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Adam Warlock (Scenesys ID: 1670)
"I'm sorry, I don't know who you are... I don't really know who I am, either."
Full Name: Adam Warlock
Gender: Male
Species: Artificial Being
Theme: Marvel (SFC)
Occupation: Wandering Battlemage
Citizenship: Technically None
Residence: Knowhere
Education: High Evolutionary-Mentored
Status: Dropped
Groups: Guardians of the Galaxy, Space-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 27 Actual Age: 27
Date of Birth 19 August 2000 Actor: Alexander Skarsgard
Height: 188 cm (6'2") Weight: 108 kg (238 lb)
Hair Color: Gold Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: "Beautiful World" by Aerial (cover)


Warlock was created by the High Evolutionary with the intent of creating the perfect being, the pinnacle of future evolution. Fortunately for everyone, this new being was a creature beyond the control of his creators. The creature whom they had created, by that time known only as "Him," emerged. Having immediately sensed that his creators wanted to use him for more vile purposes, He lashed out and escaped, damaging the complex and injuring his "fathers and mothers" in the process.

As it stands, he's become quite a name in the space-faring communities as a wanderer and almost-legend, while he would prefer not to be known by anyone. Presently, he's a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, helping to protect the galaxy in question as best as he can.

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The man before you stands at 6'2" tall, with beautiful and intimidating crimson red eyes that could seemingly calm and provoke any sort of wrath. Golden hair cascades down to his shoulders in a kind of contemplatively wild look. The rest of his features are rather simple, with basic eyebrows, an unnoticingly small nose, and a narrow jaw. However, perhaps it's his golden skin color adding to this, but it's not unusual for people to think he's beautiful in appearance.

In terms of a physical presence, Adam is quite the specimen. His physique is utterly perfect in every sense of the word, with ripcorded, defined muscles that outline -everything- perfectly...he has the body of an olympic competitor. His most noticeable feature are his abs and biceps.

In terms of attire, while his magic can essentially change his clothing to anything, he most often wears a black, red, and gold bodysuit with armored greaves(colored red and gold) and a belt to hold all of his equipment, should he need (red and gold). around his neck is a crimson red, hooded cloak that cascades down to the floor easily with golden color on the inside to give him a more of a wanderer's presence...or maybe even that of royalty.

In his right hand is usually a staff that many confuse to be a walking stick.


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Warlock was created by the High Evolutionary (and quite a few humans) in a complex called 'the beehive' with the intent of creating the perfect being, the pinnacle of future evolution. Fortunately for everyone, this new being was a creature beyond the control of his creators. The creature whom they had created, by that time known only as "Him," emerged. Having immediately sensed that his creators wanted to use him for more vile purposes, He lashed out and escaped, damaging the complex and injuring his "fathers and mothers" in the process.

Having sealed himself into his cocoon to regenerate and recover, when he awoke from his cocoon, he found that he was rediscovered by the High Evolutionary....and though Warlock never personally met this being, he was still wary of him, uncertain of his intentions. While partially right, he taught Warlock many things. Showed him the pwoer of his soul and the power he would one day be able to wield. Though eventually, as always, Warlock left to learn more about the universe on his own.

Through a series of MANY events, both fortunate and unfortunate, Warlock began to evolve and evolve...eventually gaining access to the cosmic powers that he was always meant for, and learning a great deal of magic, even having it be his sole purpose for quite some time. However, as his power grew, he also realized his 'other' personality..who had taken on the name of Magus. With the two having to fight for control many times, Adam eventually defeated him for good....or did he? Magus is always creeping in the back of his mind. Thankfully he helps ward off pyschics and telepaths. Alas..he can always emerge if Adam were to die. so far...hasn't happened yet.

At present, Adam rolls with the Guardians of the Galaxy, realizing that being a part of a team is far more effective to ensuring the universe remains a safe place than trying to fix everything alone...despite all of his man can face all of darkness alone.

Though with the powers granted to him by the In-betweener, who made Warlock take up the position as Avatar of Life, bolstering his immortality and giving him access to greater magic might, Adam Warlock now seeks to defend all life in the galaxy!


