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The Darkness
Date of Scene: 19 March 2019
Location: Watchtower / Apokolips
Synopsis: Age of Despair Pt 2: The Darkness. Tune in next week to see if our heroes, having pierced the veil will remember their vows of righteousness! Can they save their beloved friend without becoming what they fear? Will there be casualities? Who will survive: Apokalypse!
Cast of Characters: Superman, Captain Marvel Jr., Constantine, Supergirl, Flash, Hellboy, Red Robin, Loki, Crusader, Willow Rosenberg, Power Girl, Spider-Woman (Drew), Mon-El
Tinyplot: Age of Despair

Superman has posed:
    After the battle with the Enchantress on the Watchtower, it took several hours to effect repairs and clean things up. Many of the systems would have to be replaced and the security protocols reviewed. After all that, it was still unknown how the villain had gotten on the Satellite and how she had remained undetected. It was also unknown if that weakness in the system that she exploited was gone, and if it wasn't, would it be used against the team again?

    Next thing on the list: Where was Superman? Attempts had been made over the last few days to try to find him. From contacting the Avatar of the Green, to scanning for Kryptonians, superspeed searches everywhere he might have gone or been, physical interrogation of "bad guys", even a search of the Fortress of Solitude. Nothing. There was only one avenue that seems to have a lead on where he had been taken - a mystical one!!

    The call had gone out to all the heroes that had been there to defeat the Enchantress on the Watchtower, as well as a call for others to come that were available in an attempt to rescue the Man of Steel from the dark clutches of evil before it was too late!

    As the scene opens, the assembled heroes are at the scene of the crime, where it was believed Superman was taken! The Justice League Watchtower...Mission Monitor Room, as he was on duty when everything went to, well, Hell.

    The Mission Monitor Room has dozens of screens that monitor the various areas of the Hall of Justice, as well as the Watchtower. In addition, the Monitor room is equipped to watch and catalogue various police and military network signals for information that might be pertinent to the league, as well as signals potential signals from outer space. The system is largely automated, but someone is often here, performing watch duty in order to be on the lookout for trouble.

Captain Marvel Jr. has posed:
Freddy is contacted through "Channels" to return to the Watchtower (Thanks Billy) and so uses the same zeta beam access as before, he could teleeport himself now that he has been there, but it is rather impolite to do so.

He is standing, as Pantheon, on the Watchtower Monitor deck with the others. He has not been involved in the investigation, having his own life as a teenager to live...which eats up a lot of time. He will say, "I have been occupied with other matters, could the rest of you tell me what has been learned since I was last here?"

Constantine has posed:
John Constantine wasn't a hero, but he was here. After all Big Blue being gone was bad news for everyone, John had his hands full keeping the world safe from the crap in his world, he counted on the tights and cape crowd to take care of the rest, Supes included.

So, here he was, wandering into the monitor room dressed in his usual trenchcoat and loose tie get up, knocking a Silk Cut out of his pack. "Hullo," he greets. "Alright to smoke?" actually he didn't care, he was lighting up anyhow even as the words were leaving his mouth.

John for his part had left most of the digging on this business to Willow, having been drawn into the last fight against his will. Though he'd asked some things and people, and all he knew for sure was that whoever took the man in blue it wasn't one of his usual suspects.

Supergirl has posed:
Since the disappearance of Superman, Supergirl had been frantic. She had personally searched the planet multiple times. She had reached out to the heroes who had helped with the initial fight, asking them to use their magical skills to try and help find him. She'd spent a lot of time praying, though Rao didn't seem to be listening at the moment.

In addition to that, to cover up for his absence, a blue, red and yellow presence had been needed in Metropolis. She had taken that as part of her personal task of making sure the world did not learn they were without Superman. She didn't want the villains taking advantage or the good people to be frightened. She was frightened enough for all of them. School was being ignored. Kara Danvers had not been in class since the event happened, though for school purposes she had the flu. If they didn't get Superman back soon, her graduating this year might be in jeopardy.

She was sitting in the Monitor Room scanning through different feeds on the computer. She looked like she hadn't slept in days with dark circles under her eyes. Yet, she refused to quit. Even when friends an family urged her to rest, she continued her search for her cousin.

Flash has posed:
The Flash had been dealing with some super secret speed force business that kept him away from, potentially, the most important rescue opporation in Justice League history. As soon as he does receive the all call, however, his arrival at the watchtower is as fast the boomtube no matter where from he may have originated.

