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Hisako Ichiki (Scenesys ID: 1395)
"Tell you what: You go a day without stabbing me, you get to choose my name."
Full Name: Hisako Ichiki
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: Japanese
Residence: New York
Education: Xavier's School for Wayward Mutants
Status: Dropped
Groups: Mutant-OOC, Xavier's School
Other Information
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 27 October 2008 Actor: TBD
Height: 163cm (5'4") Weight: 52kg (114lbs)
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Black
Theme Song:


Hisako Ichiki's mutant powers brought her to the Xavier school, where she was able to fulfill her childhood dream: Learn to become a superhero! Hisako is relatively stoic and tough within the parameters of an otherwise ordinary eighteen-year-old, with a smart mouth and good study habits. She has a cocky streak as well, in part due to her mutant ability to generate a nigh-impenetrable psionic energy construct - the "Armor" of her name. Makes you grow up tough. Secretly, she is concerned about letting people down, including her family (biological and adopted) and whether or not she's dull.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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Hisako Ichiki is 5'4" and Asian. That is the short version.

Her skin is clear and lightly wheat-gold, with dark eyes and full lips on a heart-shaped face. She experiments with eye makeup but rarely goes deep; a flash of color, an extra streak of lining, or similar matters. Her hair is a glossy black and lays flat and long, usually swept back. Her ears have been pretty comprehensively pierced, with two studs in the lobe and two more going back higher on the curve of the ear.

She has a whipcord lean body, like an amateur athlete. Her arms are slim but layered with muscle, thin and hard-earned. At the moment she is wearing a sleeveless midriff-baring crop top in black that hugs to a slim waist and compresses her bust lightly, the faintly creased fabric over it holding a white oval and the lowercase purple word 'tumbling', of uncertain vintage.

Down lower she is wearing black hip-hugger jeans with a reptilian fit close enough to make one suspect elastic, along with a white plastic belt with a nickel-chromed buckle in a loose C shape. The pockets have slight white fading marks - the ghosts of starkphones and possible wallets past. Her feet are in Mets-themed Converse sneakers, and thus, hidden from close view.


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History Hisako Ichiki was born in Tokyo, Japan, like many other people. Her family was rather large and close-knit, with several siblings and a distant father.

Hisako was a mutant. This became clear when she hit puberty. She was able to make some kind of force field armor around herself. Mutants were not widely despised in Japan at the time, but there was not much resistance to the prospect of her getting to go to a private school in America which would help her with this entire thing.

Being a student at Xavier's, Hisako had to go on a lot of adventures. Unlike many people she did not flake or falter or want to run away. Her determination to become a hero, like the teachers who were slowly and uncomfortably evolving into a second family, did not waver. If anything she became a pillar of support for the younger students, or at least, a steady presence. Invincible! Unstoppable! Well... maybe not always.

Now she's just about done studying and she is shifting into formal training to become a for-real X-Man. It's been a long road, but the end is in sight. Or is it the beginning?


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In many ways Hisako seems like the standard stereotype of a schoolgirl. If she had stayed in Japan she probably would have been in student government. She supports others and works hard in her own right. Things get somewhat stranger when it comes to her power - its brutally physical nature has encouraged her to behave in a 'tougher' way as well as making her both self-sacrificing and heroic (probably kind of good) and reckless and overconfident in her own power (probably kind of bad).

She wants to be a superhero in order to protect and help people. While there's a big focus here on mutants like her, it's a more general situation. She has great power and she should use it to do positive things, and she even has the sort of good fortune to not feel guilty she isn't, like, dedicating herself to full time involuntary organ donation, or curing super-cancer, or whatever. She is very tough and strong in her armor, and sometimes that is what the world needs.

Secretly Hisako has self-doubts. She worries she's not a good person at all. That she's kind of boring and bland. She doesn't talk about them much, not least because her peer group is split between "people who would probably be happy to have had her life" and "people who are like, made of exploding rocks or red skull metal now." #FirstWorldProblems indeed.


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Super Family Death
Hisako's psionic manifestation is connected to her own connection with close family and loved ones. If someone who Hisako considers family dies, she will surge with power. This is more of a backhanded special effect than a "power," but it can come up.

Super Final Finishing Move
With great windup and focus, Hisako can discharge a chunk of the psionic energy in her armor as a massive concussive blast. Since this is not quick or very long ranged, she typically uses this to launch bad things away or crush an extremely hardened target. It also wearies her severely and cuts into her "operational time."

