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Deathstroke (Scenesys ID: 308)
"You called me a villain. Never thought of myself as that. I'm a mercenary. A soldier for hire"
Full Name: Slade Wilson
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: DC (VFC)
Occupation: Mercenary
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Upper East Side, NYC
Education: United States Military Academy - West Point
Status: Dropped
Groups: Light, Titans, Hench
Other Information
Apparent Age: 60 Actual Age: 60
Date of Birth 15 November 1967 Actor: Esai Morales
Height: 193 cm (6'4") Weight: 102 kg (224 lb)
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Deathstroke the Terminator is feared, hated, admired, and coveted throughout the World as the most expensive, and the absolute best there is at what he does - kill. Available for sale to the highest bidder, Deathstroke is an unstoppable assassin, soldier, mercenary, and tactician.

Deathstroke is known as honourable to those who he has a contract with, and an implacable foe to those he is sent to take out. Deathstroke is not afraid to take any contract, and has even gone up against the Justice League and the Titans, successfully!

Deathstroke is not only feared by heroes, he is feared by villains, and anyone else that finds themselves within his crosshairs.

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The man that stands before you is tall, around 6'4", and muscular. His face and head is covered by a mask, his right side black with no eye slot, and his left side dark orange, with a black highlighted eye slit. His left eye is as blue as the deepest ocean, with a coldness that can almost steal the strength from your limbs. His shoulders are broad, and his arms are large, not extraordinarily so, but well toned. His body was well defined, a testament to his extreme and intensive workout regimen. His movements are graceful and exact, as though he was moving like a cat, every motion perfect and meant to be, not wasting a single erg of energy.

Currently Deathstroke is wearing his "costume". His mask covers his head and most of his face. Two leather straps are located in the back of his mask, used for tightening it, one a dark orange, the other a midnight blue. The mask is tucked into the top part of his "jacket, a dark midnight blue in colour, perfect for blending into the background.

The hilt of his sword was visible above his left shoulder, golden in color with a well-worn leather grip. The shoulders of his costume, around his upper chest and back, are a darker color of midnight blue, and appears to be leather. Around his chest, ribs, arms and legs is a kevlar mesh, also of midnight blue in colour. It is skin tight, and does not seem to hinder Deathstroke's movements in the slightest.

His shorts are the same dark orange as his mask. Around his waist is a dark orange "utility" belt, with several pouches containing his tools and weapons. On his right hip is a holster, containing his favorite pistol/firearm, with two straps holding the holster tied around his leg. Across his chest is a "bandolier" containing extra ammunition for his "machine pistol". His boots are the same dark orange color, made of comfortable looking leather, well worn.


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Slade Wilson always had a strong, determined personality. As a young man, he lied about his age to get into the Army. He quickly distinguished himself and became one of the U.S. military's most decorated soldiers. Due to his outstanding record, he was selected to become one of the first of the 'Green Berets'. It was during this training that he met Adeline Kane-- a woman who matched his fiery personality and superior fighting skills. She was one of the primary instructors in Slade's course, and taught him how to 'fight three-dimensionally). Sparks ignited immediately between the two, and they quickly fell in love and wed (after Slade graduated at the top of his class, of course). Shortly thereafter, Adeline gave birth to a son, Grant. Slade continued on active duty, and served with distinction in Libya, becoming very nearly a 'living legend' among the U.S. military and covert ops departments. Sometime after the war, Slade volunteered for a medical experiment in 'resisting truth serums'. It was later revealed that these experiments with "truth serums" were, in reality, an attempt by the government to covertly create meta-humans through experimentation on human test subjects.

