuas, and one larger Labrador. All of them start to bark at the weird white stalk, but the owners try to quiet their animals. They pull out their phones to take some pictures of the creepy thing, talking to each other in low voices about it. They don't see the robot yet, she's roughly behind where they are on a path.

The scan reveals there are strange thick masses under the 'innocently and totally not moving' gray floor under the fungus canopy. They are very slowly writhing, and are definitely related to how the thing eats, from the data that can be gathered. They're advanced forms of the smaller structures the smaller plants have.

Crusader has posed:
The molds that been growing all over the place more or less were becomming a real nuisance. The samples Crusader had collected a long time ago hadn't been very fruitfull. Most he knew was that it was one of those weird molds that float through space to other planets...and that wasn't very much.

But seeing as a particularly large specimen has cropped up, Crusader wanted to get a closer look. Approaching the police line he informs them "One is here to take a closer look at the fungus. One requests entry" and he of course shows them his credentials as JL ally. This time though he came partially prepare...he had ACTUAL armored gauntlets and boots on for protection.

Nuala Duvall has posed:
    Nuala spots Crusader, and arches her brow. "Oh good," she says. "Well, this should at least be beneficial." She makes her way forward, joining Crusader. "Crusader," she greets through the armor suit. "It is good to see you here."
    She glances around at the people with the animals, and then at Crusader. "May I claim I'm with you?" she asks. "It raises less questions."

Iron Man has posed:
The police know who Crusader is. JLA is one of the groups that absolutely can get access to the thing. In fact, they welcome it. There's just two police present: they're spread very thin with this whole issue. There some science gear present, from a scientist that isn't around at the moment.

The fungus itself doesn't react to the arrivals at all. Nuala's scans will pick up that the plant's "roots" seem to have more light movement and activity on the side with the barking dogs, now.

Crusader has posed:
"You may." Crusader says. He eyes the dogs a brief moment, and is glad Borgi, his own dog, wasn't here. But at least from what Crusader can see the onwers were keeping a reasonble distance away.
    He looks over the scientific equipment briefly - mainly testing if there anything he can get off of them from his technopathy. But other than that, he approaches the Mushroom stalk. "Nuala, does yer group have any infomation on these type of spacemold? One own database revealed nothing" now hovering beneath it, he sees the odd 'fruit' Without any hesitation he reaches up to pluck one of these fruits for closer examination.

Black Cat has posed:
And along comes a cat. Incognito, of course. A statuesque woman with ivory skin, golden honey-blonde hair, and pale blue eyes happens upon the mess in the park as she passes through. She is wearing an impeccably-tailored black suit-dress and black patent leather heels, certainly not dressed for a day in the park. But then...she steps in something bubbly and sticky. "Oh, for the love of..."

It's discarded chewing gum, which is arguably as disgusting as the stuff growing here. But she is too busy trying to peel it off with a piece of paper to pay much attention to the huge mushroom right in front of her.

Nuala Duvall has posed:
    "I wouldn't pick that," Nuala warns. "I sent the samples about a month ago. This is a bad, bad parasite. It could be one of a few different variants, but they all do the same thing." She moves in close to Crusader. "It will eat the whole planet," she says quietly. "But right now..." she looks at the readings. "It wants to eat those dogs." She flips her speakers' volume up, and turns to face the dog walkers. "Get those animals out of here!" she shouts, her voice echoing through the park. "Move now!" It might be a bit more alarmist than is called for. She scans the area, spotting Black Cat. "You, woman. Move away so that you will not be harmed." There is a certain robotic demeanor she takes in all this, which matches her appearance. "It is responsive to sound. This patch is hungry." She looks back, not waiting to see if anyone does what she says. "My sample tests show that it can be starved. If we can isolate the area around these fields, we should be able to stop their growth."

Iron Man has posed:
Crusader flies in closer, and the stalk doesn't seem to overly react at first. Until he gets very close, that is, and reaches in under the canopy to pull at one of the "fruit" like objects. It resists at first: the whole stalk bends a little towards him. Bits of the hazy spores filter from the side of the stalk as it bends under the pulling stress. The fruit itself doesn't disconnect, it instead writhes and twists, and then lets go. It is not properly a 'fruit', it is a creature, much like if someone tried to pull a bat down off of a cave roof!

The thing has no obvious head, but does have four limbs. It twists, silent and eerie. It is most closely in resemblance to a pale white octopus-like mass creature. It has no apparent bones, and attempts to wrap itself around Crusader's arm and chest. Two more unroll and also attempt to pounce on him and shove him towards the ground. They are entirely silent and probably quite unnerving. The dogs go nuts, barking, two of them charging off their leashes to rush at the situation, wild.

