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Date of Scene: 24 June 2023
Location: Club Lux, Melville
Synopsis: Lux hosts some truly unique events. An adoption evennt for dogs, cats and a few exotics was a wild success, drawing billionaires and plebian unwashed masses both. What went on between the lines of philanthropy though, was a different story.
Cast of Characters: Lucifer, Phantasm (Drago), Sinister, Batman, Kit Killovarras, Joker, Wolverine, Emma Frost, Pink Ranger

Lucifer has posed:
The bottom floor of Club Lux has been transformed to something less crowded with tables and cages for dancers. The wall booths are still there, but all the stand alone tables and chairs have been moved out, along with the piano that normally sits in the center as well. The dance floor has been covered by a temporary make-shift wooden floor and the stage has been cleared of the DJ booth and any musical instruments otherwise having occupied it before.

In place of all these things are rows of topless cages, divided into sections that hold about 4-5 puppies or kittens each, several cages of single older canines or cats and a few tables were shifted to be place holders for donation jars and boxes. A couple employees of the adoption center Lucifer chose to help out stand around with clipboards for the just in case anyone decides to try and adopt a new friend. And while there are many an animal, they all seem to be relatively on the quiet side. A few mewls or yips here and again but otherwise it's a quiet night. Then again, it is just getting started.

Lucifer, himself, is off to the side in very interesting attire for those who have come to the club on a non-special occassion. Instead of his usual three piece suit, he's wearing jeans, sandals and a tee shirt. His hair is a bit on the disheveled side and he holds a glass of something clear. With ice. Is that...water?
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Unsurprisingly Nick has also opted for casual attire. While the rockstar does understand the merits for dressing up when the situation calls for it, the musician generally prefers attire of the Goodwill variety. Right now with the presence of plenty of pups and older dogs, the secondhand clothing seems very much justified.

Wearing jeans, a tee, and some basic athletic shoes, Nick is currently not helping himself to water. Instead after some time with the older dogs on display, the performer has found the puppies. To add to this he has made a rookie mistake and sat down with one of them.

And now he's buried.

Well, there are worse ways to go I suppose.
Sinister has posed:
Sinister looks normal. Human. Ordinary and dressed in black jeans, white T-shirt and black leather vest, which is neatly done up, we'll note. But one would not know his usual face, by the way he currently resembles ordinary (if tall, dark and ostensibly handsome). The englishman is currently avoiding the puppy pile, though the intensity by which he's gazing in that direction has a story to tell all of its own. There's a smile here and there for richer philanthropists, but the bulk of his occasional charms is levvied mostly at the ordinary person from the street -- they're looking for companions for the right reason, not to put them in clothing and dress them up in costumes.

There was a whole conversation at one point about that very thing. And so far, no raven wearing a waistcoat has manifested ANYWHERE.
Batman has posed:
The sleek blue-and-silver hypercar that glides up to the Lux is not as out of place as it might be in other locales, at other times, but that doesn't make the ~greenest~ of performance luxury automotive engineering any less of a head turner. The Porsche is likely secondary to the guest it heralds, however: one Bruce Wayne.

A blue and black three-piece suit of his own all but matches the car, the billionaire brushing said smooth as he approaches the club, trading niceties with several socialites-- and likely dodging one or two among the media on his way in. From there, by all appearances Bruce becomes besotted by the bevy of beautiful beasts arrayed at the event.

This isn't far from the truth; though it would be disingenuous to suggest Wayne doesn't keep a keen, subtle eye on the crowd as he moves to greet puppies, and chat with several of the shelter organizers. The quietest of half-smiles plays across his chiseled features for much of this process; the glint of a man with a secret.

... No, a DIFFERENT secret.
Kit Killovarras has posed:
Not the first time the yeen has been here, though this is the first time he'd be able to produce an ID if asked for one, even if he's still not legally old enough to drink. He's dressed pretty simply in a pair of simple brown pants and a tan 'tunic' style shirt, though while he'd normally be concealing himself in some way shape or form in public, this time he's not.

His eyes are barely open as he wanders, though his nose is wiggling fairly often, apparently letting his snoot take the lead for the moment. The problem with this however is, he's not fully looking at where he's going... Thankfully he hasn't bumped into anyone yet, but there's always a chance he could in this state.
Joker has posed:
A strange car pulls up to the Lux. It is a traditional hearse, the kind they don't really use anymore, long and palid and lined with silver in an attempt to offset the morbid blackness that simply accentuates it instead. The spare wheel on the back has perhaps the strangest coat of arms ever conceived; pair of shovels locked together in front of a tombstone, marked only with the macabre name "FOSSOR".

The old fashioned Rolls Royce skids to an elegant stop in front of the club, and a huge man, nearly seven foot and three hundred pounds if anything, positively stuffed into a chauffer's uniform complete with cap and tombstone buttons, steps out to open the door. "We're here, sah." The big man says in a lower-class English accent

"Well spotted, Zapoiski." The thin man said, stepping out into the light. Oberton Sexton, known in London circles as the Gravedigger, crime-fighting's novel writing detective, has a lean build that is slightly hidden by his choice in clothes; tight black trousers, heavy silver lined boots, a similar black turtleneck made of some strange material, and a full black face mask accentuated by a pair of smoked rectangular glasses. And, of course, a top hat. The Gravedigger tips his hat to Bruce Wayne as he notices the champion of the oppressed here to press flesh, and hands his valet a few papers. "Take it around the back and get something to enjoy yourself, Zapoiski."

"Oh sah is yer bones creaking again?" Zapoiski says in the tone of a man who's had to rescue his master from certain death on his day off before.

