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Lobo (Scenesys ID: 1742)
"I've seen things you wouldn't believe. The burning solar fires of a dead god's eyes, asteroid showers off the dead moon of Thanagar. And I rode past all of that to find ya, 'cuz yer old broad paid me a lotta good money to make sure you bleed to death. Hope yer affairs are all in order, pal!"
Full Name: One Who Devours Your Entrails And Thoroughly Enjoys It
Gender: Male
Species: Czarnian
Theme: DC (SFC)
Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Assassin To Royalty, Space-Dolphin Activist
Citizenship: Blessed Child of Czarnia
Residence: Spacer
Education: The Czarnian Public Education System
Status: Dropped
Groups: Guardians of the Galaxy, Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 42 Actual Age: 42
Date of Birth 30 April 1984 Actor: Lemmy Kilmister
Height: 226 cm Weight: 195 kg
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: "Desperado" by Alice Cooper


Ruthless killer and relentless bounty hunter. If you got the credits, he'll take the job, and he will not stop until it's done. There are rumors about him, about what he's done to his own people, about his evil being "prophesisized" since the day he was born. So is any of that true? Or have those rumors been spread for a reason?

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His favorite color is black, it's easy to tell.

His skin is a shocking albino white, a mottled grey in some lighting and almost a corpse-like blue in others, but most of the time, it's the same shade of white as flour. Around his eyes are jagged black markings, possibly tattoos, or cultural markings? In any case the jagged shapes of them add a constant 'menace' to his gaze, which isn't helped by his eyes being blood red, so bright that they aren't actually hard to see in the dark. His face is fascinatingly ugly, his nose obviously broken and rebroken, given that it's crooked in places, with lines of age and wear and tear evident across his cheeks and forehead. His hair is jet black and long, rolling down messily over his shoulders, and across his upper lip is a thick mustache that meets his sideburns in a most righteous pair of handlebars. His teeth, when visible, are a bright healthy shade of yellow. And his canines are sharp enough to draw blood, like any good carnivore.

His body is one built for power, well past the seven foot range and weighing only a few hundred less than your average Asgardian, his body is muscled without them being super defined and pronounced, it's clear that the Main Man gets his ability from genetic gifts and luck rather than any kind of dedicated serious 'training'. His arms, chest, back and stomach are all adorned with numerous tattoos and his fingernails, coming out in short sharp points, are painted a glossy shade of black.

It seems to be a theme with him, because black leather is mostly what's touching his body at the moment. Fingerless black gloves, glossy black pants, with black biker boots made of some tough, durable spacer material. Across his knees he wears a pair of star-decorated dark-blue kneepads, the right with a bit of dark red something stained across it. Across his waist is a low-slung gunfighter's belt with a number of weapons hanging loosely and dangerously, the belt buckle that of a shining metal skull, highly detailed and intricate. Adorning his torso is some cheap black cloth shirt, of some obscure intergalactic slamdance band, one of the many that start up only to fade into obscurity, in the vacuum of space.

Over that shirt he wears a black leather jacket, studded and frayed at the ends, clearly an article of clothing that's been through a lot. The left sleeve comes all the way down to his wrist, but the right seems to have been ripped off some time ago, leaving his right arm bare and free to act. Across the back of it there looks like some sort of logo used to be pressed on, though clearly it's been removed at some point. Finally wrapped across his right arm, from the elbow all the way down to his hand, looks to be a length of thick metal chain, ending in a rather brutal looking hook, sharp and wicked, stained at the tip with a similar red stain as the kneepad. Clearly he's put this contraption to good use in the past.


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Once upon a time, there was a world known as Czarnia, and it was as close to a utopia as mortals could get. Its lands were a lush paradise of beautiful gardens, forests and jungles, of endless waves of beautiful water crashing upon beautiful beaches, and the towers looked like they were built out of the sky and clouds themselves. The people who lived on this planet were said to be perfect. Tall, pale, genetically engineered adonises, their culture was one of planet-wide peace and celebration, of wine and ambrosia eaten on the tallest of mountains, of philosophical contemplation, and sometimes weeks-long lovemaking orgies whilst harps were played continuously. This much is undeniable fact.

This was all true up to a few dozen years ago, when truckers and traders all came back from the once-beloved planet with the same stories: That it was empty, that it was a dead planet, that there was nothing left but a droning buzz deep under the soil, a horrible sound that caused any visitors to quickly flee the planet for their own safety and sanity. It was around this same time that a new player entered the world of bounty hunting and mercenaries: A giant albino of a man with blood-red eyes and a fierce savagery, a man who was absolutely lethal when crossed. A man who sounded out words when he read a contract out loud, but that last part wasn't talked about as much.

