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Theresa Cassidy (Scenesys ID: 1386)
"Ah have a lovely singing voice. Wanna hear?"
Full Name: Theresa 'Terry' Rourke Cassidy
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Antiquities & Acquisitions
Citizenship: Irish (EU) and American dual citizenship
Residence: Muir Island/Xavier's Mansion
Education: Associate's/Univ. of Edinburgh
Status: Dropped
Groups: Xavier's School, X-Men, Mutant-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 30 October 2002 Actor: Molly Quinn
Height: 170 cm (5'7") Weight: 61 kg (134 lb)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "The Frail" by Nine Inch Nails


Theresa Cassidy, daughter of Sean Cassidy (Banshee), has a checkered past - she has been heroine, villain, and many things in between. She is only recently returned to the NYC area after having finished her degree in Art History.

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Theresa Cassidy is a lovely redhead with bright blue eyes and a ready smile. The Irish brogue will likely never fade from her rather lyrical voice. She stands about 5'7 tall, and she moves like a dancer. Her movements tend to be graceful, although she can be a bit of a klutz at times.


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Theresa Rourke Cassidy was born to Maeve Rourke Cassidy while her father Sean was away on an Interpol mission. Maeve died. When Sean returned, he didn't even ask about the child his wife had been carrying -- the falling out between Tom and Sean would color Terry's entire life. Black Tom Cassidy was a criminal. He raised her to be one as well. She grew up learning the underworld of robbery and third-party sales. She never saw a thing wrong with any of it -- they weren't hurting anyone, right?

Wrong. When she was apprehended at the age of 13 while assisting in a robbery, Theresa learned the truth: Her father had never even known about her. Tom had lied to her for her whole life. He went to jail, but he bargained for her freedom. She went to live with Sean at Xavier's School. It was awkward... she tried hard. She wanted to love him. He wanted to love her too. Maybe he did. She certainly was learning to love him. Until the day he was called away again. At first it was only a couple of days here and there, but eventually Terry began being left at the school by herself regularly while her father went on about his career.

It's hard to care about other people when all the people closest to you have bailed. Terry found solace in the warm burn of whiskey in her gut. Oh, she kept it quiet. Never went to class completely pissed or anything. Her grades weren't great, but eh -- who needs book classes anyway? She snuck off from the school many times, usually returning within a few days to whatever punishments the teachers dreamed up. Some might ask 'why did you go back?' But where else did she have to go?

In spite of her determination to keep everyone else out of her business, people did creep in. They became friends and some even became like family. But Terry always waits for the other shoe to drop. At 16, she took off for what she thought was for good. She turned up on the streets of NYC and fell in with a street gang of kids called the Fallen Angels. They were mutant kids who had no where else to go either, and Terry felt a tug to stay with them. Some of the kids were real young, and she wanted to protect them. She was a REALLY good street thief and she made her bones with the group quickly. She lived with them for nearly three months, helping care for the younger kids and making sure that everyone had enough to eat. Teaching the smallest ones to read.

For the next two years, Terry would spend some time every couple of weeks in NYC for couple days. It was rather bedeviling to the teachers at Xavier's, because she refused to tell them what she was doing or why. She did manage to graduate, though. She also never told anyone at all about the nights she met up with one or two people from the Massachusetts mutant school either.

One night while she was with the Fallen Angels, one of the kids got sick. Fearing that if they didn't find the little boy some help, Theresa went for a risky score. She took two of the oldest members of the Angels and went to hold up an all-night pharmacy. The man behind the counter pulled a gun on the teens, and Terry was caught on camera. The use of her sonics was, thank goodness, invisible. But her face was plastered all over the news. Terry has still never quite figured out how he found her that night, but Jimmy turned up after the heist and hauled her ome to the mansion rather unceremoniously.

The reaction of the mansion inhabitants was disappointment, and in addition to everything else, now the reports of Terry's power use had gone viral. Everyone was asking questions. It was decided that for her own safety, Terry would be sent back to Muir Island to complete her education. So once again, she was exiled by those she loved. Her grades were decent enough to get her into Edinburgh (with perhaps some behind-the-scenes help that she wasn't aware of), and Theresa spent the next two years in Scotland. Upon college graduation, she has now returned to the fold in NYC to try once more to pick up a life of some kind.


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Terry's a complicated individual. She loves the people at Xavier's; they are genuinely considered family. She wants to be wanted and loved, and outwardly she tends to be open and warm and cheerful. There are occasional bouts of melancholy, but who could blame her? She lost her mother; the only father she knew for her whole childhood turned out to be a liar and a criminal; and her birth father ... well, in her mind, he put his duty before her, even after he learned of her existence. It's very difficult to let people close, to trust that they won't simply disappear out of her life one day. She wants to be the hero that she's trained to be. Most of the time she manages it. But she has a dark side too.

