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Raphael (Scenesys ID: 316)
You know, if I had a face like yours, I'd try to make up for it with some sort of personality.
Full Name: Raphael Hamato
Gender: Male
Species: Turtle
Theme: IDW (FC)
Occupation: Sewer Ninja
Citizenship: American
Residence: NYC
Education: Sewer Schooled
Status: Dropped
Groups: Martial Arts-OOC, Street Level-OOC, Turtle Family
Other Information
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 30 October 2008 Actor: Josh Pais and Jim Henson's Creature Shop
Height: 163 cm (5'4") Weight: 81 kg (178 lb)
Hair Color: Bald Eye Color: Black
Theme Song:


If there can be a black sheep of the Turtle family beneath New York, it can only be Raphael. Hot-headed, brash, and unruly, Raphael is the one who buts heads the most with the Leonardo of the four siblings. Every ounce of him seems to be rife with teenage rebellion and machismo, he is the one that enjoys their dust-ups with New York City's less polite resident the most. So much so that he'll often take up the role of a lone vigilante in the night to help him blow off the copious amounts of steam that always seems to build up. A highly skilled martial artist, Raph's preferred weapons are Sais. As accomplished as any of his other brothers in the art of Ninjitsu, Raphael can make himself quite scarce when he isn't barreling into a fight, fists first!

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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When you hear the word 'Mutant', you usually think about someone that's a little different. Someone with 'Gifts' or who looks different from your average person in some way or another. What you don't think about is a five foot tall, muscular, bipedal turtle with a bad attitude and a Brooklyn accent.

Although, those last two probably go hand in hand!

Cool but Rude.

Raphael is a little bit darker green in complexion than his brothers, his skin composed of scales that are more pronounced here and there. His physique, what can be seen of it with the frontal half of his shell and the rear, domed portion encompassing his entire torso, is quite muscular! Powerful shoulders and arms matched by strong legs. There is still a good deal of agility there despite the swell of musculature.

He usually wears a slightly miffed expression, narrowed, critical eyes peer out past the ragged, red mesk he wears across his eyes. His lips fixed in and idle scowl or worked into a toothy sneer.

His method of dress... is exceedingly heavy if he is trying to blend in. Long coats and hats to hide his body and face. If he's on the job, it is considerably less. Heavy knee and elbow pads, feet and hands wrapped up like a kickboxer. The superfluous mask across his face and the makeshift utility belt around his waist. Two loops support his sais, long, knife-like things that sport two, long prongs at the hilt. The belt also holds several snap-close pouchesm hiding away various tools of the trade a ninja might need.


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Raphael's life started innocently enough, as one of a family of four small turtles in a pet store. Even then, in those simpler days, Raph was always off to one side away from the other three, though he didn't shy away from the attention people would lay upon them when they visited. It was a simple life, but one that was pleasant enough. Perhaps one day, they would have a different home!

When that day came, things took a turn that would change the turtles' lives forever. Dropped into a storm drain and rushed into the sewers, the four turtles were lost from their new owner. To compund this, a special mutagenic agent fell with them, and it was shortly after this that the turtles changed. Bipedal, humanoid, but still clearly reptiles, gifted with human speech and cognition, they were found by a mutant rat named Splinter.

Splinter took them in, and together they made a new family in an unused subway tunnel under the city. Splinter, their teacher and adoptive father, schooled them in the ways of academics (basic enough to give them some understanding of the world) and ninjutsu, though forbade them from exploring the world above. Given names from their Father, the newly christened Raphael found himself with a heavy anger and a deep loneliness despite the fact he had his brothers.

Confused by this and frustrated constantly, Raphael, donning his red headband and wielding his dual sai, struck out for the world above against Splinter's warning, seeking distance and closeness all at once.


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Raphael is, to those who don't know him, two thirds anger and one-third sarcasm. His rage is a defining feature of the Turtle, which seems fitting given his red headband. However, a lot of that anger and sass stems from his concern for his family and friends, a deep concern that borders on the unhealthy. His young age, mutation, and lack of adequate coping mechanisms gives him the air of just being a rage monster, but in reality he loves his brothers and is fiercely loyal to anyone who can get through his defenses and legitimately befriend him. His enemies, however, are treated to the fierce anger of the sai-wielding Turtle, and that anger makes him less liable to holding back.