There was one stop off made to pick someone up "Hey, need your help, no time to explain, besides I don't really know a lot anyways, come with me." YOINK (at speed) and when he appears amidst a crackling of golden/orange electricity, he's got his arm around Jessica. "I'll give you the tour later." Said promising to the woman as he steps away and towards the monitors, "What do we know so far?" Glancing around for anyone to give him the abridged version to catch him up.

Hellboy has posed:
    With Big Blue gone, that just left Big Red. This, in the mind of that Red, was not a good thing, so he's been on the case since the Watchtower. While Willow had no doubt been working her internet 'generic search engine' magic, Hellboy had been researching the issue with the resources available to him. Any official SHIELD 'WAND' files of anyone with an MO similar to this 'Enchantress', while at the same time, deeper within the BPRD itself, delving deep into tomes of magic and spell history, of notes and journals, the sorts of things that governments kept secret from the world back when they still had the power and ability to do so.

    It was that research Hellboy brought with him now, throwing a thick, thick manila envelope unto a table or counter, glancing over at Constantine before looking at Freddy and the others gathered here.

    "So, uhh, that's everything I've been able to find relating to this 'Enchantress'...admittedly, it isn't very much, most of it is boring stuff. But, uhh...there it is."

    Eyeing Constantine's smoke, Hellboy almost reached for his own pack of Marlboros, but held back. After being subjected to zero gravity last time, HB didn't trust this place not to go haywire again. And smoke getting into some terminal or wiring somewhere...it wasn't a pleasant thought.

Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake will step out out of the shadows, seems he has been practicing his sneaky lessions. "Batman is away, but I have been going through the records and found a bit of information." He will type on a tablet he has on hand, and a picture of Superman will appear on the monitors with a shroud of black electricity seeming to hit superman. "Something killed the power, but this is the last moment we see Superman. I don't recognize the energy signature, but thought one of you might." He will say using his superhero voice, but not quite as gravely as Bruces.

Loki has posed:
There's a cat present. Just like it owns the place, and has been there for ages.

Maybe it has?

It's a black and white tuxedo cat, a sizable tom, and is currently located in a relaxed position, paws tucked in, on one of the chairs at the table. When the folder is dropped down by Hellboy, the ears and eyes look up over the table edge from the chair, a laziness and ease as golden eyes track the movement of papers.

If researched, the cat appeared in the hallway not too long ago. Somehow. Just like the Enchantress did? Maybe.

Crusader has posed:
There was also the Big White - aka Vorn. Which was just another form of Bjorns...and the most wild of his personas, and the one most willing to do with criminals on their level. From visting Magripole, to various underground fighting areans and circles, he searched low for superman, but came up empty. Investigation was not exactly his forteh. Regardless most leaguers would recognize him Vorn despite the change of form.

But when it did turn out there was a potential magical lead, he returned to The Watch Tower, ready to lay a hand...and a smack down. Mostly because he liked hitting them. But rescueing Supes was important too. He looked to the folks asembled and growls out "Might, lets take a look." having heard Tim. He walks over to Tim to take a look at the images/videos presented and see if he recognizes it. He tends to recognize different kinds of space-tech, but magic not so much. Still, he'll lend a hand where he can, if he can.

Willow Rosenberg has posed:
Willow is amongst the last to show up. Maybe not the last, but close.

She's got a gosh darn good reason, though: She finally got through somewhere with her scrying. At long last, and with an item loaned to her by Supergirl - a pair of Supermans's glasses (he wears glasses?!?) - Willow had managed to get a couple glimpses that she hoped would be helpful.

It didn't hurt that the gang was all being gathered to boot. The timing, as they say, was perfect.

Components gathered for spells, her laptop in her satchel, everything you'd expect of the petite red-headed witch, Willow shows up, cheeks flushed with excitement. "Where is she? Where's Where's - Oh hi John. Hellboy - I have information!"

Power Girl has posed:
    Power Girl is one of the last to show up, even though she was already on the station. She floats her way over and lands near Willow as she calls for Hellboy. "I'd ask what info you had, but it'd likely be better for the expert to hear it at the same time I do."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Superman was gone. There isn't much more that Jessica Drew knew about the situation. She had hoped to talk to Barry once she found him, but it seemed that he found her first. Unfortunately, there was no time for questions when he did, either. YOINK! Jessica found herself swept up in a mad dash for places unknown. Before she even had a chance to ask where they were going (and indeed he wouldn't have heard her anyway) they had arrived.