Alone at night, Terry is certain that she is not worthy to be an X-Man, that her history as a thief precludes her ever becoming an actual hero. No matter how many times she proves herself, she always feels like she's faking it. And why can't they all see it? When she's sober, even she can look at her own reasoning and see how messed up it is... she's rarely completely sober. It helps her maintain the facade of cheery Irishwoman -- that's what they all expect to see, right?


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Concussion Waves
Especially at loud volume, sound can be shaped into incredibly destructive concussion waves. These waves can travel in a 360-degree blast at the speed of sound (literally) or they can be shaped into cones for smaller areas of effect. When tightened down to a very focused area, see "Sonic Lance."

Terry can use her voice to 'ping' sound off solid barriers in the same way bats do, and her psionic sense can map the area around herself well enough to navigate in pure darkness if necessary.

Terry can use her sound waves to fly. Although physics would dictate that the sound waves she creates with her voice should make her fly backward, her psionic control of them allows her to focus the waves and therefore travel in whatever direction she wishes to go.

Terry's forcefield is very limited, really only protecting her from the damages that would otherwise be wrought on her own body by her power. It cannot be used to protect her from projectiles or debris in the same way a true forcefield could; it is only in use when she's using her abilities. This ability does offer resistance or even immunity to other sound manipulators.

Hypnotic Effects
In this way her power is different from her father's. Terry's psionics allow her to layer a hypnotic effect over the sound waves that she controls. Much like the Sirens of Greek myth, she has the ability to lure or control people to a limited degree -- she cannot force people to go against their own morals or their survival instincts. She can only plant strong suggestions that the person may or may not be able to shake off as soon as she's no longer actively holding them within her sphere of influence.

Also known as subsonics, these are frequencies from 17 Hz down to the 0.001 Hz range. Although they cannot be heard, their effects can be felt. It is this ability that creates dizziness, disorientation, nausea, vomiting, and even unconsciousness if the effect is held longer than a few seconds.

Sonic Lance
This is a specialized, very narrow-beam focus of sound waves that Terry can use with great effect. This laser-beam of sound can shatter even vibranium and adamantium. It can also be used at lower intensities to knock people out.

Sonic Manipulation
Theresa's ability to manipulate sound is one part physical, one part psionic. It is the interaction between the sounds she can produce with her vocal cords and the psionic enhancement of those sounds that create the myriad effects that she can evidence. Although humans do not have the ability to hear infrasound or ultrasound, Terry *can* sense and manipulate sound well into these levels. At the most basic levels, her command of volume and frequencies can blow out eardrums, among other effects.

Superhuman Larynx
Physically speaking, Terry is just a normal human young woman with the same strengths and weaknesses that all humans have. However, because of the frequencies and volumes at which she can use her vocal cords, her voicebox does have superhuman properties of resistance to sound trauma only.


It is a lesser-known aspect of Terry's ability, one she is only really just coming to understand. Ultrasound waves are used in medicine for everything from imaging (as she already does when using it for echolocation) to decimating kidney stones. The destructiveness of ultrasound, which if used in a sustained, focused manner could literally vibrate bones to dust within the human body, is a prospect that terrifies the young sound manipulator and she has never attempted to practice on a living being. Knowing that she can obliterate boulders, which she has done during practice, is scary enough.


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Art History
Terry has spent the past two years in Scotland, traveling between Muir Island and the University of Edinburgh. She has obtained two-year degree in art history, and has managed to land herself her first job working as a museum liaison to an auction house.

Street Smarts
Thieving aside, Terry spent time on the rough streets of New York City. As a pretty girl, threats were a way of life. She knows all the basics of how to watch for a tail, how to make sure she's never cornered, altering her routes, etc. She also learned other things on the streets and made some good friends there.

Growing up with Black Tom meant learning some ... shall we say 'less than legal' skills. One of those skill sets is how to identify antiquities and art that is genuine and what is forgery, along with how to get in and out to steal what is worth stealing.

After Sean left her alone at Xavier's the first time, Terry's problems began. She took off from the school multiple times, once for weeks. It was during that time she fell in with a street gang of mutants calling themselves the Fallen Angels. She learned a great deal from them, including the New York underworld of burglary and fencing. Layered on top of her training at Tom's hands, Terry has become a very good thief.