The experiment left Slade weakened and bedridden for a time but eventually he recovered. He was discharged from the military for 'medical reasons', and the experiment was deemed a failure. Unbeknownst to anyone but Slade, however, the experiment -had- succeeded, and had blessed him with not only superhuman strength, speed, and stamina, but increased his mental effciency as well. The primary side effect of that efficiency being that it gave Slade superhuman reflexes on an extreme level. Shortly after Slade's recovery, Adeline gave birth to a second son, Joseph. Slade soon took up a life of big-game hunting, and made a name for himself at the trade, but the hunt failed to quench his thirst for the life he once led (and rapidly started to become very politically incorrect due to environmental concerns). Unknown to his wife and family, Slade also secretly became a mercenary known as Deathstroke, the Terminator, using his superhuman abilities and years of combat experience as an assassin and soldier-of-fortune of the highest caliber.

On One of 'Deathstroke's' earliest assignments, he assassinated a Colonel from the country of Qurac. The president of Qurac discovered Slade's identity, and sent a terrorist known as the Jackal to find Slade, and find out who hired him to kill the Colonel. In order to gain a bargaining chip to use against slade, the Jackal kidnapped young Joseph Wilson (who was now 5 years old, or so). Slade was forced to admit to his wife that he had been carrying on his double-life as Deathstroke. Adeline and Slade (in his Deathstroke guise) confronted the Jackal. Unfortunately, Slade refused to give the Jackal the information he requested, because it would violate his professional code of ethics. Slade gambled he could react fast enough to save his son; He was only partially successful. Slade did indeed save Joseph's life, but not before the Jackal had begun to slit the boy's throat. As a result of the traumatic experience, Joseph was rendered mute.
Adeline was enraged at Slade's betrayal and the risking of Joseph's life, and she confronted Slade... with a gun. Slade's quick reflexes saved his life, but he lost his right eye due to the gunshot wound Addie inflicted. Adeline quickly divorced Slade and raised her two sons by herself. Grant followed in his father's footsteps and attended military school, but soon grew disaffected and bitter, eventually losing his own life in a bid to become a superhuman mercenary like his father. Joseph, however, was quite different from his brother; He was a kind, gentle soul who flourished in the arts. Joseph was both a talented artist and musician. Adeline nurtured this side of Joseph, and he grew up to be a fine young man, absent any real influence from his father.

Slade continued his activities as Deathstroke. Although through it all, Slade managed to keep his own personal code of ethics, and took only the jobs his conscience would allow him to. Despite his 'pickiness', Slade quickly gained a reputation as the world's best mercenary. A few years after his divorce from Adeline, Slade met Lillian "Sweet-Lili" Worth, an Oriental clan princess whose life had fallen into ruins. It was Slade who brought Lili from war-torn Cambodia to Thailand, where she would have relative freedom. Slade and Lili remained in contact, embarking an an on/off love affair whenever their paths crossed. During one of their trysts, Slade impregnated Lili, who later gave birth to Rose Worth (later Wilson); Slade's daughter. Lili kept Rose a secret from Slade, rationalizing it was in the child's best interest to do so. Of course that didn't last.

Slade continued his mercenary activities for several years, making a name for himself (or at least his costumed identity) as the deadliest mercenary and assassin in the business. He clashed with many different heroes and even teams of heroes and (sometimes narrowly) managed to stay just one step ahead of them, even if he didn't always quite succeed at every single contract thanks to their interference. Eventually, however, his past came back to haunt him when Lilli Worth showed up while he was in Asia and tried to kill him (seriously like all his exes try to kill him). Lilli died in the attempt, but through that series of events Slade came to discover that Rose Worth (Wilson) was his daughter. Extremely estranged from the rest of his family, Slade sort-of took Rose under his wing, training her and eventually setting her up to kill Wade DeFarge, his half-brother who had assumed the identity of the "Ravager" (the same identity his son briefly held before his death, and which Rose took up after her first kill). Considering her not completely without potential, Slade undertook a somewhat on-again, off-again tutoring of her, though his contracts often carry him far afield, and his insistence that she remain behind does grate on his teenage daughter at times.