Jessica blinks, stumbling a little as Flash releases her, and she looks around, wide-eyed. The sheer number of heroes here is astounding. She's in her costume, having been scouting the city for anyone in need of help. With Superman missing, it would be important for the people to know they haven't been abandoned. Or forgotten.

So, dressed in a crimson gradient bodysuit up to the neck adorned with shimmering and delicate golden webbing and spider emblazoned on her chest, she reaches around behind her back to make sure her mask is still securely tucked into her gold belt. She doesn't know who to approach first - so many heroes. And...a cat.

"OH you have a kitty!" Jessica hastens straight over to the cat to give it scritches. Unless it slashes her. Probably still, then.

Superman has posed:
    As everyone gathers in the Mission Monitor Room, the "scene of the crime" of Superman's disappearance, something feels different. With Superman gone, the planet has been holding its breath while the other heroes pick up the slack, and doing a helluva job, especially Supergirl and her red, white and blue "streaks" and doing her best to fill in. So far, very, very few knew that he was gone, but people were starting to wonder. Where was Superman?

    Constantine was right. It wasn't a usual suspect. Tim's investigation into the video surveillance, before the power on the Watchtower went out, revealed a "finger" print. It was very similar to the energy the Enchantress had used when she was battling the team the last time. This time though, it was different...almost like two different energy sources, combined.

    Magic and technology? It was a "feeling" that the mystics present understood, and Tim's expert skills reveal. Bjorn can easily tell the same thing - as well as Pantheon's mystic senses, especially here, at the scene of it happening.

    With the Flash's arrival with his guest, Jessica, Hellboy's files in the manila envelope almost gets blown off the table. With the last few arrivals, Willow, PG, a cat?, the meeting can get started. Almost a feeling of "electricity" was in the air...

Captain Marvel Jr. has posed:
Pantheon responds, "I know that signature, few would know it better, it is technology that draws from the Source. It is commonly found only two places, New Genesis and Apokalypse. I doubt the light Gods have any reason to kidnap Superman, that makes Apokalypse the most likely candidate." He looks at the cat, but it is not from Apokalypse, no matter what it is.

Constantine has posed:
"Hey there Big Man," John greets Hellboy when he arrives. "Mind if I take a peek at those files?" he asks around his cigarette.

Though when he sees it gets Hellboy's attention he reaches into his coat and produces the pack, "Want one, mate? Heard you livened things up down at Luke's the other night."

Then Willow arrives, and John gives his apprentice a nods, "Yeah?" he says echoing Power Girl's question. "Whatcha got for us?"

Supergirl has posed:
Hearing the voice o Hellboy, that pulls Supergirl's attention away from the screen. She watches as someone else picks up the file, waiting for the verdict of experts instead of her fumbling through. Tim's explanations are listened to and she watches the display on the monitor. Her brow furrowed a bit as it was familiar but not the same as the Enchantress.

Then Willow's voice is heard and Supergirl is out of her chair at superspeed, moving toward the other woman as though she was a lifeline in a storm. "You found something? Where is he? Who has him?" She rapid fires the questions but something is niggling at the back of her mind and she turns her head, eyes falling on the cat. "Which of you brought a cat? Did you need it for a spell or something?"

But the cat is forgotten the next instant when a possible location is named by Freddy. Her hand at her side curls into a fist and she is prepared to go attack an entire hostile alien planet all alone if she has to. Sometimes, she doesn't think things through and her emotions get the better of her.

Willow Rosenberg has posed:
Willow's excitement is almost breathless as she starts pulling things out of her satchel, including the laptop, which she throws open and boots up while she explains to Supergirl (mostly).

"I finally got somewhere with my scrying. Well. Almost." She pulls out a pair of glasses and perches them on her head a la sunglasses and proceeds to explain. And show, turning the laptop so that it can be seen. Terribly picture quality, demonstrating the difficulty of the scry, but the sound is great.

Mostly, it shows a face, Elderly, and with the qualities of a granny. Hair streaked with silver and grey. Peering back at Willow and with a sudden aware glare, pushes back at the scrying and shuts the connection. All the while, and continuing on for seconds after the images, the pinging sound of what some in the room will recognize as a Motherbox.