As his prowess and reputation grew, stories about his past began to circulate. Rumors that his birth was seen as an omen of foreboding on his planet, rumors that he was the last Czarnian, rumors that he killed and maimed his fellow people until he one day murdered them all...for his school science project. Given the story of genetically engineered scorpion wasps, and given that Lobo himself has never shown this kind of ability before or since, these claims are...dubious. But still, what Czarnian is alive to dispute any of it?

There are other claims, that Lobo is an unkillable immortal who ripped and tore his way out of Heaven and Hell, and was reincarnated as a woman and then a squirrel before coming back as himself, but this story is completely ludicrous, and about several different types of impossible. Not that anyone's willing to say that to the Main Man's face.


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He's a simple kind of man. But he ain't easy to understand. Actually, that's a fib, he's pretty easy to understand. Lobo derives pleasure from various things: Murder, mayhem, murder while he's causing mayhem. He is not highly considerate of the feelings of others, and things such as charity and fair play just serve to make him mad. Will he cheat at cards or take what doesn't belong to him? Absolutely, of course. Will he fight or attack anyone he wants to at the drop of a hat? Obviously, why wouldn't he?

Lobo really loves money, strippers, guns and various other implements of pain, as well as the thrill of a good fight. Whether he's punching someone in the face or -being- punched in the face, it's all the same to the Main Man.

But that's all on his own time. If he's been hired to do a job, that's when it's time to focus up and get serious. It is here that the 'good' aspects of Lobo(If they can be called 'good' aspects) shine. Lobo will never give up on a job, and will perform it to the best of his abilities, always. One hundred percent or he'll die trying...and if his preposterous claims are true, then not even that will be much of a deterrent!


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Lobo is strong enough to lift almost 100 tons, his body is physically dense and tough enough to withstand blunt trauma like a punch from an Asgardian without dying or even almost dying(he'd probably get floored, but would quickly get back up), and his legs are powerful enough for him to leap at least a story and a half. Lobo is built to be a one-man wrecking ball, and he's pretty damn good at it.

It's not exactly clear where this comes from, whether it's a result of some cybernetic implant, a freakish mutant sense of smell or some supernatural gift, but Lobo is able to 'track' people, even through the vacuum of space. It should be impossible, but he can tell what planets someone has been to, he can tell exactly what path they took to get to where they're going, he can even tell if a quarry has switched ships at some point along the way. Strangely enough, this 'ability' gets weaker the closer he is to a target, meaning it's possible to actually lose him in a crowded bar or a city or a jungle(or wherever else), though if you run away far enough, the chase just begins anew.

The longer Lobo fights with someone, something in his brain or his senses or his instincts alerts him to a victim's weak points, where to hit them to do the most damage or the most pain. This helps him get a dirty edge in any brawl, making him even more deadly and dangerous to his prey.

NOTE: This does not mean he instantly knows a target's weakness. If he was fighting Superman, he wouldn't suddenly 'realize' that kryptonite was the key, if he was fighting Dracula, he wouldn't suddenly know that garlic and sunlight were his allies. This applies purely to physical vulnerabilities and limitations. You know, he can "sense" if his opponent has a bum leg, or is blind on his left side, or if he injured his ribs in a previous fight.

Short for 'regeneration'. Lobo is able to heal from some pretty tremendous forms of damage. Of course the usual things like getting shot/stabbed/poisoned/electrocuted and various other things he can heal from quickly, but he's also he can also recover from severe brain trauma and losing most of his body mass. He can't recover from a loss of oxygen and getting burned tends to cause his healing factor to take longer to work, but it will eventually. Oh and it goes without saying, that diseases or viruses gained from traveling to new alien environments, those don't tend to last against his superior immune system.


Lobo's eyes do more than just look cool, they allow him to see in a fashion that's almost like infrared. He can see perfectly in the dark and he can see heat and forms of light that aren't visible to the normal person. Which is a pretty nifty talent for flying in space.


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Lobo doesn't understand many things, but he understands "contract-ese", he knows where to look for the small print, he knows how to read between the lines, and he knows when and when not to sign on that dotted line.

Lobo isn't any kind of karate master, nor has he had any sort of elite commando training, but with his gifts he really doesn't need to be. He knows how to get ahead in a bar fight, and his sucker punch and uppercut is second to none. He's equally as dangerous with a weapon in his hand, whether that's a knife or a laser blaster, as well.