Another 'fruit' drops on the side of the dogs, swimming neatly through the bubbling floor-mold, approaching the dogs rapidly.

Crusader has posed:
"One had their suspicions. One assume this species will eventu...GAH!" and before he knows it a creature trying to ensare him! Forget about warning Nuala about no need tos shout at the dog owners and the sharply dressed Catwomen - it time to warn people to back out like she just did!
    "Nuala, one headink for the dogs, do not let it get away" he orders. He was wrestling with the trendrills covering him. He lets loose an eletrical pulse through his body to try and stun the creature on him as he drifts away from the stalk not wanting to 'wake up' any more fruits.

Black Cat has posed:
"You WOMAN?" Felicia repeats in an incredulous tone. "Who taught you to address others? Gilbert Gottfried?" Felicia asks with an indignant huff. "Can't you see I have stepped in gum? These SHOES are PRADA..."

Nuala Duvall has posed:
    Nuala winces, watching as the monster grabs ahold of Crusader. She switches on her concusive cannon, and it forms around her right arm. There is a brief hum as it spins up, and dull thump erupts. The shockwaves is visible as the forceful blast pulses along the air, aimed for the creature running for the dogs. "Whatever you do, don't feed it!" Nuala commands back, glancing over her shoulder, just in time to see Crusader pulse the electricity.

    "Like that," she mutters.

Iron Man has posed:
Three of the fruit are all over Crusader. And then electrical charge arcs out of him and into the creepy creatures. They expand. They gain limbs. They gain mass. They eat the electricity happily and immediately try to use their combined weight to cover him and break him into pieces. They weren't so strong before: they rather are, now. Crusader will probably want to figure out how to get them off of him, because they are squeezing... and squeezing!

The one than swam towards the dogs gets a concussive blast in the head (well, not really head, but front zone), and that section sprays off in a splatter of spores. The creature reels back, tumbling into the rest of the mold, where it cannibalizes itself in a bubbling burst.

The dogs bark and bark like crazy, but don't get eaten yet. The owners? Well, one has run away with the Laborador, the other is trying to get her babies' leashes.

Crusader has posed:
"NOW you tell one!" Crusader exclaims as tendrills wrap around his throat and limbs. He was being engulfed hard core. Soon even his head couldn't be seen as he struggles agaist the powerful creature. He stops emiting electricty, but the sound of metal denting and snaping could be heard
    Before one knows it, one of his arms pop clean off and is tossed into the grey goo where it is promptly devoured. Though another arm regrows to take it place, he can't just replace mass. With effort he begins trying to rip the limbs and arm off these creatures.

Nuala Duvall has posed:
    Nuala frowns at the dogs, "Can't fix stupid," she murmurs, and leaves the woman and her dogs to their own devices, hopefully the dogs won't do anything else that is .
    She runs toward the patch, bringing her concussive shock cannon up as she steps into the vile growth. She's /pretty/ sure Crusader can handle the hit. The thump comes through the air again, blasting both Crusader and his attachees. One falls free into the bubbling mass below. "Great, they are stronger when they feed, too. Don't let them get you to the ground or you're done!" She races, splashing through the bubbling growth in her suit. It's a good thing for her that she has something specifically designed for just this sort of engagement.

Iron Man has posed:
Nuala may be resistant to the bubbling hungry pool, but the creatures seem to think if they rip her into enough pieces, then maybe the insides of the suit are tasty. Three drop towards her, if she's not quick enough to shoot them down, intending to grab her to pull her apart in the manner they are attempting to do to Crusader! He has ripped one of the creatures on him entirely in half, the other losing some torso and two limbs. The third has squirreled around to be a pulsing awful backpack, pulling at his neck and shoulder with tentacle-like grip.

Crusader has posed:
"One believes that with this...current...evolutionary leap, we can assume the mold is also a terraformer" he muses as he finally manages to kill two of the creatures. As one crawls onto his back andbegins trying to rip his neck off, he looks pretty mad. But he can't shock it
    Crusader chest moves forward and his head backwards as his back arches inwards from the strength of the creature. His torso was begining to crack "Fer...the love...of Juuthoom" he growls and hover further away from the goo patch untill he was above what he hope was normal ground. He slams his whole back down ontop the creature.

Black Cat has posed:
"I got it!" Felicia announces, holding up the scrap of paper with gum smashed inside. It is at this point she notes that what she supposed was an art installation is actually a man -eating mushroom installation, and the blonde backs away a few steps, pulling a can of mace and aiming it at the structures as they do as they are intended to do.