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Fallen Angels
Although this group of street kids are all growing up, the older ones are still looking out for the younger ones on the street. Terry's contact with them was cut off when Jimmy hauled her off the streets the last time, but she's sent word to a few trusted contacts that she's back in New York. They can call on her for help and she may call on them sometime too. Mostly because she wants to help the rest of the kids get OFF the street, if she can.

Muir Island & Moira
Terry has spent the better part of the past two years calling Muir Island her home. Insofar as anyplace other than Cassidy Keep is home, Muir Island and Xavier's come closest. If she needed help, she knows that Moira would be there for her.

Xavier's School

Although she works in the City, Terry is currently living at Xavier's. She hasn't got enough money saved up to get a place of her own, especially not at NYC prices. It's good to be 'home.' She's missed the people -- they are family, as much as she lets anyone be.


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Abandonment Issues
Having lost her mother to death and having lost Tom Cassidy and Juggernaut to jail, Terry found herself mostly alone in the world except for a father who never knew she existed. Her relationship with him has run the gamut from that of the loving, do-anything-for-your-love, dutiful daughter to f***-you-you-git. Sean's duty took him away at crucial periods, and Terry... for all that she would like to believe that he loves her, she cannot see anything lovable in herself. Everyone leaves. No one stays. And she tells herself that she's fine with that; she hides her true heart behind a persona of careless humor (on a good day) and viciousness or silence (on the bad ones).

Terry has been an alcoholic most of her teen years. When she first reunited with Sean, things were going very well. And then duty called her father away from her -- having lost not only her mother, the only father she'd ever known (Black Tom), and the 'uncle' who came with that package (Juggernaut), the loss of Sean was a tipping point for her. From 14 onward, Terry refused to allow anyone close enough to emotionally hurt her again -- the bottle was her drug of choice, and she's VERY good at hiding her vice.


Terry's powers rely heavily on the use of her voice. She cannot merely pull from the sound around her for her sonics, she has to create the sounds. So injury to her throat or vocal cords, being gagged, or other methods of keeping her from actually using her voice will render her abilities useless.


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Title Date Scene Summary
Making sure she's getting settled. September 11th, 2020 Jimmy came to check in with Terry and got a mild surprise at the end.
Siryn's run at the Danger Room September 2nd, 2020 Terry and Jimmy got in a little training.
Getting adjusted August 28th, 2020 Jimmy and Terry have a chat about the extra curricular activities of some of the students.
A Mysterious Signal August 23rd, 2020 Blurr's Terran friends help come to his rescue, only to run into Lockdown.
The wolf in the fold August 22nd, 2020 Jimmy and Terry talked for a while and tried meditation to help focus her mind.
On the roof August 22nd, 2020 Jimmy and Terry found Shannon on the roof having a bit of a break down. They talked her down and sent her on her way.
Place to sleep. August 21st, 2020 Jimmy took Therea to his room at the mansion and left her there until she can get one of her own. For now he'll stay somewhere else.
Breakfast August 19th, 2020 Jimmy and Terry had breakfast the morning after bringing her back to the mansion.
Medbay Siryn August 17th, 2020 A night spent in the medbay to make sure Terry is OK. The next morning begins the next day of life and what may come.
Lost Siryn found August 16th, 2020 What started out as a rescue mission turned into quite the adventure, complete with appearances by The Winter Soldier and The Juggernaut.
After All The Mud Has Been Washed Off January 27th, 2020 Colossus' cooking draws quite a crowd. Life, classes, frustrations, and birthday plans are discussed.
Irish at the Blue Lady January 26th, 2020 Date Ends, Decided to get Ice Cream Instead.
In Search Of Missing Friends January 23rd, 2020 Shannon and Samuel pass on Thor's information that Tony and Cap are in Khundian space somewhere.
The Last Pudding Pops January 20th, 2020 Kaida makes introductions with a number of students and staff, and more talk about the missing Tony and Cap.
Dinner Date or the Italian Job January 11th, 2020 Warren and Theresa go on another date. Things get awkward, but they somehow manage to get through it
Danger Room Mock Disaster January 6th, 2020 Warren sets up a scenario for the students to train and practice first aid in - they escalate it into a full blown ocean rescue!
After-Party Conversation January 5th, 2020 Warren and Terri return to the Mansion after Tony's party is interrupted, and have a quiet turn of the New Year - 30 mins late.
Surviving Infinity: Happy New Year December 30th, 2019 The New Years party is attacked by an invader seeking a 'stone'.
Teachers Have to Cram Too December 28th, 2019 Warren interrupts Theresa while she's grading papers. He makes ramen and conversation, and they discuss their upcoming date.
Christmas Cookies! December 24th, 2019 Cookie making and decorating was interrupted with the arrival of several people and some rising tensions that were kept in check in the holiday spirit.
Santapool and the Snowflakes December 17th, 2019 Santapool stops by with some rather unorthodox decorations and some presents. Much laughter, frustration, and free-falling fun is had by all! Welcome, Squeakers!
To Rescue a Warrior: Warrior Joe December 14th, 2019 TO RESCUE WARRIOR JOE, Alexis Carr takes Sam, Chris, Theresa Cassidy and Shannon to the Palasade apartment building run by the extremely foul Othello Iiro, who has nothing good to say about his tennants as he runs a slum specifically meant for mutants to survive in.