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Amphibious: While turtles are in fact reptile, not amphibians, they are still able to breathe underwater for extended periods of time. For Raphael, this means that he can hold air in his lungs for four hours comfortably, and can push himself to hold it for up to six with preparation and conservation. He cannot breathe underwater, and must eventually come up for air.


Raphael, like most turtles, has a protective shell that surrounds his body. It is technically part of his skeletal structure, but functions as a form of natural armor, particular across his back. It is rock hard, and while it won't stop blunt-force damage from occurring, it can cushion it. It is more vulnerable to high-velocity attacks such as ballistics, but can still serve as a slight guard to his vital organs. Still, it is not invulnerable and with enough pressure over time can crack and break.


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Martial Arts:
Splinter taught all of his "sons" martial arts. Each turtle focused on their own unique style of fighting, and Raphael's most closely resembles karate or American boxing, focusing on targeted, fierce striking and powerful force. He is able to hold his own while fighting off several lesser fighters on his own, and can stand toe to toe with even most seasoned martial artists.

More than a singular martial art or tactical advantage, ninjutsu is a Japanese path with eighteen different disciplines. Some of the disciplines are more relevant than others (Raph doesn't have much experience with horse riding), but he is versed in the wide variety of weaponry. Furthermore, he is an accomplished user of concealed movement.

Sai Kata:
Sai are not typically associated as a traditional weapon for ninjutsu, but they have long been a favorite of Raphael's, largely due to their ability to transfer from an offensive to defensive weapon and back in a flick of the wrist. Without his sai, Raphael is an accomplished martial artist, but with them he is far more tactical, confident...and dangerous.

Raphael is far from being a master detective. That takes significant patience and focus that Raphael lacks even on his best of days. But what he is good at is finding people. Following trails, looking for leads, and generally recognizing patterns in people's movements, if Raph is looking for someone and they aren't a complete ghost? He will usually find out something.

Video Games:

Cooped up in a sewer for nearly a decade, and you pick up some skills to amuse during idle hours. For Raphael, video games have become that release. Both because they are good hand-eye coordination training, but also because they can serve as a great stress reliever. Typically the grand champion among his brothers, Raph will often spend hours in a new fighting game or shooter to blow off steam.


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Raphael's closest ties in the world are his four brothers and their adopted father, and they form a supportive unit for each other. This is especially important for Raphael, who with his tendency to fly off and make a fool out of himself. He always knows who will have his back, regardless of what he says or does. And his brothers and he are in fact stronger together, even though he would never admit that to him. He loves them and they love him, despite his less than sterling personality. And ultimately that is good, because each other is all they got.

Nightwatcher Gear:
During one of his many outings, Raphael befriended an old man in Harlem, David Merryweather. David had a secret: In his youthful days, he was the Harlem vigilante known as the Nightwatcher. The old man was murdered in his apartment and, with his dying breath, he asked Raphael to put the men who killed him behind bars, and to remove his crimefighting gear from his secret room so that nobody would find out his identity.

Raph brought the goons to justice, but also decided to keep and modify the gear.

The Nightwatcher gear consists of:

-An armored full-body suit with mounted flashlights on either side of the helmet. It is covered with metallic pads.
-A souped-up armored motorcycle
-Manriki-Gusari, weighted chains that can be concealed in the hands and used from considerable distances, also used for grappling and immobilization.

The Nightwatcher gear is kept in a sealed-off area of the sewers, the access of which he disguised so as to keep the location hidden.

Sewer Lair:

The turtles and Splinter have made quite a hideaway for themselves in the unusually spacious sewers of New York City. Thankfully tucked away in a discrete location, the lair includes a dojo, sleeping quarters, a technological lab, a fully stocked kitchen and of course a TV and tons of video games to vent out on. The lair is the Turtles' sanctuary, and has served them well as they have trained and prepared themselves to enter the world above.