"That. That's what I got. I need help getting a better fix, but we have something. Maybe the others here.. uh.. some of you do magic." She looks about. "I have the glasses!" Pushed now, to perch on her nose. "If we create a ritual space, I know we can do this!"

She blinks. "Oh, look, a cat. They're good luck for magic."

Flash has posed:
"Hey, we do have a cat... Who brought the cat?" Flash asks with a little frown, eyeing the white on black tuxedo kitty suspeciously. Can't trust anyone now that Superman is gone! Everyone is suspect. "Apokalypse." Barry glances away from the cat in lue of Freddy's revelation, though his frown is no less visible. "I don't want to judge a book by its title, but that sure doesn't strike me as an overly friendly place. What sort of situation are we looking at here? If they're strong enough to kidnap Superman, I feel like we're dealing with some heavy juju."

Legit, Barry feels, and probably looks, a little out of place with all this magical talk. Shuffling from foot to foot a little with his reflexively flexing and unflexing when he shifts to look around the assembly. "Can we pretend I don't speak Hogwarts and Muggle this up for me?" Raising his hand for them what know what them talking about.

Even once Willow has revealed her scrying results, the image of which he understands at least, he looks no more illuminated than a shadow. "How about I just gopher... you guys tell me what kind of ritual stuff you need and I'll go get it. Wherever I have to go get it from. You need a pinch of sand from India, I'm your guy.. Help me, help you."

Hellboy has posed:
    Hellboy was about to respond to Constantine, starting to shake his head, when Willow brought up the viewscreen, and others started talking and commenting. And one by one, they all started talking about 'the cat', surprised that it was here. Supergirl, The Flash, two people who were here all the time, who were supposed to be here unlike Hellboy. His glowing yellow eyes narrowed a little, and instantly that massive stone right hand of his snatched outward to...gently(but forcefully) grab at the cat, to try and pick it up by the scruff of its neck. A hand that big looked like it was only good for causing destruction, but if he was able to catch the feline, he would be causing no pressure, no pain, nothing like that. Almost as if he's dealt with cats many times before.

    "I dunno who the old lady is...I wonder if furball here knows more than he's letting on."

    This began the long process of procuring charms and religious symbols, invoking names and muttering incantations.

    Crosses and Latin prayers involving saints and virgin mothers.

    Moons and the names of prophets.

    One of these, was a sprig of mistletoe. And the name spoken in a dead language? Balder, the most beautiful god and one beloved by all.

    Except one.

Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake hmms and looks over at the cat. He will go through his head a bit and it is not an orange cat, and that is the only one he knows of for sure. He will look amoungst the crew here, and scratches his chin a bit. He will start to tap on his tablet, doing a quick look over on the info the league has about apokalypse. He frowns swipeing left not tring to read up on the purple mutant but the planet.

Loki has posed:
With apparent feline dignity and mild distain, the black and white tomcat accepts being petted by Jessica Drew gently, but his tail lashes in a mild warning that he is not to be trifled with! Despite being a small, exceedingly handsome and adorable creature, he no doubt has the spirit of a mighty jungle beast. Or an irritable and mercurial god.

So, yes, it's a cat, very in character.

The laptop is turned, showing the image of Granny-whoever, and the cat promptly gets up, serenely crossing to attempt to lay on the keyboard, pressing a variety of keys, and probably setting the video to play on loop. Clearly he appreciates being told that he's good luck for magic.

However, mid-walk, the cat is scruffed by Hellboy. The black tail suddenly puffs out to massive size, and the animal gives a low warning unearthly yowl, the kind usually reserved for demons, but is also in character for an upset, scruffed and insulted cat.