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When people talk about someone being a "hard man" they're talking about men like Slade Wilson. Disciplined, emotionally detached, willing to make the hard call, and adhering to a strict code that sometimes seems comprehensible only to himself. Slade Wilson fulfills his contracts, no matter the cost to himself, or anyone else. That said, he is not an indiscriminate killer, and approaches his contracts with that aforementioned discipline, with meticulous planning, sometimes several layers deep. He is a consummate professional...just one with not much regard for human lives or the impact he might have on them. He will kill those that get in his way if necessary. He will cause rampant property damage if it is a necessary distraction, but the death and destruction he causes is never random...everything with Slade is calculated. He also knows that being too bloodthirsty or destructive will get the attention of folks he'd rather not have to deal with very quickly.

But that's Slade the mercenary. Slade Wilson the man is...complicated. He often seems arrogant and condescending, largely because he has the skill and experience to back it up. He pushes people away with emotional distance and yet on some level still mourns over the family he left behind (or well, he was kicked out of, really). He does care about all his children...but in his own sometimes twisted way. He wants them to be strong, to be self-reliant, to be smart, and to excel at what they do, which sometimes means he pushes them in ways that normal families would consider insane (such as arranging for your daughter to kill a man). "Safe" isn't something Slade considers necessary for his children, because in his mind the world is NOT safe. He is tremendously jaded and cynical about human nature and the world in general, but that insight is borne of experience. "Tough love" might be a huge understatement where he's concerned. Which isn't to say he eschews companionship entirely. He's loyal to those that are loyal to him. It's just that it tends to take a very patient individual to put up with Slade's more misanthropic tendencies for long.


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Enhanced Agility:
Deathstroke's flexibility and balance is enhanced like all of his physical attributes, allowing him exceptional movement ability unhindered by his strength and solid build. He's capable of complex acrobatic feats and contortions in combat and can balance on nearly any surface or object.

Enhanced Durability:
Deathstroke's skin, muscules, and bone structure are all harder and stronger than human norms, allowing him to withstand conditions, injuries, and stresses that would badly impair a normal human with little or no effect, and suffer blows from much more powerful metahumans without instantly succumbing. Low-caliber bullets very well might bounce off him (or not penetrate more than skin deep), but higher-caliber weaponry he still needs his armored costume to protect him from.

Enhanced Intellect:
With his mind expanded to use the full untapped breadth of human potential, Deathstroke possesses an incredible intelligence and mental capacity. He has perfect photographic memory, able to instantly and perfectly recall anything he has seen or fact he has learned. Analytically, his brain works like a supercomputer, processing nearly infinite possibilities and solutions simultaneously and instantly. Most notably, this allows him to calculate the tactical outcomes of any battle before it is fought, predicting enemy plans and actions and devising counterstrategies to almost any foe or scenario, and performing perfect spacial and timing calculations. Noncombat problem-solving is no more challenging, whether solving puzzles or unweaving political intrigues; so long as he has the data, he can draw the lines between it.

Enhanced Reflexes:
Deathstroke's reflexes work at a rate comparable to his mental abilities, allowing him to instantly react and execute actions to match his high-speed mental assessments and calculations with precise timing. Combined with his raw physical speed and preternatural awareness, he's capable of dodgeing point-blank gunfire from multiple assailants with ease, and reacting to (or, in his case, often ahead of) even the fastest of superhumans.

Enhanced Senses:
All of Deathstroke's basic senses are enhanced, allowing him a range of abilities. Despite his missing eye, he possesses excellent night vision, improved range and clarity, and can track targets smaller than the human eye can perceive. His sense of smell can identify compounds in the air, and his hearing can pick up sounds outside of human-audible frequences or volumes. He also possesses a sixth or extra-sensory Danger Sense, that in combination with his mental accuity and tactical abilities makes him nearly impossible to ambush.

Enhanced Speed:
Like all of his pure physical abilities, Deathstroke's speed of movement is enhanced. On the personal scale, he moves fast enough to keep up with his accelerated mental abilities, allowing him to dodge bullets and perform similar feats. At a flat out, long distance run, he matches a car at average highway speeds (~65 mph).

