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Detective Chimp (Scenesys ID: 9191)
"I should've gone to Mexico with the boys on the demon-hunting job. I wouldn't be much help, but it beats doing nothing. Boredom and inactivity is what led to my fifty-year drunk in the first place."
Full Name: Bobo T. Chimpanzee (Magnificent Finder of Tasty Grubs)
Gender: Male
Species: Chimpazee
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Detective
Citizenship: None
Residence: Gotham
Education: Self Educated, College level general education
Status: Approved
Groups: Mystic Arts, Justice League, SHIELD, Gotham-OOC, Street Level-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 76 Actual Age: 76
Date of Birth 23 December 1950 Actor: Tongo the Chimpanzee
Height: 112 cm (3'8") Weight: 34 kg (75 lb)
Hair Color: Black. Eye Color: Black
Theme Song: "Brass Monkey" by Richard Cheese


Bobo is a sentient chimpanzee, who has lived in America for over half a century. He is a skilled detective, and runs his own business in Gotham. He is a somewhat bitter, often drunk reluctant hero. He ends up helping more because someone has to do it, and though he will not admit loves solving mysteries.

Current Player Approved: November 19, 2019



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A Monkey..

Well actually a Chimpanzee is here. He stands three foot eight when standing fully erect but is normally a little hunched over. One of the things that marks him different than your average chimp is the fact he is dressed, in clothes, and clothes that fit him none the less. He wears a green deerstalker hat, and marching sports coat. More often than not he wears a t-shirt under it with a slogan like "Everyone sucks but me", and a pair of brown pants. He goes barefoot like any proper chimp should. His fur is the classic black of his kind, and resembles other of his kind .


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Bobo was born in the wild of Africa. Fred Thorpe found him and took him to America to work with him in a carnival. While Bobo was not as intelligent then as now, he did realize he liked this time. Life was easier, and he got to play work with Fred in his Detective Chimp act. In this day it was just an act. Fred would give him hand signals, and he would use a board and signs to show how he had solved things for the audience. They toured America with the carnival.

One one of their stops in a small city in Florida, he met Rex the Wonder Dog. The two of them got free from their enclosure and wandered into the swamps of the area and found a stream to drink at. This stream turned out to be the Fountain of Youth, granting both him and Rex true intelligence and longevity. They made their way back to the carnival and went back to their old lives but with their enhanced ability. Bobo enjoyed working with Fred, but his true gifts became apparent as he solved a murder that one of the patron of the carnival had committed.

They continued to work the carnival circuit for a few years, but as Fred was starting to get a bit old for the traveling the government came to speak to them. The government offered Bobo a job. The world has become odder, and more vast than the average citizen had ever dreamed. This was the BPRD. Detective Chimp worked with them learning more about the occult, and the weirdness in the world. Bobo used his money from this to take care of Fred, and saved some of it. After Fred passed away Bobo, started encountering some issues since he could not be a citizen, or even a legal "person".

Bobo parted with BRPD somewhere in the 80s, provided with a business license and partial identity as parting gifts... He took up his own detective agency specializing with dealing with the weird. The problem he came upon was that if someone tried to stiff him, since he was not a citizen he could not sue or enforce they had to pay. He made enough money to keep the lights on but not a lot more. Between the depravities her had seen in his years working in the shadows, and now how people treated him out in the real world among other things drove the chimp to drink.

Bobo has spent the last forty years working in the shadows. As the heroes have become more prominent Bobo was able to come out more into the main world, and now has an office and takes regular jobs as well as the weird and oddness. As the Justice League has dealt with some of the magical things that was beyond their norm, there was the Justice League Dark, and Detective Chimp has been brought in to help with that for his expertise.


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Chimp is a good guy, a bit of a grumpy drunken uncle at times, but over all, he tries to help folks and hopes for the best but expects the worst. While he has learned to accept government and corporations do not accept his status as a person, when it is on a more personal level it will upset him quite a bit. He finds himself working for civil rights for all beings, even if he hides the fact from others at times. He considered those regulars in the Oblivion bar, somewhat friends, and the Members of Shadow Pact his close friends, but the one who is his best friend is Rex The Wonder Dog.


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Chimp Bod:
Bobo is a Chimpanzee and as such he has the strength, agility prehensile feet, senses and such of one.

Eternal Youth:
Bobo drank from from the fountain of youth, and this has granted him agelessness. Bobo's physical form is immune to the effects of aging. He can still be hurt or killed, it is just be it 1960 or 3290 Bobo will be the same physical age.

Genius Intelligence:
Bobo was also granted top notch intelligence from drinking from the Fountain of Youth. From this when Bobo puts himself to something he normally excels at it. His detective skills being the main example of this.

Universal Translator:

The third ability drinking from the Fountain of the Youth, Bobo was granted the ability to speak to any living creature in their own languages, and read all written languages. When he speaks to an animal, all who hear him with understand him, but only those who understand the language of those he it talking to will understand what is being told back to him.


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While working with the the BPRD/SHIELD Bobo studied and became knowledgeable of working a crime scene, and getting as much information from the clues he finds there.

Between his experience through the years, training he worked through and natural talent. Bobo is a master detective

Magical Knowledge:
Bobo has been investigating magical and occult things for over half a century, and from that he has built up quite the knowledge base from personal experience and studies. While he does not practice it, he has one of the best understanding of how magic and the occult works, and how people believe it works as well.


Over the years of drinking while Bobo has found his preffered drinks he has tried many and learned to make even more of them.


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Bobo is on the lower side of middle class. He has an office with a back room that he lives out of. He has enough cash to buy things when he wants them, but if it is a bigger purchase he has to save up or will be eating rammen for a while.


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Bobo is a functioning alcholic. If he is forced to go an extended time without a drink, he will get a bit jittery and will occasionally make a bad decision if it grants a better chance at getting a drink

Chimp Species:
Bobo is a chimpanzee this means people react differently than they do normal people. With the emergence of mutants and other types of people, he does not get quite the same effect as it used to be, but it is still there.


As a chimpanzee Bobo does not have all the same legal rights as human beings. Some of them he can fudge using his BPRD/Shield connections to make appear as so, and some he maybe able to bluff through but when push comes to shove Bobo is a chimp.


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It's a smallish world, after all... February 1st, 2020 Karrin, Chimp and Nick meet up for drinks and sandwiches (at 10am no less)
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Superheroines, Chimps, and all that Jazz. January 28th, 2020 Chimp gets his Jazz on.
Billionare seeks Chimp for aid finding phoenix January 10th, 2020 Detective chimp goes to sleep on Xanatos' contract... hope he doesn't drool.
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Narrow Choices November 21st, 2019 Pippi is lost in GOthAM, of all places! Found and inadvertantly rescued by DETECTIVE CHIMP, the smartest simian ensures she returns to the train stion from whence she came, where they meet with the Artic Fox mutant -- and Pippi's teacher -- ALOPEX.

A return visit for hamburgers is highly suggested.

Not Your Uncle's Monkey...Not Like We Have An Uncle Anyway November 19th, 2019 Leonardo and Raphael patrol and plan on pizza, but they are surprised to meet a chimp who seems to know about them.


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Title Date Scene Summary
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