Nuala Duvall has posed:
    Nuala hears the landing of the creatures behind her as it leaps upon her, catching it with her cannon arm and firing the cannon as she faces the ground so that the spores will go back into the bubbling mass.
    Her other hand catches the second creature by the leg, and she throws it up against the stalk as she continues her spin, only to have the last one land on her back, attaching to the back of her helmet. She reaches over her head, trying to pull it free.

Iron Man has posed:
Crusader makes goo out of the creature that he mashes into the grass. It splatters into spores, which sink into the grass. That's probably fine. (It's not fine).

With style, Nuala is fighting the other creatures in their home turf. Two are destroyed, the third still clinging in a very similar manner to what it did to Crusader. Though suggesting it is smart might be a stretch: it just leapt to a spot that was available. Whether they are acting intelligently is unclear.

The dogs have finally been dragged off, and the police are mostly watching helplessly and staying out of the way, guns drawn. Felicia's mace is too far to prove of much use.

Crusader has posed:
Crusader rights himself and looks to the ground. He groans seeing the spores. He wasn't exactly trained to take on parasites. It doesn't take a genuis to know that wasn't good. But thats the least of their worries at the moment. There were still more fun-guy octo-pie to deal with

Crusader zooms over to Nuala "Hang on Nuala" he wasn't sure how durable her suit was, and rather not wait to find out. Reaching forward towards her helm and hoping Nuala will co-operate, he will grab the creature and give it a skull crushing squeeze.

Nuala Duvall has posed:
    Nuala pulls away as Crusader pulls the fruit monster from her back. "Thanks, I'm more glad that I didn't kill you all the time," she says, her voice present with a smile.
    She looks at the stalk, the concussive cannon retracting and allowing her hand to be seen once again. "I'll keep these creatures at bay. Can you knock down that stalk? Don't use any energy attacks, it only makes them stronger. I'm going to freeze one of these so we can study it."
    She sploshes through the field, finding one of the fruits and switching to her freezing spray. She ices it down, giving it a good coating that should keep it inert at least for a little while. She punches it free, catching it in her other hand. "When we are clear, let's take it to the Justice League's lab!" She calls out.

Iron Man has posed:
Crusader assists Nuala, knocking the beast loose of her. It tumbles and is lost to the frothing zone under the mushroom-like shape. Nuala's decision to pull down a fruit from the mushroom has caused a frenzy of activity, however.

The stalk has grown over the past few minutes: those under it (crusader, and Nuala) won't notice, probably. But it has swollen, and grown into a 19 foot tower of fungus. The area under it froths with a mold-like consistency, a living base zone of hungry spores that writhe like a living carpet. The huge canopy contains 'fruit' like shapes under it. Well, it did: these all begin to drop: a hail of them. There's about a dozen that tumble towards the ground. They are about two feet around in size, globs of squishy terror with tendrils, similar to odd squid. They are silent and strong, their limbs pulsing and trying to grab anything they can lay tentacle on. They drop to the goo on the ground, virtually swimming in it, and start to swarm heavily, intent on taking Crusader and Nuala down if they remain in range!

Wonder Woman has posed:
The high pitched squealing whale of an alien-technology powered engine can be heard growing louder in the sky above, the sounds of a jet from another world. It screeches through the sky and yet remains completely invisible from sight... As it reaches its apex in volume overhead, it summarily roars by without being seen... What is seen however, is the sudden presence of a figure descending from the clouds over Apple Park here in upstate New York. That figure free falls half the distance and then adjusts the angle of their body and glides the rest of the way down to the park before landing, with armor booted feet apart and her eyes upon the surrounding event unfolding here in this otherwise idylic park setting.

Wonder Woman draws in a soft breath and lets her gaze fall upon this strange fungus she's been hearing so many reports of.

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy didn't have a cool jet, his appearance on the battlefield was more...muted. As the mushcraftian thing lurched and its squid children running around causing mayhem, the big red agent walked out from the darkness in that trenchcoat of his. His yellow glowing eyes narrowed at the sight of these things and he swung the thing that he'd been holding in his massive right hand: What looked like a stone statue of a sword, so big and wide it surely wouldn't cut anything. But it was so big and heavy, that that didn't really matter. Immediately Big Red half-jogged out, pivoting and swinging his entire body in order to try and smoosh one of the things with that oversized weapon.

"Where are those ninja guys? They'd say something clever about mushrooms, and pizza, and all that crap."

