The X-Corporation

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The X-Corporation
The X-Corporation exists to attempt to pull out of poverty the bulk of the mutant population
Base Info
Plot Scale: Minor
Plot Runner(s): Sunspot
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Groups Involved: X-Corporation
Target Audience: Any
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Rage, Armor, Cyclops, Darkstar, Cypher, Emma Frost, Multiple Man, Rift, Shadowcat, Polaris, Daredevil, Storm, Spider-Man, Sunspot, Cannonball, Siryn

Other Information



Title Date Scene Summary
Business Meetings September 30th, 2019 Andrea meets Roberto to discuss the future.
Diplomatic Visit September 22nd, 2019 Darkstar visits X-Corp. Diplomacy!
Frosty Ambush September 10th, 2019 Emma, Doug and Kitora become involved with corporations, capitalism and cured ham in the kitchen.
The Xers Go Scouting September 10th, 2019 Jamie Madrox, Roberto, Theresa, Sam, Ororo and Kitty go looking for locations in Mutant Town that might be useful to X-Corporation
X-Corp One August 19th, 2019 Brainstorming for the X-Corporation. Decisions are taken!
Worldly Ambition July 29th, 2019 Plans to change the world. Or maybe pick a new one.


Title Date Scene Summary
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