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Adam Warlock is an interesting pull of paradoxical expression. In one moment, he can be kind and compassionate, the next he could be quite tense, driven, and passionate. While at times he can be reclusive and bear a loner mentality due to his depression, he will always rise to the occasion as his courage and drive for justice defeats all else. He genuinely cares for every living creature and will risk his own life to defend them.


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When in mortal danger (or upon death), Adam will enwrap himself in a strange substance that is very similar to an alien cocoon. This process normally only takes a few moments, but can be caused at will if Adam finds himself in extreme peril, though if he is killed, the cocoon process will begin automatically. When he emerges (which variates depending on the damage done to his body at his time of death), He is completely healed of his wounds and his mind and body remain as if in peak condition.

Cosmic Energy Manipulation:
Warlock can freely manipulate, create, and channel the powers of energy cosmic. With it, he can create powerful beams, shields, platforms, etc. Adam warlock is said to be one of the most experienced users of harnessing the energy of the universe in existence.

By manipulating the cosmic energies around his body to negate the gravity around him, Adam has the full capability of flight. He can easily reach to and past the speed of sound, just a little over 800 mph.

Despite all of his power, Adam can be killed just like everyone else, but first-hand experience would declare that when he goes under, he doesn't stay there. Adam Warlock is an immortal and his immortality is nigh-absolute. No matter what damage his mind or body suffers, he will always be back to life. Death cannot claim him and life doesn't appear to want to let him go; depending on the damage inflicted to his body, he will return to life anywhere between a day and a week, respectively.

He's called Adam 'Warlock' for a reason. His spellcasting ability is one of the greatest...while not at the top of the foodchain, he'd be a worthy competitor for the title of Sorcerer Supreme. He can use his mystic prowess to manipulate mystic energies and cast spells for a variety of effects, including transmutation, astral projection, time travel (TP only), portals, exorcisms, instant teleportation, clairvoyance, thermokinesis, cryokinesis, hydrokinesis, electrokinesis, geokinesis, Telepathy, telekinesis, and powerful illusions.

Though he can also use his power to sense souls. Due to how powerful his own soul is and the amount of times he's come back to life, he can feel another's presence by snsing their souls. By the same conclusion, he also has a very powerful magic sense....he can tell when someone has teleported, and he can also tell when someone of great power has used such powers as reality warping and so forth.

At his most powerful, Warlock can use what he calls 'Quantum magic' to bend the very fabric of reality to his will. Reality warping. However, this is extremely tiring and almost always goes horribly wrong in some form of another, and always leaves his horribly exhausted. (Quantum magic is for TP and staff-approved plots only).

Matter Manipulation:
Warlock has, to a certain extent, power over matter itself. But in this stage of his existence it's small. For example, he can turn fire into sand or water into ice, rock into dust etc. He can't perform grand feats like turning a person to stone or deconstruction of matter on such a scale.

Superhuman Physiology:
Adam possesses a more then a few enhanced and superhuman qualities/powers that are directly caused by his artificially designed and programmed genetic structure. He was made from a perfect genetic template, and his abilities are as follows:

Superhuman Strength: Warlock possesses Superhuman Strength. While it's true limits are unknown, he can lift up to 40 tons unaided. With his strength alone, he's able to contend with beings like the Incredible Hulk and hold his own.

Superhuman Speed: Adam can move fairly fast, though he's no speedster. At his best, he's faster than an Olympic-level athlete at their peak physical condition, so about 30 mph. Though of course, this is when unaided by magic.

Superhuman Stamina: It takes far longer for Adam to become exhausted than it would your average person. As it stands, Adam's body just doesn't get tired easily due to his genetic structure and how he was built, and due to this, it normally takes about a full day of constant, hard work or other kinds of physical exertion before Adam will become tired and sluggish.

Superhuman Durability: Warlock can take a licking and kep on ticking. Due in part to how he was created, Adam can suffer a great deal of physical harm before such wounds begin to become dangerous. He is unaffected by heat or cold. He can take a tremendous degree of physical harm before he goes down, able to go blow-for-blow with the likes of Ares, but against such beings as Superman and Darkseid? Sadly, he is not quite at their level. Notably, he can survive in the vacuum of space unaided (without needing oxygen) and won't be bothered by the extreme cold.

