Ravenna Levesque

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Ravenna Levesque (Scenesys ID: 814)
Full Name: Ravenna Levesque
Gender: Female
Species: Magician
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Wizard/Vintner
Citizenship: Canada
Residence: New York City
Education: Privately Tutored
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 1 June 1998 Actor: Imogen Poots
Height: 168 cm (5'6") Weight: 59 kg (130 lb)
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "A Thousand Eyes" by Of Monsters and Men


Ravenna is a Wizard and a wine maker based out of Quebec. Branching out from her family, she moved to New York to start her own path. She is strong in elemental magic and healing.

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Ravenna is an average sized woman, who appears taller due to the height of her shoes. Her hair long wavy hair is golden blonde, with lighter highlights through out. Dark eyeliner frames her pale blue eyes while the rest of her makeup is light and neutral. She wears comfortable clothing, usually flowing and loose fitting.


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The Levesque family found themselves twice blessed one June evening, when a set of twins were born. Ravenna came first followed by Tristan, and they were a handful. Their parents, Jean-Marc and Alice, own a vineyard on Isle d'Orleans in Quebec. It has been in their family for generations and the children grew up among the vines.

Magic was never a stranger to their family, and from a very young age the twins learned about magic. At first it was the basics; history, and theory. Even though there wasn't a guarantee that either of their children would have any natural talent in magic, they were determined that they would at least have knowledge of it. They were delighted when they both displayed magical abilities, and their learning began in earnest.

Ravenna would spend hours studying in the family library, absorbing all the tomes and family journals that lived there. Her magic was tied in with nature, drawing power from storms and life itself. As she grew, so did her magic which developed into air and healing powers. She wasted tempted to study medicine, she felt that she would have a very hard time not using magic in a professional setting. Instead she fell in love with stage acting and began dreaming of pursuing it full time.

Had it not been for a vacation to visit her Aunt Lenore in New York City, Ravenna might have stayed in Quebec. She fell in love with Broadway, and it took a lot of begging, but she eventually convinced her parents to allow her to attend college in New York. She arranged to live with her Aunt in the city where she owned a New Age shop. It pained her to be away from her twin, but she was glad to get out on her own.

While she excelled in college, a degree was going to help her get on stage. Ravenna wasn't a bad actor, but she wasn't the best. She had a few small roles but nothing she would have called her parents down to see. After a few years she realized that her dream wasn't going to be a reality.

To pay the bills she worked in her Aunt's shop, and started waiting tables. This lead her back to her passion for wine. Her parents were a little more understanding when she asked them to loan her the money to train to become a sommelier. So her weekends are filled with suggesting wine to those who want it, and her week days are spent with her Aunt, honing her magical talents.

One of the evenings she was attending the shop a strange man stumbled into her shop. He was bleeding, but he wasn't too keen on giving his name, or how it happened. He claimed her Aunt had helped him in the past, but she wasn't there that evening. Reluctantly, Ravenna healed him, and sent him on his way asking him to promise never tell who he got the healing from. So naturally rumors have spread across the city that the new age shop called The Illusion offers healing, for a price.


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Ravenna is a hardworker. While her dream of acting has been pushed by the wayside, that doesn't mean she puts any less effort into her job as a Sommelier. She is more likely to find a peaceful solution to a conflict than resort to violence. She is a lover of nature, even if it is very hard to find in the concrete jungle of New York.


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Enhanced Healing:
The life magic that flows through Ravenna keeps her in top physicial condition. She rarely gets sick, and she heals from injuries quicker than a normal human.

Healing Magic:
While other magic that Ravenna uses required her to study more, Healing Magic has always come naturally to her. Minor wounds are easily healed with little effort, but larger wounds require more energy and can leave her fatiuged. Healing life thretening wounds can cause her harm in return.


Ravenna has a natural talent for magic, while healing is her main focus, she does have access to some elemental magic. She focuses on air and earth magics, but with effort is able to conjure the other elements. She knows other small tricks, cantrips to clean things and other small spells to ease daily life.


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She spent several years learning to act and how to present herself on stage. It might not have been enough to get her on stage, it is enough to help her in social situations when she needs to convince someone that she's mor ethan who she says she is.

Arcane Lore:
Ravenna has spent many years studying the arcane, and has several realitives who were more than happy to pass their knowledge around. Her Aunt's store also has a library she can research from, so most supernatual things are known to her.

Growing up on a vineyard definatly helped Ravenna train to be come a Sommelier. She's learned what wine to pair best with foods, and helps to guide patrons to that perfect bottle for their evening. While it wasn't her first choice of profession, it helps to pay the bills.


Ravenna's family has owned their Vineyard for over a century, if there is one thing that she knows more than magic, it's Wine making. From growing the vines, tending to the grapes, pressing them into wine, blending, aging, bottling and selling.


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A familiar is earned. After Ravenna began healing people in her Aunt's shop, a cat began to follow her where ever she went. At first she thought her aunt was feeing strays and he was begging for food, but soon she realized he was something more. She named him Felix, and shares an empathic link with the cat. She understands his needs, but only through emotional flashes. She is sure at some point this will become useful, but for now he seems to only bother her when he's hungry or bored.

Magical Stores:
Ravenna's aunt Lenore owns The Illusion, a small occult shop has a lot of wears and basic spell componants, and it's many magical tomes.

Stronger Together:

Ravenna's twin Tristan's magic compliments her own. The magic she is weak with, he excels, and visa versa. When they put their magic together, their magic is powerful, but it is rare they are work together, let alone reside in the same country.


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Double Edged Sword:
Healing takes it's toll. She channels live energy through her body and it creates an an empathetic bond and some of the pain is shared during the healing process. It helps her to better understand where the wound is, but it makes it very unplesant.

Weaker Apart:
Some of the stronger rituals and spells are hardder for Ravenna to cast on her own. With out her twin she is at a disadvantage with her elemental magic, since her power draws from Tristans, and his from hers.

Wild Magic:

While Ravenna has trained her magic, at it's core it is wild and uncontrolled. At times, her magic will not have the effect that she intended, sometimes it's helpful and sometimes it makes it all worse.


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