"Of course not! Just here to promote the book and look at man's natural crime-fighting partner!" Sexton says in his crisp Eaton accent. "The hound, my man. Keystone of civilization. Try not to drink too much, you know I can't drive in this ghastly town."

"Try not to get shot without me, sah."
Wolverine has posed:
Logan isn't stunned that he's here. That's probably the one thing he's not stunned about. Dressed in a white tux with black pants, he just walks up to the door. While not on his arm, it's clear he's with someone.

"I'm sure this ain't gonna be a shock fer ya darlin', but expect hedonism. Maybe a tame version of it. I sure it ain't gonna offend ya, but figured I'd warn ya. The owner's," both brows go up as he remembers the smell of sulfur. "The owner's somethin' else. Has lots of tastes n' ain't afraid to show half of em'," he looks back toward Emma Frost. Yes, Hell has frozen over becausethe opposite ends of the fashion spectrum, from Xavier's School, are coming in together. The man's hair is tied back into a long pony-knob. The hair is't quite long enough to make a ponytail, but it'll due. Ocean blue eyes look over the surroundings as he makes sure the tie is straight, and the lapels too the jacket, are freshly pressed. "Remind me to introduce ya to the owner's main squeeze. He may have business fer yer skill set," he says to Emma. Logan may have multiple reasons for being here. He will turn to the psychic and ask, "How do I look?" and he'll stand there with that outfit on along with freshly shined shoes. It's too bad he really didn't shave for such a thing. If it were anywhese else, Logan would probably be confused for wait staff. Here, he may be too overdressed to be considered wait staff.
Emma Frost has posed:
For Emma, she is not quite as prepped for a gala, but neither is she dressed down. Instead of a dress, she's wearing a suit - white of course, with her make-up done to the nines, and her nails were excellently manicured.

Pausing at the door, so that everyone can see her arrive, she sweeps her gaze around the room, before entering properly. She wants to be noticed - the reason would be apparent soon. But for now, she has made her mark.

Of course, it's probable that her entry wasn't quite what she had expected - what with those puppies and kittens!

"I'm glad you were available this evening, Logan. I didn't feel like braving the crowds on my own." Which was a lie. Emma always braved the crowds, and if she couldn't do it on her own? Why that was what her mind was for. Still, she said it with a believable tone! And just the odd bit of a smile, to make it all her own. "You look like a kitten man. Am I right?"

Catching sight of what she believes is their host, her steps are geared to that point. "Come, Logan, you can introduce me." And with her arm lightly looped around his, she wends her way to Lucifer. "I expect lots of hedonism." She laughs.
Lucifer has posed:
The crowd that begins to roll in may be the best crowd Lucifer's seen this year. It's amazing what a few puppies and kittens will to do the city. He notices a few familiar faces, whether it's by personal knowledge, papers, or tabloids is to be discerned. For the moment, he's simply watching. Always watching, but for now especially so. When eyes befall Sinister, he gives the man a toast with lifted glass that now has a bold red color to it.

Jesus wasn't the only magician, fools.

None the less, and aside the point, he's watching as some gaggle over puppies, or melt over the kittens. Then his attention turns to the pair that are walking towards him with seeming purpose. A little smirk upturns his lips as he takes a sip of his drink and then gives a short half-bow to Logan and Emma. "Mister Logan. Miss Emma. A pleasure to see you both here tonight..." Albeit he is rather surprised to see Logan here at least. Emma he could expect, he didn't think the other would dare be in his own presence again. At least not willingly.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Getting a general sense of eyes upon Nick's general direction, pale blue ones glance back. Spotting Sinister. A hand peeks out from the puppy pile to give a brief wave before one puppy starts to playfully tug that limb back down.

Sure, Nick could probably be a bit more stiff upper lip amongst the larger profile guests but where's the fun in that.

"Ooh. Can I see the one to the right of you?"

Hearing the request, Nick starts to push himself up. One ball of fluff not expecting the sudden incline ends up rolling down his chest only to be caught by the bent legs. Upside down, the pup peers from it's new wedged position on the lap and give a little yap.

Nick reaches his hands over, gently picking up the requested pup and handing him off to one of the volunteers.
Sinister has posed:
Perhaps it's the feeling one gets when there's a great deal of activity about to happen, that vu-ja de that is the thing that's never happened that you get the feeling you're about to witness, but Doctor Essex looks to the entrace of the club with eyebrows pre-emptively raised. The cavalcade of names that are about to enter and who HAVE just entered are A-list on the whose who of everywhere, after all and he looks faces over, one by one, then down upon his attire. Well, nothing for it really, is there? Shaking his legs a little, the jeans become at least smarter material and polished wingtips adorn his feet, then to look up and catch the Water-to-Wine trick from the Host. A crooked smile touches lips momentarily, then he nods to Lucifer and drifts past the oggling zone WITH a fingerwiggle to Nick, to wend behind an intercept the entrance.

In the meanwhile, he sidesteps Kit. "Eyes shut, should be open, arse over tit moments are overrated..." is murmured as he passes.

So, it's there, close to the door, that he finds himself with one hand tucked behind his back, inclining his head toward Bruce as the man makes his way beyond and with eyes upon what may come through next, namely ... a vaunted Author? It's funny how the mind plays tricks on you, when it feels before it sees.

Also, that did mean he managed to avoid the Frost-Logan axis at least briely.
Wolverine has posed:
"Lu (said like Lou)." Logan says in addressing. "Emma Frost, Lu. Lu, Emma Frost. She's a coworker. We got business wit' yer boyfriend n' she wants to see hedonistic acts while bein' fed grapes by a spare cabana boy," Logan's just guessing a lot of the end part. He figures it's in the right ballpark maybe. Probably.