Superhuman Reflexes/Agility: Warlocks agility and reflexes have both been enhanced beyond human standard. In terms of reflexes, he can react -very- quickly, able move his hand into the path of a bullet if he chooses, but that's as high as it will ever be. In terms of agility, he can easily pull off acrobatics and gymnastics and -not- be terrible! he's actually rather flexible and is excellent at parkour.

Ultra Senses:

ue to his grandmaster-level skill in Magic as well as his own reclaiming of his body from a past takeover. He can sense when people teleport around him...he can sense when people make changes to reality. In terms of visual perception, he can see bullets flying at him. Literally.

As a side-effect, he can see auras, see if people have souls, and can read emotions with empathy.


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Genius-Level Intellect:
Adam is very...-very- intelligent. Due to his core programming, as well as from his first-hand experiences in helping to deal with various cosmic dilemma's and threats, he is considered to be very wise and intelligent. It's not uncommon for people to ask him for answers or simply his own two-cents of wisdom.

Master Strategist:
Warlock is an amazing strategist and tactician. He can plan anything from so simple a 'hit him from behind while I attack from the front' to 'Charge the center flank then double back to the rear, I will attempt to overload the control matrix and our mutual ally will attempt to rework the engine core to throw into the fortress. then...'

Mystic Knowledge:
Adam Warlock is one of the greatest authorities on magic in existence. As such, he possesses an extraordinary amount of information about magic, mystical planes/realms, and cosmic items. He has a natural and deep understanding of the universe and it's greater powers, both malevolent and benevolent.

Being a more philosophical being, Adam is a pretty good self-taught philosopher. His skill in philosophy often increases with every adventure into the unknown and with every individual he meets. People often come to him for wisdom, and he always as a philosophical saying for any given situation.


Adam is familiar and fluent in a vast multitude of alien languages, programmed into him by the High Evolutionary. He knows such languages as Kree, Xandarian, Terran (all dialects of earth), and many...many more.


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Avatar of Life:
Adam Warlock was deigned as the Avatar of Life by the mighty being, the In-Betweener. As such, he opposes the Avatar of death and serves to help keep the balance. Because he is the Avatar of Life, he can call upon other cosmic forces to lend him power or wisdom if he faces a crisis he cannot defeat on present knowledge.

Karmic Staff:

Adam Warlock's staff. The staff itself has enchantments upon enchantments on it, and thus appears to be -almost- unbreakable. With this staff, Adam focuses and harnesses all his magical energy. While he doesn't need it for spells, it makes it easier and quicker to spellcast, while also keeping his body from exhausting as fast.


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Avatar of Life:
Because Warlock is the Avatar of Life, his greatest enemy is the Avatar of Death. While, in actuality, he doesn't know who this is...he is still bound to stop it should it get out of hand and try to upset the balance. However...since Warlock would prefer not to be the Avatar of Life at's not hard to explain why Adam would rather avoid this situation altogether. Being the Avatar of Life puts a ppprreeetttyyyy big target on your back.

Adam was created to do evil. Plain and simple. The fact that he was able to rebuke his masters and turn to the side of good for the -sake- of good is amazing in it's own right. However, having rebuked his purpose and having died, resurrected, and died again over and over, he has a troubled and tortured heart. Sometimes he wishes it could just all -end-. But he knows it would take some rather high powers to make it so. He's sad and broken inside, but he won't let it show.

High Evolutionary:
The being who created Adam. Mysterious and reclusive, Adam bears little to no actual knowledge of the High Evolutionary other than that he is extremely intelligent and possibly boundless in capability. Either way, The High Evolutionary wants his creation back....something that Adam Warlock certainly doesn't want to happen.

Inner Darkness:
Adam, like all powerful forces in the universe, possesses a dark side. This side is known dreadfully as the Magus. It's his evil personality....the result of the equation trying to balance itself out. It's his equal and his opposite...should Adam Warlock ever be killed, it's always possible that Magus can take his place when he least until Adam regains control. But even then...the results are terrifying.

Magic Weapons:

for reasons mostly unknown, Adam's base defenses cannot defend against magical weaponry and those can kill him like it would any other person. Of course, so long as he can't defend with magic.


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