Iron Man has posed:
For the most part, the 'squid' creatures are staying relatively close to the big stalk of the mushroom. There are some that do venture, particularly following sound. They don't seem to have eyes. Two of them rushed at Hellboy when he got close, a third interested after he makes a quip about pizza. Perhaps they have friends that are ninjas. One loses half of its body when clobbered with the sword. The half explodes into misty spore-like froth, which.... Soaks into the grass nearby. The grass bubbles a little, similarly to the zone under the mushroom-like monstrosity. As Diana is not very close, the creatures haven't oriented on her yet.

Crusader and Nuala are getting pounced on repeatedly: they are very close to the stalk, which means the creatures have leverage to climb it and leap at them. Nuala and Crusader are keeping themselves from getting torn into pieces, though. Crusader did lose some parts, he is smaller than usual: the creatures are very strong, and did rip off his limb not long ago, to throw it into the carnivorous base. It's long gone and eaten now.

Power Girl has posed:
    Diana was not the only person from the League to respond. She'd been over in Metropolis when she got the call- which is one of the reasons why she takes several seconds to arrive once she'd gotten it. The noise of her arrival is like rolling thunder, the multiples of the sound barrier she's shattering the envy of most aeronautical engineers the world over.

    It's something of a pinkish blur that arrives before anything else, and though it's so very much not the most glorious power in her arsenal, Power Girl's first course of action is to, well, exhale. She pauses in the air near Crusader, her breath an onslaught of vicious cold- enough to stop most normal creatures in their tracks. Thanks to Tony, she knows not to try and burn them away with the heat-vision. It's nowhere near as surgically precise, either- her teammate, swarmed by the things to some degree, is going to be feeling a little chilly... But hopefully he can handle it. The creatures, she figures, aren't going to last before locking up.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana's blue eyes fall upon the form of the red Hellboy as he rushes into the fray and is met with by members of ths Fungus 'community' in-turn. She, however, remains where she is on the fringes of the situation while observing it all. She seems a bit reluctant to rush into combat these threat as she's read and learned quite a lot from other sources about how traditional means of fist and force aren't achieving much...

When Power Girl arrives, Diana looks toward her and is glad to see a friendly face with formidable abilities here to aide everyone. Diana raises her comm (situated in her right ear) "Power Girl. Can you save Crusader and that other that are in the fungus?" She asks over the comms.

Diana then turns to her left and looks back up into the sky, her eyes scanning the clouds. She speaks something else on a different communication channel and its soon again the sound of that invisible alien jet engine can be heard... But this time, the unseeable source of the noise is persistantly loud near where Diana is as it seems to be landing in the grass near to Wonder Woman.

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy took stock of the situation, quickly tossing the weapon aside so that he could get back to basics and get closer to the action. He was playing more defense now, backhanding, uppercutting and otherwise knocking the squid creatures around and away from him while he looked around at the two new arrivals. Eyes wide the half-Demon gave a low whistle at the powerhouses on the field, and promptly strated moving as close as he could toward the two. Just enough that he could be more easily heard.

"Hey don't worry, I'm with SHIELD, great to see some professionals stepping in. You guys already know that fire's bad for these guys, right? Ya probably do. I just-gah!"

He was interrupted by a tentacle slap across his face, enough to cause him to snort in anger, and throw out a hard Doom-handed punch as hard as he could.

Iron Man has posed:
The objective of the creatures Hellboy is fighting may become apparent quickly. They are trying to swarm onto him in order to try to pull him towards the stalk's base, and the giant zone below it. The zone where nothing is surviving. They take the impacts, sometimes with little sprays of spores when they take the impact, but not so bad as when they were cut. Still, fighting them does seem to spread spores around to some light degree. When the super hard punch is aimed, the creature does go FLYING, back to the stalk, to disappear into the froth of the zone under it.

Two of the creatures peel off of Crusader when the cold comes in from Power Girl; three are caught and tumble back, frozen and stiff. They are aided by others, who pull the cold ones down into the frothing soil, as if to protect them, or thaw them: proof of some kind of intellect at work.

The two that just ran off go in various directions: one goes towards the landing plane of extreme loud sound, another goes after the police officers that were trying to just stay out of the whole situation. They open fire on it with their pistols, which alerts a few others to head their way. They do the same thing they are attempting to do on Hellboy: Swarm and drag the police into the puddle. One of the men is grabbed around the legs and starts to be hauled in, while his partner hangs onto his hand and yells for aid.

Power Girl has posed:
    "I'm already on it, Di-"

    That's all she can say before people much less hardy than Crusader are forced into a nasty situation. She leaves Crusader where he is- he can handle himself now that he's not in immediate ambush. She rushed over to the police, and inhales sharply on the way. Her speed is a blessing- she does have quite a few of those- that allows her to position herself at the right angle that when she exhales she won't freeze his legs.