Enhanced Stamina:
Deathstroke's super soldier enhancements make him essentially tireless, allowing full-effort physical exertion for days at a time. He also has effectively limitless pain tolerance, and combined with his healing factor can continue functioning at full effectiveness up to the point of incapacitation, fighting through wounds that would otherwise be lethal. In all other measures of physical endurance, vigor and virility, he exceeds human standards by an order of magnitude.

Enhanced Strength:
The supersoldier program enhanced Deathstroke's strength to the low metahuman range, at about ten times upper human limits. He can lift a ton with ease and potentially larger weights with some effort, as well as execute feats of strength such as cutting a car in half with a bladed weapon.

Healing Factor:
Deathstroke possesses an advanced healing factor that allows him to recover from nearly any wound in time and from flesh wounds in seconds. Although he is unlikely to heal from total dismemberment or beheading, he has survived (and quickly recuperated from) injuries that would otherwise be fatal, including multiple gunshots to or impalement of the body cavity and even partial brain damage. A notable exception seems his missing eye, possibly due to the psychological pain accompanying its loss. His healing factor also makes him immune to most toxins, pathogens, parasitic invasion and even radiation poisoning.

Reduced Ageing:

Slade Wilson ages at a reduced rate, preserving him in peak physical condition. While his hair has gone white and his face is appropriately weathered for a fiftyish year old man, he shows no other real signs of aging. He may well manage to live several lifetimes or even more...he doesn't really know. Of course that's assuming he doesn't meet a violent end, which is all too possible in his line of work.


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Slade's military training included demolitions work, a talent which he has perfected throughout his career. And while grenades are well and good, he has a particular fondness for high-powered explosives and frequently uses them, using his tactical and analytical ability to pre-set devices throughout a future battlefield and then detonate them at the appropriate time, whether to injure a foe directly or control their movements.

Whether self-built or acquired through his extensive contacts and fortune, Deathstroke is skilled in the use of unusual devices, or perhaps better stated, in the selection and application of such devices to suit the situation. Typically, this is another element of his advanced tactical planning, as he will procure and prepare the necessary equipment to deal with any foe or ability his natural talents and typical arsenal are incapable of stopping.

Aside from hunting people, Slade Wilson has spent time as a recreational big game hunter, earning some of his early public fame and fortune in this manner. On the practical side, he's versed in various skills that accompany the hobby, such as tracking, butchering, and a certain degree of animal psychology.

One thing that goes hand in hand with the reputation as the World's Greatest Assassin (tm) is a certain measure of fear and respect wherever he goes. Perhaps surprisingly, in many ways Slade prefers intimidation to violence when it comes to non-target obstacles and bystanders. While he has no reservations about killing those who get in his way, he's perfectly willing to inform someone when they don't -need- to die, any many prefer to take up that option when he gives it to them.

Slade Wilson is not just a brilliant tactician, but is well-versed in translating that knowledge into effective strategic leadership and battlefield command. During his time in special forces, and in some subsequent special government operations, he has led normal troops and even other enhanced soldiers on the most dangerous missions.

As a former special forces operator turned international assassin, one of the hallmarks of Deathstroke the Terminator is his deadly aim with nearly any firearm imaginable. Most notable as a master sniper who never misses his shot, he is equally lethal in CQB or mid-range engagement and is proficient in everything from pistols and submachineguns to assault rifles, shotguns, and high-powered rifles.

Martial Arts:
Initially trained in US Army Combatives, Slade has learned and perfected multiple additional martial arts styles throughout his travels and training. From standard techniques like karate and jujutsu, to military styles practiced around the world, to the esoteric practice of ninjutsu, he has mastered all of these styles and more, and could be considered among the greatest martial artists even discounting his superhuman capabilities. By combining multiple techniques and leveraging his enhanced attributes, there are few capable of matching him in hand-to-hand combat.