"Don't she look lovely?" Logan says as part of the introductions. He knows that Emma probably fits in better than him.

"Yer boyfriend. I gotta speak to him when yer done wit' him fer a few moments. Gotta introduce the young lady n' all that. Be gentlemanly," Logan says honestly about it all.

One thing people should remember, Logan should probably not do introductions. Ever. He may be too honest for them.
Emma Frost has posed:
Turning her tones just a tiniest bit icy, she informs Lucifer, "Logan is my guest. I do hope you two can put whatever aside for one evening?" And then, as though nothing was talked about, "You have done wonders with this place. Almost to my standards."

Of course she may have been joking with that.

"I have a proposal for your charity this evening. I will write you a cheque for 1 million dollars, and I will match any other donation, dollars for dollars." Logan might be surprised at her, going straight to business. Hell, Lucifer may be too. "Your job, should you accept this, is to make everyone give till it hurts. Otherwise.."

And there, Emma spreads her hands wide, "You'll only have 1 million."

She didn't want a pet, but money she could throw at it, easily.
Kit Killovarras has posed:
"Most of the time, yeah." Kit says as his eyes open a little more, giving Sinister a glance and a tilt of his head as he muses, "But honestly, my other senses could use the practice." with a playful little grin.

Familiar voices though eventually do get Kit's attention and he gives a glance over to Logan and Emma for a moment before he just shrugs and goes back to wandering around and peeking into various cages when and where he can.
Batman has posed:
Bruce Wayne is a remarkable actor. Some consider Batman the 'real' man, but the truth is both his public-facing personas are carefully cultivated, and ideally applied with cunning and masterful aplomb, leaving no holes or mis-steps to pick apart. Even considering all that, Wayne has a difficult time not narrowing his eyes overtly at the Gravedigger. Instead, the even MORE eccentric fellow gets a smile, and a mock salute in lieu of a hat to tip.

As he drifts from shallow encounter to meaningful networking, Bruce taps the handful of buttons on his fine silver watch repeatedly. A nervous tic, clearly. In no timeline is a vehicle perhaps more remarkable than his Porsche powering up and going through an automated routine from some kind of coded, remote command. We promise. For some certainly unrelated reason, Bruce's timetable steps up a notch. From the settling in, milling, and greeting phase, Bruce plucks a wineglass from an offered tray and lifts the beverage, un-sipped, towards the sky.

The ring of glass sounds out, "If I could have everyone's attention just a moment-- I'd like to use this opportunity to announce the formation of a regional coalition for the shelter and transport of our fine furred friends who've fallen on tough times." It's a logical extension to the Foundations connected to Wayne, and a pie he's had his fingers in more than few times before.

"A generous sum and a beautiful stretch of rural land-- this time the farm upstate is real, friends-- will be the start of saving even more absolutely /adorable/ animals than you see here tonight, and I challenge all the other filthy rich and frivolous who've come out to match donations and help these devoted volunteers make miracles out of tragedies." It's a heartfelt toast, and almost impossible to say where the wine in Bruce's glass has actually disappeared to.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer raises a brow and then gives a soft chuff as he smirks. His free hand shifts to take up Emma's own, bending it at the knuckles to kiss them gently. "Well. It just so happens hedonism is a speciality of mine..." Saying this low while blue eyes lift to meet Emma's gaze and - for a moment - the woman could likely swear she sees fire literally burning in the gaze.

As he straightens back up, he motions towards the front of the club. "Does Nathaniel know you have business with him? Either way, it's not like he's leashed to me. If you need him you're more than welcome to go see him."

Then his attention is back on Emma once more and he chuckles. "You know I can't just snap my fingers and bend everyone against their will. Even as the Devil, my Angel side won't allow it. Also, I have no quarrel with your friend here. At least none I know of." He shrugs a single shoulder. "So do as you wish, donate as you want. I'm just here to make sure a certain SOMEONE doesn't go wild with an old idea he had..."
Wolverine has posed:
Logan notices the icy tone, "Ya said ya wanted hedonism. If I ever wanted to go on a two day bender lost in hedonism, Lu would probably come through," that may not be a compliment. However, it is a nod to Logan's respect to Lu's resources available. He honestly think the bender of all benders could be done if anyone asked Lu. And afford a steep fee that would come with such services.

Logan is a little shocked that Emma is cutting straight to the chase. Usually he would expect some drinks, flirting, small talk, other tricks and then business. Much like buttering up someone before asking for a favor. So, it is a little shocking that casualties are tossed at the wayside.

A look goes back to Bruce as he gets everyone's attention. Ocean blue eyes take in the Prince of Gotham with a warm speech and a warmer donation. "HERE HERE!" he'll cry out.

Logan will pull out his phone to send out a quick message. A sudden thought. A reply comes and he puts it away, no response to the message yet.

"I ain't got a problem with you, Lu." Trust issues and problems are different animals afterall.

Ocean blue eyes look back to Emma, "Like I said, he's connected," and there's a lot of respect in his words. A small dabble of fear, maybe. Logan probably believes a lot of what Lu says.

"I know he ain't leashed to ya, but you guys are sickeningly sweet in yer own way. Figured you'd have the best bead on him in this place," he says knowing Sinister can linger in shadows when he wishes.
Joker has posed:
Oberon strolls inside of the club; it's all a little flashy for his taste, as he prefers a nice soothing drawing room or, even better, a proper club with a coat of arms and snifters of something wonderful and big steaming piles of chops. There's a little of Bertie Wooster in the way the man carries himself, a sort of social invincibility that doesn't take much notice to anyone noticing him in a full face mask and top hat. His eyes, however, if you're the sort to pay attention, are much more deliberate: the motions of a trained observer observing.