Crusader has posed:
    Vorn grunts and explains for those who may not know like Flash. "It not just magic, it is technology too. And juging by what is heard from Ms.Rosenbergs laptop, they used a Motherbox. A sapiant machine, capable of many feats, such as Teleportation." he says. "Though it is concerning. Far as was away, Apocolyktians did not use Motherboxs, as the New Gods of Genesis usualy do, but FatherBoxes." he growls not liking this. But none the less he seems able to confirm the apocolyptic Orign.
    "As for what we are dealing with. Well...DarkSied is from there and if recall correctly...rules the planet" the guy who ran amock on this planet maybe 2 years ago now? "Which if you might recall, more than an entire team to take down...and even than we only defeated him because we knocked him back through a portal"

Let that sink in. The only reason they won agaist Darkseid, is not because they knocked him out, or killed him, but because they managed to destroy his portal and send him back before it closed on them. "Well, if we do teleport there - which is needed as it is MANY light years away, we are going to be dealing with a highly hostile and dangerous world most likely." doom and gloom. "On the bright side, we do have some of their weaponary, so they could be an aid." he pulls out one such weapon...and well it looks like it can do damage.
    Vorn brings up several past news recordings and such, showing their world in dissarray due to the forces of apocolypse, just to remind the Heros here what exactly they were dealing with

Power Girl has posed:
    Power Girl listens to Vorn and tilts her head. "Darkseid shouldn't be a problem at the moment. Last I saw him, someone used his Boom Tube to toss him in a random part of deep space. It took an entire squad of the toughest, including me, to get him in there, and hitting him at our hardest, he was brushing all of us off." She then looks at the screen. "As far as I know, that's Granny Goodness...the leader of the Furies from Apokalips. They were part of the invasion force that was here last year. While the rest of us were working on damage control, the Fantastic Four took them head on. I don't know the details of what happened, but the FF drove the Furies back....."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica enjoys the few pets and scritches she can afford the kitty before he's off to the next adventure. She turns back just in time to see Hellboy scruff the cat, which clearly angers it. And possibly a dimension of demons somewhere on the flipside.

"DUDE. That is NOT how you pick up a cat. Haven't you ever held a cat before?" But then Jessica takes a longer look at Hellboy, remembering how he treated Aaron Grant when he was being held by SHIELD. "No, I guess you probably haven't." She makes a production of reaching for the cat with grabbyhands while the others talk about scrying, and Apocalypses, and Darksides, and she suddenly feels like she's on the wrong side of a comic book crossover. "C'mere, Kitty, let's get you out of the way before you get hurt." Whether or not she manages to get the cat (by her own volition or that of the cat itself), she shoots a look at Hellboy. "If he was actually some sort of villain he'd have eaten your face already."

Mon-El has posed:
    So last time, Lar and Kara and a bunch of other people battled Enchantress, only she wasn't in her usual host, but more importantly, Superman is now missing. Whether Enchantress had anything to do with that or not is anyone's guess. Given that Kara and Kal are sort of considered family to Lar, he's been here, trying to make sense of what everyone is saying about rituals and boxes and magical technology and whatever, but not having too much success. Neither does he know who the old woman on the laptop screen is. At some point he probably asked if anyone has talked to that alien girl Enchantress appeared to be using earlier to see if she knew anything.

    Anyway, it seems they've come to one conclusion: whoever took him probably came from Apokolips. Which is really all they need, right?

    "So I have a question. Is there a reason we're all standing around here talking instead of -going-?" he wonders aloud. "We've got a lead, right? If none of you magic types have any kind of teleportation spell strong enough to get us there, then the Legion can provide transportation."

Superman has posed:
    With everyone working together to get this solved, the ideas flow from one to another. Freddy's excellent instincts that this was Apokolypsian technology combined with something else. Hellboy's files, with Constantine's expertise, secure the idea that yes, this was the Enchantress' magic. Tim's detective work seals the deal. Her signature magic bolt.

    It all happened in the initial attack that cripled the Watchtower, stunning Superman with magic, with the assistance of someone else. Someone not from Earth. Bjorn and Power Girl's expertise was probably right. Apokolips. All the news information and what Tim was getting on his tablet, would prove helpful, tactically, if that was the bad guys they were facing

    Supergirl's enthusiasm at finding Superman and taking down who did this was not unique, that was for sure, as Willow explains things to everyone. Now with Flash and Hellboy's help, they have what they need to start the ritual.

    Cat-astrophie aside, and Jessica's way with cats, everything seems to come together. Mon-El's words bring it all together. Next steps...the spell!

Captain Marvel Jr. has posed:
Pantheon admits, "I can get to Apokalypse easily, but I am not certain about carrying others. Perhaps, if someone could create a spell channel I could go ahead and act as an anchor to bring the rest to there." Apokalypse is like Mars, one of the places he can go because his powers' sources are tied to it. He can get there in no time at all...but he is not sure about carrying other with him. He has yet to try it.

