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Namorita (Scenesys ID: 1956)
"Besides, if I don't hit the pool twice a day I'll shrivel up and die and the room will smell like old sushi!"
Full Name: Namorita "Nita" Prentiss
Gender: Female
Species: Atlantean
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Adventurer, Businesswoman
Citizenship: Principality of Atlantis, Dominion of Canada
Residence: New York
Education: Some college (Environmental Studies)
Status: Dropped
Groups: Riverdale Gang, Alpha Flight, Space-OOC, Starling-OOC
Other Information
Apparent Age: 26 Actual Age: 69
Date of Birth 30 June 1958 Actor: Sara Jean Underwood
Height: 168 cm (5'6") Weight: 102 kg (225 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Part of Your World" by Jodi Benson


Namorita Prentiss is the cousin of Prince Namor McKenzie of Atlantis. She grew up in a foster home on the surface world, attending high school and pursuing a coursework at Empire State University. She has served with a couple of different hero teams, accompanies her cousin Namor on occasional adventures, and is an outspoken advocate for the environment. Currently, Nita is the CEO of Oracle, Inc., a company established by Namor to actively address environmental issues.

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Tall, shapely, and toned, this blonde woman is beautiful by most standards. Her features are finely-boned and exotic with high-arching brows over blue eyes. Full lips are expressive, her chin narrow, cheekbones rounded, and she wears her waist-length hair pulled back to show pointed ears. Golden hoops adorn her earlobes and gold bracers are worn on her wrists.

A tasteful swimsuit is her only attire, the green fabric textured in a lightly-scaled pattern. The top could best be described as a sports bra, with the dual tasks of coverage and support. The bottom is a simple bikini riding high over each hip with functional coverage in back. Her long legs are bare, although she occasionally carries a long dagger strapped to her right thigh. She is barefoot, showing a pair of vestigal winglets on each ankle.


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In the late 1950's, Namorita was born in an Atlantean colony near Antarctica to Namora, the half-Human cousin of Namor. Because of her bloodline, Namora was unable to produce children. Without her husband Talan's knowledge, she approached an Atlantean scientist named Vyrra to impregnate her with her own clone. Even though this was against Atlantean law, Vyrra agreed and Namorita was born.

Talan died while Namorita was young, as a result of Human nuclear testing. Namora and Namorita relocated to Lemuria with other refugees. While in Lemuria, Namora was poisoned by Llyra, a romantic rival over the affections of Lemuria's ruler. When Llyra ultimately assumed Lemuria's throne, Namorita remained there as her guest/hostage until Namor brought her to Atlantis.

Namor gave Namorita to a longtime friend of his on the surface, Betty Dean Prentiss. Betty fostered Namorita through high school and into college. Nita developed strong political convictions, and demonstrated against the Vietnam War. Betty became a second mother to Namorita, who took the name Prentiss. During this time, Namorita also visited Atlantis regularly to continue to learn about her underwater heritage.

While living on the surface world, Namorita fell into hero work and developed a couple of small groups over time. During this time, Namor used some of his fortune from shipwrecks to finance the creation of Oracle, Inc. It was his intention that Oracle would be a legal and financial entity to fight for the environment and correct the things that the Humans were doing to the planet. Namor made Namorita CEO of Oracle.


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Namorita is a strong-willed woman, first and foremost. She vehemently (and often physically) denounces sexism and allusions to women being the 'weaker' sex. Nita is one to quickly follow her passions, whether it be a cause like protecting the environment or her string of uninhibited romances.

Nita is loyal to those she cares about, and honorable to a fault. She is a hero because she chooses to do the right thing. Namorita also has a sense of humor, and enjoys laughing with friends.

Deep down, Nita harbors no small insecurity about her heritage. Initially this was due to her mixed bloodline, but it only got worse when she learned that she was a clone as well.


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Aquatic Healing
Underwater, Namorita heals much faster than normal humans and even most Atlanteans. So long as she is immersed in water, she can heal near-fatal wounds. This ability diminishes quickly as she dries out, much like her strength, until she heals no faster than a normal human.

Namorita has the mimic ability of certain octopii. She is able to change her skin pigmentation to match that of a particular background, making her functionally invisible. Once she changes her skin coloring it remains unless she consciously changes it again. So she can 'go camouflage' and then fall asleep.

Namorita's body is very resistant to damage, due to her denser body tissues. She can take high caliber bullets, energy blasts, explosions, falls from great height, extreme temperatures, and huge impacts without sustaining significant damage. It is still possible to injure her, it just takes a lot.

Namorita's vestigal ankle wings seem silly, but yet she is very capable of flight. (This ability is likely more mental and the wings are used for steering.) In any case, she can fly around 100 mph and can carry about half of her maximum possible weight at the same time.

Hybrid Physiology
Namorita is half human and half Atlantean, giving her abilities common to both as well as unusual to either. Most notably, she can breathe air as well as water, although her body is much more suited to be underwater. She does become weaker with prolongued exposure only to the air.

