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Timber Wolf (Scenesys ID: 983)
Full Name: Brin Londo
Gender: Male
Species: Zuunian
Theme: DC (SFC)
Occupation: Legionnaire
Citizenship: Galactic
Residence: Metropolis
Education: Streets of Zuun
Status: Dropped
Groups: Legion of Superheroes, Space-OOC, World of Tomorrow-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: Actual Age:
Date of Birth 31st Century Actor: Younger Bradley Cooper
Height: 178 cm (5'10") Weight: 79 kg (174 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Golden Yellow
Theme Song: "Li'l Red Riding Hood" by Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs


Brin Londo, the "Timber Wolf" of the Legion of Super-Heroes, is a wild and brash individual who tends to find himself in trouble as often as he purposefully tries to seek it out. He's known as a loner who thinks less with his brain than his gut, and is sometimes described as more of an animal than a man.

Current Player Approved: Character Available for Application



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This young man stands at just under six feet in height and has an athletic build. His long, scruffy brown hair reaches to his chin, framing a pair of golden eyes above a sharp nose. Heavy five-o'-clock shadow covers the lower half of his face, and the tips of sharp fangs barely break the line of his lips.

The man is dressed in a sleeveless, form-fitting black outfit that sports a large stylized image of a wolf's head in orange, running from collar down to mid-thigh. A layer of flexible black armor is visible over his ribs, and the man wears reinforced forearm guards, fingerless gloves, kneepads, and shin guards. He wears a thick belt with a number of pouches at his waist, whose buckle sports the insignia of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and a pair of thick black boots on his feet.


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Brin grew up on Zuun, the son of Marr and Kana Londo, scientists tasked with developing a formula that would cure any and all diseases. Their sponsor, Lord Vykor, demanded a shorter turnaround time for the formula than Marr was comfortable following. In response, Vykor killed Kana and threatened Brin's life to ensure completion of the project.

As the deadline was coming up, Marr injected himself and Brin with an improved version of the formula that provided them both with (in addition to accelerated healing) increased strength and speed, heightened senses, and even tough, razor-sharp claws. Marr, swearing revenge for Kana, attacked Vykor and his men, but was killed in the process--buying time for Brin to escape.

Brin spent several years growing up on the streets of Zuun in the ghettos of Lowtown, hiding from Vykor's associates while learning to hone his abilities for his survival. He spent that time becoming a vigilante that preyed on the predators of the alleys--until he felt at least he was ready to take on Vykor.

Vykor, however, was ready for Brin, having improved his and his son Tor's physiology by reverse-engineering the formula in Marr's corpse. After a brutal, if short, confrontation, Brin managed to overcome the duo without killing them (despite the bloodlust of revenge he felt rising) and turned Vykor and Tor over to the Science Police.

Several members of the Science Police convinced Brin to try out for the Legion of Super-heroes despite his preference for the 'lone wolf' approach. Since that time, he's found some peace as a member of the Legion, having a pack of like-minded young heroes to share his life's mission with.


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Brin is brash, hot-headed, impetuous, and impulsive. He prefers to think with his gut than his brain whenever possible, and he finds it easy to slip into the 'wolf' mindset of his moniker. Much of this approach to living stems from Brin's later childhood and teenage years spent in the urban warzone of Zuun's Lowtown, where he had to scrap daily just to survive.

However, since joining the Legion, Brin's been coming more and more to terms with the fact that his 'lone wolf' tendencies can and should be suppressed to help serve the 'pack'. Further, as one of the group's more hardened members, Brin sees himself as a protector of his newfound family as much as he enjoys taking on the role of hunter and attack dog. His rough edges aren't smoothed much, but they're sanded down a bit by virtue of the extended interactions he's had with his fellow Legionnaires.


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Brin's fingernails are incredibly strong and sharp claws that enable him to rend through flesh, and even some metals, with little difficulty.

Brin has the ability to heal at an accelerated rate, meaning that he can shrug off many injuries with relative ease, since his body will begin to knit back together quickly. However, this does not make him invulnerable to damage or desensitized to pain; his system can go into shock as easily as anyone else's, especially from sustained or critical injury.

Brin possesses heightened senses, which enable him to perceive the world around him more keenly than a human might. His sense of smell, in particular, is strong enough that he can distinctly identiy individuals by their scents.

Brin is much faster and more agile than the average human, thanks to the experimental formula his father injected into him. While he's no speedster, Brin can move with preternatural speed that reflects his body's ability to instinctively respond to his heightened senses.


