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Caim (Scenesys ID: 1516)
"War doesn't determine who is right. But rather who is left." Anonymous
Full Name: Alexios
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Warrior
Citizenship: Greece
Residence: Everywhere
Education: Self taught
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: {{{PAge}}} Actual Age: {{{AAge}}}
Date of Birth March 18 -2025 Actor:
Height: 198.58 Weight: 127.006
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


A soldier for hire. Caim has walked the earth for millennia, fighting in wars and conflicts all across Europe. He fought in world war 1 and 2 for the axis and has amassed several fortunes. He hopes to fight against the heroes of today and rate how well he does against these new additions.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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The man before you seems to be physically fit. He possesses eye level white wavy hair and fair skin color. His eyes are a shade of blood red, almost like they are glowing when the light catches them. His body is physically fit, muscular even. Despite his muscular nature however, his body is athletic and thus not hindered by an abundance of muscles.

He wears a black suit with a blood red tie and blue shirt with black vest. He carries a duffel bag with him and a long cane. He also wears black suit pants and black boots.


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Caim was born a healthy baby to a loving couple. His childhood was filled with training as his father taught him how to fight and as he grew, he discovered he had a natural talent to fight and hurt people. This talent grew as he got older. Enough that he joined his nation's army and became a soldier. It was on the battlefield when his powers activated.

He was stabbed in the chest and left for dead on the battlefield and he discovered that he could control his body's functions and abilities, even willing the wound away in a matter of moments. It was then he realized that he could recover from things that would normally kill people. He fought for his nation and eventually began to wander from nation to nation, offering his skills as a warrior to hire for the nations of his choosing, always managing to win in most conflicts. Soon enough he fought in many wars throughout Europe.

It was his constant roaming and always bettering his skills with each job that allowed him to become a formidable foe. After studying with various masters of the east and the west, he began to fight for more tyrannical employers. In the end he enjoyed conflict and those who could afford him were always those who were corrupt. While he had a code at first, he began to become more and more jaded with each battle.

It wasn't until the invention of firearms did he try and raise a family. People tried to kill his family but in the end he always outlived his sons and daughters and his own grandchildren. He was a man who moved with time and wasn't until world war 1 did he meet others like himself.

He fought against Wonder Woman and while he lost in some of the battles, he respected her as a warrior. When World War 2 came he served the Nazi regime so they could help him figure out his own abilities. He was the inspiration that created the super soldiers of the era. As the war end he wandered more and eventually came to America to find more people to pit his skills against.


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Caim is a curious individual but driven by his desire to fight and become better as time goes on. Driven by the desire to become the best human Combatant, He also tries to train those he knows to become the best. He expects perfection from those around him and has no real true friends beyond those he fights against. He also wants to better mankind, seeing himself as being responsible for his race.


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Caim is able to manipulate his cells directly to acquire the effect he desires. If his blood were to be injected in someone else, they would also be under his own control cellularly. As Such Caim often gives blood for the ability to control certain individuals. The cells in another person however fade over time so his control over a person would last only a day at most.

Caim uses his cellular control to keep himself at the peak of human potential. Strength to lift up to 4 tonnes, Endurance to take beatings that would kill any normal man, Speed to reach a top sprinting speed of 50 miles per hour, Durability to shrug off small caliber rounds, Stamina to run for days at a time, Reflexes of a kung fu master, Agility of the worlds finest acrobats, Human Senses of the finest caliber, Mental Processing of a computer, and all bodily functions pushed to the absolute peak of human potential.

Caim's powers are based on Caim's mindset and will and as such Caim's will is second to none. He can resist most forms and can overpower most forms of mind control because of the strength of his resolve. As such Telepaths find it difficult to control him. A powerful telepath can overpower his mental defenses but not easily.

Caim is able to change his cellular profile to match any DNA sample he has access to. If he cant get a DNA sample, he can change his appearance to match whomever he wishes. It takes focus and concentration but with time he can become anyone on the planet.


Caim possesses the power to force his body into a state of regeneration and healing. By willing his cells to heal, he will do so. He also possesses the ability to control his blood flow and body's functions. The only limiting factor to this state of regeneration is the materials his body needs to regenerate. As such Caim is able to regenerate organs, regrow limbs, and fight off Toxins, pathogens, parasitic invasion and even radiation poisoning. This ability to heal and regenerate has also allowed him to control his aging, forever remaining young and fit so he can fight longer.


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Caim's military training included demolitions work, a talent which he has perfected throughout his career. And while grenades are well and good, he has a particular fondness for high-powered explosives and frequently uses them, using his tactical and analytical ability to pre-set devices throughout a future battlefield and then detonate them at the appropriate time, whether to injure a foe directly or control their movements.