Nita's circulatory system keeps her functional in freezing temperatures (zero degrees Celsius) without inconvenience, her enhanced vision functions even in conditions like murky ocean depths, and she can survive pressures of the ocean floor.

Finally, since Atlanteans age more slowly than human, Nita looks much younger than her actual years.

Immunity: Cold
Namorita can function quite comfortably at zero degrees celsius. She can even survive at lower temperatures, although for a limited time.

Immunity: Electric
Namorita is not only immune to electricity, she absorbs it without injury to herself.

Namorita is much faster than an Olympic level human athlete. Likewise, her reflexes are quicker as well. She can often react to gunfire, although she can't catch bullets.

Namorita's senses are greatly enhanced as a result of her aquatic adaptation. Her eyesight is quite keen, allowing her to see in the dim and murky ocean depths. Likewise her hearing is very acute, allowing her to hear for great distances underwater.

Skin Secretions
Namorita can, as part of her aquatic heritage, secrete a couple of different substances from the skin on her hands. This is an intentional action, and she can do it at-will. Once secretion is corrosive acid. A different secretion is a paralyzing contact poison.

Thanks to her physiology, Namorita is incredibly strong. When in the water, she is strong enough to lift 75 tons. As she dries out, however, her strength decreases rapidly. Her strength decreases about ten percent for every five minutes of breathing air, until it stabilizes about one third of her original.


Namorita can swim quite rapidly, especially underwater. Her top speed is not as fast as Namor's, being only around 300 mph.


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Nita Prentiss studied at Empire State University, majoring in Environmental Studies. While she didn't complete her degree, the major gave her a good background in a variety of sciences as well as law.

She speaks English, Atlantean, and Lemurian.

Nita visited Atlantis regularly during her upbringing, and has been trained in Atlantean combat. Her specialty is in underwater combat, of course, preferring spears, harpoons, and knives. While she isn't in Namor's league the young woman is still better than most Atlanteans. Out of the water she isn't as skilled, but Nita is certainly capable of fending off multiple humans.


While Namorita hasn't actively STUDIED or even tried to be a leader, it's a role that has fallen to her on more than one occasion. After starting her hero career, Nita assumed the role of leader on at least one team. Namor also appointed her as CEO of Oracle, Inc., a company that he founded to correct mankind's abuses of the planet.


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Atlantean Tech
Nita visited Atlantis regularly while growing up in her foster home on the surface. As such, she's familiar with the advanced vehicles and energy weapons of her underwater home. While these aren't commonly available to her, Namorita can certainly borrow something on a short-term basis.

Atlantis Royalty
Nita doesn't exactly hold the same level of diplomatic immunity as Namor, since she isn't technically the leader of a nation. She is, however, Namor's cousin. Her relation to him as well as his own, personal reputation does grant her some amount of leeway in certain situations.

Namor, Ruler of Atlantis. Namorita's cousin. Her idol, counsellor, and confidante. There is both mutual respect as well as genuine affection between the two. Not only would Namorita do anything for Namor, but there is very little that he wouldn't do for his cousin.


Namor created Oracle, Inc as a corporation with the strength to correct the things that Humans were doing to the planet. He created it with part of the vast fortune he amassed from shipwrecks, and made Nita the CEO. Between Oracle, Inc and her own salary, Nita is substantially wealthy.


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While Nita is capable of living in either air or water, she is primarily a creature of the sea. The short version is that Namorita needs water to survive. When on the surface her strength fades quickly to a third of normal, losing about ten percent every five minutes before stabilizing.

Namorita can function just fine at lower strength, at least for a couple days. If she goes for longer without swimming or taking a shower, she becomes substantially weaker or even sick. Eventually, Nita will die without regular hydration.

Hybrid Clone
Namorita was born of Namor's half-Human cousin, Namora. Due to her hybrid heritage, Namora was sterile so had a clone of herself implanted in her womb. Namorita's skin is pale, like Namor's, which would be scandal enough by itself. Since cloning is illegal in Atlantis, Namorita was refused entry to Atlantis in Namor's absence. Talan, Namora's husband, was never told of the cloning.

Let's face it, Namor's strong speeches and occasional acts of piracy (all well-deserved!) against shipping haven't exactly cast Atlanteans in a favorable light with most Humans. On a good day things could be considered 'strained'. On a bad day, Atlanteans rank just above terrorists. And as a member of Atlantean royalty, that often puts Nita in awkward social situations when she's on land.


As a creature of the sea, Namorita strongly favors clean water to swim in and to breathe in. Industrial waste, chemicals, and discarded plastic all cause harm to the underwater ecosystem. And while Nita isn't likely to get entangled in plastic bags or ingest bendy straws, breathing the chemicals can make her sick or weak. And angry at humans, of course.


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Meeting for Coffee September 28th, 2019 Nita and Ivory cross paths once more, and meet Mercy at a coffee shop.
Strange Encounter September 19th, 2019 Daken flirts with the ladies and they seem to welcome his advances. All for the sake of fun, of course.
Meanwhile, back at Mansion Alpha September 17th, 2019 Nita and Dinah cross paths in Mansion Alpha, and also do a little catching up.
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