Military Tactics:
While renowned as an assassin, it might be more accurate to call Slade Wilson the world's greatest military strategist and tactician. Combining elite special forces training with decades of experience in every theater of war the world has had to offer, and enabled by his superhuman intellect, he is essentially the perfect military mind, able to work out the possibilities of any battle before it is joined, predict the actions and tactics of his opponents, and adapt to the odd instance of a truly unforseen circumstance instantaneously.

Combining military training and ninja techniques, Deathstroke prefers (and usually succeeds) in taking out his targets before they or anyone else knows he has arrived. He is a master of stealthy movement, stakling, shadowing and surveillance, and of intrusion techniques against various security protocols and alarm systems. Most of all, he can kill with utter silence when he chooses, striking his targets so that they never cry out - at least when fear and chaos are not part of the job description.


Aside from unarmed techniques, Slade is a master of a variety of armed combat styles, and is a potentially lethal combatant with almost any object or weapon he can get his hands on. That said, he is a particular master of swordsmanship (preferring either paired katana or a single heavy broadsword), knife fighting (particularly military combative styles), eskrima stick-fighting, and staff fighting.


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Armored Costume:
For those situations where Slade feels the Ikon Prototype is overkill (which is most situations), Slade's "normal" costume is comprised of a nomex-kevlar weave undersuit with a "scaled" bullet resistant armor overlay. His mask/helmet contains both a "drop down" night vision monocle and short range communications apparatus. The suit is both insulated and breathable, allowing him to operate in all but the most extreme weather conditions in relative comfort. In terms of protection, while wearing the suit the armored portions can deflect high-caliber firearms (up to but not including .50 caliber ammunition), while the undersuit can resist low-mid range (9mm and smaller) rounds. It is also quite fire-resistant due to the nomex weave.

Almost needless to say, but as Deathstroke the Terminator, through his own business and extensive contacts with arms traders and a few more eccentric, experimental scientists, Slade Wilson has access to a vast array of weaponry. Essentially, almost any conceivable conventional weapon or piece of man-portable military hardware is avaialble to him, from small arms to automatic weapons, anti-tank caliber rifles and explosives. His typical armament includes a high powered, scoped sniper rifle, a pair of SMGs, paired katana, and various knives and smaller sidearms, as well as basic grenades, flares, smoke bombs, and so forth, but this is hardly the extent of his available options.

Energy Lance:
One of his unique signature weapons, this device consists of an configurable metallic melee weapon capable of splitting into paired fighting sticks or telescoping into a full length staff. Apart from its use as a hand to hand weapon, it can discharge powerful energy blasts.

Exotic Materials:
At various points, Deathstroke or his suppliers and associates have acquired supplies of exotic materials such as Prometheum and Nth-Metal, using these to enhance some of his equipment. Typically this includes his primary sword and armor, but occasionally special ammunition or similar. This is a bit plot-dependant, as his supply is limited, but allows the Terminator to go toe-to-toe with foes who might otherwise be impervious to mundane swords and firearms.

Ikon Prototype:
The Ikon suit is a prototype armor system that uses gravitational effects and innertial energy to react to attacks or impacts with a similar counter-force. While capable of absorbing impacts of theoretically infinite strength, such stresses are known to quickly overload the field, as do wider-scale attacks. The suit is also equipped with a supplemental AI system that controls its functions and assists the wearer, although it is also vulnerable to attack (particularly from the maker's other suits). As an extremely unstable and experimental prototype, the Terminator's use of the suit is limited, reserving it for facing superhuman foes that would otherwise far exceed his enhanced, but still ultimately human capabilities.

