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Cable (Scenesys ID: 323)
When you expect the world to end at any moment, you know there is no need to hurry. You take your time, you do your work well. - Thomas Merton
Full Name: Nathan Christopher Summers
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (TPC)
Occupation: Savior/Revolutionary
Citizenship: None
Residence: Mobile
Education: Hard Knocks
Status: Approved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 57 Actual Age: 57
Date of Birth 2 January 1970 Actor: Josh Brolin
Height: 197 cm (6'6") Weight: 140 kg (308 lb)
Hair Color: Grey Eye Color: Amber
Theme Song: "The End" by The Doors


Sent to the future to save his life, Nathan Summers returned to save the world. Raised in a nightmare, gifted with power, cursed with pestilence, he'll use every weapon at his disposal to prevent Apocalypse. Note: while he is listed as being born in 1970 for coding purposes, Cable is, of course, a time traveler and won't be born for quite a few years yet - if he's born at all in this timeline.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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He's a formidable figure, terrifying to some, carrying the weight of legacy and reputation, salvation and Armageddon. His hair's long since turned to grey, cropped short and military style, shaved along the sides and back. His right eye, piercing blue, is marked with a pattern of ridges and scars around the socket, fanning out like a rising sun. His left eye gleams with amber-gold light, power flaring intermittently into incandescence. He has a heavy jaw, a blunt nose and a voice that booms at volume and grinds at a whisper.

He's built like a truck, six and a half feet tall, shoulders as wide as the front of a Buick, thick neck like an Olympic wrestler. His left arm draws attention, chrome and circuitry, a massive weapon in and of itself, ending in a gleaming steel fist. His right arm's no less developed, rippling in muscle. He's clad in piecemeal body armor, strapped from head to toe. He keeps a heavy energy rifle strapped sideslung along his back, pistols on each hip, grenades slung along a bandolier over his massive chest. He's got plenty of pouches, yeah, and almost every one of them has something lethal in it. Or at least a Zippo. Gotta have something to light your stogie with, after all.


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Cable was born Nathan Christopher Summers, the child of a great hero, a few years into the future of the current age. The Summers bloodline had been marked and manipulated, bred to create a mutant of immense power. The monstrous Apocalypse, an ancient mutant who sits astride history in a pool of blood and power, feared that Nathan might be a fulfillment of prophecy, a figure that would, someday, come to lead to his ultimate downfall. He was right about that. But his attempt to solve that problem lead him to infecting infant Nathan with a creation called the Techno-Organic Virus, a parasitic disease which turned him from flesh to machine. To save his life, Nathan's father sent him into the future, where there might be hope of a cure, surrendering any hope of seeing his son again that he might live. And live he did.

In that future, Nathan faced a bleak world and a harsh upbringing. The world had been torn apart by Apocalypse, wastelands and war consuming the environment. He was taken in by Clan Askani, a powerful rebel faction. He was taught to use his burgeoning powers to keep the techno-organic virus at bay - no cure had ever been found. He was taught the ways of war, of leadership, of battle. He was taught that he had to save them all. It was a heavy burden to carry.

After decades of training and battle, Nathan eventually realized the only true hope of stopping Apocalypse lay in the past, even before he was born. And so he journeyed backwards, carrying technology and knowledge. But time is never linear and never clear. He's gone back and forth innumerable times, between the future and the past, and they're never the same. The butterfly effect has lead him to lead a dozen revolutions, fight countless climactic battles. He's believed he's saved the world only to find it worse off. He's believed the battle to be lost only to find new hope.

Regardless, the mission always remains the same. Win the war. Save the mutants. Stop Apocalypse. The weapons he uses, the tools at his disposals, the allies at his side may change, but the man they call Cable, linking past to future, remains the same - implacable, relentless, grim and terrifying to any who dare stand in his path.


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Cable isn't exactly gregarious. Grim, stone-faced, without much in the way of humor or the milk of human kindness, he's earned his reputation as a hard man. He's simply seen too much, lost too much, to open himself up to too much emotion. When he was younger, he loved more easily, thought he could maybe have something like a normal life, but such hopes have long since died within him. There is only the mission for him now.

But, of course, in truth, he's still a man, still a human being, regardless of his power and experiences. He tries to hide from that softer side, to not care, but he always does, in the end. He's a man of sacrifice, who tries to put others before himself. He believes that he is only as good as the last life he saved. He is extremely disciplined, has no fear of death. He is unafraid of work and understands that he can only get the job done by being precise, measured, calm and controlled. He has no tolerance for sloppy work or half-measures.


