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Grace Choi (Scenesys ID: 994)
"I'm fine! Just tell me that there isn't some ^@$#@-up, whacked-out, magical bull#$@* rule that says I can't pull his intestines out through his throat and wear it as a bra! Tell me I can go Hiroshima on his pickled ass!"
Full Name: Grace Choi
Gender: Female
Species: Amazon
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Bouncer
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Metropolis
Education: The Streets
Status: Dropped
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Other Information
Apparent Age: 26 Actual Age: 26
Date of Birth 24 November 1999 Actor: Pauline Nordin
Height: 213 cm Weight: 104 kg
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "Die By The Drop" - Dead Weather


Grace's name is not one that is either famous, or bound to stir up much recollection of anything of import that she's done. Sure, she's saved a few people. What she's most famous for, though, is stopping fights before they start at Chaney's, a metahuman accepting bar in Metropolis. The fact she's 7' tall and can punch a hole through a 3" steel door with ease might help in managing the more troublesome patrons of such a place, after all. And it doesn't hurt that she has true Amazonian blood, even if she doesn't ever make mention of it.



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At first glance, few women could be as initimidating looking as Grace. She stands at exactly 7' tall (213 cm), and her frame is one of solid muscle rather than a lanky height that derives from seeming as one is stretched. Despite the fact that while her attributes disctintly point to an asian lineage her hair is a bright and vibrant red. It is cut short and quickly becomes a wild and unkempt pixie sort of cut, not even long enough to touch her shoulders. A few of her bangs are just long enough to brush near her eyes from time to time.

Her features are what some might describe as 'hard' or 'stern', but her skin is flawless, her nose small, and her lips painted a red color to match that of her hair. Her eyes, unlike her hair, match her ancestry and her a soft brown.

She wears a sleeveless orange and black half-top that covers her up to her midriff and is tight against her frame and the curves hidden beneath. Her bare arms are large but sleek and fitting to her large frame with the faint outline of muscles beneath, and they also showcase a fair amount of First Nation tattoos over each bicep and forearm. Her hands are covered in black, fingerless gloves that also go up to her wrists. Her midriff is bare, toned, and the faint ripples of muscle just barely show against bare skin that otherwise sports yet more First Nation tattoos. One is around her navel, circular and almost sun-like in the many 'rays' that move off of it and others are on each side, matching each other. She also has a final visible tattoo at her back where one would call it a 'tramp stamp' in modern vernacular.

A pair of loosely fitting green pants hug her waist, and occasionally show off her thick thighs. Her feet are protected by a pair of well-used combat boots.


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Grace was the child of a Bana-Amazon, a group of originally Themyiscarian Amazons who broke off from the Island to live in the world and kidnap men for breeding purposes. Her childhood, however, was not entirely a happy one. She ran away from the tribe at age 9 and was put into a foster home from which thereafter she was abducted. Those that took her took others, too, and she was brought into a child prostitution ring, kept subdued and in squalor for the next few years. Her powers had not yet manifested, and for awhile she could do nothing but suffer as the other children did around her.

As her adolescence started at age 12 though, her powers started to manifest and she used them to escape, taking all of the other children who were there with her after which she began to live on the streets, independently. It was not entirely wretched. Grace, after all, was large for her age and able to pass as older than she really was and her powers gave her some respect. She neither hated the Bana-Amazons, or had any desire to see them again - as far as she was concerned they were just out for themselves. And that was something she could understand. After all, she was too. Out for survival.

Eventually, Grace took up a position as a bouncer in a bar in Metropolis that served metahumans since she was able to keep most of them in line.


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Grace doesn't take crap from anyone. Then again, she doesn't really have to given her size, and strength. She is blunt, and can be very opinionated, which can often can get her into arguments with those she might consider a friend. There is no subject that is taboo with Grace, and while she is perfectly aware of social etiquette, she seems to ignore it in most every case. In essence, Grace does what she wants, when she wants, be it a casual off-handed nature with sex, drinking, fighting, running her mouth, or getting into a fight. She's big enough, she's strong enough, and doggone it, people ... well, they may not like her. But what matters to Grace is that she's happy.

That's not to say that Grace doesn't have friends. Or, doesn't value her friends. She does. But she isn't going to put up pretenses, or hold anything back. If people are going to like her, they're going to like her for who - and what - she is. She doesn't like fakes.

Having lived on the streets, Grace understands that way of life and can empathize with some of the less lawful decisions those people make, but otherwise she has a pretty strong sense of justice, having been through a lot herself. And she's almost happy, at times, to be able to flex her muscles and ensure that order maintains itself in her vicinity.