Constantine has posed:
John looks up from his preparations when Freddy makes mention of a spell channel: "Yeah, that's doable," he says, glancing back over his shoulder at Willow.

Assuming that she is he digs through his bag for a few tricks to bring with him on the trip and calls to the others, "Circle up you lot and we'll get this show on the road."

Willow Rosenberg has posed:
If there's one thing Willow is good at (besides using her laptop to scry for things), it's rituals. Give the girl enough time, and the right components, she's your girl to get the job done. And, as it happens, she's in excellent company for just that.

Freddy's suggestion is adopted wholesale. "That would help, actually. If you're there, and I focus the magic of the people left here, we should be able to open a temporary channel that will allow us to do what we have to."

She's pleased he's thought of that, being used to much more solitary practitioner's of the arts.

"You won't have to carry anyone there that way, but you would have to be that anchor point."

It's easy enough to direct the others as to their part to play.

As for the cat, well.. so much fighting over a cat. Who doesn't seem to belong to anyone here.

With John doing the cat herding, so to speak, Willow starts invoking the spell.

Supergirl has posed:
"Heavy hitters to the outside of the circle. If we get attacked going in, we want to keep the magical types safe so they can get people home. Or throw out their own attacks. Whichever becomes necessary."

Supergirl circles up facing to the outside of the circle. )The mystery of the cat will have to remain for another time!) And with that, she waits.

Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake hmms hearing all this and starts making a note to Bats, and the rest of JLA to know where thye wil be. He is making sure that if somehting does happen the rest of the league knows where they went.

Flash has posed:
Flash sure seems to think highly of himself, bouncing a little on the outside circle beside Kara, shadow boxing with electricity already collecting in his eyes. "I've always wanted to go to another planet full of evil creatures straight out of the bible." Aside to Supergirl. Still hoping from foot to foot, loosening up his shoulders. "Hey, you think I could create enough temporal friction to assist with the portal creation?" Maybe to himself, maybe to everyone.

Hellboy has posed:
    Hellboy was speaking to the woman in red, moving his stone hand just out of her reach every time she reached for the feline in his grasp. The whole time he spoke in a calm tone of voice, indicating that he was acting as a professional.

    "Listen, ma'am, I've got reason to suspect that this isn't any regular cat. The response to several charms, the fact that none of the regulars up here recognize it, this ain't a stray who snuck in when the door opened. I should know, I take care of several myse-"

    Just like that, somehow the previously secure cat slipped from his stone grasp, and he watched the animal flip and land on its feet, as cats are wont to do. Looking between his hand and the suspicious creature, Hellboy only had one thing to say.


    He wanted to pursue...but if nobody else was taking notice in this animal, and if their focus was finding Superman, then against his better judgement, he would reach into a pouch, pulling out...a singular penny. This penny he dropped in Freddy's hand, before joining the group.

    "Here, kid. This was the penny Harry Houdini had in his pocket the day he died. When you're focusing, hold it tightly. It should help."

    How would it help? What benefit would it provide? Hellboy didn't specify. Perhaps he didn't need to.

Loki has posed:
"Clearly this is all going to go /very/ well," comments a disembodied, mostly androgynous voice loosely near the black and white tomcat, having landed neatly. "By the way: you have a magical door wide open into your place here. Just so you know. Who knows what might continue to show up. Not all of them will be /missed opportunities/ like myself. I'll be generous about the -insult-, but others may not be so /kind/." The cat peevishly cleans his whiskers with the back of a paw, and then abruptly fades away, Cheshire-cat style, with the invocation of some type of travel spell, or illusion, or both of those, as his fur shimmers with violent and blue flecks, glowing with clear magic, and then, the cat is gone.


Crusader has posed:
    Vorn eyes Power girl "Aye...I know. Just said that" he says "Was part of the squad after all." he breaths deeply through his nose like a bull "But still...the fact he was sent into space is what makes it worrisome. Last you saw...which was on earth. Considering Apocolypse advanced tech - it is completly possible Darksied is back to being planet side. Add to that there is apparently magic involved? After all..." he gestures to Willow "She scried for superman, they had enchantress. The possibility is very real" which is when he looks to Mon-El "And why were talking about it. Have a bit of patience, we only been here 15 minutes. At the very least we should all be on the same page. Which it seems we are" And with that he takes his own place in the circle, breaking out his spear, and leaving the gun holstered to his back for now. "If anyone needs a gun or two speak up" But than he heard the cat and watched it dissappear "....we....best also take that cats advice when we get back"

Power Girl has posed:
    "Still..." Power Girl says as they start the ritual. "Supergirl.....keep your head about you and less rage. They'll exploit it if you let it get to you, and goad you into a trap." She says cracking her knuckles. "It's what I would've done." And she raises her eyebrows at Supergirl. As if to say 'remember?'