Oberon slinks out of the shadows when there's a second to be gracious to the host. "Good evening, Mister Morningstar! Looking to chuff off some of Cerberus's pups, eh? I must say it is a delight, I've heard all sorts of interesting things about the scene you and your circle are building here. It's all got the air of a mystery to be completely candid; but I presume too much! My name is Oberon Sexton, though of course not my given name, and my nom-du-crime is 'The Gravedigger'." Oberon holds out his hand cheerfully, and under the mask there's a polite, restrained smile at Emma and Logan as he butts in a little. "I mostly write, but the rest of the London community always enjoy seeing themselves in print. Squire always buys two copies to embarrass Knight with."

"You know." Oberon says, "I always wondered about viewing Milton from the perspective of a locked room mystery. If you think of the Fall as a sort of spiritual murder, a death of not only the perfection of God's kingdom but the innocence of angels as a race and how that contrasts with the human potential Milton's Morningstar so envied and resented you start to draw a fascinating picture of a crime a universe long."

And then Bruce Wayne makes his little speech. Oberon goes stock still for a moment, it's hard to see if he's even breathing unless you're Logan or similarly enhanced, and then he's clapping his hands together as softly as manners will allow. "Oh I say, what a bold statement! And before people even brought out the checkbooks!"
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
As the other celebrities vie for attention by playing 'My donation is bigger than yours', Nick is content with using his time instead. And as another puppy finds interest with his shoelace, tugging it for all it can muster, the rockstar can't help but to smile. Reaching over, he flips the puppy sitting his lap right side up. Once properly situated Nick provides the pup with some much needed scritches.

"The one to your left."

Nick pauses in his actions to reach his hands over. Taking the indicated pup, he lifts her up for the volunteer to take that one.
Emma Frost has posed:
As Lucifer bends over her knuckles, one brow is raised. "No mindplay? Pity. Then you'll have to try the old fashioned way, won't you?" Slowly she withdraws her hand. "How is Dr. Essex? I've seen very little of him of late. Tell him, if I don't get to him myself, that you are both invited to Hellfire Club for dinner."

At that time, Bruce makes his announcement.

Emma pats Logan's hand, saying to him, sotto voce, "And that's how you set off a fundraiser. Make everyone think they are hurting you with their donations. I'm pleased." And louder then, "We should have a drink. You mentioned seeing Dr. Essex? Do you need company?"
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer eyes Logan for a moment and then gives a smirk and nods his head. "Good. I am glad there's no issue." Does he know the man doesn't trust him? Of course he does. There just isn't anything he can readily do about that except continue to prove himself.

Same goes for Nathaniel.

About to say something else, the one and only Gravedigger gracing their presence. Forcefully. The topic that is landed on quite readily has Lucifer taking a slow breath in and out - though not needed - before he turns his attention to the man.

"I can assure you. The fall was most certainly not a murder. Not really. In the end... it was a necessity. Father would have been proven faliable if I wasn't punished for rebelling against him. And while it cost me a lot of followers both above and below..." He shrugs. Sips his water-turned-wine. His jaw clenches for a moment as the man goes on, but then he forces a smile and is thankful the topic turns to donations.

He then takes this moment to make his own statement, walking out of the sort of shadowed space he had been lurking in. "Ladies and gentleman, what a fascinating notion set forth by the one and only Bruce Wayne fresh from Gotham..." He grins. "Allow myself a moment to also thank you one and all for coming out tonight... and allow myself my own little announcement. I will, personally, match one hundred percent of the total amount donated by all you wonderful people tonight. So, if you want that number to potentially bankrupt me," he pauses for affect, "then I encourage you all - who can of course - to empty your wallets, or your checkbooks, and make me pay for my very words this evening. Also, keep in mind, any adoption fees are also to be covered by Club Lux, so if you can adopt a companion, please consider doing so."
Sinister has posed:
Well, now.

Essex' jaw shifts just a fraction and he smiles to himself, another of those crooked things. Face to face, storm-grey eyes track and then? He simply vanishes.

This isn't strictly true, but it's very hard to keep one's eyes fixed on a thing that is thinking very strongly about eyeballs being anywhere BUT where he's at and he walks purposeful and precise through the club, avoiding people by dint of simply not being where they were intending to walk.

Even if they'd wanted to go in that direction a moment earlier.

And he arrives back at the puppies and the kittens, glancing down at the pen full of mewls, then up to the stage with his head tilted just so. Listening.

And finally, he 'reappears' in the proximity of the Host, with his gaze shifting face by face to Logan, Emma and 'Oberon' as he's introducing himself, hands now BOTH in the small of his back and stood at parade rest. "Emma. Your invitation is well received. And my word, Logan. You do look like you polish up well. I dare say it took a while to buff the grit out, hmm?" He smiles. It reaches his eyes, but it's altogether too focused there, the amusement masking other things. "Sickeningly sweet, are we?" to Lucifer, he gives a mock glower. "Don't even start that, it's like giving a mental ear-worm and the audio ones are bad enough."
Lucifer has posed:
Anyone who gets closer to the stage will find that it - too - holds a showing of animals. Only, they're not cats, or dogs, or puppies or kittens. Instead, there are a few snakes (homely ones, like constrictors and such), a couple of rats, three gerbils, five hamsters...and a partridge in a pear tree. Well. All is true aside from the last bit. In case anyone is looking for something more exotic.
Kit Killovarras has posed:
The toast from Bruce gets Kit's attention for a moment, studying the man for a moment before he just chuckles and goes back to wandering, eventually finding his way over to Nick, who gets a look and a warm smile in greeting as he muses, "We run into each other in the strangest places."