Super Flexible
The apparent bulk of Hisako's armor does not slow her down; she is acrobatic and lithe in it, able to turn cartwheels and closely control her actions. With careful focus she can have machine-like precision, although she would need other assistance to do really fancy tricks. The armor also tends to be pretty big, which presents some complications on fine motor control.

Super Jump
While her Armor can't fly, Hisako can certainly do power-assisted jumps with it, and as it doesn't really have "weight," land without causing vast craters (unless she wants to).

Super Size
With great effort, Hisako can make her armor extend over larger scales. This can permit her to protect multiple people (say, from an incoming bomb) but it can also let her magnify her effective power and force against large foes or targets... for a little while.

Super Strength
Hisako's armor is able to deadlift and shove around objects up to about ten tons in size, and she can flip tanks and tanklike objects. Her punching force is sufficient to propel someone through a building, although some of this is due to the projection of concussive force, rather than raw musclepower. Also, the physical exertion of doing things in her armor doesn't wear her out nearly as much as it ought to - it's essentially mental and some gentle aerobic positioning, meaning her stamina is far higher than it ought to be.

Super Tough
Hisako's armor is immensely durable, able to survive most plausible bombs, unassisted re-entry from orbit, machine gun fire, and so on and so forth. The upper limit is hard to determine, particularly as it is made of psionic force rather than physical materials, but heavy and dedicated assaults also tend to wear her out quickly, putting some limitation on just how hard she can take it. She is also effectively immune to poisons, gasses, radiation and similar environmental hazards while the armor is up; a slow molecular diffusion effect lets CO2 escape to cause global warming, while permitting sweet, delicious oxygen in, if there is oxygen to be had.

Also, while her Armor does not have "weight," its effective mass is comparable to a large metal object about the same size as its apparent volume, so she can't be easily flicked away.

The Armor
Hisako's mutant power allows her to create a psionic field of energy around her body that resembles a translucent suit of battle armor. Like Tony Stark, but stompier. The other entries here are derivations from this, and should all be assumed to be "things that only apply when she's Armor'd up."

Some trivial details about the armor that don't fit anywhere else:

  • Hisako can partially armor herself up; for instance, just a headpiece or only on her arms and legs. This forfeits a lot of the protections the armor gives but is handy for sparring or when she's real tired.
  • She can alter the appearance of the armor, although it tends to look like a curvilinear retro battlesuit if she's not putting particular effort into it. She can produce 'claws,' but these are not particularly sharp - they're just blunt struts.


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As part of her robust series of physical training, Hisako is in great shape and can do a lot of amateur athletic matters at a high level of proficency. Climbing, running, surviving being in cold water, all that stuff. She's also pretty good at baseball.

Is our Hisako learning? Yes, she are. Hisako is well grounded in the core matters that you would expect from a good private high school, as well as knowing a lot about the mission records and history of the X-Men. For obvious reasons she also has some working knowledge of mutation theory and practice.

Fight Fight Fight
Hisako has learned a lot of practical self-defense techniques, many of which work pretty well with or without her armor - although they're much more effective with her armor. She can also take advantage of her various power effects and come up with cunning maneuvers that will probably even work, more often than not.


Hisako is completely, idiomatically conversant in English as well as her native language of Japanese, although she retains a faint Japanese accent. She has also learned how to read and (on a lower level) speak Mandarin Chinese.


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Hisako is committed to becoming an X-Man (probably helped by having a power that is good for fights) and thus has some access to the various goodies and special equipment thus provided.


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Hisako is a mutant, trapped in a world that hates and fears them, or something. This gives her a bunch of enemies, though their number and frequency can vary.

Operating Time
Hisako can't keep her armor up indefinitely. This is a question of psionic energy and discipline, not lactic acid buildup or an exhaustion of her surroundings, so drugs or restoratives can only help a little.

She has trained on the matter extensively, but here's some ballpark 'activity level' figures for how long she can last. They are likely to slowly improve over time. If she is experiencing the wonderful power-up of family death, they don't really apply.

Just Hanging Around In The Armor, Perhaps Performing Simple Manual Labor Or Walking Along: ~3 hours
Engaging in Active Superheroics, Such As Fighting Basic Robots: ~20 minutes
Going All Out, Such As Fighting Doomsday Or Something: ~5 minutes

No armor is perfect, unfortunately. Here are Hisako's weaknesses.

  • The armor is made of psionic energy. Things that are immune to psionic energy can bounce on in, or even disrupt it.
  • Light can enter, as can sound.
  • Adamantium or similar super-metals have been able to push through the armor, although *only* the metal - so, for instance, an adamantium knife could shove in to the hilt. Since Hisako is more or less in the 'center' of the armor, even this may not suffice.


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