In his public persona, Slade Wilson is a successful veteran-turned-businessman and philanthropist, having parlayed a fortune made on various 'adventures' of his youth (from actual big game hunting to his less public work hunting the world's most dangerous prey) into a successful investment portfolio diversified across a number of sectors. Again somewhat less publicly, these include labs focused on experimental weapons R&D and arms trading, and he puts many of their newest prototype devices to the test in his persona as Deathstroke the Terminator. His long time friend Wintergreen manages most of the daily details of these enterprises, but suffice to say being among the best-paid assassins and mercenaries in the world is a lucrative business, and Slade commands a personal fortune that stretches into the nine digit range, though much of that wealth is not "liquid," instead tied up in investments and properties, but that still tends to leave him with tens of millions "on hand" at any given moment.


William Randolph Wintergreen is a former member of MI-5, and it was in this capacity that he first met Slade Wilson as the two worked together on a joint British-American military operation. Early in Slade's special forces career, he saved him during an unecessarily dangerous mission, disobeying orders in the process and implicating their commanding officer's recklessness. The same commanding officer later sent Wintergreen on a similar mission in retaliation, and it was Slade's turn return the earlier favor, saving his friend in turn. Since then the two have been extremely close, with Wintergreen acting as Slade's friend and confidant, advisor, business manager, and best man, among other things. While a normal human now in his later years, he is nonetheless a highly educated former special forces agent and member of the British peerage, a formidable man in his own merit.


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Berserk Healing:
While Deathstroke's body is capable of operating under and recovering from grevious injury, it is not without stress on his system. The experimental serums that created him function via various internal chemical processes, and increases to adrenaline and various hormones can trigger equally extreme emotional responses. Thus massive injury may send him into a berserk state as the body overcompensates, as can lesser amounts of pain combined with certain emotional triggers. In these cases, his tactical genius tends to go right out the window, and while he remains a physical force to be reckoned with, the loss of control can prove a significant Achilles' heel. To make matters worse, when recovering from would-be-fatal injuries, there is a strong tendency for Slade to contract amnesia which, while temporary, can last up to several months depending on how severe his injury was (and particularly if it was directly to the brain).

Code & Contract:
While essentially a near perfect killing machine, Slade Wilson lives by a fairly strict code of honor. In his own mind at least, he's not a madman, but an ethical soldier who avoids unecessarily harming innocents, and honor-bound mercenary who seeks to complete his contracts no matter the cost. This latter fact means he will pursue a job continually, rather than accepting failure. These two principles themselves can often come into conflict, however, given the dirty realities of murder-for-hire, and heroes can potentially take advantage of the fact: Deathstroke may be an implacable killing machine, but the man behind the mask does know reason, and his word is his bond.

Slade's ex-wife Adeline wants to kill him. Slade's son Joseph is morally opposed to nearly everything he does. His son Grant is a source of guilt and recrimination (even if he hides it well most of the time), and his daughter Rose is very much an uncertain work-in-progress. For all his badass cred, Slade does still care about his family, though...even Adeline in a strange way. If there is one soft spot he's them, even if he tries hard not to show it. Endangering or interfering with his children is a good way to get his attention, and he'll even come to Adeline's aid if she's endangered. For those that know his identity, that makes his family into potential tools to use against him...and the worst part is depending on how they're approached they might even go along with it willingly.


Deathstroke the Terminator is known as one of the world's deadliest assassins. That's great for business. It's not great for the fact that it means he's got a reputation among the hero community, especially as he's clashed with many of them several times over the years. He may not be a world-ending or conquering threat but he's very much a dangerous and deadly individual who's probably not up to much good if he's in town. While he tries very hard to work in the shadows and stick to the kinds of jobs heroes usually don't stick their noses into, he does still often get hired for higher-profile work that can easily get heroes involved. Which is always a pain to deal with. Likewise, Deathstrokes' reputation means that he can be a target for other mercenaries and assassins who view him as competition and might want him taken down. To say nothing of a very long list of folks who have lost friends, loved ones, bosses, and underlings to Deathstroke over the years, though thankfully MOST of those folks lack the means to really do anything to him....most of them.


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