Whether self-built or acquired through his extensive contacts and fortune, Caim is skilled in the use of unusual devices, or perhaps better stated, in the selection and application of such devices to suit the situation. Typically, this is another element of his advanced tactical planning, as he will procure and prepare the necessary equipment to deal with any foe or ability his natural talents and typical arsenal are incapable of stopping.

Caim is more then a brilliant Tactician but is well versed in strategic leadership and battlefield command. During his time he has commanded special forces and special squads of soldiers meant to fight for his personal whim. He has lead normal troops and even other enhanced soldiers on the most dangerous of missions.

Since the invention of the firearm, Caim has been practicing with a numerous amount of guns and has deadly aim with nearly any firearm imaginable. Most notable as a master sniper who never misses his shot, he is equally lethal with CQB or mid range engagement and is proficient in everything from pistols to submachine guns to assault rifles, shotguns and high powered rifles.

Caim has studied with many ancient martial artists, and even developed a few. From standard techniques like karate and jujutsu, to military styles practiced around the world, to the esoteric practice of ninjutsu, he has mastered all of these styles and more, and could be considered among the greatest martial artists even discounting his superhuman capabilities. By combining multiple techniques and leveraging his enhanced attributes, there are few capable of matching him in hand-to-hand combat.

Caim has traveled the world. His native tongue is Ancient Greek. He has been alive a long time and learned a lot of languages. He speaks English, Ancient Greek, Modern Greek, Russian, Japanese, Israeli, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, German, North Germanic (Icelandic, Faroese, Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish), and Portuguese.

Combining elite special forces training with decades of experience in every theater of war the world has had to offer, and enabled by his superhuman intellect, he is essentially the perfect military mind, able to work out the possibilities of any battle before it is joined, predict the actions and tactics of his opponents, and adapt to the odd instance of a truly unforeseen circumstance instantaneously.


Caim has been alive for a long long time and as such he has mastered a variety of armed combat styles and is a potentially lethal combatant with almost any object or weapon he can get his hands on. That said he prefers to use swords, knives and Eskrima stick fighting and Staff combat.


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In his time spent around the world, Caim has unlocked a number of secrets. During his time with Hydra, he learned of the control words used to control some of their soldiers. However, he does not know of the Red Book where these words are hidden (for the Winter Soldier and possibly others), he does not know what those words are exactly nor can he utilize them. Since the USSR fell, he has been in the freelance sector, selling his knowledge and skills as a mercenary. (OOC Note: Knowledge of such secrets require the consent of other players and the approval of staff, depending on the level. Something minor, player consent. Something major such as the Red Book words, secret identities, etc. will need staff consent as well.)


In his public persona, Caim is a successful veteran turned businessman and philanthropist, having parlayed a fortune made on various 'adventures' of his youth (from actual big game hunting to his less public work hunting the world's most dangerous prey) into a successful investment portfolio diversified across a number of sectors. Again somewhat less publically, these include labs focused on experimental weapons R&D and arms trading, and he puts many of their newest prototype devices to the test when he fights against certain enemies. Caim manages most of the daily details of these enterprises, but suffice to say being amongst the best paid assassins and mercenaries in the world is a lucrative business and Caim commands a personal fortune that stretches into the nine digit range, though most of that wealth is not "liquid", Instead tied up in investments and properties but that still tends to leave him with tens of millions "on hand" at any given moment.


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From the longest time since Caim was a child, the boy was driven to war and battle. Always hungry for conflict and power. As such he finds it impossible to resist a battle breaking out before him. He is drawn to pain and misery and the desire to prove himself in battle. While in ancient times this was a trait which served well as a hero, it doesn't help him in the more modern days, where he has to hide his nature from the world.

Caim's abilities however come at a cost. He has to will his abilities into existence and as such maintained that much concentration and willpower is beyond human limits. As such Caim cannot control other cells and maintain his own regeneration. He also cannot metamorph and regenerate at the same time and be 100% effective. To do these actions at the same time will cause his abilities to be lesser and lesser effective.

All of Caim's plans and schemes is for a greater good in his eyes. To push humanity to become a greater race through overcoming trials and hardships. As long as he improves humanity, he doesn't mind being the devil and as such will never do anything to threaten mankind with something permanent.

To fuel his regeneration abilities, he needs a large amount of nutrition and food. He is on a specific diet to restore whatever material he loses in combat.


Due to his involvement in various wars, Caim is guilty of war crimes. While Caim claims he has served his punishment for the war crimes he has committed, there is a few agencies and people who feel otherwise.


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