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica looks around to the others. Most of these heroes, she's never seen before. And that's when the cat enlightens them all and disappears.

"Magical door!" Jess fights the urge to go look for it, but sidles off to one side. Slowly. As though, if she moves slowly enough, she might become invisible. She's heard that works. Slowly, and probably extremely suspiciously, she slips away from the group, bent on finding that door and seeing where it goes. And hoping there aren't big spider crocodiles or something on the other side.

Superman has posed:
    The power in the room is electric as the ritual begins to open the fabric of space/time. Hellboy feels the draw first,than, one by one, starting with mystical characters, they all feel it. With the energy in the room, Constantine's help, and even Flash's energy, Willow draws upon more mystical gravitas than she has ever touched. For a brief moment, she can feel something...she can almost feel...Eternity. Yes, that one. Then, pulling back to maintain her sanity, the doorway opens. Jessica is the first to see it as...

    "BOOM!" Black electricity courses throughout the room, nearly shorting out everything it touches. Tim's work and the files Hellboy brought revealed exactly what this was. Willow's spell pushes through the mystical wards of the Enchantress, and brute forces the tunnel open!

    On the other side is a shadowy realm. Those with superior or mystical vision can see at the end, a dark dungeon-like facility. Superior hearing can hear the screams and pain of tortured souls, and the shrieks of a familiar sound to Bjorn and Power Girl, and anyone else who has faced Darkseid's minions before...Parademons!

    Somewhere, in that realm now revealed as Apokolips, is Superman! Supergirl sees him first, followed by others with superior vision, like Pantheon, Mon El and Power Girl. Chained to a metal table, unconcious, green glowing chains around him. Superman is surrounded by five strange women in battle dress, armour, and brandishing weapons. And one very large, ugly, man. Vorn and PG would recognize them, as would all who faced the Furies in battle before...and Kalibak.

Captain Marvel Jr. has posed:
Freddy's arrival on Apokalips was not unnoticed, it could hardly be. The closest parademons swarmed him, but he shrugged them off like so many gnats. The farther group uses their weapons on him, but he absorbed the power and reflected it back. Their technology stems from the Source, and the power of the Source is the power of Zonuz, freddy can manipulate it easily. He holds his position, concentraing on the coin he was given until the portal opens.

Hellboy has posed:
    The room flickered, and Hellboy wasn't phased by this sort of stuff. Incantations, summonings, exorcisms, almost all of them were noisy, all of them were flashy. And all of them took a toll, causing HB to look over at the redhead and the kid he'd met before. He just had to trust that they could handle this.

    Then the rift opened, allowing Big Red to see the entire thing. He saw the dungeon, saw the women, saw the big ugly, and Hellboy saw enough. In a rare instance HB's face actually showed his anger and disgust, his teeth gritting as he instantly pulled the Samaritan from its holster. It already had four good shots, with each of the four rounds being a different one(he wasn't quite sure what he might encounter here). His right hand clenched into a fist, and without a word, the man in the trenchcoat leapt through into another world, putting himself into danger without a moment's hesitatation if it meant saving one of the world's greatest heroes.

Willow Rosenberg has posed:
As for Willow? Oh, she sees it all, but the ritual must be held or the others won't get through. It's one of those moments where want and need collide..

The power, though. Oh, the power. She's seen hints of it before; felt the edges of it; but never like this. It felt.. good. Right. Like it belonged in her. The thought she understood a little better what John had been telling her. Things all seemed so much clearer now.

Except first she's a job to do, and that's make sure everyone can get to Superman.

Power Girl has posed:
    Power Girl floats over the ground and looks about....and spots Superman pretty quickly. "He's surrounded by the Furies.....and Kalibak. I've seen him before. He's a brute, but very much a daddy's boy. With Darkseid not here, he might get desparate, so be careful. Also, Supergirl....those chains...we're going to need someone else to get those off."