Lobo isn't much of a marksman at all, he'll never be much of a sniper or even a rifleman. But he's comfortable enough with guns and gun-like weaponry(even more space-age blasters and phasers) to use them moderately well. He tends to prefer up-close firearms, though. Pistols, shotguns, automatics, these work best for the Main Man.


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Lobo's belt buckle does more than just look cool, it's actually equipped with a relatively cheap universal translator, preset with a few hundred different alien dialects, and even having the capability to 'learn' languages the more it is exposed to them. Pretty useful for an intergalactic bounty hunter who barely got a 'D' in Czarnian.

At the time of this writing, Lobo has the following: Two machetes, one hunting knife, three 'combat knives', eight weighted throwing knives, one illegally sawn-off Scatterblaster(tm), one 'Rippergun'(Essentially some sort of alien uze equivalent), one former heavy machine gun(looking like it was ripped right off of a landspeeder), and a pair of big heavy 'Atomo' Revolving Lazerblasters(tm). Each firearm and blaster has a fair amount of ammunition, with Lobo being able to purchase or steal more fairly easily. In addition, he also has five frag grenades. He tends to acquire and then throw away weapons as he goes, aside from his signature hook.

Nicknamed 'The Bisley', this wicked device is Lobo's signature weapon. Constructed from super durable metals that can withstand the kind of force that the Main Man exerts, this very dense weapon is capable of tearing through the equivalent of steel.

These sunglasses do more than make Lobo look totally wicked, they allow him to exist in super bright climates without shielding his eyes in pain, and they allow him to see in a more "conventional" sense, at the cost of shielding the fancy things he could normally see without them.

Lobo, in his limited knowledge, believes he has the last three bottles of this stuff ever made. The kind of stuff that will scald your taste buds right off, literally, there aren't many who can withstand even a drop of this on their food. Lobo can't imagine life without it.

Illegally modified, this is Lobo's preferred mode of transportation. Originally designed only for on-planet use, this bike can reach speeds that can put even some small spacecraft to shame, it has been kitted out with a small personal atmosphere, allowing one to survive the cold vacuum of space without dying from lack of oxygen. Note that it does little to offset the extreme cold or lack of comfort, Lobo just endures those things with his incredible ruggedness.

Recently, this bike's personal shielding has been increased a fair amount, and though it can't take as much direct fire as a proper starship, with its maneuverability it can now last quite a while out in space. In addition, it also has a personal weapons system including two rotating Giga-Lazerturrets(tm), enough to turn an unarmored starcraft to Skrull Cheese, and enough to harrass and antagonize any light armored vehicle. In addition, the bike is able to fire one homing Mininuclear Torpedo(which could potentially sink a medium-sized armored craft and at least damage the more massive juggernaut ships), though these are so expensive that he can only outfit his bike with one at a time, and firing it means he can no longer reach top speeds until he purchase another, at great cost to himself.

Finally, if necessary, the bike is capable of flying and firing on autopilot, though its AI is so primitive that any rational, thinking opponents won't find much trouble in avoiding being murderized. It's great to provide suppressing fire and otherwise causing distractions, though.


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Lobo doesn't have many codes to live by, which suits him just fine. But he does have one steadfast rule: If he accepts a job or agrees to a contract, he must complete it, and will not let himself rest or slack off until the job is done, even if sometimes he really wants to rest and slack off. He cannot be bribed or tempted with a better offer, he cannot be reasoned with or 'convinced' to give up. He must, MUST, do the job he agreed to, no ifs, ands, buts or butts.

Lobo's superior vision comes with a small number of disabilities attached: One, he has a lot of difficulty seeing certain colors, given that everything looks red to him. Two: He has a hard time seeing something that's not moving at all, so someone savvy enough could potentially hide from him in this manner. Three: Seeing that his eyes are designed for hunting in the darkness, super bright lights, especially ones that suddenly flare up that he's not ready for, could cause him a lot of pain.


Lobo can take an absurd amount of punishment and come back for more. Which is good because, in his line of work and due to his personality, he tends to take a lot of punishment. But if his healing factor is pushed to a certain point, if he is forced to constantly regrow body parts and mend his bones with no downtime between injuries, he risks going into a miniature 'coma' while his body repairs all damage to itself. As you might imagine, this is not a good state for him to find himself in, if he's not in some sort of safehouse or a trusted environment.


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