    This is something of a two-pronged attack, as her immediate follow up is to strike the nearest creature. Frozen or not, it isn't going to feel great if she hits- the woman can jostle celestial bodies, and their status as a basically-mindless fungus means she's not necessarily going to be holding back. Can't feel morally reprehensible for killing mushrooms.

    "Of course there's crowd control when I didn't bring Terra!"

Wonder Woman has posed:
The engines from the unseeable Jet are deactivated and the space on the grass that it touches down at remains yet visibly empty of anything but air... but not for long. Diana looks to Hellboy as he's making his way toward her--and is then smacked away by a tentacle and she exhales, knowing full well that this is getting (or gotten) out of hand.

As one of the creatures makes its way toward the dwendling sound of her Jet's engines, Diana turns to see Power Girl chanigng course to aide the Police, which is great... and now she reaches for her hip and detaches the lasso that was coiled upon the brown leather strap wrapped about her waist.

Said lasso suddenly shines bright and Diana leaps into the air with the golden glowing rope whirling around her! She swings it out for the Fungus creature near to her Jet and she snares it in a series of swirling loops around its figure! Diana drops back down to the ground and attempts to pull the creature! Using her great strength she intends to drag the thing INSIDE of the invisible Jet.

Crusader has posed:
Crusader having being plummuted by the creature was indeed notably smaller. His go-too ability wasn't avaible for us as that would make everything worse. But the Super Breath was a GODSEND! With the creature partially frozen - Crusader procedes to rip them off and throw them towards the goo puddle.
    Catching a moment of breath he gives a warning having been trying to watch everything "Try NOT to kill them too far from the stalk. Their death spreads spores." he begins tossing any creature on him into the goo below.
    Crusader flies away from directly under the mushroom but still over the large puddle. Dogs, pistol, eyeless creatures. "And they like sound evidently. Use it to your advanatege". Crusader was almost less than 6ft tall at this point. He looked mighty annoyed but none less he began bagging on his metal-like body trying to attract the stray...and was preparing to break anymore than attack him

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy looked around, and saw that the usual tools of the trade weren't working. The word didn't work, his hand wasn't working, and truth be told, his gun would probably be more of the same.

"They ain't gonna be happy with me for this...but we got no choice."

He pulled his coat backward, reached into one of his pouches and pulled out...a snowglobe, what looked like a happy merry approximation of the North Pole, with little elves running skipping and playing. If one were close enough, they could hear jingling bells and the sounds of merriment. He looked up at the creatures, looked over at the cops and Power Girl trying to help them, and with great reluctance, threw it hard on the ground to let it shatter into broken glass.

Instantly where Hellboy was standing was a big mound of snow, a snow man next to him. He looked around, cracked his neck, and spoke up as some squids approached.

"Awright, let's have us a snowball fight!"

The snow on that mound was fresh and freezing to the touch, and as Big Red grabbed a heavy handfull and lobbed it at one beast, the stuff seemed to stick to plant-life like nothing else. Not to mention, HB was throwing hard enough to -hurt-.

Iron Man has posed:
Power-Girl makes short work of the creatures trying to pull the Policeman, except that they freeze in place: so they are still wrapped around his legs! But he has stopped being pulled. They are tangled with him, though. His buddy helps him rip off his shoes, though, and then pants, and the man is safe. Losing shoes and pants to the creatures is a very small price. The police decide to get out of the way, and run towards their squad car. Maybe to call for backup. Or get additional pants.

Crusader is like a piñata to the creatures. They keep trying to pounce him as he flies around above them. Nuala is still holding most of the attention, since she's among them.

As for the one that ran at Diana's ship, the whip tightens around it, and a tug of war begins. It REALLY is trying to drag her back towards the puddle, as if it were a sled dog. Sinking little tendrils into the grass, it has amazing leverage, but can't seem to get any headway on pulling the strong Diana. If she loosens its grip, she can probably haul it inside the ship with ease.

Hellboy's friends sense the cold and seem to get confused by it. They mill around near him, and one is hit by a freezing snowball, sent tumbling. It is dragged back towards the mushroom zone by another, and the others seem to decide to leave Hellboy alone, drawing back to the mushroom to go after better targets.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana continues to pull on the creature with the glowing golden rope, but she can feel its resistance and knows well that its the ground feeding it the ability to dig itself 'in' and fight back against her. So Wonder Woman rushes AT the Fungus Creature and dips low to sweep her leg in a fierce kick that she hopes will uproot the creature and free it from the ground, allowing her to further wrap-up and bind the beast in her lasso!