Lucifer's conversation actually gets his attention for a moment, causing the yeens ears to rotate back for a moment before giving that group of people a glance.

If it seems like the hyena is being shy or careful, it's because normally animals - dogs specifically - don't tend to like his presence. They tend to get loud and sometimes even aggressive around him for obvious reasons, but these ones aren't, at least not to the normal degree.

Felines on the other hand..?
Batman has posed:
The fate of millions now hangs in the balance. Dollars, cute critters. To say nothing of the cabana boys. Wayne's own rush to see to the business that brought him here synchronizes well with the illustrious Ms. Frost's quieter side-dealing, and before long it's combined with Lucifer's invoked momentum to be precisely the kind of competition both-- all three-- desired.

Sometimes, the morality venn diagram just aligns.

Drifting back into the mix of socialites and animal lovers after his own declaration, Bruce offers applause to Lucifer's announcement in turn.

"A man of wealth, and taste." The billionaire philanthropist drifts within orbit to punctuate Lucifer's... unique response with a softly whimsical toast. Did someone say earworms? Rather than interject further, Wayne just lingers on the edges, observing and listening for the moment.
Emma Frost has posed:
And with three matching donors, 'Paws and Claws' had (not knowingly) found themselves a lucky, lucky charity.

"Ah! Nathaniel! Someone must have been whispering in your ear. Yes, dinner. At the Hellfire Club. As my guests." Whether she agrees with Logan's take on Lucifer and Nathaniel, she gives no clue. "I suppose I should have a few other guests, should I? Perhaps you could send me a short list?"

Turning to greet Bruce, she smiles. "Mr. Wayne, or should I call you Bruce? May I introduce my companion this evening, Logan."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Hearing a familiar voice, Nick peers up from the pen to the hyena peering back at him. "Ah. Hey Kit." With the run ins over time, it stood to reason that the pair had exchanged names. Although whether they remembered them could still as random as a toss of a coin. "We do seem to have a knack for it. Although We've run into each other here before."

Nick shifts to where his legs cross instead, forming a bit of a next. The pup that had been using his lap is gently placed in the center to which it gives a little grunt before curling up and snoozing. "How are you enjoying the fundraiser?"
Joker has posed:
Oberon is politely told off by the host. He looks a little confused, as if he was simply discussing literature and not some crucial part of a person's life.

What a commitment to the bit, something horrible inside of Oberon thinks in a language approaching admiration. Hahah, HAHAHA, ahah, no, essex, focus.

"What a noble perspective." Oberon says, and then watches the host and the party-is that Emma Frost?-slink off to look at snakes and, coincidentally, Bruce Wayne. Oberon Sexton has a high opinion of Bruce Wayne as very nearly a crime fighter in his own right; not only because of the common conspiracy theory that he's the purse behind Gotham City's caped crimefighters but because of his ceaseless charitable works.

Deciding the host needs a minute to cool off after that bit of acting, Oberon checks out a beagle. "Well hello. Perhaps 'Baskerville'. Too on the nose, a haw-haw?"
Kit Killovarras has posed:
"It's interesting, that's for certain." the aardwolf says with a little chuckle, peering at the critters in the nearby pen before he gives a simple, "I was actually hoping I'd be able to find a ferret to test, though I'll admit, the dogs are cute too."

There's a little nod when Nick mentions them having met here before and he gives a little shrug, "I'll be honest, I only vaguely remember that, but that's probably due to a concussion the same night."
Wolverine has posed:
"Nathaniel. You said you wanted someone with a skillset to handle the bad dreams," Logan gestures to Emma Frost. He looks toward the scientist. "I know of another I can ask, because two are better than one. But I know trust issues may hinder the fragile alliance we got," Logan's going to cut straight to business now. While some of the words are a little coded, but Nathaniel could easily catch up.

And then he will shut up for a moemnt as more intros come. "Bruce," Logan will extend his hand. There may even be a test of the grip because rumors about Bruce being a daredevil do permeate. Daredevils have strong grips, it's his way of confirming the rumors. "Nice work what ya do in Gotham. World needs more people like ya," and he gives the dark haired man a nod of respect. "Gotta couple of questions 'bout some of the rumors I hear about ya. Nothin' bad, I'm just curious if it's real," he says honestly while not trying to repeat the introduction with Emma. One social snafu is enough for him.
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Nick blinks up to that admission. "A concussion?" He asks. But considering Kit's still talking here, one could assume he 'got bettuh'. "Is it normal practice to go clubbing when you've got a concussion?"
Sinister has posed:
"I assure you, my short list is extremely short. I'm not exactly a social gadfly, my dearling Emma. I shall be quite happy to be simply in the company of the Morningstar. Shall we say nine pm on the day of" insert day here "in impeccable dress?" He glances sidelong to Logan at the extra information laid out. "So it was Emma. Good. That's actually not a bad thing, we work reasonably with one another, when such things have occurred. Thank you..." there's a curt nod, an affection towards the social niceties, then he pauses.

He had been mostly ignoring a certain interaction, but Sinister's face transfixes for a fraction of a moment and his left eye winces oh-so-slightly. And in the moments after this, he turns to look squarely toward the vaunted 'englishman' author, straight in the rectangular bespectacled eyes. Slowly, his head tilts, like the gyroscopic stabilized in his neck just went wonky. Then there's a smile, rich and affable enough but as crooked as all the others he's displayed. He holds up a finger to the man, then leans toward Logan and Emma once again. "I shall leave you to the capable hands of the most philanthropic of fellows, mister Wayne. He /certainly/ should visit the Hellfire club at some point, I have no doubt at all. We can discuss our business later, in the penthouse if you are inclined. When there isn't a lot of good works to be done..."

