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Daniel Osborn (Scenesys ID: 116)
"I am my thoughts. If they exist in her, Buffy contains everything that is me, and she becomes me. I cease to exist."
Full Name: Daniel "Oz" Osborn
Gender: Male
Species: Werewolf
Theme: Dark Horse (FC)
Occupation: Musician
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Blüdhaven, New Jersey
Education: Highschool Diploma, Sunnydale High
Status: Dropped
Groups: Scooby Gang
Other Information
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 15 November 2005 Actor: Seth Green
Height: 165 cm Weight: 61 kg
Hair Color: varies Eye Color: blue-grey
Theme Song:


Oz became a member of the Scoobies from Sunnydale Highschool, having joined that group by dating Willow Rosenberg. After that, he became a werewolf, and, after many more adventures and a repeat of senior year, he finally graduated with the rest of the gang. After high school, he put all his focus into his music, hoping to expand his band's musical influence and reputation, perhaps even become famous one day. However, after a near tragedy one night when he managed to escape his cage, he decided to search for a cure or treatment to help with his licanthropy. But, after 6 months of being gone, he's back, and now better than ever.

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Oz, for someone his height, actually does tend to draw the eye. Well, at a first glance the eye skates over him. But there's something about him, that often garners a second glance. Could be the ever changing color and style of his hair, depending on what he's decided to dye it and how he's feeling. Could be the pale blue eyes that flirt with grey. Whatever it is, it's hard to put a finger on and is simply best considered a sort of...magnetism. He's only a few inches above five feet in height, but his posture and the way he carries himself lends itself to his jovial easy manner, and gives him a bit of gravitas when he chooses to exert it.

Back in high school he often wore jeans, t-shirts under bowler shirts, and boots, but now he's almost always wearing some sort of band shirt or sweater for DAMB. He can usually be seen with studded bracelets as well, and, on occasion, ear piercings.


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Oz was a Sunnydale High student, originally a year above the rest of the scoobies. His senior year, Willow Rosenberg caught his eye when he saw her during a dance at The Bronze, and caught his interest at first sight. Later they met face to face, and after that, started dating. Oz wasn't even surprised when he saw a vampire being dusted by Buffy during a surprise birthday party for her, and after that, joined the Scoobies fully. After that, he was turned into a werewolf by his cousin, Jordy, and once the Scoobies found out, they helped by keeping him caged on the full moons during his transformations.

Although Oz was very smart, his ambitions were mostly in his music, and as such, he was forced to repeat senior year, putting him in the same year as the rest of the Scoobies. During this repeated senior year, h, had more adventures, and he took a short break from Willow while she had a brief fling with Xander that didn't go beyond a kiss. He got back together with her after taking the time he needed to deal with that, and by the end of the year their connection was stronger than ever.

After high school, he did not attend college like others from the gang, instead focusing on his music career, hoping his band, Dingoes ate my baby, might find success in the ever changing and heavily commercialized music industry. Unfortunately, his plans came to a screeching hault when he escaped his cage, the door weakened over time by him struggling to escape every full moon. He was captured and subdued quickly, but he realized the experience could've ended much, much worse. Deciding he didn't want anything like that to happen again, he left in search of a cure. He was gone about 6 months, and came back much less afraid of the wolf within him, having learned techniques in Tibet to help him control it, and keep him safe on the full moons.


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Oz is a thoughtful, sensitive young man who shows great tact at dealing with the people around him. Quiet and stoic, he rarely gets bent out of shape about anything, and when he does speak, he speaks in short, non comittal phrases. However, his thoughts run very deep, and what he's thinking is often quite philosophical. He takes his werewolf side quite seriously, and, although he doesn't show it, he greatly fears it, going so far as to leave the country to seek a cure or a treatment when his cage could no longer contian him during his transformations.


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Enhanced Senses

In werewolf form, Oz has the senses of a wolf. well, the sight and hearing, anyway, sight being rather poor contrast wise, making details less visible, though giving him very good night vision, with the ability to see small movements more clearly and at longer ranges, even if he's affectively color blind. He also has sharp hearing, able to hear especially loud things at greater distances than a normal human, and also able to hear a greater range of sound. These abilities are less significant in human form, though he still retains a minor form of color blindness and night vision considerably better than an average human's, and the ability to hear a much larger range of frequencies. What stands out, however, is his sense of smell, which he retains in both forms. Stronger smells, something like blood, might be able to be sniffed out for 2, maybe 3 miles, possibly up to 4 if hes pushing it and conditions are absolutely right, though that's very much a stretch. He might be able to smell a person up to a mile, and that limit might be farther if it's someone he knows and is very familiar with. He also has the ability to smell a person's fear, even in human form.


In human form, Oz will heal faster from most minor wounds, though the healing is still relatively slow, however, it does prevent him from getting any type of illness that's not magical in nature. It does not, however, prevent him from being a carrier for such an illness and spreading it to others unknowingly. In werewolf form, his healing factor is much higher. He's capable of regrowing limbs within minutes, with the exception of the head of course, decapitation is instant death. The old limb will rapidly decay into dust upon return to human form. Broken bones and other wounds will heal much faster as well, though when he shifts back the healing factor will go back down to what it is normally in human form. Unfortunately, this healing factor hits a brick wall, or rather, a silver wall, when encountering silver. Any wound afflicted by silver, especially if it's more than just a burn, will not heal in wolf form, and in human form, the wound will not begin healing if there are still traces of silver in the wound. One other thing, his healing factor will not prevent him from being beaten into unconciousness with enough force and repeated bashing, especially to the head. if he shifts during the day, this may cause him to shift back to human form. At night, he will remain in wolf form until sunrise, which means the healing factor will remain in affect until he shifts back.


