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Miranda Madsen (Scenesys ID: 290)
"The horde of a dragon is predicated upon gold but the coin itself is merely a metaphor. For the good dragon, it is a thing pure and untarnished, representing the ideal goal of all beings striving towards righteousness. For the evil dragon, avarice drives them to hide the virtue it represents from others. Gold is not the coin but the soul rarified."
Full Name: Miranda Madsen
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Financier / Philanthropist
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Status: Shelved
Groups: Themyscira
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: 211
Date of Birth 11 December 1813 Actor: Katheryn Winnick
Height: 177 cm Weight: 150 kg
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Aquamarine
Theme Song: "Gold Dust Woman" - Fleetwood Mac


The Last Dragon? Well, one of the last anyway. Amarantharial hatched a mere two hundred years ago to a world where magic had all but faded away. With many of her forebears slain by knights or each other, she had no family to protect her and so she used the inherent magic of her blood to master the art of shapeshifting. So it was that she meandered the decades learning of mankind, the myth and legend of her kind and.. walk warily around what few wizards remained. Having the same urges of her forebears, she accumulated wealth through a variety of means until finally she found her wealth beyond measure. Now she lives in New York City, the hub of finance and fitfully irritated that gold has been digitized. Her latest self is that of Miranda Madsen, heir to the vast Madsen fortunes and a seemingly instinctive financier in her own right. She walks the circle of the elite with disdain and has taken to fighting 'evil' as a way to pass the time. Most recently, she's thrown in her lot with Themyscira and has been welcomed as an Amazon.



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Amaranthial is a dragon. She's going to live for thousands of years. She has scales that can deflect swords and bullets. She's effectively immune to most illnesses, breathes fire, flies and is inherently magical. She has prehensile foreclaws and tail. She heals quickly by human standards and her stamina would allow her to fly nonstop for a day or hold her breath for hours at a time. Noxious fumes such as sulphur dioxide are likewise no danger to her. Her draconic senses are well beyond the human norm. She can see in utter darkness and hear a mouse fart at a thousand paces but her keenest sense is that of smell. Of unique interest, she can smell and taste the difference between metals; easily identifying worthless pyrite when it is gold she hungers for. She's also hunted by wizards as a magical reagent and some crusaders who seem to think all dragons are evil. Then there are the treasure seekers. It's not easy being gold.


Amaranthial can breathe fire as most dragons do. As a young dragon, her fires are not as hot as they might otherwise be but if she sustained a breath she could melt steel. People she can render into ash just fine. She's not restricted from breathing fire while shapeshifted but it does draw a lot of attention.


Unlike illusion, Amranthial prefers true shapeshifting spells. This means that while in her draconic form, she can fly several hundred miles per hour. When shapeshifted as a normal human.. well.. she walks. When heroing under the guise of Corusca, she produces scintilating faerie wings upon her humanoid form. After all, no one would expect a faerie of being a dragon. Naturally, as with all winged flight, they can be fouled and falling really sucks.


Amarantharial generally maintains two forms. The first is that of Miranda Madsen. The second is that of Corusca, the heroine. These are largely cosmetic alterations but each form does limit her draconic abilities in some way.

Miranda Madsen is a normal human in appearance. This does not limit her draconic strength or endurance in any way but she is without wings and her eyes are altered to a human norm so her ability to see in the dark is removed. Her sense of smell and hearing is likewise diminished albeit still above human norm. Without scales, she isn't bulletproof but she is still tough as nails. She cannot breathe fire in this form. Her ability to use magic in human form is diminished to what most mages would call apprentice level effects.

Corusca is a form of Amarantharial's own mind and is based vaguely upon what she knows of Fae creatures. Elfin features and glittering metallic skin allow her to retain her draconic senses and protections. Likewise, she produces transluscent faerie wings which allow her to fly. She cannot breathe fire in this form although it is easier to maintain, being closer to her draconic self, so her ability to use magic is not nearly so drained as if she were focusing upon being more mundane.


Draconic blood is inherently magical. While not trained mystically, she can cast instinctively. Her spells rarely last beyond concentration so it's more a matter of where she's channeling her will at the moment. She can use it to shapeshift or even to open portals across the planet but grand magics such as summoning a maelstrom or portals to another dimension are beyond her power. When she's focused on being shapeshifted, her spells are generally limited to minor effects such as locking a door, moving a small object telekinetically, or similar 'cantrip' level effects.


The scales of a dragon are preternaturally strong. She can bounce bullets and swords without injury. She herself is fireproof but then so are her scales. Getting hit by a bus is more of an annoyance than any point of injury. Naturally, her biggest concerns are wizards and magical swords. This is not to say she's immune to injury; just from mundane sources. Being pummelled by The Hulk would surely leave a mark and not be something she'd be keen on waiting around to find out if he can break a dragon.