"I do not want to fight you!" She tells the creature, unsure of whether or not it can understand her. "I want to reason with you and your kind!" She says while continuing to drag/haul the thing toward the landed Invisible Jet...

And that Jet itself? It starts becoming less invisible, as its 'willed' into sight and its now a smokey see-thru shade of pure whit mist that gives the outline of the large Jet's body, Diana drags the Creature toward it, where there is no soil or organic matter it can draw upon inside!

Crusader has posed:
Crusader attracting a few of the left over creatures catches and tears whatever creature he catches apart. From one jumping at his face, to another that tries his back. Both are wrangled and dismemebered limb from limb before being tossed into the mold to be reclaimed. He couldn't help but wonder if they are really dead.
    But then there was the stalk. If it stayede there, more were bound to grow. But if they destroyed it, they may learn nothing. Crusader doesn't at the moment realize Diana was trying to capture one. He speaks into the comms "Power Girl, can you freeze the mushroom stalk? It is bound to grow more of these creatures if left unchecked" he says.
    Meanwhile he JUST manages to dodge a snowball. Wait...a snowball!?! He loks over to whee Hellboy was and blinks. That wasn't something you see everyday..but least the creatures were moving away from him.

Power Girl has posed:
    For a moment or two, Power Girl is assisting in detangling the beasts from the man's leg. When done, she exhales an actual breath, taking into the sky again afterward. Hellboy has some sort of mystical cold gadget disguised as a snowglobe, which is somehow par for the course. "Right." That she only has that to say about it is a little telling. Her attention shifts to Diana, and she speaks up as the creature is dragged. "Listen, this is great and all, I admire the sentiment, but I have never been able to reason with a Portabella."

    There are a number of creatures left, but for the moment, her focus is again on Crusader and Nuala. She hears the man, and again- thanks to Tony- is aware that for -this- particular scenario she doesn't want to be near the ground. After gaining some more altitude, she takes a moment to inhale sharply. If this were a movie, it'd be the exact moment for clever camerawork and, sadly, most other people are paying attention to the things trying to bring them to dinner, so nobody gets to see how incredibly unfair just about everything about Power Girl is.

    Before long, she'll be doing exactly as Crusader asked, returning to the ground to apply as much ice-breath (Minty Fresh!) as she can to the stalk of the carnivorous pizza-topping. Whatever Crusader had planned, he'd better make it quick- because she has no idea if this is even -really- making much of a difference.

Hellboy has posed:
This wasn't just snow, it was snow that only fell on Christmas morning across the North magnetic pole. Blessed by a saint, it wasn't going to melt any time soon, which meant that recalled squid was introducing that frigid, sticking freezing powder to the larger mushroom stalk. This was not good for it, HB imagined.

Even worse for the creature, Red grabbed that giant-sized snowman, balancing the figure carefully across the palm of his ancient, oversized right stone hand as he took aim, and concentrated.

"Hey, Mushroomhead! I think it's time ta...let it go."

That pun out of the way the big red man took a running start, gaining momentum and speed until he leapt up into the air(not very far), and lobbed that snowman as hard as he could like a spear or javelin. Tophat, carrot, coal and sticks would go flying but the three snow 'boulders' were aiming for the big plant, and should they hit their mark they would explode in impact, the stuff freezing and it seemed there was more snow packed in each sphere than initially seemed possible.

For his part, Hellboy reached into his pouched belt again, but this time only to pull out a red and white pack of cigarettes. Idly, he looked up at what he did.

"Man...I hope I don't get coal for this."

Cable has posed:
    The radio chatter said something about a humongous mushroom and something about Squid-babies... Yeah, that warrents checking out what's going on, but damn if it doesn't sound like something Wade would do. Lace the dispatcher's coffee with LSD or anti-freeze. Yeah. This has Wade written all over it.

    With the ever-present grimace upon his face, Cable set out down the road towards Salem Center.

    At the park, the timeslipping mutant parks his car some distance away and finds his way to largest building in the area. A rinky dink courthouse that provides no tactical advantage. So the warrior sighs to himself and is marching through the brush, keeping himself under cover and hidden away. Finding a decent enough spot, Cable lays down on the underbrush and sets his rifle to work at the extreme range.

    He waits several long moments for a target to come into view, and it happens to have a golden rope around it, but the mutant doesn't care and he pulls the trigger, firing a round through several layers of trees and into the squid baby that had someone's name on it already.