Crusader has posed:
Sometimes life just goes wrong, mistakes are made, or fate has other ideas. Vorn nods "Got your back than. Those chains will not be effective for me" That Black Lightening was another matter however. The one that shorted everything out? It was no laughing matter. As Vorn goes to jump through, he is struck with this strange lightening and seems to dissappear entirely, not making it into the room. Where he was, is anyone guess. And hopefully this means Vorn will just be late to the party, rather then something worse.

Flash has posed:
It starts as a jog around the exterior of the group, but quickly picks up with his arms and legs pumping violently as the electricity crackling around him intensifies. In meer moments, the Flash is a red blur trailed in gold and orange energy building up increasingly volitile force as he breaks first across the sound barrier, then closer to that of light with a cracking boom. Coupled with everyone in the midst of their incantations and wand flicking, the doorway opens and the world of darkness beyond becomes visible to all. Alien as it might be, Barry never hesitates in following the other heroes through without so much as a second thought. "I'm on the chains." In lue of poor Vorn being vornished...

Supergirl has posed:
At Power Girl's words of advice, Supergirl gives a nod and takes a deep breath. She holds it a moment then releases it slowly, trying to center herself.

Until the portal opens and she spies the one they were searching for. Upon seeing her cousin captured and held by Kryptonite chains, Supergirl's rage explodes. Her eyes blaze red with her heat vision she blasts a parademon that just happens to cross her line of sight trying to attack Pantheon. Full power, a level she has never allowed herself to let go before. She's always held her powers in check, retained her control.

"Get the chains off and clear of the area. Back to Earth if possible," she calls to Flash. "We don't want it interfering with this." She trusts in her teammates to do what is necessary with the green poison. With that trust, she acts. She is through the portal like a shot, heading straight for the Furies!

Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake will move to help Flash with the chains. The young man tossing a disk at a parademon on his way to the big blue boyscout. Red Robin is already pulling not one but two sets of lock picks from hsi belt, offering one to the Flash.

Constantine has posed:
For his part John simply pulls out of a leaden tube carved with glyphs and pries off the cap.

Smoke oozes forth and taking the shape of three roughly dog like shapes, growling and snapping.

"Hey you lot, want to get free for good?" he asks them before lifting a hand. "Through the portal then anyone from that side is fair game. Deal?"

The hounds looked at each other then nodded.

"Deal done," John declares and the leaden cylinder melts in his hand causing him to hiss with pain, the hounds though, they take form, leathery skinned beasts the size of bears, they snarl and drool and with an unearthly howl turn and charge through the portal ready to hunt.

Odds were the three hellhounds would be little more than Peekanese compared to the folks from Apokolips but John was counting on them to slow and confuse not win the day.

"Sicc 'em doggos," he offers from the safety of the Watchtower side of the portal and he gets to work.

Power Girl has posed:
    Just as Supergirl takes off like a shot, Power Girl is right behind her and dragging her right back towards everyone else. However, she's not doing it by the hair, or the leg, or the arm, or even the ear. Power Girl is doing a BIG no-no in dragging Supergirl back.

She's dragging Supergirl back....by the CAPE.

Once she' back with the rest of the group, Power Girl turns Supergirl around and MAKE the youth look her in the eyes. "Did you not hear me, Supergirl? WE. CANNOT. HANDLE. THOSE. CHAINS. You. NOR me. We know where he is. We know who surrounds him. We need to draw them away from Superman. We need a plan. WE NEED TO NOT RUN OR FLY OFF HALF COCKED TO ONLY END UP BEING IN THE SAME SITUATION AS SUPERMAN! Do I make myself clear, Supergirl? Kepp a level head."

Superman has posed:
    As the Justice League and Justice League Dark arrive and begin to formulate a strategy and an attack plan, the battle is joined, and the outcome is certainly uncertain...

Mon-El has posed:
    Even as Karen starts to pull Kara back by the cape, it would seem Kal's cousin isn't the only one who tends to go rushing into things. As soon as Lar sees Superman chained up and helpless and surrounded by evil servants of Darkseid, he's off like a flash of lightning, speeding toward them as fast as he can. Which is -really- fast.

    Well it's a good thing Kryptonite isn't his Achilles' heel like it is for the Kryptonians. That being the case, he is definitely going straight for those chains! That is, no one tries to pull him back like they did Supergirl.