Invoking Matt Murdock and the police don't help, so Sam resorts to not taking insults to Alexis and Shannon sitting down, and as Sam and Alexis retreive Warrior Joe (an aged alley cat who adopted Alexis), Chris and Shannon encounter another resident of the mutant-occupied building and make sure there are plenty of ways to get in touch with the group should they need help.

Anything but routine December 7th, 2019 Alexis Carr visits the Wellness Office to discuss medical care but draws a crowd instead.
Pizzacasso (not a violin technique) November 18th, 2019 Cooking is therapeutic. Introducing the Xavieritano, the new delicacy of Westchester.
Escaping the Medbay... October 27th, 2019 Shannon escapes the medbay, only to run into minor mayhem in the foyer of the school. Bean, Megan, and Triage finally meet Logan. Interesting times ahead.
Sam is a bit of a worry wart. October 21st, 2019 And haggis for all.
Vi gets her first taste of life at the school. October 20th, 2019 Vi meets the fuzzy elf and the almost zoo crew.
Get Camp October 8th, 2019 Theresa and Logan go camping. They discus the school, teaching, and dealing with inner demons.
Guthries Everywhere October 7th, 2019 Jay Guthrie arrives at Xavier's School. Everyone comes to say Hi!
Snack Time October 7th, 2019 Lorna and Theresa plan to find a wrecking place.
The Xers Go Scouting September 10th, 2019 Jamie Madrox, Roberto, Theresa, Sam, Ororo and Kitty go looking for locations in Mutant Town that might be useful to X-Corporation
Sentinels-Genosha Rises: Remembering Daniel September 4th, 2019 The vigil gathers and surprisingly the event ends peacefully!
X-Corp One August 19th, 2019 Brainstorming for the X-Corporation. Decisions are taken!
Stairway to Awkward July 24th, 2019 Terry and Sean have an awkward chat about their mutual history.
Stopping for a Chat July 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
Happy Butterfly Day July 21st, 2019 Betsy celebrates a happy birthday at the Hellfire Club, completely disregarding liquor licensing laws!
A night on the town at club Evolution July 16th, 2019 The club gets a mention in the Daily Planet, and Sam gets a date.
Summer By The Lake July 16th, 2019 Kitty, Betsy, Illyana, Josh, Lorna, Megan, Pietro, Sunspot, Samuel and Siryn come by the boathouse, and some go out sailing together on the Lake
One Small Step For Man... July 14th, 2019 The X-men go to the moon seeking a crashed Cybertronian probe.
Meanwhile at the Mansion July 11th, 2019 Updates are shared, plans are discussed, hair dying is considered.
Burgers Make Better July 11th, 2019 Illyana, Alison, Theresa and Scott have burgers and very filling salad sandwiches in the backyard.
A roof with a view. July 10th, 2019 Friends Chatting a bit
Germination: North of the Rift July 29th, 2018 The group in the north battle the onslaught of the fungus!
Scavenging July 19th, 2018 A bunch of Xavier people randomly gather and talk around Erika's casual dumpster diving.
20 Questions July 13th, 2018 Storm, Theresa and Jubilee interrogate their prisoners from the NeoGen raid. But just what is in those cases?
The Wolf July 8th, 2018 Professor X leads Ororo, Theresa and Josh on a journey to restore Andrea's mind.
Celebrating our freedom with hot dogs July 4th, 2018 4th of July feast in the backyard. Andrea is still not okay. Starring new XS'ers: Sean, Terry and Storm!
A Friend in Need... October 9th, 2017 Summary needed
It's Just Good Business October 9th, 2017 Summary needed
Log 2647 September 30th, 2017 Summary needed
The (Pseudo)Scientific Method September 29th, 2017 Summary needed
Sorry about the Exile September 14th, 2017 Summary needed
Eating Chinese Food Part 2 September 13th, 2017 Summary needed
Eating Chinese Food Part 1 September 13th, 2017 Summary needed


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