Then, stepping aside, he inclines his head toward 'Oberon' and indicates the stage. "You should consider the rats, my dear boy. They are quite within your aesthetic. Allow me to beggar myself for an autograph and introduce myself more formally. Doctor Nathaniel Essex, mister Sexton."
Batman has posed:
Is it a benevolent act, or a risk to the entire timeline to bankrupt the actual Devil? Given the players involved, this universe might have to find out... if it weren't so laden with other necessary causes and tragic tales of underdogs.

"Bruce is fine, Ms. Frost-- Emma." Wayne answers with a small but warm smile that mostly glints in his own brilliant blue eyes and offers Emma's hand a deft squeeze-- before Logan arrives to test Wayne's grip more firmly. Bruce's grip strength, at least as exercised in the handshake, is enough for Society but far from remarkable for a man like the Wolverine. Bruce simply surrenders the contest, helpless against the adamantium-reinforced vise.

"Ow-- OW!" Bruce exclaims a bit shamelessly, and lets out a chuckle. "I-- ah. Appreciate that. Logan." Bruce shakes his poor, injured appendage out to one side and shakes his head. The cover is deft, reflexive, almost perfect. It's almost impossible to hide martial arts training on Batman's level from a man like Logan, however.

Flip a coin-- the sus may be unconfirmed, but it's hard to discount in the Wolverine's case. Those intense blues track Essex-- and Oberon. "Strange fellow." Which? Maybe he thinks it seems obvious. Maybe Bruce just means both of them.
Kit Killovarras has posed:
Kit gives a little laugh and shakes his head as he muses, "The concussion happened shortly after I left, actually. Apparently someone decided it was a good idea to try and cave my head in at a gas station down the road." There's a shrug and a glance to Nick as he smiles. "Not the first time someone got the drop on me, surprisingly enough."

Again, his ears swivel around a little, flicking from one conversation to another almost instinctively. Spacial awareness is a thing and something that can be hard to turn off sometimes.
Lucifer has posed:
Lucifer watches as Oberon sidles off to speak with Essex, who is already still within the company of Emma and Logan. A little smirk finds his lips as he lifts his glass to drain the rest of it. Shame he can't really get drunk. It might take the sting away from having to deal with another who challenges the work of Milton against his own life.

A special level of Hell for those named Dante, for sure.

Without company to keep him occupied, he shifts forward to actually head towards a crate of puppies. Lifting one, a black furred miniture version of a canine he's sure Sinister would -love-. "Oh but he might just kill me if I actually appeared upstairs with you..."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
The further information pulls out a small frown to the story of the concussion and a hint to possible frequency of attacks. Something he wished he didn't have experience with. "Not a good feeling indeed."

The musician glances over to the stage area, and then back to Kit, "So, a ferret? I think the less commonplace pets available for adoption are on the stage area."
Joker has posed:
There he is, playing with a dog he's half thinking of buying. Sinisterly.

Speaking of sinister. Oberon does a double take as he's stared down by Essex and the accomplished scientist comes over. Just when he was thinking about him! Wild.

A brief bit of slight of hand happens, and in the car a flashing light activates. Zapoiski frowns a bit, and buckles his seat belt for saftey's sake, before returning to his twitter feed.

Inside, Oberon is all manners. "Doctor Essex! What a delight, I was hoping to make your acquaintance tonight. There is a young man in Dover who specializes in animal communication, having been born with the gift to speak to rats, a talent which proved quite useful when we solved the Chalk Clifface Murders. Old King Cole's men never questioned the rodents they shared their underground lair with."

"But an autograph, really? You flatter me sir. To think that a brilliant scientist like yourself has time for my tawdry true crime novels!" Oberon does take a copy of his latest book out to sign, the Blind Vicar Saw It.
Emma Frost has posed:
"Emma is fine, Bruce. After all.." And she lets her sentence drift off. "Someone else who I have been terribly remiss about keeping in touch."

She looks to be saying something else, when Logan mentions that Nathaniel has a problem that she would be excellent for. "Dreams, do you say?"
Kit Killovarras has posed:
Kit gives a glance to the stage and one of his ears fold to the sides ever so slightly before he nods and chuckles, "It would make sense," he muses, then gives a glance back to Nick and offers that same, warm smile as always. "As for being attacked? Yeah, not a great feeling, but neither is taking a dimensional razor-blade to the face. Apparently my attacker was a little more messed up than I was."

There's a moment where he looks back to the stage and tilts his head ever so slightly. There's a moment of hesitation, but for what reason is anyones guess.
Sinister has posed:
"Is that so?" Sinister smiles again, storm-grey eyes dancing as they keep thier steady bead upon Oberon's glasses and the eyes beyond. "You have my eternal gratitude, you would be surprised at what I read, in the wee hours. On occasion, it is quite a distraction from the world around one, to find oneself imbedded in a good bit of creative license." He takes the book, glances to one of the staff attending the event and seems to summon them with just a look. The autograph is duly admired and no doubt some handwriting analysis may be done on it later, before the book is surrendered. "Take it up, would you? Thank you Janice..." it's Janice again, Logan. She may be autotuned to the Sinister mind.

And he looks back. "My word, were you really? I don't get many individuals actively seeking me out, at least not from your particular line of work mister Sexton. Usually, those that seek appointments with me have other avenues of pursuit," he does however, step up to the stage and lower his hand into the snake tank and allows an albino burmese python to coil up toward his shoulder, one flickering tongue taste after another heralding the serpent's passage. With the familiarity of someone that's handled snakes before, he helps arrange her so she's got a good grip, partially went around his waist also.