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Cybernetic Enhancement:
While the virus is, in many ways, destroying him, Nathan's new machine-parts have significantly enhanced capabilities. His left arm and leg are superhumanly strong, enabling him to lift/press ten tons with either of those limbs, punching and kicking through brick walls with ease. His cybernetic eye can see in infrared and thermal spectrums, allowing him to see easily in the dark. His vision with the eye extends far beyond the human range, enabling him to sharpshoot from startling distances.

Cable's beyond tough. The techno-organic virus that infests his body has given him constant pain and requires incredible vigilance and psychic energy to keep at bay. He's developed a inhuman pain tolerance and incredible stamina, enabling him to withstand harsh punishments and conditions that might kill an ordinary person. He's come back from seeming death a time or two in his day - some of that might be destiny but part of it is simply that Cable is as hard to kill as a giant cybernetic cockroach with a massive arsenal of weapons.

While the techno-organic virus is, of course, killing him in some ways, it has gifted Cable with the power of technopathy. By channeling his consciousness through his techno-organic aspects, he can interface with and manipulate technology. He can read computer files at a glance, hack into databases, manipulate security systems and override robots. He can generally control even advanced forms of tech, even alien technology, although some security protocols created by advanced minds may be able to defend against these abilities.

Cable possesses significant telekinetic ability, allowing him to manipulate matter with his mind. He can lift-press up to about fifty tons at the limits of his strength and he often uses his power to wrap around him and simulate superhuman strength. Shields he creates are significantly durable, capable of withstanding tank bombardment and high explosives. He can fly under his own telekinetic power, although rarely does so both due to the power output and because he thinks it looks absurd. He has enough control to manipulate small objects with delicate care, able to assemble a ship in a bottle with his mind or flick the tumblers on a safe with a thought. Like his telepathy, using his telekinetic powers diverts energy from his battle against the virus. The more intensely and extensively he uses his powers, the more cells he puts at risk and the closer he gets to death.


Cable is a formidable and experienced telepath. He's capable of reading minds, projecting his own thoughts and all forms of psionic communication over a range of nearly a hundred miles. He can craft psychic illusions, alter memories and even override the will of others to control their thoughts. He's capable of astral projection and combat. While he possesses the potential to be among the most powerful telepaths in existence, his power is reduced and limited by the energies he must devote to battling the techno-organic virus. The more extensively he uses these powers, the more energy he diverts from that battle and the more flesh he loses to the machine.


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Enhanced Interrogation:
Cable's good at torture. It gets called other things, but it is what it is. He knows how to inflict pain, how to ask questions, how to psychologically work his enemies into giving up the information he wants. It's brutal, it's harsh, but sometimes, in his opinion, it's necessary.

Cable has trained in a wide varieties of hand to hand combat. He favors heavy striking and old fashioned punching, but can use more elaborate martial arts maneuvers if necessary. He's extremely dangerous in a clinch, capable of choking out opponents, breaking limbs and the like. If he ever entered the octagon, he'd be a world champion ultimate fighter. As it is, he's just no one to be messed with lightly.

Cable is an expert leader, especially of tactical strike forces and covert ops teams. He knows how to use the talents of others, inspire loyalty, condition them to work as a unit. He's decisive under fire and has no problem making the tough decisions, even when it hurts.

Cable has an instinctive knack for technology and machinery. He's a skilled mechanic and repairman, capable of fixing broken electronics of a wide variety. He's good with most forms of vehicles, including planes, jeeps, tanks and motorcycles along with garden variety automobiles. He can often rig something into working order even without the proper parts, capable of improvising on the fly.

While not a doctor, Cable grew up in a world where doctors were practically a myth. He can bind wounds, set broken bones and deal with the kind of injuries sustained in combat in the field. While he doesn't have deep medical knowledge, he has enough to keep someone alive in crucial circumstances.

Cable's an excellent pilot and driver. He's good with conventional automotives, including stunt and evasive tactics. He can fly private and military style aircraft, including helicopters. He comes from a long line of pilots and some of that innate savvy seems to have come through his genes.

Cable's conditioned himself to survive in a variety of harsh climates, from desert to arctic. He knows how to find food and water, build shelter, find help and maneuver through harsh terrain. He could live on his own, outside of civilization, essentially indefinitely.

Cable is a master of strategy. He's extremely experienced in battle planning. He's capable of devising tactics and methods both in small group and mass combat. He's been a general in his own future time and brings a tactician's logic to every aspect of his life. He is constantly measuring the world around him, looking for advantage, guarding his flank and trying to win.