Brin's exposure to his father's formula has increased his strength to the equivalent of a dozen adult humans. While he's hardly in the category of Kryptonians, Brin can lift nearly two tons of weight with some effort, and he has the same amount of power behind his attacks.


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While he has little formal training in any martial art, Brin has spent a number of years on the streets of Lowtown in Zuun, scrapping to stay alive and to protect the other downtrodden residents of the city. As a result, his approach to fighting is dirty and animalistic--and he's quite skilled at employing it.


Even though much of Brin's initial education regarding tracking stems from his enhanced senses and a need for food, he's since become a remarkable hunter and tracker for a variety of purposes--most notably in search of enemies or persons of interest related to Legion matters. Brin can recognize tracks, identify the nuances of various environments, and follow scents to a degree that even many other professionals can't match.


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While he may not always lean on them--or, sometimes, even recognize they're available--Brin has access to a literal Legion of Super-Heroes for support and aid, whether in response to danger or just social and quasi-familial belonging. And even though Brin is often too impulsive to think about seeking help, he's always on hand to provide similar support to his teammates.

Flight Ring:

As a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Brin possesses a Legion flight ring. It serves as a translator device, a long-range communication system, and--as its name suggests--provides him with the capability of flight for numerous hours' duration and, in terms of speed, up to several hundred miles per hour.


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Just as he tends to work alone, so too does Brin work overwhelmingly on impulse. In part, it may be due to his heightened senses and the rapid, instinctive response he often has to sensor input. In part, it may be due to his years spent desperately fighting for day-to-day survival. Regardless, Brin's impulsiveness often leads him to trouble, whether he's looking for it or not, and he's unlikely to think about the consequences of a given action before he executes it. As might be imagined, doing this often tends to lead to the realization of even worse consequences.

Despite being surrounded by a literal Legion that he can turn to for aid, support, and friendship, Brin finds himself, in many ways, very much the 'lone wolf' he was on the streets of Lowtown. As a result, he often overextends himself and puts himself into danger not because he's overconfident but because he believes he can only rely on himself. One consequence of this mindset, however, is that others perceive him to be the overconfident and standoffish type who doesn't like them or who doesn't want to get to know them.

Uncertain Future:

Due to the nature of the character, the future that 'he knows' may not turn out to be the future that everyone else experiences. Time travel is a tricky thing and this is a necessary weakness for anyone who goes back in time.

(Set by Staff: Ruby)


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A Bounty Hunter Keeps His Word April 18th, 2020 Lockdown delivers on his promise to show the Legion what's on the data slug he was after.
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A Tropical Meeting March 23rd, 2020 The Legion meets with Lockdown to discuss his contract and its effects on the citizens of Earth.
When I Was Your Age March 22nd, 2020 Brin seeks Blurr out in an abandoned subway tunnel, but is now faced with a dillemma.
The Hunt Continues March 21st, 2020 Terrans get involved when Lockdown chases Blurr into Manhattan.
Brin...g all the candy March 19th, 2020 Drake, Lar and Brin get ready to go hit the boardwalk and discuss things. Brin learns he can't punch a speedster. And Cosmic Boy reads a datapad (as usual)
A Legion Reunion March 18th, 2020 Legionnaires reminisce, deal with some war wounds, decide where to move forward, and ...bring me cotton candy!
Applied Research October 7th, 2017 It's time for a workout. Lyle and Brin discuss the idea of alternate selves.
Empty Chairs at Empty Tables October 1st, 2017 Vorpal, Timber Wolf, and Speed cross paths in a damaged Mutant Town and strangeness follows, namely in the pulling up of bad memories.
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Crushed Dream Part 2 September 17th, 2017 Timber Wolf, Kenan Kong, and Kaelyn encounter minions of Darkseid (2 of 2).
Crushed Dream September 17th, 2017 Timber Wolf, Kenan Kong, and Kaelyn encounter minions of Darkseid (1 of 2).
Clean-Up Crew September 5th, 2017 Timber Wolf has cleanup duty in the cargo bay, and he's visited by Brainiac 5 then Invisible Kid. (before "Can I go? Huh? Can I?")
Can I go? Huh? Can I? September 5th, 2017 Timber Wolf visits Mon-El and expresses a desire to take on more duties...on Earth. (after "Clean-Up Crew")
Finding Moby June 18th, 2017 Space-whales!
After-Effects June 15th, 2017 Morning in the Legion Cruiser (such as it is!)
LSH in the 21st Century June 11th, 2017 The Legion plays Roulette's game, for the life of their teammate!


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