Iron Man has posed:
The heroes have gotten efficient. There are a few creatures left, if anyone was keeping count. And there are patches of spore all over the grass all around, where stray parts of them ended up. How many left? Maybe three. They are ALL three now hidden under the surface of the bubbling soil at the base of the large mushroom's canopy. And yes, there are some new 'bulbs' of creatures starting to grow at the top of the mushroom. They are small, maybe soccer-ball size at best. The cold rushes over the mushroom itself, and it doesn't move. Since it hasn't been mobile, this isn't a change. But it doesn't do anything new. The stalk changes color a little, it turns slightly more ashen. The ground below is the same. But nothing really happens.

The creature Wonder Woman has, though, flips out. It does not want to go on the ship. It has little choice, though. But it's harming itself in the attempts to get loose, and has gouges in it from hurting itself on the whip. Still, she's able to drag it where she wants it to go. Well. Until it gets shot. That blows off a few tentacles.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Two Amazonian warriors disembark from the interior of the smokey-semi-invisible-Jet and they take up positions on either sides of the lowered boarding ramp as Diana draws ever closer and closer to it with the Mushroom Man being dragged along all tied up.

"This is a strange new species, fighting it may be the worst thing we can ultimately do!" Diana says back to Power Girl.

But little good that does as Cable arrives and starts to blast the creature she's wrangled up and dragged to the foot of her Jet's boarding area. The two Amazonian warriors who see Cable firing near to their Princess both pull forth their shields and Javelin's and take up position to block his shots!

Diana shouts in frustration, but does indeed drag the creature aboard the Jet... If nothing else, one of their Science-types can study this beastly thing!

Crusader has posed:
As the Stark is frozen, crusader got what he wanted. It wasn't going to be easy, but it was worth it. "Thanks Power Girl, this might be of great help" and with that he flies up and does a round house kick on the stalk itself, shattering it partially. As it falls, Crusader catches it and flies it up. It was VERY cold, but he doesn't comment.
    "And stranger...that was a horrible pun" that was directed at Hellboy. Cable hadn't yet come up on his radar untill he saw Diana Amazonias preparing for a strike agaist someone new. More trouble go figure
    "Diana, One request use of your craft to transport this stalk to a secure lab" he request of her. if not....well guess he going to be flying to HQ with a mushroom stalk in hand. A thought comes to mind "Which is preferable as One does not wish for the stalk to thaw and spread spores before we know more"

Cable has posed:
    Cable watches the mushroomly tentacles go spiralling down to the ground and yet he's not happy, he's not satisfied that he got the kill. Damn. He chambers another round with a silent calmness. He looks down the sight, both eyes open and the one begins to glow as he tries to feel his targets beyond the woods, just to make his aim that much better.

    As soon as another target comes into view, the bullet is sent. Sailing through the air gracefully, dangerously, and purposefully. To those at the scene it really seems like someone is shooting towards them that they can not see. Be it friend or foe, that's super dangerous and could end up REALLY badly.

Power Girl has posed:
    After delivering the cold to the stalk of the mushroom, Power Girl moves away from the center of things- up, up, and somewhat away. She flies over towards where Crusader is taking the mushroom, and begins helping him hoist it towards the back of the Not Quite Completely Visible Not Quite Jet Engine Powered craft.

    "Yeah, I really hope she has room. I really don't feel comfortable carrying this thing all the way back to the Hall." she notes, mildly irate- but not willing to let this thing defrost. The others can handle- especially since most of the beasts are hiding in the muck, if not all of them- what's remaining. At least while she helps.

Iron Man has posed:
The stalk is frozen, and with a lot of effort, Crusader will be able to rip the top section entirely off. It is HUGE, and difficult to handle just in size, even if it doesn't weigh a whole hell of a lot. It feels kind of brittle. The freezing does seem to mostly prevent it from turning into spore-ash, at least. The creatures are not a fan of Crusader ripping their house apart, and the three that were under the ground surface to try to go after him. One is shot in a spraying splatter, the other two leap and fail to reach his feet as he flies off with the ENORMOUS parasol-like structure. It's over 15 feet across, would it even fit in Diana's ship easily? Might need to be careful with it. It's like trying to fly with a giant Styrofoam object: some wind resistance.

Diana's trophy is safely contained inside the ship with the whip: it can't get out of that, though it will writhe and make the effort.

Wonder Woman has posed:
The beauty of the Lansinarian Morphing Disc that powers the Jet that Diana uses is that its technically not a Jet at all. Its whatever structure or thing she wants it to be... in this instance, Diana looks back to Crusader and the others and she nods her head once. "Take it aboard." She says then and after saying it she moves inside the smokey-see-thru-Jet and the front of the Jet extends further forward... growing outward and elongating its central fuselage to contain even more cargo space inside.