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Put bluntly, Raphael stands out in a crowd, even in a world with mutants walking around the streets of New York. It isn't every day that you see an upright-walking-gigantic turtle, and Raphael is not the kind that enjoys drawing attention to himself. For this reason, Raphael is forced to stick to the shadows as to not draw attention to himself, unable to move about easily without a disguise to cloak himself.

Raph has spent most of his life either in a literal glass bowl or in the sewers below the city. And while he has watched his fair share of television, his list of real-life experiences outside of the sewer shelter is fairly narrow. As such, there are several new real life experiences he still has before him, and getting caught in a new scenario can be jarring.


Raphael is known for having a short fuse. It doesn't take much to get under his skin, and he is quick to snap back when he feels insulted or disrespected. In addition, he is quack to jump to action, acting recklessly if his anger gets the better of him. So far this hasn't gotten him too hurt, but he has certainly put himself in danger by not fault of anyone else.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Walking on Sunshine January 26th, 2020 Second encounter with those hunting Pippi, and the gang's all here.
Better Living Through Meditation January 13th, 2020 With certain things leaving him feeling off, Raphael finally approaches Leonardo to seek help with meditating.
Decorating the Lair December 24th, 2019 The Turtles and their allies set up a Christmas Tree in the lair.
STRONG ARM SPAR December 7th, 2019 Pippi and Nightwatcher (Raphael) cross paths, and end up in a physical confrontation that might risk Raphael's secret identity! -- Until a bigger problem presents itself.
Not Your Uncle's Monkey...Not Like We Have An Uncle Anyway November 19th, 2019 Leonardo and Raphael patrol and plan on pizza, but they are surprised to meet a chimp who seems to know about them.
Scavenger November 14th, 2019 GM attempts to loot some looters. Raphael amd Daredevil don't think that's very keen.
City Fall: The Stand October 24th, 2019 Wilson Fisk calls a meeting for those who want to fight back against the Foot's control of NYC.
Turtle Trip 4: Even The Normal Things Are Abnormal October 20th, 2019 Raph seeks meditation help from Leo. Donnie can't resist his urges in more ways than one. Mikey is Mikey. Pippi struggles with a squirrel. Alopex makes a campfire. Nemean can still hunt. April and Vanessa visit, bringing food and...Halloween costumes? Three words: Salt and Pupper.
Downtime Below September 29th, 2019 Leo zones out, and a group descision is made to take a break. Pippi worries about going to a farm.
The Nightwatcher Strikes September 9th, 2019 The Nightwatcher is caught in a bad situation, which he only makes worse!
After Alley Aftermath: Homecoming September 9th, 2019 After encountering an armored vigilante (Nightwatcher), Leo and Pippi prepare to go out and retrieve Raphael, whom they suspect was injured. Raphael arrives home, explaining that he encountered Nightwatcher earlier, and was, indeed, injured in the fight -- AND lost his hat. Raphael's secret is safe -- for now.
Meanwhile, in the Lair August 19th, 2019 Raphael arrives home after a fight, Pippi manages to be helpful with medical supplies. Maybe, just maybe he's not *as* scary...
Turtle Time in the Lair March 24th, 2019 Three of the brothers discuss - surprise - pizza!
Smart stuff and other things March 17th, 2019 Mikey, Raph, Donnie, and April talk punishment
Tourney: In a controlled setting October 12th, 2018 Karai and Raphael face off in the tournament, and it's not a friendly fight.
Tournament: Raphael vs Razorfist October 4th, 2018 Knife vs sai, monster vs freak. There can be, only one!
Pool Night at Josie's September 25th, 2018 Pool night at Josie's brings and odd collection of heroes to the table.
After the Firing March 7th, 2018 Summary needed
Nature Puts Down The Folly Of Man (Part 2) August 20th, 2017 As the 'babies' from the gigantic monster come forth into Metropolis, one group of impromptu heroes works on ensuring the cities, and civilians safety.
I'm not your dummy, Dummy. August 15th, 2017 Summary needed
Bank Robbery in Midtown! July 27th, 2017 Central Union Bank is being robbed by The Million Dollars.
Stalking the Night Mediocre July 18th, 2017 Summary needed
Ninja Help Nosey Reporter May 28th, 2017 Summary needed


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