And that is how he shall continue conversation, with a reasonably large constrictor snake on him. "There is a trick to writing, sir. Placing oneself into the narrative or deriving oneself -from- it, are talents that I do admire. My memoirs if I had any, would require a ghost writer."
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
A dimensional razor-blad-

...Oh right, he did mention something about that before. Reading between the lines. Attempted attack, attacker caused problems and then got them. Nick gives a slow nod, glancing to Kit, then looking in the direction to which he's looking, finding Sinister talking to Oberon. "Don't want to interrupt the conversation?"
Wolverine has posed:
Logan winces seeing Bruce retort in pain, "Sorry, Bub!" He will go with Bruce's outward expression. "Just thought rumors n' stuff. Frim grip cause ya were rumored to race cars. Guess not," and they both know that's not true. The rest may not, but Bruce probably knows Logan is going with the deception rather than rail against it. Interesting.

Then a moment later Logan starts to sniff. To others t may sound like a sniffle, "Sniff! Sniff!" Pause. "Sorry. Cold," but Sinister and Emma may know the truth. This is like a scent dog that just caught something. A particular smell runs up his nose, faint, but it shouldn't be in a group of rich folk at a chariity event. Interesting.
Batman has posed:
"Performance driving is one thing, you're on another level!" One matched by few, remarkable, one might say peak sorts of humans. Which Bruce Wayne //certainly// could not be. "Another club I've neglected, as well." Bruce generally agrees with Emma's sentiments, before turning a sheepish grin back to Logan.

"Just so long as I stay off this one's bad side." Admiration of his work is a good start. And /other/ men involved might have some reciprocal respect for a certain surly mutant's own legend. But such things are not for certain company; with someone as paranoid as Wayne, that's probably a shorter list than Sinister's favored dinner guests.

"Let me see about narrowing it down to a couple of these puppies, and taking care of all the other things I'm surely neglecting. Lovely to see, and meet you." And that's exactly what Wayne does-- peruses puppies. Laughs quietly with volunteers who are riding high on tonight's events so far... ... and subtly shadows Oberon and Essex, as a purely coincidental side-effect.
Pink Ranger has posed:
Late arrivals were unfortunately pretty common for a Power Ranger. This charity thing was exactly the sort of stuff she loved, but a little interuption by certain intersteller clay monsters had delayed her travel plans. Plus then she had to fix her hair and make-up!

Whatever the reasoning? Kimberly Hart, college student and olympic gymnast was finally here!

Wrapped in an asymetic pink dress and with her hair up, the young brunette moved her way through the doors to join the crowd.
Joker has posed:
"Well I'm not as gifted as some of my colleagues." Oberon says modestly, "Physically, I mean. I can swing a shovel, certainly, but compared to Knight? Spitfire? No I'm more of a consulting detective to the real heroes, but I do understand how to tell their stories, I think. And so many of them have such a terrible relationship with the press, and it's no surprise, a fallen hero sells ad copy. I like to think of my work as giving people an insight into the new age of crime-fighting uncolored by the usual press biases."

Snake play. Oberon doesn't flinch from one of man's primordial enemies, the shapes that haunt our most primitive dreams. Maybe he's messed with a few himself, or is just a little tougher than he's acting. Its hard to tell with the mask. "Nice trick."

"Looking for someone? I have to say I'd love to get a chance to pick your brain." Oberon gestures to the animals. "Could even tie it in with Mister Morningstar's work here, some new media specials on your work with animals. Help bring attention to the cause and get some of your thoughts down on paper."
Emma Frost has posed:
Emma does not get the scent, but she does get the reaction to it. She worries over a frown just for a second, and covers her reaction with a look of boredom.

"Perhaps, Bruce, I shall give you a private tour of the Club." Hellfire, that is; not Lux. "Please contact my secretary. I'm sure we can work out a time, and a date. But, for now, I think I need a stiff drink. Excuse me."

While others watch the pets, she watches the people, and gets a drink.
Kit Killovarras has posed:
There's still a moments glance at the stage before he looks to Nick and shrugs, "More the venue than the people.." he admits with a chuckle. "I feel remarkably under-dressed at the moment. Plus.." He wrinkles his nose ever so slightly and adds, "One of them smells... Off." a little quieter than his other comments.

Then he gives Nick a grin and a slight tilt of his head before he muses, "Wanna come help me find a familiar?" Well, that's certainly a phrase...
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
It is amusing to the amount of contrast to the decided attire of attendees. Tuxes, dresses, suits, and jeans. When Kit asks for Nick's help. The rockstar obliges. "Sure." He responds, gently lifting the slumbering puppy out from the nest of legs and gently setting it to the side.

He shifts, standing up before stepping out of the pen.
Pink Ranger has posed:
Unaware of masked heroes, criminals or scents beyond her own hastily applied perfume, Kimberly moves forwards, her hands folded as her gaze swept over the crowd. Last time she'd been to one of these things she met Wonder Woman, which was awesome...but for now there wasn't too many people she recognized...at least until she saw the back of the rather easy to spot Kit!
Sinister has posed:
"I do try," maybe there's a hint of something in the air, because Sinister looks over at Logan across the way, then at Kit oh-so-briefly. Do not ignore your senses, Nathaniel. "Hmmm," the serpent gets a little stroke along the bridge of her nose as he fleetingly gazes toward Bruce Wayne, noting intentions perhaps but also considering the vast amount of donation that went into tonight.

"My brain can be quite a dificult thing to pick, mister Sexton. But I'm willing to converse, one way or another -- my contribution to this event is considerably more subtle than the vast sums of money. Animals require care, require housing, veterinarians, locums and travelling. And those that basically are requiring the no-kill shelter that the upstate facility will become, will require specialist equipment, all of which Essex corp has a good deal of. It will be a state of the art facility, supported by the money taken tonight, established with my assistance on the actual practical side of things."