Amaranthial is far stronger than your average human or even superhero. She can lift a tank (approx 75 tons) without a problem and fold steel with her bare hands. Her claws and fangs are sharp like diamonds so combining her strength with these means she can peel her way into a bank vault with ease or bite a car in half.. albeit a small one since her mouth is not the gaping maw of full adulthood.


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Amaranthial has a broad knowledge of 'recent' history. She's lived it.


Amaranthial speaks most major Terran languages and one or two obscure ones. She can read arcane glyphs instinctively.


Amaranthial is a financial wizard. It's here that she's focused her intellect to make certain that her hoard grows and no one can touch her gold reserves. She can quote law and financial theory from memory and from a dozen countries. She's passed the bar in four, to include New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Quebec.


Amaranthial has killed a few wizards over the years. It was in self-defense after all. She's since obtained their libraries and studied. It's because of this that she can manage healing elixirs, universal solvents and a few other alchemical points of note. She's combined her fire breath, metallurgical understanding and alchemical lore on occasion to make a number of wondrous items to fortify her home. She will not, however, make magical swords.


Amaranthial is not a scientist but she grasps physics, chemistry, and the like. She keeps up on modern theories and has financed a number of breakthrough patents. She isn't keen on it though and blames science for the downfall of magic.


Amaranthial is a student of human kind. She has mastered the art of seduction, lies and manipulation over two centuries. She can smile with poise even in the face of a dire enemy. On the other hand, she also knows the etiquette of many cultures so as to not commit embarassing gaffes as well.


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Amranthial has two lairs. One is her old one up in Nova Scotia that she abandonned to move to NYC. Her most recent one is dug into the bedrock deep beneath Long Island. That lair is a maze of stonework that opens out into the Atlantic Ocean and into the basement of the Madsen Estate. The oceanic entrance is a carefully guarded secret shielded by magical and mundane obscurements. It is here that she keeps her wealth of gold and jewels. There's also rare antiques and statuary but those are largely ignored or used to show off something gold.


A sprawling estate on Long Island, it is protected by the best security money can buy. The staff are paid for their loyalty and discretion. Within a secret section of the estate is a corner devoted to the occult and alchemy where the libraries of a dozen or so dead magi are stored.


Hidden behind lairs of shell companies is Madsen Finance. Those in the industry know of its vast influence over the global commodities market and its success in long term investments. It's not a publicly traded company.


Amaranthial is stupendously wealthy. She counts herself in the top one percent globally. While not the wealthiest person on the planet on paper, she has no wish to be. Tt draws too much attention. A lot of her wealth is completely off the books in the form of her personal hoard. Gold.


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Amaranthial is approximately forty feet long nose to tail which is about as long as most transit busses. While most of that length is serpentine in shape, her body masses out at a little over a ton. Unfurl her wings and she's got a forty foot wingspan. One can't spend all of one's life shapeshifted. For one, her spells don't linger long after she breaks her concentration so that means she generally sleeps as a dragon. On her hoard. In a big cavern.


Amaranthial's current guise is a Canadian. She's now living in NYC. She maintains her green card as a major business owner. Naturally, this means things could get awkward bureaucratically. She tries to stay low key.


Dragons have an insatiable fondness for gold. Call it a weakness if you will. Some could even say that a dragon draws strength from napping atop their pile of gold. Either way, gold is a good way to ensnare, piss off, or otherwise screw with a dragon. To your own peril, naturally. They don't get terribly rational where gold is concerned. A dragon without a hoard becomes a sickly, irritable, irrational and dangerous thing. The larger a dragon becomes the larger their hoard must be to sustain them.


So yeah, there's paranoia then there's the truth. There are a few magi in the world that know of Amaranthial and are hunting her. Mostly because she killed their master's master's master and believe dragons are evil. Who cares if it was in self defense.


Okay so she's not really Canadian. She's not even human. She's lived ten lives. This is not a secret that she'd like to get out and would likely kill to maintain it. She's not fond of reporters. Her birth certificate is a fake.


It's not truly paranoia if they really are out to get you. They either want your gold or they want your body or they just think you eat maidens for some stupid reason only comic books could answer. Yes, people are out to get dragons. No, Amaranthial doesn't want to get got. Trust is a hard thing to come by.


Dragon heart, dragon blood, dragon talons, dragon scales, dragon liver... with the litany of magical reagents coming from a dead dragon it's no wonder they aren't terribly trusting of wizards.. or anyone really. Amaranthial is a veritable smorgasbord of mystical bits and there's no end to the demand. No disections please!


In as much as Amaranthial is empowered by the metaphysical energies of gold, she still needs to eat. She's a strict carnivore. Most days she hunts the oceans out of sight which means the fishermen up in Nova Scotia are likely seeing a boom now that she's left the area. Alas for New York's regional fishing.


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