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Grace will recover from wounds far more quickly than most. She will not regenerate on the spot, or heal massive wounds in hours or a day. But a severe or critical wound that might take a normal person several weeks, or months with proper pysical care to heal she might heal within a few days, or a week or so by herself.

Grace carries the gifts, even as a mingled bloodline, of the Amazons. She is empowered by Athena, Aphrodite, Demeter, Hera, and Hermes all.

Grace can take a pretty good beating, and keep on ticking. She's been burned alive before, and kept fighting with half her body smoldering. Her body is exceptionally dense and her bone structure capable of supporting her feats of strength, so it stands to reason she can take a pretty big punishment, too, especially from blunt trauma (fists, baseball bats, etc...).

She can still bleed, still get wounded, however. Bullets will still penetrate and hurt, but depending on caliber they might not go as deep into her skin. Knives will still cut, but without enough force to drive them they won't go deep enough to do real harm without excessive cutting/wounds.

Grace has above human reaction speed. She can run faster, move more quickly, than humans ought to be able to. She's not on Wonder Woman's level, or even Spider Man's, but she's still beyond what a normal human's reaction times and movement speeds can be.

Grace can fight and exert her body well beyond normal human capacity due to her Amazonian bloodline. She does not tire quickly, but this is not an everlasting supply. She can and will tire out eventually, just not nearly as quickly as a normal person would.


Grace possesses superhuman strength and is capable of lifting or affecting around 100 tons. With some assistance (regarding density) she is able to perform feats up to catching a crashing fighter aircraft and saving the plane and pilots inside. While she has the strength to actually catch the plane itself (or lift it), she doesn't quite have the power to negate the force of the jet travelling at full velocity by herself.


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Grace grew up learning combat skills from the Bana-Amazons until she was abducted. Since, she's had a lot of practice on the streets, and as a bouncer and she's mingled the street experiences with her heritage. While she's no Lady Shiva, Grace can hold her own with a good many exceptionally trained fighters.

Grace knows a /lot/ about Amazonian history, at least up to the severence of the Bana-Amazons, and she has a very deep knowledge of the Bana-Amazons as well, their history, culture, and practices.


Grace lived a lot of her latter adolescent life on the streets. Surviving. Doing what she had to. She understands the street-life well. How to survive. How to hide and blend in if you need, even when you're 7' tall. How to talk to people in those situations.


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Given to her by -the- God of War (through IC RP), Ares in the heat of battle, Grace now has possession of a War Hammer forged in the furnace of Hephaestus himself. The War Axe is meant to be a two-handed weapon but given Grace's strength she can often use it with just one hand. The hammer itself does not have any magical augments as far as damage goes, but as a true weapon of the Gods, the War Hammer, which Grace has coined: Bitchmaker (let's face it, it's Grace).

However, being from the Forge, the War Hammer is unbreakable. While it might not be able to crush someone in say Adamantium or Vibranium Armor (or skeletal structure) or destroy weapons of the same material, neither will it break or shatter against them.

Unbeknownst to all save Hephaestus, there is a way to break the Hammer. A single arrow must be perfectly shot, directly into the exact center of the hammer's head. That is the single and only weakpoint of the hammer, as Hephaestus designed it.


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Grace says what she wants, to whom she wants, whenever she wants. She understands what candor is. She just doens't care about it. In the least. And she will say whatever comes to mind, be it popular opinion, or not. Be it appropriate for the audience, or not. This can cause a lot of conflict between herself and others in the room, including friends, or people she might like, and would be a burden on any team she might join, potentially.

Due to her own experiences, Grace tends to get a bit 'revved up' when cases of slavery, abduction, or abuse come around. Certainly a touchy subject for almost any hero who would feel anger at such subjects, but Grace has lived it, knows what it's like, and has a personal investment in seeing such things ended. This feeling is for anyone, be they male or female and is not one way or the other influenced by gender - there were, afterall, boys in that same situation as she was forced into. But most especially, and emphatically does this resonate her if children are involved.

Even though Grace is extremely durable, she is still a creature of flesh and blood. A bullet in her skull will still kill her as it would anyone else. A knife can still peirce her heart, with enough force or a unique metal (such as Adamantium). She is not a bullet sponge by any strech of the imagination, and if she bleeds enough, she will die.


Grace has 'trust' issues with people, for obvious reasons. She will work with people, even be friends with them, have sex with them, or even fall in love with them, but she might not fully ever trust them for a very, very, very long time simply because the only person she's ever been able to really rely upon is herself. This can cause her to do things like cast blame on people who might have accidentally made a mistake and something unfortunate happened to someone she cared about. She's not very easy going on the forgiveness part, but very quick to blame and hold a grudge - even if it might be from another person's viewpoint, unfair or unwarranted.


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