In human form, Oz is, well, pretty normal, pretty average for a human his size, maybe a bit stronger, faster, etc thanks to working out, but in werewolf form, things start to get fun. He's capable of running faster than an alpha wolf in its prime, with fast reactions to match. However, his strength is what's really important. He's strong enough to lift up to a ton, perhaps a bit more if he's really, really pushing himself. He also has a high amount of stamina, able to run long distances, or keep his strength up for long periods of time, largely thanks to his regenerative abilities and healing factor.

Wolf Combat

In werewolf form, Oz's combat style is very much different from how he fights in human form. That's largely due to him mostly using wolf fighting instincts. He's mostly ferral in wolf form, with little to no influence from his human form. His fighting style is very much berserk, heavily relying on his enhanced strength and agility.


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While adventuring with the scoobies, Oz trained and worked out, plenty of exercise and such has made him stronger and more athletic. Highschool PE helped, of course, and after highschool he continues to work out regularly, maintaining a healthy physique in human form, though it's nothing compared to his werewolf form, of course.


Hand to hand, in human form, Oz is decent. He can at least stake very young vampires, and over time, he keeps improving, especially after highschool. He's also a good archer, able to hit unmoving and slow moving targets from a good distance, though he practices regularly, and continues to improve in that field as well.


Oz has been playing guitar for quite a while. He's a member of the band Dingoes Ate my Baby, and, over time, he has only improved. Music is also his largest passion, and what he puts the most effort into out of everything he does.


While Oz was in Tibet, part of the technique he learned to control his shifting was meditation. It is part of the technique used to keep him from transforming into a werewolf during the nights of the full moon, allowing him to let the wolf energy pass through him and into the Earth, and keeping him fully human. He can, if given enough warning, use this technique in other situations as well, for example, when under strong emotions, allowing him to calm himself and let the wolf energy pass through him without changing him. For obvious reasons, he cannot use this technique once he is shifted, and therefore it cannot be used to return him to human form.


Oz's willpower isn't necessarily super strong, but it is there. It gives him some control over his shifting, though it isn't very helpful once he has shifted. His willpower can be boosted by meditating as well, allowing him to block minor forms of mind reading or control, and certain levels of pain.


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Oz is a member of the band Dingoes Ate my Baby. He is the lead guitarist, and it serves as his primary source of income. After moving, the band has started to gain popularity, though they're still doing no more than simply playing gigs at local clubs and such.

Scooby Gang

Oz is a member of the Scooby Gang. He has helped them with many tasks thoughout highschool, and has always stood with them when they needed him. In return, if he needs them, he knows they'll be there to have his back. That's what friends and family do, after all.


Oz owns an early 2000's model Ford cargo van. It's getting a little old, and starting to show its age, but hey, it runs and drives, and gets him wherever he needs to go, not to mention the band and their gear, or whoever else he needs to take somewhere. Perhaps he'll upgrade one day, but for right now, it does what it needs to do, and that's all he can ask for.


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When Oz becomes a werewolf on the full moon, he will remain wolf until sunrise, with almost nothing able to return him to human state once he's transformed. However, if he becomes a wolf via other means, such as strong emotions forcing him to transform, there are several ways to change him back. One way is simply knocking him unconcious, whether it be by a heavy, heavy doce of tranquilizer, or simply beating his head until he's knocked out, however it's done, it'll be affective in returning him to human form. Another way is exposure to the scent of wolfsbane. He'll have to be held down, as the wolf will try to flee, though if he's exposed for a few minutes, he'll be forced to transform back. Direct contact with silver will do the same, though it has to be a prolonged time of exposure. He will change back before he dies, but it will cause serious pain, even after he's transformed back, and will likely leave very, very serious burns for weeks. The final way would be to simply use magic. The transformation itself is magical, so it would require magic stronger than the magic of the transformation, which would require a mid to high tier mage to pull off successfully, most likely.

Full Moon

Oz's wolf is tied closely to the phases of the moon, and during the 3 nights surrounding the full mon, he has a potential to shift. Fortunately, he has learned techniques to control this shifting, meaning he can be safe, however, if, for some reason, he is unable to use these techniques, he will shift into wolf form. He will have no control, the wolf will be fully in control and, in fact, he won't know what he did in wolf form when he wakes the next morning.


Silver is the traditional bane of werewolves, and unfortunately, Oz is quite vulnerable to it, even in human form. It's one of the few ways to kill him in wolf form, and, because it's so well known in pop culture, it might just be the first thing someone thinks of when faced with that form in combat.

Strong Emotion

When faced with strong emotions, particularly strong negative emotions such as anger, pain, or fear, Oz can uncontrollably shift into werewolf form, even during the day. This will have the same affect as shifting on the full moon, causing him to lose control of himself completely to the wolf and not remember what happened until he is restored to human form, either by the emotion fading or being forced to change back in some way.


Wolfsbane is a poisonous plant especially dangerous to werewolves. After it enters one's system is causes slowing of the natural healing process, possibly uncontrollable shifting, and weakness that may lead to death if not cured. Fortunately there are ways to cure this poisoning, however they all require specialized knowledge, power, or ingredients to work correctly. Fortunately for Oz, the poison is far less affective if he is in his human form, and can usually pass through his system with much less severe affects. however, if he shifts while there is wolfsbane in his system, he will suffer the full affect of the poison.


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