Diana's sister's outside keep their eyes locked on Cable as he continues his assaulting barrage and should any of his gunshots ring toward them they'd use their Amazonian forged shields to deflect the man's gun, or hope to at least!

Once inside with the roped-up Mushroom Man, Diana presses the end of the lasso into the translucent bulkhead of her Jet, where it afixes itself firmly in-place, locking the creature inside. "We are going back to the Hall. We will put all of this in lockdown and study it to find an optimal solution to this problem... one hopefully rooted in peace." Was that a Wonder Pun?

Crusader has posed:
Crusader gets the mushroom cap safely into the 'jet' with the help of Power Girl "Thank you Power Girl, and Diana. Also...that was a HORRIBLE pun. Are you related to the red guy outside?" The tech of the ship was impressive, and something to admire. "Regardless, one will meet you back at the Hall. One wishes to make sure there are no further problems."
    And with that he flies back out of the 'jet'. He has heard the gun go off twice but had no clue where it was. But it seems whoever it was, was going after the mushroom creatures. considering two shots - one dead and one nearly dead mushroomer. Likely not a threat to them but still, he was looking about for more troubles.

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy looks around at the snowy hill he was stood in, breathing smoke into the air as he put his pack of smokes away. He looked down, looked over at his hand, and then it was as if he had a sudden epiphany. Dropping down and rolling that right hand of doom in the snow, he didn't stop until it was covered in snowflakes and permafrost, as a weapon it would just have to do.

Looking around he saw the conflict outside the almost-ship, and Hellboy was soon on his way. Any remaining beasties would get a frosty-cold suckerpunch or a backhand, even as he fought and maneuvered his way to the crowd of heroes.

"This has been a real crap-fest, I think if I never see a mushroom again after this it'll be too soon."

Cable has posed:
    Unfamiliar with Hellboy, Cable sees the red beast man rushing towards the Amazon's and snarls. He lowers his hand off the bolt handle and down to the trigger and squeezes it quickly. Almost too quickly, the shot is just off center mass as the mutant was in a rush to do some damage to try and put the thing down before it got to the women protectors.

Iron Man has posed:
There is now simply a stalk, and two beasts. Which Hellboy engages. One of them is slammed flat by the ice fist. The other lasts a little bit longer, before it too is cleaned up by the aggressive hero. The ground still lightly bubbles with spores around the destroyed stalk-stump, but there is no immediate threat anymore.

The ground in a few patches where creatures were felled also bubbled. That's probably not a problem for today. It took weeks for the giant mushrooms to sprout from those spots, after all....

Power Girl has posed:
    Power Girl sets down her portion of the stalk, and backs away. She wasn't about to travel on the Invisible Jet, to be fair. "Well." she began, moving out of the ship and looking- through the ground, of course- at the muck and sludge that contained the beasts that hadn't been, in order to get a true idea of what they were doing.

    Hellboy- and to an extent, their mysterious shooter- were doing a good job pinning the beasts down and keeping them under control. She wasn't entirely aware of what Cable was doing- so when he shot, it was a little too sudden for her to rush to Hellboy's aid. Doubly, Diana had just issued the most intense injury of the night. "What even -was- that?" Her attention was divided. Was she talking about Diana's pun, or the shot that rang out? The world may never know.

Hellboy has posed:
"Hey wait, what-"

Hellboy was interrupted by streaks of plasma ravaging across his chest. It wouldn't kill him, it wouldn't even break the skin, but it dropped him like a sack of potatoes. He was gonna feel that in the morning...and he was gonna have some choice words for this jackass. For now, simply one would suffice.


Wonder Woman has posed:
With the samples/captives aboard the Jet, Diana moves toward the front while her armored Sisters pull back up inside of the Morphing Disc-Jet as well. They re-holster their weapons and shields and move toward the control cabin to help prepare to leave.

"Crusader." Diana says over the comms. "Power Girl. If you two would be so kind as to help the local Police keep this area safe... and thank that SHIELD Agent for his assistance, that would be welcomed. Also, be careful around the armed man... I am not sure who he is. Make sure he is not a problem."

Within moments though, the Jet's alien engines are screaming to life again and the vehicle is powering up and preparing to leave!

Crusader has posed:
Crusader nods "No problem Diana!" and of course as she leaves, Hellboy goes down. Immediatly Crusader goes over to Hellboy to check on him. "Hey! You alright there?" he asks checking him over. He looks up and towards where he heard the gunshot comming from and let out a loose growl. Now this hidden shooter was posing a problem.