He looks to Oberon's eyes again then. "Do you have a calling card?" -- somehow the way he -says- that, says a different thing than the mere words might suggest.

The snake is also watching the lean fellow at Sinister's side.
Joker has posed:
There's no hiding it now.

There's a smile under that mask.

"As a matter of fact." Oberon's wrist flicks so quickly it's like a gunshot, revealing a slim black business card with a shovel on the other side. There's a number. "I do. I think we've found a wonderful opportunity, Doctor Essex. I so do appreciate the chance to do my part for the city."
Emma Frost has posed:
"While some of us.. actually. Talk to me after the event. It may be that I can help you, Nathaniel, more than I thought." Frost Industries makes various equipments that could be useful. She would have to think about how though, and if she wanted to.

Taking another scotch from the serving girl, Emma smiles carefully at Oberon. "You seem to have practiced that alot. The name is Emma. Emma Frost. I don't believe we have met yet?"
Joker has posed:
"It's what we learn as gentlemen of letters." Oberon says to Emma, clasping her hand. "I can also do an excellent balloon llama. Got me through my second year at Eton."
Kit Killovarras has posed:
Kit starts up to the stage, looking around at the various critters. Sinister handling the snake does get his attention, but he just stops and snerks for a moment before he muses, "I could make a joke, but too easy." with another playful grin, then he goes about looking around at the various creatures. He came her for something particular after all and he's going to find out if there are a few available BEFORE he drops a donation tonight.

"Ever tested a creature's affinity?" he asks as he gives Nick a glance.
Pink Ranger has posed:
Onwards she moves, Kimberly spotting Sinister she'd probably wave if he wasn't quite busy talking at the moment before moving along before folding her arms under her bust and giving a little half-hearted smiling sigh.

Space Witches were really a killer to social life!
Phantasm (Drago) has posed:
Kit's question gets a bit of a head tilt. "I haven't had reason to. My interaction with animals have been mainly with friends' pets." He follows up to the stage area, taking a moment to check out Sinister's snake before glancing arouund, "Were we supposed to get one for the school or is this more a personal choice?"
Wolverine has posed:
Logan is here as he is listening to everything for a moment. He's trying to be a fly on the wall for the moment. Just paying attention to everyone about. Ocean blue eyes will look toward the new face. A nod is given to her, "Happy to see ya," he says and looks back toward the faces still about.
Sinister has posed:
There IS an incline of the head to Kimberley. He's met her once before after all and he does look the same as he did then, all human and not creepy vampirish. It's a thing. The serpent on arm bends back on herself and makes for his shoulder, crawling along behind the neck to kind of sit there. She weighs a good fifty pounds, but Essex carries her as if she did not.

The card is taken, the image regarded, then slid into the waistcoat pocket.

And then, lo and behold, there's the stage, the exotic pets and an interesting quirk of fate. Mostly, the kittens and puppies for adoption here, are not being proffered to the big purses, but to the smaller purses that want them for the right reasons. It is a thing, a thing that Essex isn't going to elaborate on, but that the shelter staff have been made aware of. These animals will be -loved-, not used as fashion statements. Ahem.

As the Joker makes his get-away, calling card given, Sinister moves toward Logan and Emma a little closer. "When official business is finished, we can move to the penthouse. It's considerably more comfortable and there's better alcohol." And a few other things, but that is another story.

Touche, Nick.
Emma Frost has posed:
A quick nod from Emma, as Nathaniel comes close, then passes her by. She quirks a brow unto Logan, as if to say, 'Yes, or no?'. Mind you, she's pretty curious - no matter what Logan says. "I should write the cheque out for the initial donation. If you will excuse me."
Wolverine has posed:
Logan looks at Emma for a moment. "You go somewhere, I follow," he says honestly as he looks back at her. She -did- bring him here for protection, right? And so Logan would be there for protection. He may have missed the context of that question.
Kit Killovarras has posed:
Kit starts up to the stage, looking around at the various critters around. Sadly, he doesn't find any ferrets, so he's going to have to go elsewhere for that particular thought. The rats though get a thoughtful look and he gives Nick a look. "Most creatures will flee from magic, but occasionally you'll find a few who don't.." he says as a few small green orbs begin to swirl around his left wrist.

With the appearance of the orbs, a small ball forms at the center of the rat pen and as expected, most of them leave it alone or move away from it, but a couple of them actually get curious about the illusion of a toy.

"The ones who are curious about it are capable of learning to adjust to being around it regularly." he says with another glance to Nick as the orbs and ball both vanish. "And nah, I don't think it's a requirement, I've just always wanted a ferret, but well.. I don't want them freaking out and running away from me."
Sinister has posed:
Sinister takes a moment at this time, to rest a hand gently on Nick's shoulder. There's just a nod for the man, but the look has a measure of gratitude in it. A squeeze and there's the release and all of that was gentled. Unlike what people might expect from those who actually know who Nathaniel Essex actually is.

He steps away then, to glance over toward Janice once again. "Could you escort our guests to the elevator please? And make sure that the special reserve is opened and available. I will be up presently."

And then to Kit. "Some of what you're looking for is a matter of degree. There's a reason certain animals end up being familiars, which I'm sure you're well aware of. But... please. Stay. Hopefully one of them calls to you, because -these-..." he gestures at the exotics "...have a far smaller chance of being adopted, because of what they are. I'm taking Eliza with me though, you cannot have her." Apparently he decided he likes this particular snake. Maybe for similar reasons as the magic user crowd.