Weapons Master:

Cable has been trained in the ways of war since he was a child. He's a master of weapons, skilled in everything from antique firearms to advanced future energy weapons. He's skilled with demolitions, heavy weaponry, even knives and bludgeons. If it was designed to take a life, Cable knows how to use it.


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Cable's trained up plenty of fighters, partnered with even more. He can often rely upon these people in a pinch or call upon them to form strike teams and help him out in times of need. That said, he isn't the most gentle of mentors or partners and even the people who like him often hold grudges, resentments or may occasionally want to shoot him in the face. That's all right with him, as long as they get the job done.

Future Knowledge:
Cable doesn't know the future. He knows several futures, none of which may belong to this particular fragment of quantum reality. He's seen the pages change again and again, butterfly effect after butterfly effect. That said, he knows a lot, things and secrets that won't be uncovered about the people and institutions today for decades or even centuries after they're gone. That could be anything from the location of a secret prison to a villain's true identity to the source of a deadly bioweapon. That knowledge, however, is not always reliable and he rarely relies on it alone as a source of intelligence - he likes to get things confirmed, to check his facts, rather than blunder in and assume the world is as he remembers it. Because often it is not.

Future Tech:
During his various visits back and forth to the future(s), Cable has assembled a fairly potent stack of advanced technology and weaponry. Teleportation rigs, high-energy weapons capable of blasts equivalent to a blast of C4, bioscanners and trackers, security systems and highly advanced computers. The specifics tend to come and go, as he has things destroyed by various factions and has others lost to caches he no longer even remembers exist. Suffice to say, he's always well-equipped on a level equivalent to a high-end sci fi shooter.

Cable has a variety of hideouts and safehouses scattered around the globe, from large city centers to remote wilderness depending on their purposes. Anywhere he anticipates trouble might arise, he probably has a hidden headquarters, complete with arsenal, training facilities and vehicles.


Cable's got a hell of a reputation. He's a bogeyman for the kind of people who try to put an end to mutant kind. He's the literal devil to those who regard the creature known as Apocalypse as their god. Even among the less superstitious, he's seen as one scary SOB.


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Cable is a walking time anomaly. There are people and beings who police timestreams and try to keep them neat and tidy. Cable probably really ticks them off.

While he has many enemies, the world-ending mutant conqueror known as Apocalypse will always remain Nathan's nemesis. He and Apocalypse have fought countless times across countless realities. Both have won and lost. In every timeline, Cable faces Apocalypse's plots, his Horsemen and the vast cult that surrounds the so-called First Mutant. Cable can never forget the enemy the looms out there, waiting for him, and he must always watch his back.

Cable's a jerk. He's blunt, demanding, uncompromising, stubborn as a bull. He has no tolerance for the weaknesses of others. He expects people to keep up or be left behind. Anyone who works with him will be held to the same standards he holds himself and he's not afraid to sit in judgment if they fall short. It hasn't always made him popular.

The various timelines and shifts in reality have made Cable's memory a bit fuzzy at times. He's forgotten things. There are gaps. Sometimes he simply remembers things wrong or remembers them from a timeline that has since changed and no longer applies. He can even get confused or overwhelmed by it. He isn't prone to showing it, of course, because he almost never shows any weakness if he can help it. But it's there, nonetheless.

Cable's not a spring chicken anymore. He's suffered a lot of wounds and damage over the years. While he's in incredible condition for his age, he inevitably has his failures and his aches and pains. Sometimes things don't cooperate or his powers sputter or he simply stumbles. It's not often and it's not critical - yet - but he's not Wolverine and he can't expect to go on forever.

Cable's obsession with his mission, his all-driving goal, is consuming, overwhelming and probably toxic. He drives himself to exhaustion, gives himself little quarter and doesn't rest or recover in the ways that his body needs to keep going. He will burn himself out.


Nathan was infected as a toddler with a custom disease called the Techno-Organic Virus. Devised from genetic samples of the aliens known as Phalanx, the virus converts flesh to a carbon-based technology, robbing the victim of their humanity, their autonomy and, in the end, their life. Cable has used his inherent psionic power to keep the virus at bay. Doing so has saved his life but not without cost. He has never been able to use his psionic abilities to their fullest potential - in theory, he could be among the most powerful psychics ever to exist, but keeping himself alive has drained and reduced his full capacity. In addition, using those psychic abilities in the pursuit of his mission takes away energy he uses to fight the virus, making him lose more ground, more cells and putting him ever closer to fully succumbing to his sickness. Every time he uses his powers, he puts himself a little bit closer to death.


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